Black Wolves Saga ~Bloody Nightmare~

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Kuroyuki’s art is really nice. Rejet seems to be a company that targets older girls, with stories of dark themes and Black Wolves Saga is one of those. The BGs in BWS is always on the dark side, and while it emphasizes the characters, it also creates the atmosphere of the story very well. But the game is definitely not short of a R18  for all the sadistic scenes.

In the midst of a disease Zodiba raging through Weblin, the wolves are going around massacre-ing entire towns. As a result, a rumour spreads saying there is a witch using the disease and the wolves to kill people so she can obtain eternal life. Our heroine comes into play here, being a Rapunzel in a tower and being sickly from young, kept away from the world. She is accused of being the witch, brought into the castle on trial just before she turns 16. OF course, this is all a farce because Mejojo, the first in line to the throne is obsessed with her and wants to bring her into the castle. The heroine’s sis-con brother Nesso and her dad Edgar has refused Mejojo’s marriage proposal many times over for a couple of reasons so Mejojo and Orje utilise the rumour of the witch to bring her into the castle. That is the basic set-up of the game and a brillant one if you ask me. The music has the base of a lullaby with chimes and chorus voices which really match the theme of the game *.*

Since all the characters you fall in love with are royalty or something close, the whole thing feels like some Palace Drama. But since the whole story is so dark, it’s very different from some Deesni Princess story. In fact in Mejojo’s story, he brings her out to see a charred village and to hunt the wolves on her first step to the ‘outside world’ -_-

Mejojo is just some psycho who hates wolves because the girl Erubira, Heroine’s cousin (Aloe Vera? hahaha) he was once engaged to fell in love with Aruru (wolf knight). He doesn’t really love her. Their engagement was a political one, and Mejojo was mesmerised by the idea of Robelia (a kind of disease that girls have, making them die young). On top of that, the king, Mejojo’s father whom he hates, took a liking to Arles after Julian his favourite son was cast out of the Royal family because the king finds them similar. Aruru fell sick from Zodiba one day and Mejojo went to kill him but killed Erubira instead. Arles suddenly turns into a wolf and swats Mejojo with his nikukyu, then jumps out of the window and runs away. (which is why we get Arles appearing in the beginning of the story)

Playing Mejojo’s route first gave me most of the the answers I wanted.


The only Mejojo CG I like.

Turns out that the Cat twins are sons of the concubine while Julian is the real crown prince. The flashbacks show how Reiri (Julian’s mother) try to kill the twins off, and how the twins’ mother (Eleanora) suffers from pining for her husband who doesn’t love her anymore. One day, their mother challenges them to a game of ‘strength comparison’, so they push and push this big bookrack while Eleanora says she’ll be pulling from the other side. After a while there’s no answer from her and they run over only to find that their she had used them to hang herself by a rope on the other end of the bookshelf. It is no wonder Mejojo and Orje hate their dad. They call him a ‘dying old man’ and puppet him from the shadows while waiting to take over the throne officially.

Imagine that. It would cast a shadow on your life forever. Eleanora must have gone pretty crazy to use them for her own suicide. I can’t imagine what kind of trauma it had been. Reiri also commites suicide by poison later after her plan to use Julian to kill Mejojo was found out. Julian’s right to the throne is removed and Mejojo and Orje puts him in the hanging gardens as a gardener. Just when I think Julian is the most normal one in the story, when he leads them down the underground water tunnel he suddenly becomes berserk. Apparently the twins had done something to him and he is now just another pawn put in the gardens to keep surveillance on the heroine. ;_; damn they destroyed Julian ;_; well I suppose it’s normal for a dark story like this but still.. ;_;

The part where Arles tells his backstory to the heroine made me cry ;_; damn tearjerker of a story. Orje, Mejojo and Arles move mainly for revenge and through their backstory you see how they lost to their pain and decided to go to the dark side instead. The wolves side shows how they are constantly pursued by the twins and dying from Zodiba, yet when the trio are together, they are so heartwarming  family that even Rath smiles. Rath himself mentioned that before he met Arles and the wolf pack, he had been living in fear.


Gillian gets embarassed when the heroine calls him ‘Gillian-sama’ (´・ω・`) and Arles just stands there amused by the youngsters.


In Mejojo and Orje’s route she returns to the castle and we get some pretty sadistic crap !$^&@#!$% what the hell is this. How can any romance possibly sprout here. So Arles brings the gang along with Zara and Nesso. Arles engage mejojo and takes his left eye instead of killing him to torment him forever. Arles and everyone dies, only Rath escapes.

In Mejojo’s GE he becomes really nice to the heroine and she becomes his wife. At first she
didn’t bother replying him when he talked to her etc and only when he ordered her did she look at him but later she sees how devoted he is to her and she questions what kind of feeling is this she gets from him as he Does her, since he had never said he loves her. She reflects on what a good king he is but also why she doesn’t continue rejecting him since he did so much to her and everyone else. She is afraid of him returning to that crazy side and also afraid of what he might do to her again so she stays with him. The scene ends with him saying ‘give birth to my kid, let’s make a good country together, you’re forever mine.’


(゚Д゚)ハァ? @^#$%&#$%@ ヤンデレクソが. (haha sorry for the bias) Anyway it was worth sitting through shitty Mejojo’s route since you get to do Julian’s route next. I liked that the heroine notices at the end how his eyes are pure but crazy. Afterall, he calls Julian a broken toy but he himself is broken as well, just that he had more power than Julian to lash out his craziness.

In Mejojo’s Bad End, he dies of sickness after having his eye taken by Arles. I pitied him a little here because he kept mumbling ‘you’re mine, you’re mine’ as he held the heroine’s hands, yet he looked so shocked when she agreed ‘Hai anata no mono desu’. It’s as if Mejojo himself was always trying to assure himself that the heroine was his, and he was just afraid to hear the truth. But he dies without even having the wedding and the heroine wanders to his room. Here Orje comes along and tells her she is free. He tells her he doesn’t give a shit about her and she can go. The heroine goes crazy here because she thinks she’s not needed anywhere and wanders the castle. She ends up in the room where the twins and their mother used to stay, opens the window and throws herself out.


I really liked Rath’s character design so I really wanted to play his route first but I had to get some answers first. I consider him my reward after going through the ヤンデレクソ. Anyways, if you choose to stay with the wolves and cure them of their Zodiba, you get to choose whose bride you want to be and this scene was really was hillarious.

Rath is standoffish and in the dream where heroine sees him, he tells her not to go close to him. He’s basically just a really hurt and lonely guy from all the horrible stuff did to him and his race, he needs alot of TLC and you can do that to your content in the ‘Grooming’ that I guarantee will make you(♥ω♥) out of all his cuteness.


Heroine hangs out with the wolves and is constantly reminded they are a family too, because she misses sis-con and her butler too much. The only other thing to mention is probably the episode where the heroine tries to give blood to Rath to see if they can cure his eye, and so they cut her finger and he starts sucking her blood and she’s all like (*´Д`)ハァハァ. Rath starts getting really excited after drinking abit of her blood because he’s a wolf afterall and he tries to get her to run away, but in the end he pins her down and starts drinking from her neck. (*ノェノ)キャー Then he gets embarrassed saying he is weak and has no control. He kisses her neck and apologises, saying that her skin is beautiful. He totally DOESN’T get why her face is so red and he mumbles that he didn’t drink that much blood. Oh Rath, you want me to pin you down and lick your neck? (//エ//)

Rath’s story was a real tearjerker and left me hanging because the Good End just showed him and the heroine running off to survive “for tomorrow”, (well at least they get together) we don’t know whether Gillian and Arles survived or not. Rath is a very typical wolf character and while we get some ‘suki desu’ ‘tomo ni ikitai’ in the CG clicks, he didn’t actually say he liked her in the main story, except that before they left for battle that he wanted to go and pick her up after the battle ended. 


Theirs is a typical young love that hasn’t fully blossomed yet, hope I get to see more in Last Hope. But ah, darned happy I played Rath after ヤンデレクソ because he healed me after all that sadistic crap (*´∀`*) Wish they gave some CGs of him closeup and alone.

In the Bad End we see a more realistic picture of her slowly dying from Zodiba in a cave with some of the wolf people. She gets a really high fever and everyone’s like “Ojousamaaaaaaa!-!” She wants to stay alive for Rath to come and pick her up because she’s afraid his lovely ice-blue eyes will be filled with sadness again when he comes and she’s not around anymore. Then she hallucinates that Rath has come to pick her up and there’s a flash of colour before she dies. It’s a hint that Rath died in the battle.


Julian is  broken doll that either gets well or doesn’t, depending on your choices 😀 He dances with you in the garden if you leave the hall, under a starry sky.


If you go onto Julian’s route and choose to leave Weblin, you get to have an adventure while escaping the forest. The love between Julian and the heroine grows then, with them supporting each other. They huddle together near the fire and accidentally kiss etc.


Before they cross the border, Orje who was patrolling that area found them and commanded Julian to bring the heroine over. He breaks free of Orje’s spell and everyone escapes safely out of Weblin. In the Good End, Julian mumbles about how he hasn’t had a job yet even though everyone is finding something they can do. Then he says how he wants to have his own money so he can take care of the heroine. ichaicha ending.


Well couldn’t Julian be a gardener or something? (・_・)

The True End was more fitting for a broken doll like Julian and I actually liked it better. I felt that the GE was too normal, especially for a dark story like this. In this end, you return to the castle with Julian but Julian doesn’t die. Julian returns to being the manservant of Mejojo and Orje while you are tortured and branded as in Mejojo’s route. Throughout all these, Julian just watches you everytime the twins visit you in the underground chamber. But when the wolves, zara and sis-con are about the attack the castle, Julian puts poison in their tea to immobilise the twins and saves you the embarassment of having to lick tea from the floor. They are taken away by heroine’s uncle, the Galland head. Apparently the Nobles are sick of the twins and having found out everything from Julian, they want to put Julian back on the throne.

They go to meet the wolves, zara and sis-con at the gate and have a warm reunion. They ask what’s gonna happen to the twins and Julian says they will be kept out of sight since they are no longer princes, just like he once was. Everyone makes a move to go home but Julian suddenly derederes and stops her. Julian proposes to the heroine and Arles decides to not insist on killing Mejojo and Orje and goes back to Zanan. Gillian and Rath are unhappy and they ask why, so Arles answer that Julian himself said that the twins are no longer princes and will be treated as he was. Then Arles adds “a fate worse than death”. Rath understands but Gillian appears not to.

Later the heroine is seen to be in the hanging gardens waiting for Julian to return. She comments how he is quite late today.  He makes some tea for her and she asks why he is late today. He replies that some nobles asked him about the Zodiba cure and he had to speak to them. Julian hands some tea to the heroine and she notices some red black stain on his sleeve but pretends not to see it (omg Julian ;_;) She recalls how the maids had told her about a rumour that even now, some screams can be heard coming from the underground chamber. She chooses not to ask Julian anything because she doesn’t want to break this beautiful life they have now. The scene ends with a low evil laughter. (OMG JULIANNNNN ;_;)


Julian’s seiyuu is incredibly good *.* When he is normal, when he is broken and when he faked a princely voice they were all different. And when he spoke to the heroine in the true end, one could tell he was not the usual Julian.

I feel no pity for the twins in the True End since they’re just getting what they did, but I feel for Julian who turned into something he feared the most. When I think about Julian torturing the twins I wanna cry ;_; This is a real side of humans, because they find that if they cannot conquer something, they just have to turn into it. That’s why so many children while hating their parents, ‘inherit’ their characters and make everything a vicious cycle.

Tte, what am I rambling about haha.

In Bad End, Julian doesn’t return to normal when Orje appears near the border. You accidentally push him down the cliff and you become crazy as a result and get captured by Orje with Nesso and Zara screaming after you.


Gillian is like a puppy dog when he is not killing and quite cute actually. After he drinks your blood all (´∀`*)ウフフ He lies on your lap and thinks seriously about how to have you all to himself haha. And when you touch his hair his reaction is just (∀`*)ゞイヤァ

It was hard to find a nice Cg because most of his CGs have him looking like a dumbass rather than the tsundere he is. In his Good end, you leave the cave after several months to go shopping (wth? lol) for ingredients. You meet Gillian in the bushes and reunite with kiss. Then you guys return to the cave and find that Arles is dead and Rath is on his way to the cave. Gillian then kidnaps you saying Arles told him to travel the world 😀


In his Bad End, you go to a stream after leaving Zanan on a break. There Gillian suddenly appears soaked with blood and collapses onto you. Rath and Arles died and the other remaining wolves are heavily defeated. When you rise to get help, he bites your neck and both of you collapse. He says he won’t let anyone have you and decides to ‘bring you with him’. Both of you lie there dying and he tells you not to be angry. Both of you exchange ‘goodnight’ and die. Quite a beautiful Bad End if you ask me.

In his True End, Arles die, Rath’s whereabouts are unknown. Gillian brings back Arles’ arm with his sword and tells the pack that he’ll lookafter them from now on. He eats Arles’ arm as a proof and the sword falls into his possession. Heroine comments how this is like a ceremony and Arles seem to be acknowledging the next Pack Leader. Gillian kisses the heroine (the blood urgh) and the wolves howl their loyalty to them. This end wasn’t bad, except that Rath is nowhere to be seen D:


Orje is the younger twin and the brain of the two. He enjoys teasing the weak and carries a dark affection towards his brother that also leads him to ‘move’ his brother from the shadows.

As in Mejojo’s route, you return to the castle and Julian is killed. If you choose Orje for punishment, you get put in the bathtub with cold water running down your head and psycho-ed into thinking it was your fault that Julian was killed. Not as bad as the whip in my opinion… but you still get branded with Mejojo’s mark.

Later you are confined in some room and as the hanging gardens are burnt, you see Zara and Nesso surrounded by many soldiers. No matter how many are defeated they just keep coming. Orje comes along and fights Nesso who is already exhausted and wounds him badly by having soldiers attack him all at once. Orje sees to keep Zara alive to deveop the Zodiba cure. Orje then pulls Zara close to Nesso and kills Nesso so his blood splatters on Zara (omg -_-) The heroine seeing this, screams in her room but she is confined by her chains so she can’t do a thing.

As in Mejojo’s route, the wolves are fatally blocked in the tower. Only Rath escapes.

In Orje’s Good End, the heroine is returned to the underground chambers and tortured by Mejojo. His craziness escalates day by day since Arles died after taking his eyes and he has no more motive to drive him on. The cure for Zodiba is completed and Zara is killed. Here the heroine asks Orje to kill her since she has no more purpose for living. He then hugs her and apologises and says that he wonders what went wrong since he had done all he could to make Mejojo happy. Each day Mejojo gets more crazy and increasingly abuses the heroine. But after that each time, Orje would tend to her wounds. At some point Mejojo pops up even though he’s supposed to be gone. He rages at Orje that he is trying to take the heroine away and is now an enemy. Orje resists but they engage in a fight and strikes a fatal wound onto Mejojo’s heart.

Orje starts crying and the heroine tells him she is there. So she gets released and put into the hanging gardens. Orje comes and she asks why he doesn’t let her out into the castle and wonders if he doesn’t trust her. He says that he doesn’t want anybody to see him deredere-ing to the heroine. So he kisses her madly and tells her he loves her. When its over the heroine absentmindedly wonders why his tail is curled around her neck. She thinks that from now onwards they will live a sweet happy life and closes her eyes. (this is a good end? -.-)

After the ED song you hear Orje saying a sinister ‘baka’. Well duh the heroine here is pretty stupid. Orje must have lost some (more) screws after he accidentally killed Mejojo. Why would he love the heroine after all that when she was the cause of their fight in the first place? She probably got tortured too much here and lost her thinking ability. Strangely didn’t hate Orje as much as Mejojo. Maybe because most of the evil stuff was done and said by Mejojo. Anyway both twins are sickos.  (゜-゜)

In Orje’s Bad End, Mejojo and heroine have become a couple, but Orje comes, kills Mejojo intentionally saying ‘thanks for entertaining me so much.’ He then does the heroine. The heroine gives birth and wonders whose kid it is, saying that it is more similar to Orje. Orje then comes to the hanging gardens, kisses her and kills her. He says since she has already given birth to a kid she is not needed anymore.


In twin Good End, the heroine wakes up in the hanging gardens and gets up to have some water, saying she saw a scary dream. Mejojo grabs her waist and pulls her back and the monologue tells us its’s been a few years after that night. She became Mejojo’s wife and had 2 children with him, one Casshi girl and one Huma boy. While they’re hugging Orje bursts in on their icha time. They have breakfast and mejojo asks if she doesn’t want to step into the outside world anymore. She monologues that her family is outside and she is inside, she wants to turn a blind eye to everything.



While I was all for Rath, I wasn’t that interested in Arles, though I would definitely love to have a big hairy dog to hug at night.


Arles really has the feel of the alpha male, though I felt that he would keep imprinting Erubira onto the heroine. Even if he didn’t want to, it’s not that easy to forget someone you loved (and eventually died protecting you). I don’t really like the idea of being a replacement. Besides the reason why the wolves are hunted is partly his fault (・_;) though of course he never expected Mejojo to be just a shithead. He really tries his best to continue the line of the wolves. Anyways in Arles route they try to get her away from Zanan but she returns to Zanan deciding not to leave her nakama there.

Then the scene changes to a burning forest with Gillian, Arles and Rath all bloody. Gillian lost his left arm and all the wolves have been killed. The twins had brought a canon in this wolf hunt. Just when the 3 wolves have decided to fight on and not run away, Rath and Gillian are shot down by arrows. The twins appear and talk shit. Blah blah, Gillian takes a shot for Arles and dies. Arles kills the twins. The wolf pack together with Rath and Arles move deep into the forest and years later the heroine and Arles has a few children and the firstborn son they named Gillian. The heroine tells Arles she has another kid inside her.


After playing so many times by now I am seriously -_- but since I got to see Rath’s kiddy form it’s all good :3 Arles doesn’t seem to be interested in the heroine at all. In fact, he just sees her as a Erubira reincarnation or something. Meh.

In Arles Bad End, the wolves at Zanan have all been destroyed but those in the caves are living pretty well.  One night she goes out to see the stars and suddenly notices the cave is burning. Turns out the twins found their hideout and started burning them up. Orje (I just realised Auger, but whatever) the sicko shows the heroine the heads of the wolf trio and she freaks out. Turns out the woman she had been buying stuff from in the city suspected she is a witch and reported her to the twins. She monologues to Arles in her heart about wanting claws and teeth and the power to fight against them. The twins talk about ‘disciplining’ her every night and it ends with the creeper Mejojo’s laugh.


Nesso is an irreparable sis-con and the only huma-route with raging hormones for the heroine. He kissed her when they were younger (mouth on mouth, mind) and he kisses her (tongue this time) when huddling near the fire running from Weblin AND probably sexes her up in his Good End.

If you like sis-cons you’d probably love Nesso, though I was all urgh over him. In the prologue he braves the storm to return for her 16th birthday and gives her some lovely flowers.


Nesso’s route is not as dark as the others but in the Good End Nessos says that he might’ve injured himself on purpose so the heroine would take care of him 24/7. Though I think in this case, having the heroine wondering why there are extra cuts on his arms or something might fit the dark theme and turn sis-con into someone more interesting. She mentions how she just lets him does whatever he wants to her everyday under pretext of healing his wounds. He mentions wanting to build another tower, all the way to the top of the sky so he can be a hikki together with the heroine there. The heroine ponders what happened to him after the fall or whether this is his real character. (though does it matter either way? (-_-)

In the Bad End Nesso just dies like the good old bro he is protecting her from the fall. The heroine can’t pull him out and continues scratching the ground like a fox. The trio come and see that he is already dead. She doesn’t want to admit this and goes crazy.

His route left some answered questions like what exactly did he do on the battlefield and why the heck is he so obsessed with his sister. I would’ve liked some kind of backstory for his obsession like for Arles and Mejojo.

Heck Nesso’s grooming is just gross EWW I don’t know whether it’s because I don’t like him or because he’s huma. Tonikaku get him away from meeeee (つд⊂)エーン



(kinda looks like he’s sneering at Nesso lol)

Zara was surprisingly normal. The most normal one of the lot. Apparently his ancestors were on equal standing with Casshi, but they were pursued and killed, only Zara survived. He was then bought by Edward Galland from some freako and became heroine’s butler.

In the good end, Zara finished the Zodiba cure and injects it into the heroine, promising to stay by her side and to inject her with other things should there be any side effects. (lol)

In bad end Zara dies from the poisoned arrow. The heroine stays by herself in some hut away from the city so as to not spread the Zodiba but is slowly getting better from Zara’s recipe cure. Edward has become acquainted with the nobles of that city and Julian becomes the new butler of the Galland mansion. Nesso finds some work to do with the sword and often visits the heroine together with Julian. She thinks on how Zara is ‘living’ through the cure he has invented and that she is living because of him.


Obviously my favourite is Julian, followed by Rath. Hope I get more Rath is Last Hope. I would totally trade the sis-con for an Elza route which is coming in Last Hope. Elza is the only lion in the game and I really like his ears (ヽ´ω`) The grooming section in Specials was really cute dahm. (except for Nesso -_-)

Overall, all the characters are really sad. There isn’t a person you can pin the blame to, that’s why it’s a tragedy. At least, if there was someone you could lay the blame to, it would be less of a pain for all the characters. If you blame it on the king and queen it doesn’t really work also, since throne politics are inevitable. That’s why I said it’s a palace drama, a very dark one.

Anyway this will be one of the best games you will play if you can take the dark themes. I don’t recommend any under 18 to play. And anyway you will appreciate the game better if you’re not a joushikousei just looking for some doki doki. ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ

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