Eikoku tantei mysteria – Summary + Review

There are a few themes in otoges that have been done to death: Alice in wonderland, Ayakashi and Demons (Idea F- and Otom- needs to start thinking up new concepts -_-) I LOVE victorian concepts, and this concept of detective Holmes has not been much touched, maybe because good mysteries themselves are hard to write. The mysteries in this game are pretty easy and no complicated details like time of death and everything so it was a little lacking but nevertheless, pretty good. But this game is so damn long…

Characters who appear:

-Erlock Holmes Jr (son of Sherlock)
-William Watsons Jr (son of John)
-Lupin Jr. (son of Lupin)
-Jack Za Ripper
-Akechi Kenichiro (classmate of Holmes Jr)
-Kobayashi Souji
-Pendelton (Heroine’s butler)

-Sara Maple (female classmate, friend)
-Hudson (caretaker at 221 Baker)
-Sherlock Holmes (father)
-Lupin (father)

The personalities of Holmes and Watson JRs are pretty much reversed. (from the originals) If one read the original Sherlock stories, we know Sherlock is a cheerful, smart but slightly eccentric man with love for music and Watson is the quieter guy constantly impressed by Sherlock and holds his own degree of knowledge in medicines. But here Erlock is a rude smart guy who belittles the heroine on their first meeting while Watson William is a cheerful bright guy always just trying to get Holmes to be less rude, and feels like an Aho. They’re different characters from the original so I can’t complain, but it just feels that they push the smart=arrogant=cool and cheerful=friendly=dumb thing too much to fit into the stereotypes of otoges… All games do that but since I’m a particular fan of Holmes series I was pretty much ‘whoa whoa’ here…

The heroine is voiced, usually I don’t like voiced heroines because they’re freaking annoying but I liked this, so I didn’t kill her. Still haven’t gotten used to Erlock’s strange jiijii-but-pleasant voice yet :/ They have a character face and voice for every single minor character that appears, really nice, so you never get bored of meeting various people. There are a few mysteries in the common plot before you go to individual routes which just flows naturally while meeting each character so I really enjoyed the common route.

Though I didn’t finish typing out all the routes, it was a really enjoyable game!

————————– Prologue ———————————–


The setting is an orphan girl from the noble Whiteley family who is invited to the Queen’s party and this is her debut to high society. She goes, followed by her butler who in the carriage compared her to the dog of a noble lady and told her not to sow bad manners. There she meets Ellock Holmes Jr and William Watson Jr, the sons of the original who are playing the same roles as their fathers.


(I do agree they could have chosen another seiyuu for Holmes Jr…) She follows after them secretly wondering what kind of case could happen at the Queen’s party. She hides behind the curtain to watch them and the Queen comes, saying her one-year old cat Chelsea is nowhere to be seen. The cat was a gift from the country of Siam (diplomatic gift) The heroine is told by the Queen that her mother was a good friend and that the heroine herself should be very good with animals too. Together with Holmes, they are entrusted to look for the Siamese cat. In the end she manages to catch the cat by burning a Catnip branch and the Jr.s are quite impressed with her. (Holmes doesn’t like animals and they don’t like him either ufufufu. On the other hand, Watson is an animal magnet)


The Queen rewards her by sending her to a school that has a special course for future detectives. There in her class is Lupin, Jack the Ripper (seriously??!! -_-) Holmes and Watson Jr and two other main female characters. Before school episode starts Pendelton gives you some kinda tutorial about saving key scenes in solving a crime, 3 situational crime situation that were so easy my toes were giggling and 2 moral questions with no right/wrong answers.


Mystery #1 – Whiteley and Holmes
On her first day, an incident occurs: the money collected for the school graduation trip has been stolen. The boy-in-charge comes to Holmes for advice and they manage to find out that a senior boy Cliff or something (can’t remember his name lol) had stolen the money.


They engage in a fight in the school’s inner courts and find the money in his breast pocket. As a result, Cliff gets handed to the police, Watson Jr gets detention and the heroine and Holmes are in danger of suspension. When they were talking, Cliff’s supporters comes and knocks them out, locking them up in the cellar under the school. When she wakes up, she gets hungry and wants to share her crumbled biscuit with Holmes, but he grumbles about the looks of it, and that she should conserve her energy, so she went “Watson might not look for us because he may think we went off into town together and leave us be…” to which Holmes rages “Please mind what you are saying” and blushes. (*´艸`*) Taking this chance, she throws one half of the biscuit in his mouth (SERIOUSLY????)

Thankfully they manage to send Morse codes by using the heroine’s mirror and the moonlight. Holmes tells her to get some sleep while he goes on trying to send signals and said he would let her take over if he got tired, but he even drapes a small blanket over her (where did he even get that) and she sleeps until Watson comes to rescue them. (seriously, she can sleep in this situation? What a kid….) And when Watson piggy-backs her out, she sleeps again (・”・) (SERIOUSLY?! @#$%*#$^ HP 10%)


Mystery #2 – meeting Sera Maple
Next morning some Count dies from having poison put in his water and when the heroine randomly asks what kinds of poison one will die by and how, Holmes starts scaring the class with the effects of different types of poison and showing them gory pictures 😀 😀 As usual Watson’s like ‘no man, stop it everyone’s scared’ but Holmes thinks it’s a good idea for them to learn while they can. Agree with either to move on in the route.


Later during lunch heroine makes friends with Sara Maple and they have lunch, after which they visit a sick friend (Angelica) in the dorms. She has sickness for some time and has a strange medicine she’s been taking, given by some doctor near the school. Maple and Whiteley decide to try and solve what kind of sickness she has by investigating a little. The roommate comes back and gives some scones to Angelica and Maple and Whiteley leave.

They visit 221 Baker street (choose who to meet) and they ask for his opinion. Seriously they should have just made Holmes and Watson the original thing and not the sons if they were going to follow so closely lol… Like their fathers they share an apartment and has a female caretaker to clean the rooms etc. (For me anyway) they don’t learn much and visit the doctor, but he chases them away saying he will not entertain random visitors asking about Angelica’s medicine. They bump into Lupin who is wearing glasses, talks like a loser and is currently seeing the doctor for stomachache and vomitting because the cook at his boarding room accidentally used poisonous mushrooms (lol poor guy)

More hubba running around and discovering (very conveniently by two people talking) that Angelica’s boyfriend was her roommate’s(Erissa) ex, but both don’t seem to mind… until the heroine discovers (very conveniently again) the shell of an apricot seed in Ange’s room. They go back to Baker 221 to ask Watson to investigate the medicine while Holmes and Whiteley talk about the apricot shell. Turns out if used raw, it contains poison of sorts.

(By now the heroine should know who the culprit is right… but I guess for the sake of the player they make her dumb enough not to know… I can’t believe the Queen gave her a ring acknowledging her as detective with Holmes -_-) To make it even more obvious, Watson pops out and says he didn’t detect poison in the medicine. After Holmes randomly says the smell when fresh is like almond, the girls get it and run back to save Angelica. Just then, Erissa is giving her some tarts(very conveniently again..) so Maple tries to get the cream, but Erissa starts shouting for her not to eat the cream and Maple drops it on purpose. Maple doesn’t want Ange to get hurt so nobody says anything but they confront Erissa outside. Ange overhears and tells Maple to forgive her. In exchange for not handing her to Scotland yard, Erissa is told to never show her face to Ange again.

That night Whiteley looks at a portrait of her parents who had both received the ring from Queen Victoria before. She recollects the 4yr-old version of herself and think about the time when their mansion was burnt down. She then promises that one day she will solve the reason behind their murders (uhh… why didnt the original Holmes and Watson solve it since it’s such a big case? *tries to stop thinking so much*) Later in the night, a woman is slashed from neck to neck by some guy and is discovered by police.


Mystery #3 – meeting Jack
Next morning it’s in the newspapers and Pendelton tells Whiteley not to stick her head into this dangerous incident. The class is bustling with talk about this case and no one has an idea of what’s happening. Then Whiteley accidentally bumps into this white haired red eyed guy whom Holmes tells her is Jack Millers. They say he’s a scholarship student from the East End where there’s little public order (Heroine’s from the wealthy West End) and that Jack rarely talks. She goes to greet him while Maple and Holmes gossip about her fearless dog-like inquisitivity (haha!!!!) and Watson is just amazed that Jack actually replies Whiteley. He tells her to leave him alone and that he has nothing to tell her about the serial killings. He doesn’t like to talk about his poor background and thinks that the heroine is trying to pity him, since she is from a Noble family.


Then classes go on. (the next part is quite typical of the game’s Holmes and the original Holmes so I thought it quite funny) The teacher asks who has heard of the flower Delphinum and Holmes starts talking about the effects and how it leads to death. 😀 Then we get another darashinai Lupin episode haha. They are told to examine the flower and write a report and Whiteley sees Jack touching the poisonous flower with his bare hands and he has a wound on his hand so she ties a handkerchief on his wound.


Later she asks him to exchange letters with her (wow… I’m beginning to think she might be a tennen flirt o.o) She says to make friends (just make sure not to up Jack’s love points if you’re not doing his character yet). He doesn’t reply her letter and is always sleeping in class or in the garden. After a few days he returns her a letter together with her handkerchief. Turns out he tried very hard to think about hobbies and all that to reply her letter (´・ω・`) but since couldn’t think of anything, just waits to return her handkerchief with the letter. In it he thanks her and tells her only to give a letter when no one is around lol.


At night Pendelton brings her a picture from Harrington school where her parents used to study and says there is new update on the case of her parents’ death. He tells her the names of the people in the picture.


Mystery #4 -meeting Lupin

Lupin(Jr.) sends a declaration that he will steal. Holmes invites her to go with them because he can’t accept that she is being acknowledged as a detective (me neither, Holmes) so he wants her to go along to some Baron’s house to investigate a theft case. Well, no one notices that the Lupin (ru-pin) in their class is actually the Lupin (Ru-pan) in question lol.


They get lost on the road due to Watson forgetting the road and bump into Rupin. They drag him for a tour guide. The four of them end up going to Ernest’s mansion then to Queen’s House where Rupan is said to steal the gem. Over there they figure out who the real thief of Odeal’s earrings are, but the guy uses Whiteley as a hostage and tries to jump from the balcony. But just then, Rupan comes, declaring he has taken the eye of Odeal and grabs Whiteley and starts soaring through the sky, leaving Holmes and Watson dumbfounded lol.


They arrive at a park and make small talk; the heroine refuses to let him leave with the necklace so he says if she will close her eyes until the count of ten he will return it to her. While counting she feels him putting the necklace on her and you decide whether to open your eyes or not here. (Holmes route, of course open your eyes! If not, Lupin kisses you) Then Rupan runs off and they discover that the necklace he gave back to her was the fake. Rupin suddenly appears in his uniform, all dirty and the 3 realise they had left him at the mansion lol.


Mystery #5 – Whiteley and Watson

There’s news about an elopement case of a Noble’s daughter and her butler. Whiteley asks Pendelton whether he had any troubles like this before. Pendelton gets very obviously flustered and asks “err… like, you mean, me and you?” to which Whiteley goes “of course not!” then Pendelton replies he once had someone he admired from from far away.


It’s Sunday so Whiteley goes to church and there meets the JRs. She says to go to Baker 221 after that. When they arrive, Watson is running around clearing stuff because the house is so messy and Holmes goes to prepare some tea for her. Suddenly, a knock comes and Holmes recognising who it is, runs away because the client’s house is full of animals and he says he will die if he goes there, calling Watson ‘Holmes kun’. The heroine becomes Watson and they go to the house to check up on details for the case.


The suspect has been poisoning the mistress of the house and when Watson tries to drink the soup, the suspect comes and stops Watson. (Actually, this story runs on the assumption that murderers only aim for the person they want to kill and not anyone else, but it’s not necessarily true… people with motive to kill not rarely ignore who is caught up in the process. Wait!! I’m rambling!! @_@)

The heroine Whiteley is taken hostage for a while and Watson can’t helpe her so Pendelton the mysteriously can-do-all butler comes with a rifle and shoots the person holding her. Pendelton rages at Watson for not protecting her lol and he apologises profusely in the carriage. Turns out the mistress of the house knew Watson was not Holmes and Whiteley was not Watson so she asks for their real names. She tells Watson he has a good assistant like Whiteley and he blushes and says ‘yeah too good for me’. (´・ω・`)


Mystery #6 – meeting Akechi and Kobayashi

The class is going for a field trip to Doglands. They’re on a ship and the wind is strong so Lupin and Whiteley start falling and shaking like a leaf lol. Holmes goes to help Lupin who is on his ‘I-am-a-spectacled-loser’ loser while Watson catches the heroine. He tells her to hold on properly to him and she clings onto his arm because she’s about to fall and he blushes (*´艸`*) hehe so cute. (seeing guys like this make me feel like a loser because I’m tall and would probably be the one people grab onto ;_; sigh… damn short girls for stealing all the cuties ;_;)

From the time since Maple followed Watson into the room to investigate Ange’s medicine, I’ve suspected she likes Watson and it appears she’s a bit jealous here 😀 Maple tells Holmes to put a collar on Watson haha. Surprisingly Holmes teases Maple and is like “what, are you jealous?” to which Maple also surprisingly answers “who knows, I’m just not happy” lol. (I’ve decided, my warai combi in this game is Maple and Holmes :D) The dumb heroine runs after a ship she thinks looks suspicious and Holmes and Watson chase after her. (Since when did they become her babysitter ??!)


She sees some foreigners with black hair and Kobayashi Seiji and Akechi Kenichiro appears, speaking in a language she doesn’t know. They introduce themselves and the heroine does a curtsey and Akechi stares at her until he gets teased by Kobayashi. Whiteley, not knowing that Japanese have to be called by surnames, calles akechi “Ken-chan” which throws him off haha. Just then some thugs come and the two Japonais whip out their weapons. Akechi uses his katana and Kobayashi carries a slingshot (wth -_-) Holmes and Watson appear, and she drags them into helping out putting back the stuff onto the ship. Scotland Yard is really rude to the Japonais so Whiteley runs after them and talks to them for a while, welcoming them.


Few days later Kobayashi and Akechi join the detective class with Akechia’s katana firmly hanging by his waist -_- . Akechi suddenly says he wants to be the class rep which throws everyone off. Turns out the class can’t have a class rep because they’re all too individualistic and weird so it’s hard to get them together lol. Akechi picks out Holmes and declares him as rival *.* They start having a discussion about who is Number One and whether to strive to be the Only One. To stop the fight Maple then tells them all Whiteley is the best (to which I was going -_____-) and they start acknowledging her brains. Watson tells Akechi to ‘Attack, Win and Protect’ is the spirit of the guys in England (lol, I’m sure not)

Heroine brings them around and they explain they came firstly to establish relations between Japan and England and to bring back counter-crime methods. Akechi then starts straightening everyone up like their clothes and not doing homework etc. The heroine falls asleep in class and gets cautioned by Akechi, but she being the airhead she is thanks him instead for his advice. Holmes then says ‘as expected of the class’ ‘only one’, she thinks in a different way’ lol. Akechi then also sets his eye on Jack The Sleeper.

As he is going to talk to Jack, Lupin falls and almost hits the heroine Whiteley with a pile of books but akechi saves her. Both suddenly notice that Akechi’s hands are on her chest (LOL!) and Watson gets really annoyed, with Maple pointing out calmly that he is the worst. Akechi then blushes beet red and apologises furiously and says he didn’t do it on purpose. He then runs away! Holmes then says Akechi is thrown off by such a small issue. Kobayashi then says akechi had never even held a girl’s hands before so this was too extreme for him. Jack wakes up and scolds them for being noisy. (and damn this as funny) He says they shouldn’t get so worked up over such “A SMALL THING.” The heroine looks down at her own chest and Jack’s like “I WAS NOT REFERRING TO THAT” (bwahahaha!!) 

At night Pendelton shows her the picture of her parents and their friends again and turns out that there is high probability that those who died, died of murder and not suicide/accidental deaths as had been reported.


Mystery #7 – meeting Hudson

This was kinda boring so I’m too lazy to write the story but the caretaker at 221 Baker street, Ms Hudson has a case and she requests Watson to help. The heroine Whiteley together with Maple solve the case and Hudson becomes the assistant of Whiteley.

At night Whiteley discovers a weird door in the cellar that she didn’t know about and the maids tell her that they’ve never opened it before. Pendelton has gone to see old friends so tonight they don’t talk about the case.


Mystery #8 – Sensei goes missing [character route preview]

The classroom in the morning is filled with scribbles on the table and the blackboard. They start talking about the handwriting and say it’s similar to Mackenji sensei’s. The main characters all solve the case together. Depending on whose memo you choose to look at, the options are different too.

For Holmes route, he puts a note in your pocket after that in code and after you decode it, he praises you and tells you to follow his orders if you get into trouble. (´・ω・`)


Mystery #9 – picnic panic [Character routes start here]

They go to Hyde Park for a school excursion, and Hudson tags along, but when Mackenji sensei calls them to gather, everyone is just doing their own thing (but most are sleeping lol) Holmes is walking around with a magnifying glass, Watson has disappeared somewhere, Kobayashi is sleeping on a tree, Akechi is leaning against it, Lupin is sleeping/leaning against another tree, Jack is in the shadow of some tree thinking something and Maple is having tea on a bench. Mackenji sensei gets depressed and whips out a apple-peeler knife, and says since no incident has happened and it’s so peaceful, maybe he should create a serial murder case here in Hyde Park (haha I love this sensei!) The heroine’s like WHUT No BRO. She then runs around getting them to eat lunch together as a group.

Holmes: was looking at bugs lol. Watson: feeding the birds on a tree. Maple is reading a book. Lupin is sleeping and she tries to grab his spectacles and gives him the shock of his life (lol) Hudson is looking at china with sensei. Akechi was so tired he’s actually sleeping and Kobayashi says to let him sleep for a while but when you stare at his face he wakes up and blushes. After that you go to call Kobayashi who was fiddling with some toy he said was his invention. Then Jack who didn’t bring a bento is dragged by you to the picnic place.picnicmogumogu

Here yet another poor Lupin episode comes. His dad made him a really gay bento with a heart-shaped Kejari(wth is that lol) with his name written in ketchup. Watson and Kobayashi start madly laughing while Holmes and even Jack tries to cheer him up and akechi pretends to see nothing lol. When it ends (whoever you have love points for) comes to help you.

——————————— Holmes ——————————–

Holmes: comes and helps you clear up asking if the scotch-egg was made by you. He says he knows because the shape is weird and you counter by saying he ate it all anyway. Then he says it didn’t taste bad despite the weird shape and that he wanted to know your cooking level (lol Holmes, be honest! (*´艸`*)) and goes with the tsundere thing ufufu.

The mist comes out when clearing the plates and is so thick so Holmes goes to check it out while you stay there waiting for him. You get freaked out and start chasing a shadow that you see thinking it’s Holmes but you arrive at some street and the figure is gone. Then you see some weird shady business going on and is about to get caught but your hero butler Penny arrives and saves you. Then everyone goes home in the carriage and suposedly the guy you saw in the misty street is some criminal locked up in a tower so Penny thinks what you heard is a mistake.

Next day is a continuance of the strange incident. While the Jrs chase after a snatch thief, you stay with the victim but suddenly he disappears and some hooded guy tries to stab you. You scream for Holmes to save you and he does…..!! Papa Holmes does 😀 Then the Jrs appear and Holmes is quite thrown off by his father’s words so he runs off to chase the hooded guy. Whiteley(you) chases after Holmes.

イヤン, イケメン過ぎる! (/ω\)

After catching up, he apologises for losing his cool. He then tells you that when his father pointed out his mistake he naturally got defensive. The world thinks of him only as ‘Sherlock Holmes son’ and not himself, so he naturally dislikes his father and feels like he is always compared that way. Suddenly the robed guy appears again and aims for Holmes, saying that he has no other value other than being the son of Sherlock. But then the robed guy gets shot by someone else and tells Holmes not to get involved any deeper than this. Holmes finds a gun in his pocket and Scotland Yard comes running, arresting Holmes (*0* whoa what’s happening??! Exciting…)

Next day Holmes is in the newspapers and is suspected of being the murderer. The detective class believes him of course, but the students from other classes are all suspicious and rumours are circulating. To not make his classmates feel bad, Holmes goes off somewhere during break and Watson recounts a story of a fight he had with Holmes before. One of their friends who had equally good grades as Holmes before stole money from a rich old guy and accidentally killed him. Holmes was very quiet over the issue, but in the end handed his friend over to the Yard.

Watson, thinking that Holmes was an unfeeling bast*rd punched him and they have a happy fist fight, but Watson later understands that Holmes was hurting the most of all and that he had been going around collecting evidence to help his friend. But in the end, a crime was a crime. Though eyewitnesses later explained that the old man hit back and accidentally died on his own, Watson and Holmes’ friend still commited a robbery. They visit the guy’s sick mother and comfort her. To the heroine, Watson explains that Holmes, whenever things are most important or when he is hurting the most, doesn’t say anything.

Next day papa Sherlock Holmes comes to visit and gives them some important information about an organisation Spellbound, who may be behind this incident. Holmes refuses his dad’s help, but Whiteley and Watson decide to go to a party next day to look for Akton, some bigshot related to the organisation. There another incident occurs: Akton is killed and Holmes is again suspected as the murderer. The button from Holmes’ coat was found in Akton’s hand and blood on his sleeve even thought Holmes hadn’t touched the corpse yet. A granny in disguise when pointed out by the trio jumps out from the window and they chase after her.

Lupin suddenly appears and tells them not to get further involved because it will endanger papa Holmes. True enough, next day papa Holmes is taken into custody as suspect for the murders. Lupin sends a declaration to steal a diamond and they wait at the tower that night to catch him and hear the truth from him.

After some Hubba, the stupid heroine is kidnapped by Pendelton again together with the diamond. Pendelton appears and blames Holmes for having his pride and slaps him (Pendelton you !&%^@^%!#$^@ φ(`д´)φカキカキ THE HEROINE IS THE STUPID ONE WHY YOU SLAP HIM) *calms self down*  They send an invitation challenge to Lupin and he appears, only to challenge Holmes to a game of chess. The heroine escapes her room and meets Holmes Watson and Lupin. Eventually, after Lupin gave them clues which they managed to pick out, Holmes wins the chess game and Lupin runs off.

The heroine waits with Holmes as Watson goes to get Pendelton and since he’s so quiet, she asks if he’s hurt somewhere. Holmes suddenly grabs her and rages at her that he was so worried, how can she worry about him at a time like this. She gets so happy she cries (Lol Do-M tendencies?) and he hugs her, saying it’s good she came back safe.

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