Toki no Kizuna [Sekighara Kitan]

Demons and humans do not live in peace. The heroine (suzumori) is a protector of a princess yashahime which is the central of the 10 demon clans. The heroine herself comes from one of the 10 demon clans and is the head of the clan but was brought up by 3 random Jiis. One day yashahime calls for all the heads to assemble and there. While investigating the barrier they set up to prevent weirdoes form entering in, Suzumori encounters 2 heads, Kazuya and Chitose. Both are apparently very good with the sword. She learns that one does not give your surname unless you trust them.  Then later she meets Kazutake and Shin in the meeting place. Shin is apparently worshipped as God by the humans and Kazutake is looked upon as the next big head of the oni clans. That’s the basic story.

First up, the heroine. I like strong women and historical stuff which is why I even played this but she can be !$#&^@#^ at times, repeating over and over again that she does not want to be treated a woman. I guess I can understand why, since in that time, people would look down on you if you were a woman. As the head of Suzumori, the heroine wants to be on equal terms with the other oni heads.



Kazuya’s route. Overly great seiyuu, jimi character. You would’ve expected him to be more interesting since he appears to be a kuudere. But no. His trust with Suzumori deepens because she keeps chasing after him and he keeps trying to get her out of his way, then they suddenly exchange surnames and then, he kisses her out of the blue. The times he was gentle with her was when he apologises for making her kill the Shuuran Hei while fighting for him. And while protecting Kazuya, tsukijii died. The only thing interesting about his route was his reason for associating with Tokugawa Ieyasu. Apparently his villagers were taken as hostage in the past and he was made to run various errands, including assasinating Ieyasu. Somehow, he failed to kill Ieyasu and became devoted to him instead when Ieyasu offered to save his village. Meh. I wanted more since Kazuya looked like an interesting character. ;( His redeeming parts were his gentleness I guess?




Chitose’s route was way more heartwarming. Overly great seiyuu, good storyline. The romance and interactions with other characters was more interesting than Kazuya’s. You get to ‘travel’ to more places and not get sick of the same BGs all the time like in Kazuya’s route -_- Chitose often turns red when teased by his oyagawari and childhood friend/bro who are both humans. Just when you think he is kiddish in certain areas, you see his strengths that make you like him more. He is more leader-like than Kazuya, not spoiling you when ShioJii dies and helping you get up on your feet again. Part of Kazuya’s gentleness towards the heroine was that TsukiJii died protecting him so there’s nothing to compare,but the fact is that ShioJii died fighting the 3 hagureoni and Chitose wanted the heroine to understand the reality of that too. He is strict on others but on himself too, especially when his bro/best friend Toyohisa dies, he hangs onto his promise and moves on forward. In Chitose’s route the heroine even turns into a white oni form which was pretty interesting. I loved the ending where he leans on the heroine’s shoulder and their romantic kiss in the rain.




Kazutake is the sexiest of the lot. I think it’s his eyes. His oni form kinda reminds me of  the electric guy from Fairy Tail, uh what was his name again? Laxus? Anyway. He treats women and children like things to be protected but of course heroine is ‘Onna de aru mae ni’ which he often just shakes off. Somehow the heroine gets used to being treated like this and she starts wanting to protect him too.

When playing Kazuya and Chitose you kinda get a bias against Kazutake especially since Chitose was raging at him all the time, but he has an unwavering manly strength that I can’t tell where it comes from but he’s definitely my type 😀 Unlike the two above, he fights barehanded and we get a CG of him doing sexy body training at night when he can’t sleep. He is bodyguard to the fugly Mitsunari and he hopes to get a land for his wandering oni family somehow. In the end Mitsunari loses the war and Kazutake’s clan moves in with Chitose’s and he goes hunting for the last hagureoni (I forgot which) and did him in. Then he goes to get the heroine and says he has come to get his yome-san (*´∀`*) Didn’t really get the middle bits cos I couldn’t stand Mitsunari so I raged the ‘next’ button but by now I’d gotten the story and it’s all just from different viewpoints.




I couldn’t care less about Shin so decided to play Senkimaru instead. Most of his CGs were horrible though, sadly. I’d always had a feeling that Senki was somehow connected to Shuutendouji and apparently, he IS him. (the hair colour and all) But of course, the real Shuutendouji was Senki’s ancestor and Senki just uses the name to cover his identity. Also in other routes like Chitose’s, I wondered why the heroine could see dreams too and it turns out she is actually the sister of Yasehime. As the 3 Jiis decided that the line of Suzumori had to continue for the sake of the 10 clans, they put the heroine as the next clan head since they had no descendants. Somehow when the heroine was 7 or 8 she absorbs the dying Suzumori head (like in other routes where she absorbs the Jiis) and the Jiis freak out thinking that she would be killed or feared by the other clans so they decide to keep her a Rapunzel away from everyone.

Senki wants revenge on JuukiShuu and Yasehime for leaving his clan to perish getting killed and abused by humans so one day he kidnaps the princess. The Jiis and heroine chase after them and on one encounter Senki causes the princess to see a dream where she kills everyone. Then heroine arrives and Senki, frustrated by how everything has turned on him swallows a gazillion Sendan and goes crazy, wounding the heroine deeply. Hachiyo and Shuu arrive to restrain him and carry him off. A few days later the heroine has caught up to him again and he is magically transformed into a handsome young man rather than a cute shota. Apparently not raging anymore, he is still the Senkimaru that she knows. The heroine reasons with him and tells him she will be his ally and help restore his family and he tests her resolve by telling her to allow herself to be manipulated. Senki then sees her past (where we get all the details about her identity) and feels sorry that she has been lied to and used by the Jiis and Juukishuu. He hugs her as he supports her and she starts wondering when did that shota become so sexy (lol)

Senki wants to save the other two Hagureoni and Yasehime who has become a dark oni due to the Sendan, so he sticks with heroine and the jiis for a while formulating plans to save them. The heroine gets over her depression of being seen as a threat in the past and believes that the Jiis really loved her despite it all.


In the final battle, Shuu and Hachiyo swallow Sendan, become oni and fight against Senki and the heroine. The three Jiis, Chitose, Kazuya, Shin and Kazutake all join in the fun. A massive fight ensues and Senki and heroine goes to kill last boss Yashahime. They finally manage to wound her deeply to bring her to her right mind but she’s going to die.

But uh, she doesn’t. For some reason Yashahime lives and the heroine prepares to follow Senki to his village, but he brings her to a high place to see “the new world that you are going to create”. Oh I loved the way he asked her “Kokoro ni kimeta yatsu toka, in no ka?” (Is there anyone your heart has decided on?) (´・ω・`) kawaiish. When heroine replies “duh of course” he goes all sad Ahahahaha. Seeing this the heroine goes “uhh… it’s you…” And he gets so happy he hugs her. Damn shotas (゚∀゚)



Shin is so arrogant with his furry coat and long pink hair I really didn’t want to play his route, but last one anyway, might as well.

One night she runs out for training and meets Shin who tells her not to go running about at night as a woman. He then grabs her hand trying to seduce her but it fails terribly because she thinks it’s a strength test. He gets annoyed that she is not doki-dokiing over a sexy guy like himself and she says that’s because she holds hands with guys all the time. (Shin, you should expect her next answer, seriously) He then gets amused that his hand is compared to the Jiis and decides to just hime-dako her. He gets satisfied that she has a girlish reaction.

-skips most of the story- The three Jiis die in this route. I don’t even know what happened to the Mouri clan and only got glimpses that Shin is going to help the hagureoni clans or something. Didn’t really like this character so I don’t care.


Overall I felt that the was more ‘trust’ than ‘romance’ in the game and it all happens only because the heroine is a dumbass who keeps insisting on following them around even though they try to chase her away all the time. When they give excuses like ‘the battleground is dangerous’ or ‘you’re a woman’ she goes shooting ‘I can protect myself’ or ‘onna de aru mae ni-‘ #$%@#%^!#!#%. The character designs were nice, and the storyline was so-so, so it’s worth a play if you got sick of Hakuouki.

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