Diabolik Lovers: More Blood – Review

Diabolik Mosquitoes  Lovers

Review of this game:

(*´Д`)ハァハァ + ( ゚皿゚)キーッ!!

The end.


This is a review, not a translation, so at best I will tell you what I liked about the game and a short summary of what happened.

I was really looking forward to playing Ruki but I didn’t feel Sakurai’s voice suited that character. His low voice sounds the same in almost every character which doesn’t make me feel like I’m playing a new guy. (Urgh the effects of Mejojo -_-) The gameplay allows you to play several characters at once in a non-confusing way, which means if you get tired of being sucked by one of them, you can always get sucked by another (lol)

The art is kinda pinky which is girl-stereotype but I like it nevertheless. The original games was horrible with all the abuse, And here we have an additional set of vampires who were originally humans and so a little more human. (In fact we have the awesome Azuazu)




Sadistic Ore-Sama abuses the heroine with words (ok, which of them doesn’t…) but he really just doesn’t want to admit his interest in her. He is too focused on seeing her as food though he actually takes interest in her as a woman. I actually like him quite alot. While trying to prove to himself he didn’t need her, he tried to stay away from sucking her blood but ends up getting more and more thirsty and ravenous. Oh yeah, he bullies her in strange ways like throwing an octopus at her, making her run around the house crying after the electricity tripped and making her drink ‘confession water’ (which led to too much (*ノωノ) イヤン for me) Vampire End sees him sleeping for a few years due to the awakening of Adam and when he wakes up he immediately proposes to the heroine. In S or M route, either the heroine or Ayato dies.

Of couse, Ruki is the ‘enemy’ in this route.



Your angsty teenager who was actually gentle at heart but turned into a violent guy after all the crap his mother gave him. He doesn’t understand his own feelings towards the heroine and when he starts awakening as Adam, he tries to get her away from him and pushes her towards Kou (Mukami) but in reality he really likes her. The memorable scene is him telling the heroine to ‘cry more’ because he thought it sexy that she was shedding tears while cutting onions (wth). He ends up becoming friends with Kou who saw them icha-ing after their fist-fight. He’s just a more angsty version of your typical ‘cool guy with some hurt past’ crap.

Kou is the ‘enemy’ in this route



You have to choose by cards for the Mukami brothers so I randomly ended up with Yuma and was pleased since I wanted to play either him or Azusa first. Yuma is a big guy and loves sugar more than anything (he calls it sugar-chan wtf) and even just sucks on rock sugar and stocks it in his room. When the heroine ate one of his rocksugars without asking he gets pissed and sucks on it inside her mouth 😀 This scene was so hillarious it got me laughing non-stop for awhile. Another incident where she spills milk on him he forces her to lick it off him. (*ノェノ)キャーFollowing all the nicknames like M-neko-chan,(Maso-cat) chichinashi,(flat chest) bitch-chan, we have Yuma calling her ‘mesu’buta’ (female pig) (can it get worse? *slaps forehead)

Throwing that aside, I have a huge bias towards Suzutomo so I totally loved Yuma. He was orphaned from young and joined a gang to survive but later finds out  the ‘boss’ that always took care of him acquired money to feed the gang through being a stud or something. He has no memories prior to being ‘bear’ but in Shuu’s flashbacks we see that he met Yuma (then called Edgar or something) before in the woods. Yuma also mentions he saw a dream of a hosue being burnt down before.

He wants to become Adam so he can continue his boss’ dream of changing the society and ‘winning’ over the nobles. He starts getting really abusive when he realises he can’t become Adam until the heroine tells him to go back to his old self. He agrees and they start tending to the rose and the vegetable patches again but this time as lovers.

The Vampire End CG was just so naise *.*



I just love the way Kanato rages 😀 Everytime he does it I burst out laughing instead. and he got me very interested in the song Scarborough Fair ヽ(´ー`)ノ Kanato is hell possessive and rages at random things like when she sees his sleeping face or when she hums scarborough fair. He gets more and more possessive of her, getting a teddy to follow her around school and rages when she so much as replies Azusa. He even pretends to cry to get her attention when she tries to run away. Heroine also gets locked up and chained in a torture room. -_-After a while, my amusement of his raging turned to ._.  BUT. Me-Ga.Ne.Sho.Ta. Cannot.Resist. (゚∀゚)

When Kanato is not raging, he is plain cute.

In his Vampire End, he brings the heroine to his castle and she starts making teddy bears for him but he keeps saying they don’t look proper so she just makes and makes till the house is filled with teddies (57 of them LOL) She mentions how he has become gentle and doesn’t brutally suck her blood anymore.


Heinz sends them a letter saying they are Adam and Eve and should make a new race but Kanato just burns the letter and said he was planning to in the first place. Then they have happy time for the rest of their lives.

*raises hand* where did he get the money to build his own mansion? Nevermind.


Azusa is the cutest. Ever. Okay, minus him talking to his wounds. Anyway, he is the most gentle of the lot, he doesn’t rage at her, he doesn’t call her ‘food’, he tries to help her all the time, makes food for her (except that he thinks spicy = delicious) and only wounds her because he sincerely thinks it‘s something good. His is a complicated backstory, telling of how as an orphan some other kids would beat him up because they were beaten by others, and he finds it his purpose for living. When the 3 kids who always beat him up got killed and hung in the town square (urgh, talk about not honouring dead bodies) Azusa gets a tad crazy and starts cutting himself to ‘bring’ back his friends. Ruki gets pissed with him often because he wants Azu to see them as family because of who they are, not because of anything else.


He gets a shot from heroine’s papa in his left arm while protecting her and it hurts him badly because it’s a vampire bullet but he refuses to lose his arm because Justin, Christina and Melissa are on it. The heroine mulls over whether to tell him to lose the arm rather than die and in the end she does. He gets angry and refuses to talk to her until she jumps onto his veranda from the balcony and they have a htht. He agrees to lose his arm so he won’t die and cries as the heroine hugs him and says she needs him and all’s well that ends well. Man he’s so deredere and too cute seriously.


In Vampire End the mukami bros let him run off with the heroine. The scene then switches to some time later where they have a picnic under a blue sky. There are three kids with them: Justin, Christina and Melissa (sigh, Azusa…) and one of them calls Azusa papa. He then agrees to teach them how to sing a song just like some dream that the heroine saw one day. This is a really nice ending (^^♪ I’m so glad Azuazu got his happy end afterall. He deserves it more than any other character because he’s nice to the heroine and because he had been living the wrong way all this while.


Reiji is the second son of the Sakamaki and oversees the house matters. He has a grudge against Shuu because Shuu, being the lazy ass he is, is the first son and would eventually take over the household. Reiji’s mom also often told him to work hard so he can support Shuu in the future leading to alot of ill feelings towards Shuu. Reiji is however actually a responsible, smart and gentle guy. He refuses to give into his vampire instincts when Adam’s awakening takes over so he really very seldom sucks her blood.

Ayato steals his spectacles when he was sleeping on the couch (*´ω`*)

He is however purely spartan and made her do Math for a few hours continuously without dinner because she got 95 marks for her Math test (and not 100). Even so he takes care of her quite alot I should say, even taking a stab for her and dying in the process. DIABOLIK LOVERS MORE,BLOOD_0009

His route is quite interesting because the heroine gets dragged to stay in the Mukami house with Reiji because he wants to find out the mastermind behind them. In Vampire End he ends up sleeping for a few months after dying from the wound. Ayato comes and tries to get the heroine but she goes into his past and talks to a small Reiji. Then she helps Reiji wake up by telling him who he is. 


They rabu-rabu at a dinner party and tell each other their love.



Ruki is the oldest of the Mukami brothers and to be honest, I admire his ability to gather everyone together. In other words, he has a real leader feel. Ruki and Reiji are both capable men- err, vampires but they still have their own unique way of handling issues which you’ll find to be interesting. Ruki was a bitch in his childhood, being the son of a noble but later his family goes broke and the servants end up beating him up instead. This scene was kinda pitiful but hey if you’re a masochist you shouldn’t be saying ‘poor thing’ but “Let me join in! Yay” Ruki actually locks her up in the basement and chains her up for a long time, visiting her only when he wants to suck her blood. (what is he, a mosquito?!) In the end, the heroine decides to stay with him and the usual crap the heroine does because she’s an irreparable masochist.


Shuu does some pretty cute things like hide in the corner of a music store and kiss her or suck her blood in public which made it hilarious for me. He’s always just lying there like some washed up whale and tells her to offer her neck so he can suck it. He’s too lazy to even get up and suck her blood seriously. It’s no wonder why Reiji rages at him. But he’s my favourite along with Azusa and Yuma, since these three are the ones who have kind motives behind the things they do, even if they actually suck her blood.

Anyway in this route we see how Yuma was initially Edgar, until some fire happened and burnt the house down. Karl Heinz turns Yuma into a vampire after that, but yuma can’t remember Shuu anymore. After the fire, Shuu always went back to look for Edgar but he was never there, so when they met again as vampires, Shuu was shocked but he put on his ‘I’m too sleepy, I don’t care face’.

You’ll probably like Shuu after you play him too.

Support this video if you like Shuu! (/・ω・)/


I stopped at Laito because he’s really boring with his ‘un-fu’ after every damn line he says and acts like a whore all the time. I stopped at Kou because he’s a real bitch! He makes me want to put him on street fighters and K.O him ten times over.

After ten characters of abuse I can’t take it anymore.

You know, Rejet really milked this game. There’s a third DiaLovers coming soon and I really don’t recommend playing the third game unless you’re a real real masochist. Though when I think of Morikubo and a glasses guy appearing, Chi ga sawagu (my blood gets restless :D)


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  1. Hey there,I was wondering; for More blood,this game includes the Sakamaki brothers as well as the Murakami brothers or just the Murakami brothers?


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