Kamigami no Asobi – Review + translation

//June 11 edit:

**Please support the makers of the game ‘Broccoli’ by buying the game if you like Kamigami no asobi! Stores selling this game:

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**some of you have asked me whether this game will be translated into English. I seriously doubt so, since they are not targeting their international otoge players. Yet.


Hokay. I LOVED this. The interface was really nice in addition to the art and music. And you also get to have a miniature box garden to put chibi characters and other items like this:


They jump around and are just absolutely cute. What items you get depends on the level of quiz you chose and how well you did in them (infinite retry system, no worries) I played around on the web and found http://www.kamiaso.com/uranai.php which gave me Toto as the Kami that suits me.


April 6 edit:

Hi lovelies. I noticed many are clicking on the link above. I’ll translate this for you here:




神々の悪戯 (Kamigami no Asobi) is written “The trick of the Gods” but read as “The play of the Gods”! Anime coming! Is everyone excited? 🙂

The heroine is in the third year of high school when she suddenly gets transported by Zeus one day to watch over the gods of class A through a box (with a sword) she opened in the storehouse. Zeus turns from a shota into a jiijii and tells her she is the selected human representative for his great plans. Was she shocked? A little thrown off maybe. Did she think it’s a dream and be a little cynical? Nah. In fact, she accepts the task readily and even goes around the school like a prefect preparing the Freshmen hall. Zeus wants her to help the gods understand love and humans and gives her one year to help them graduate.

I actually like the heroine, she’s reliable and steady actually. Her reactions are sometimes too great a tsukkomi to miss. Anyway (if you head to the classrooms) she first meets Apollon, Baldol and Tsukito who are the only ones that didn’t skip out on meeting this very unquestioning heroine. In fact they are all too happy to be under her wing and even ask her to give them surnames. So after prologue, you choose between club activity and student council. Depending on your choice you will meet different characters and go on their routes. Before every chapter there’s the quiz so just do it and move on.


Ah Apollon(god of sun) is an energetic male bimbo who goes around giving weird names to his classmates (he decides to call the heroine ‘Fairy’) and volunteering to do the welcome speech as a student body representative.  He treats the heroine like a gem but this makes her all the more pained later because she finds out *spoiler* that he was in love with another human, a witch named Cassandra. Despite being a bright cheerful guy, he has lots of confusion about relationships. He loves his uncle however and the Greek gods hang out together one day.


His previous relationships were all failures and most of the ladies turned into plants (lol whut?) One day the heroine and his go to see plants in the greenhouse and they get separated somehow. He runs around looking for her and grabs her in worry the minute he spots her.


Sometime later they plan for a summer school for everyone to have fun. Turns out Zeus changes from spring to autumn but they carry out the beach activities anyway. Apollon uses his powers to predict what would be fun for them and think of fireworks. The heroine is terrified that the ordered fireworks do not arrive so Apollon holds her hand and comforts her. (´・ω・`)


It rains but Apollon being the sun god shoots an arrow to make it clear again and they all have a fun time watching the fireworks. While doing so, apollon tells the heroine “daisuki desu” (“I like you”) making the heroine wonder at his true feelings. They decide to have a cultural festival and class A starts on Cinderella. Near the end of the story, Roki starts pressuring them to kiss on stage. But just as they were about to do so, Apollon suddenly turns into a deretsun and runs off.


After this incident Apollon starts ignoring her and everyone in the class, quitting student council even, so they decide to have a partay to bring back this Aho.(idiot :p) She goes to his room, hears him humming and asks him what song. He says that it’s for his beloved and she starts getting uneasy. Then she finds out he loves Cassandra, and that the minute he saw her he had been overlapping her with Cassandra, the way she smiles and everything. Hearing this the heroine gives him the invitation to the party and runs off.

After this ouch incident, a few months go on while trying to solve how to help Apollon graduate, they become friends again until Zeus tells her Apollon will be betayed by Cassandra. If he were to give her his predictory powers, Cassandra would see that they had no future and immediately reject him, leading Apo to do a massive manslaughter in the war of Troia. The heroine mulls over it, getting more and more pained because she loves this Aho and wants him to be happy.

Finally deciding to tell him, they go to the beach and she throws it all in his face. He turns into his god form and releases fire. But the heroine still approaches him to convince him and gets badly burnt in the process.

Apollon sun god

Ahollon then realises Cassandra loved him as a god, not as a man but the heroine truly cares for him as a person. Then he confesses how he started loving the heroine but kept rejecting it thinking he truly loved Cassandra but now knows what true love is. The shackles on his finger falls off meaning he can graduate. (uh, hurray…) All’s well that ends well, graduation comes and Toto tells you to choose between going home or going with Ahollon.

ED 1 or 2, your choice. 

 Apollonrabu apollon2

In Fate endings, he reconciles with papa Zeus and either goes back to his world or follows Hades to the Underworld, leaving you heartbroken ;_; I can totally identify with this so I was so sad throughout his route, but this was a good plot! It shows that not every love will be requited and not every love is Koi, and love is sometimes sacrificial~


Tsukito is a expressionless and quiet guy who made me laugh quite alot throughout his route because his replies are so straight laced and out of place in the situation that it becomes nothing other than funny. Because of his family situation, he doesn’t understand how to treat his bro or other people. Because of this, Zeus doesn’t grant him permission to graduate until he understands love and humans. (His shackles is a bracelet) Tsukito even forgets to eat, until he gets so weak he suddenly collapses or forget to wear his shoes and runs onto the grass while chasing the moonrabbit. (His CGs are nicer than Apollon’s so more graphics here :D)

When Zeus changes spring to autumn, class A decide to have a moon-viewing session, making dango etc and searching for a nice place to see the moon. During the event Ahollon accidentally drops the plate and breaks it but heroine and Tsukito, eager to retain the fun atmosphere start clearing the broken pieces and Tsukito does it with his bare hands. He starts bleeding but doesn’t stop and the heroine seeing this, starts getting anxious and tells Tsukito to stop, but he doesn’t and says he will not let anything interfere with his duty, making everyone get into a weird mood.

Roki the mood-maker then creates two rings from his Doraemon’s pocket and sticks it on their fingers, saying it will not fall off until they become real lovers. Roki then tells Tsukito they need to kiss as a first proof of being lovers and Tsukito the dumbass just grabs the heroine and kisses her despite her protests.


After this he just says ‘I feel nothing’ which makes the heroine, already confused and shocked feel worse and she runs off. He comes after her and she, thinking he was worried thanks him but he says it’s because the rings require them to be within 100m of each other. He tells her ‘yoroshiku’ and out of extreme confusion she just answers back like a good Yamato Nadeshiko ‘yoroshiku onegaishimasu’. Then starts their fake couple life with her moving near the Japanese dorm and all.

The guys throw them a manual which has all sorts of weird stuff like exchanging food in bento and *ahem* feeding mouth to mouth and… snap014 Lap pillow (´・ω・`)

This scene was so funny but I’d spoil your fun so play it yourself (゚∀゚) They grow closer slowly, holding hands like normal and waiting for each other each morning as in the manual (*´ω`*) By preparing a Summer festival after autumn (that Zeus -_-) at which Tsukito falls ill by overworking. She makes him some porridge and it’s so tasty and he’s so moved he smiles for the first time.


After a while comes New Year and the gang prepare for a Japanese style countdown night at the dorm hall but during the 2 days before this event, Tsukito acts a tad funny and stops holding her hands and doesn’t reply much when he greets him. She starts feeling uneasy until the New Year countdown night. Everyone is burntout pigging out and playing games and they sleep but Tsukito and the heroine sits in silence until he suddenly says they should go out.

They arrive at the beach with the full moon and it’s so cold they’re shivering like mad and Tsukito says he wants to wait for sunrise. The heroine’s like ‘whut, there’s still a few hours to that bro’ and Tsukito apologises for making her cold and suddenly pops out a ring. He proposes to her and she agrees to it when they’re about to kiss he gets embarassed and stops, saying that he feel envious about his former dumb self (man I was getting teary here because Tsukito’s just too cute)

They spend the little time they have together before graduation and Tsukito’s like ‘don’t make parting hard for me’ (´;ω;`)ウッ…


So again you choose between going to his world and going home to human world. If you follow him, you spend the rest of your days with your gorgeous romantic moon god. Just by holding his hand he blushes but then suddenly gives in to his desires (haha!) I won’t spoil it for you, definitely play it on your own.


ED 2


Before you return to human world Tsukito promises to watch over you and you part ways in the garden, with him looking so sad that even Toto your verbal-abuse teacher asks if it’s ok like this. But a few moments after you return, you see this guy and start wondering who he is. He says he has come to pick you up despite what he said and will speak of love as many times over (*´ω`*) Man I need to show off my chibi tsukki.


For Fate ED, heroine and Takeru overhear Akira scolding Tsukito (grrr how dare he) and telling him he is stupid for being interested in ‘family’ when he can’t even graduate. Takeru bursts into the room hearing this and gets into a quarrel with Akira. Tsukito walks off after saying that he will focus on studying to graduate and they chase after him. Then Tsukito reveals to Takeru (to make him stay away) that they are not brothers, (they adopted Tsukito for his powers) and that Tsukito merely extended a hand to him because he dropped his rabbit and Takeru found it. Takeru then goes into a fit, turning into his god form and runs off. Akira comes out, sees what happens and tells him never to go near Takeru again.


ED 1 They search for Takeru near the beach and Tsukito remembering everything with Takeru, cries. He turns into a god form after Roki’s ring breaks and both fly into the sky to search for Takeru. Everything goes well, and they becomes brothers again, including Akira who confesses he was jealous of Tsukito and Takeru’s bond. Tsukito’s shackles break. On graduation day, Takeru gives his bros a pendant and they prepare to go home. You confess and he does too, and he tells you he wishes for your happiness and will be thinking of you everyday. ;_;


ED 2 They can’t find Takeru and return to the dorm. Next morning you hear Apollon giving a terrified scream and you rush out of the room to see Tsukito in high tension mode (omg this was too funny and weird) He hold Takeru’s hands and tells him to smile and calls Akira Nii-sama. Tsukito continues persuading them to accept him as a bro: apparently he stayed up all night reading books about brothers lol. Takeru is so shocked he goes bats for a while but tells Tsukito that they will be brothers always. Tsukito is so happy he becomes like Apollon which laughs the crap out of me. He wants to continue to be high tension to make them happy and Takeru is all “omg noooo”

omg tsukito


Hades no BAKAAAAAA! ;_; Before I explain my rage at him, let me praise whoever wrote the stories, they’re all very touching, or maybe I am just too easily swayed by emotions. In Tsukito’s route he prevents Hades from entering the classroom because he smuggled ichigo daifuku into the classroom and said he would die without it. Now, you never expected quiet and serious young-ojiisan to like ichigo daifuku to this extent and in his route it gets even more absurd.


Hades carries alot of sadness from being the Lord of the underworld (he lost in a gamble and had to reign there) because the anger and sadness of the dead (or undead lol) is directed at him. But because of this, he finds the stars in the sky very pretty and has pretty much encyclopedia knowledge about it. He sets up an astronomy club when the heroine nags him to and later Takeru (who has an absurd interest in the underworld and Hades), Apollon who had no one join his hard tennis club (his popularity lost to Baldor! haha) and Dionysus (who gave up growing grapes in the weird seasons Zeus changes) joins the astro club. He tries to push all of them away but they all just want to stick with him.


They plan a star viewing session but it rains terribly that night, making Hades extremely depressed. He starts blaming himself saying that this all happened because he was with them. The heroine runs after him and falls into the river and he blames this on himself too. He feels that anyone involved with him will incur bad luck but in fact he is the only one who thinks so.


The astro gang don’t give up and come back to the club to persuade him to teach them more about stars. When he finally agrees, stupid Zeus changes the weather to Winter from spring, making Hades go rage at his stupidity. To his and the heroine’s (and mine) surprise, Zeus gives in and changes the season to a proper summer.

*big big spoiler ahead that will make you laugh but spoil your fun*

They plan another star viewing and before that Apollon and Takeru go for training and Dionysus is always somewhere else, so the heroine and Zeus have plenty of time to get closer. He invites her out one night and tells her about himself and they have one romantic night looking at some stars. THEN HE SUDDENLY STARTS STRIPPING saying “I have SOMETHING I WANT TO SHOW YOU” making the heroine (and me) go “omg please don’t kya, kya” which of course he reveals only the mark on his chest showing his place in underworld. The heroine insists on being beside him.


So comes the summer star night but sadly, it rains again. This time though, Takeru uses his water powers to clear the sky. Apollon takes a hit from Zeus’ punishment lightning and while the heroine is all “wao omg” Apollon’s like “it’s ok, used to it -smiles-” apparently they had been training on the school grounds just for this and Apollon’s got hit by Zeus’ lightning  so many times he’s got burn marks already poor guy. They enjoy that night and everyone goes home happy.

For some reason Hades starts getting really scared of all this happiness and wants to quit the club. The heroine decides to persuade him not to while the guys work on a planetarium to bring Hades back to the club. So she goes to visit him with a big bag of daifuku and his reaction is just hilarious. They talk and have tea and suddenly he has a stomachache: apparently out of the gazillion daifuku she brought only the one he ate had expired. So you give him medicine and you guys icha for a while. Next day, choose whether you tell him about the planetarium anot and Fate/Love endings start.


*shows off random chibi stuff* JUST LOOK 3 of them. soh kewte!!!

Ok this part is where I want to gently whack this poor guy then glomp him. In Love route, he disappears all of a sudden one day and Zeus tells you he’s gone back to underworld. Zeus lets you go to underworld to find him and after alot of trouble and fear you find Hades (or rather, he finds you) in his god-form and is very cold towards you. You have a nice long chat with him and you finally manage to persuade him to go back to school through a wonderful confession by the both of you. (He wants to protect you so he doesn’t want to be near you but you on the other hand, wants to be with him so much you cling onto him.) He gives up, holds your hand and tells you to look straight and not turn back but halfway through he stops replying you.

Near the end, you decide whether to look back or trust in him and not turn back. I was thinking trusting him would give me a good Love end but omg that Hades me make me cry grahhhhh …(;´Д`)ウウッ… As you’re getting really freaked out wondering whose hand are you holding he hugs you from the back and tells you he’s so happy and everything and you make even parting sweet for him. In the instance you try to look back he pushes you away and you get thrown back into the realm.


Ohhhh the heartbreak ;_;

You return to Zeus’ school and graduate and get sent home to human realm, but suddenly have a weird mark on your arm that’s eating your life away. But then Hades pops up near you (you lost all your memories, a common thing if you get a bad love end) and tells you he’ll protect you and takes away the mark. He disappears after that but you survive and decide to live life to the fullest. ;_; Hades why you like this. He didn’t even give her a chance to remember him but okay, actually quite glad I did his bad love end first cos his good love end is hot (*´ω`*)

Guessing from OP and ED he must be the main guy (though I can’t figure out why lol) and he had this extra kiss scene that you can’t move on until it’s all done (*ノωノ) イヤン So if you turn back, you see a shocked Hades staring back at you with teary eyes


and the doors of the underworld close. He tells you that he loves you so much he wanted you to be happy but since you want to stay with him he’ll cherish you all he can. Then he grabs you and snogs you + the extra kiss scene that I think only he has. Then he calls you his bride and takes you to the deep deep underworld….   Ok, why is he even the main guy? Me no understand.

Fate ED: You decide to tell Hades about the planetarium and while talking, a loud noise of glass breaking comes from the astro club room. Everyone rushes there to see the planetarium and windows broken and Apollon, starts laughing creepily. Apparently the curse from Hades had shifted to Apollon and is hurting him badly. The curse moved around because it is dissatisfied that Hades is becoming a happy man so it(they?) tells Hades that none of these would’ve happened if he would just continue in his loneliness and unhappiness. Depending on your choices, Hades either shares the curse with Apollon and becomes more happy or he takes back the curse and returns to the underworld a lonely man. ;_;



I think they destroyed Balder… He was supposed to be a nice and gentle guy but they made him into some kind of hentai who would suddenly get urges to touch the heroine here and there, and I really don’t get how he is so attracted to her, except that his powers don’t work on her… Makes me feel like he’s just a despo for love before he dies. But unlike the first few above, Zeus doesn’t tell her Balder can’t graduate, except that she needs to ‘be wary’ of him. See the suspicious placement of his hand:


For summer, the student council decide to have a 40 day summer break for experimental study. Balder decides to invite the heroine to do the study with him and they go to the beach. As the day is ending she intends to return home but he forcefully makes her stay with him in a cottage-resort nearby for the entire summer break. And on the first night he just grabs her (above) and tells her he wants to see her better but the heroine is so scared so he stops there. (whew)

Few days later they go to sea on a boat and Balder tells her he loves her and wants to be by her side all the time. The heroine not really getting whats going on, gives him a pinky promise saying she will be with him as much as possible.


But they lose track of time with all the fun and as night comes, Balder starts getting really freaked out about not returning to the cottage. The heroine is confused as to why but he is so anxious he even tells her to shut up for a while. When they finally return, Roki is there, equally anxious and ushers Balder into the room. He prevents the heroine from going inside to take a look at Balder and they sit in the living room until morning. She doesn’t pursue what happened and summer ends.

This time, it’s winter and the student council decide to plan some Christmas celebration with food stalls and a giant christmas tree. The class splits into different groups: the greek gods, the european and the japanese(+ heroine) and gets a stall each. Balder makes the heroine promise to meet him later. They meet and see people dancing so they dance too, with Balder insisting to pull her extremely close.


Is it just me or the Totsuka bros look extremely cute with the christmas stuff ? (*´ω`*)

After that they have to light lanterns for the event, so they go out to the field and Balder tells the heroine to find a spot they can be alone together. As they release the lanterns, Balder looks really lonely so the heroine tells him they can make lanterns and release them again with everyone. At this he suddenly becomes pervy and pushes her down, kissing and groping her. (ノェノ)


He says he loves her so much he wants her now and there’s no more time left for them. She gets really shocked but resists. He doesn’t let her go until Roki suddenly appears pulling him off. Roki rages at him to stop and brings her back to the dorm.

After that incident she opens some distance between them and Roki starts following her around as they prepare for the last event: a graduation trip. But one day Roki grabs her and tells her to choose him instead of Baldol. While they’re in the midst of it, Baldol comes and gets really angry, raging at Roki for stealing his love and turning into a god form. He goes berserk and starts attacking them.


Somehow she screams at him to go back to normal and he does. Roki walks off saying he knows what would happen. For Fate/Love, you choose to run after Roki or Baldol.

Love EDs: The heroine stays up all night thinking about how she can make Baldol happy and gets dizzy the next day, which is the day of the trip. They spend some sweet moments together and Baldol tells Tsukito to put them in the same room. Tsukito’s like “hell no, regulations say…” but after a while gives them adjacent rooms and tells them thsi is a trip for makin good memories, how they use the rooms is up to them. *cough*

Baldol sneaks into her room through another door that links their rooms and gets onto her bed. He had come to say goodnight but decided to stay there till she falls asleep. They ichaicha with him kissing her everytime she says ‘Baldol-san’ (*ノωノ) イヤン How to sleep like dis?!


Then after graduation, choose to go to his world or your own. snap019

Her dress makes me feel this is some kind of hentai manga or something lol. And Baldol starts fondling and kissing her (*ノェノ)キャー


In your world, he comes and you wonder who it is. He tells you he died once so it’s a first time you guys are meeting like this. He asks you to think of a new name for him since he has decided to come to Japan and you, full of wonder tells him it doesn’t feel like it’s the first time you’ve met. He tells you from now onwards you will be together~


Somehow I feel Baldol should feel abit guilty about trying to make the heroine love him, since he is going to die and leave her alone… shouldn’t he be a little confused as to whether to pursue her or push her away and let her be happy?

Fate ED: You chase after Roki and he tells you that Baldol actually doesn’t have a disease, he was born with a fate to destroy the world despite being the god of light. Baldol id the only one who doesn’t know about it and Roki says he will kill Baldol with his own hands for Baldol’s sake because Baldol is kind and will not want to kill anyone. (゜o゜) I guess this explains why he becomes pervy sometimes, due to his destructive powers that’s taking over him.

ED 1 Roki brings them to the beach and Baldol says there’s an even nicer place, the sunset near a cliff. Roki then says ‘it’s time’ and whips out his power sword to kill Baldol. Baldol seeing the sword then says though he doesn’t know exactly what is happening to him, he knows it’s not a disease and to save Roki the pain of killing him, Baldol jumps down the cliff and turns into particles of light that looks like fireflies. (;´゚д゚`)エエー

ED 2 They also go to the beach but Baldol suspects nothing and Roki swings his sword, but falls down saying he can never hurt Baldol. Baldol then suddenly turns into god form and attacks them but Roki also transforms and fights him (uhh what is this, shonen manga?). In the end Roki blows himself up after stabbing Baldol, leaving Tors-chin by himself.

Poor Roki and Tors ;_; quite dark and weird Fate endings as compared to the above two characters…


Roki’s trouble starts with him being interested in nothing except pranks. He loves making weird stuff like full-course cookies, surprise boxes and traps to make Baldol fall (now I know ther eason behind Baldol’s extreme clumsiness) He loves sweet stuff and will whip them out from his Doraemon’s pocket and hates being ignored. His story centers around his relationship with Baldol and the heroine, with Baldol being the center of his thoughts until the heroine comes along and persuades him to study properly about humans so he can graduate. He does so and begins to find it fun, and they all have a snowfight one day, to which they think how nice it would be if all 4 of them could play together in the future like this:


Roki starts getting interested in the heroine without him realising it and apart from studying with the go-home-after-school-club, he draws weird stuff on the blackboard and tries to invent new pranks. She notices after the snow fight Baldol and him seem to be avoiding each other so she comforts him and they end up playing on the beach the whole night, with him showing her aurora and insisting that she lean on him for warmth. But there’s only 10 minutes before school when she wakes up next day and saying she can’t fly, he changes into god form takes her up and they get to school.

aurora rakugakufly biking

But suddenly Tors comes and tells him Baldol has collapsed. They get into a fight because Baldol wants to get Roki away so they won’t be sad when he dies. But they somehow makeup and Baldol hints that Roki should start realising there’s someone else more important to him. He doesn’t get it for a while but when he does he gets extremely red:


So one afternoon while studying he pops her a question as to why not she go to their world after graduation? She explains that she can’t because she’s human and Zeus probably won’t allow it and he’s like: “WHAAAAAT?! YOU ARE HUMAN?!!! @##$%!@%^$%” and runs off because he can’t deal with humans.

He starts avoiding her but she looks for him and on the roof one day, he asks her whether she likes him. She’s shocked at the suddenness and he’s shocked too that she doesn’t answer. So he runs off again and avoids her even more. Roki starts skipping classes again and pulls pranks on anyone he meets and gets cooped up making weird stuff until Toto rages at the heroine to do something.

Tors wondering what happened so he makes a chance for them to meet. There she confesses to him and he does too, saying that he doesn’t want to graduate, doesn’t want to part from the first person he loved other than Tors and Baldol. She understands his fear about losing another person so they talk it out and become a couple. Once he confesses he loves her his necklace breaks, meaning he can graduate. One of their icha moments: a sweet kiss (pun intended) before graduation.


If you choose to go to Roki’s world, they’re about to meet the other two to go play or something and he ichas with her and is about to kiss when they appear ed1jama Turns out he gave them a later time so he could spend some time with her but since Baldol always falls down randomly, they came way ahead of the time Roki told them lol. (too bad haha!)

In the other Love ED Roki tells Zeus to let him go to the human world with you. When you wake up, you see this beautiful guy crumbled there and start counting the moles on his face but he wakes up, sees you and starts running.


Both of you lost your memories and wonder who the other party is but seem so familiar. Roki tells you to stay with him until he can remember who he is because he wants to know more about you and you agree.


His Fate ends are more dramatic because they intertwine with Baldol’s and tells the episode from Roki’s pov. So Tors and Roki tell you about Baldol’s real problem and Roki crying, tells you advise him whether to go ahead with killing Baldol or not.

ED 1 One day Baldol goes berserk in the informary and the three rush to him. In trying to stop him going berserk, Roki kills him. Baldol then wakes up and Roki tells him his disease has been cured. Baldol gets excited about his new life and the four of you then go to the beach to celebrate Baldol’s recovery. But in the midst of the fun Roki suddenly stops moving, mumbling something. The scene changes to show Roki like a vegetable on the bed mumbling. Apparently he had killed Baldol but the shock made him lose his senses so everyday’s he’s just seeing a happy dream in his head (;´゚д゚`)エエー The heroine comments how it’s so sad to lose both Baldol and Roki. The world’s best trickster reduced to this ;_;

ED 2 omg too sad. Who said I’m crying as I’m writing this? I’m not crying!! ( ゚皿゚)キーッ!! They service Baldol by bringing him food after Toto allows him to go out of the room that day. Roki plays his usual pranks on Baldol and everyone has a good laugh. They then go for classes and when classes end, everyone goes to see the sunset in the fields. They speak of the aurora and all the fun things and just as they are about to leave Roki stabs Baldol and cries as Baldol starts disappearing as balls of light. Baldol tells Roki he knows it’s for him and they hug each other and Baldol disappears… When it’s all over the heroine prevents Roki from killing himself and Roki and Tors return to their world, with Roki promising that as nakama (;_;) they’ll always be together, protecting her as light, thunder and fire…


Wasn’t interested in Takeru (“Ta-tan” hahaha) at first because he was so rude and bratty throughout all the other routes but he turns out to be a pretty manly and just watching him and Tsukito cracks me up everytime. And he has very nice muscles (*´艸`*) He appears to be a violent guy but can actually be very gentle and cares alot for the people around him when they get important to him. To get him to go to school and join the clubs so he can graduate, she challenges him to a swordfight and he loses because he tried to protect her from knocking into some stuff in the hall and he doesn’t attack her.


So the heroine joins the Kendo club with him and they train everyday before and after school (ouchie, I hate exercise ._.) and they grow closer to each other. Sometime later they have a Kendo club training in the mountains during summer vacation, with Tsukito tagging along because he is the sole member of his literary club (ahaha). The funny episodes are pretty much all packed here, with Tsukito dropping stuff in the kitchen and destroying the washing machine until Takeru has to do everything.

On the first night, Tsukito goes to watch the moon while writing his novel which is *surprise surprise* a love story between a young man and woman (idea by Apollon lol) so they’re alone they realise there’s only one futon so they split it into the mattress and the blanket and they sleep apart but Takeru’s like “come nearer, not like I’ll do anything you don’t want me to do” So she moves abit nearer to him and in the middle of the night he rolls onto her side of the split-futon and grabs her, muttering sleep talk like ‘don’t leave me…. let’s be together always’ (aww)


Next morning Tsukito has climbed into Takeru’s futon while the two wake up. (Why no episode of Takeru realising he grabbed her and gets all flustered??!! lost potential~) He peeps at what Tsukito wrote for the novel and when the heroine tries to read he’s all “NOOO there’s something you’re better off not reading and there’s uh, my bro’s image to protect” (It’s ok, by now we now Broccoli tries to utilise Tsukito in any weird way they can) and they get on with their breakfast and training.

Few days later, they’re looking at the sunrise and the heroine mentions something bout the sun god which pisses Takeru off. He walks off and she chases after him but *oh so epic it has to happen in every damn otome game you play* she falls and he turns into god form trying to grab her but accidentally breaks her arm because of his massive manly powers.


Zeus suspends him from school and destroys the kendo club and with alot of hubba, Takeru stops going to school and gives up on graduation. She tries persuades him to go back to school and they start picking seashells while listening to his story. He had accidentally killed another god before in the same way trying to save her and he’s afraid of his own powers.


In love ED Zeus gives them a trial and they have to climb this mountain before he allows Takeru back to the school. Takeru misses the deadline but apologises to Zeus and gives him some manly talk to which Zeus is pleased and tells him he was waiting for those words. After more hubba, he one day confesses but both of you knowing that graduation is near, pretend nothing happen and continue acting like buddies in the kendo club.

Then you choose to go back to your world or not and if not, same pattern, he comes to visit the memory-less you and all.


If you go to his world, walking by the beach, he asks whether you regret going with him.he gets freaked out by a cut on your face that happened because a monster suddenly appeared when two of you were having happy time (seriously -_-) and it scratched you somehow. He has run out of medicine so he kisses the wound to disinfect it (*ノωノ) Go for a real kiss bro!!


Fate ED: You start swinging your sword around and it becomes a giant monster that starts to attack the school. Even Zeus can’t turn it back into a sword and everyone is screaming and running. Toto and Zeus decide to make the Totsuka bros and the heroine fight the monster which by now they know is Orochi. Takeru has the resolve to die fighting this monster so he hugs you and tells you thanks for supporting him and all and you’re about to confess but he says to hear the rest of it after the fight. You decide whether to fight with them or stay in a corner watching the fun.


ED 1: We get some shonen manga scene again and OMG THIS IS HILARIOUS. Tsukito lets out a very robotic battle scream (omg tsukito seriously he’s the best) For some reason when you put the Totsuka bros together in their god form, it looks like Takeru is some Roman warrior going to fight Tsukito the Japanese ayakashi lol. They manage to defeat the dumb monster and Zeus praises them for a job well done and decides to head on the graduation ceremony. Oh and something about Takeru wanting the sword which I forgot what. He decides to change the mindset of the Japan gods to hear the humans’ prayers. You miss your chance for confession but is like ‘oh whatever’ and life goes on.


ED 2 Tsukito decides to be the bait and Takeru starts freaking out telling him no but Tsukito grabs him and persuades him that he has a woman and not to make her sad. (Hmm Tsukito since when were you so perceptive? haha) They defeat the monmon but Tsukito is nowhere to be seen… Takeru cries. (;´д`)トホホ… noooo Tsukito….


Think I enjoyed his route because of Tsukito’s appearances but found it strange that Tsukito seems to be more bro about everything in this route, yet unlike his own route where he made a model of the heroine from snow and downs targets with a single shot, Tsukito is so clumsy here (which is also cute so no complains). Takeru was unexpectedly manly but the part about his mom and feelings towards his family is not really explained but I still enjoyed his route.


Anubis and Toto’s routes are shorter since they’re not the six main characters which was sad but their routes were still fun.

When you tell Zeus you will neither join student council nor clubs, he tells you to do what you seem fit. While going to the classrooms early, you see something white run out of the classroom. Ahollon, Baldy and Tsukki appears and start gossiping about ghost stories and they decide to go search for this white thing and confirm that it is not a ghost. On the way, the four meet other characters like Hades who was gardening, Dionysus who was hanging around, Roki and Tors in the hall and Takeru who was playing with a stray kitten.

Eventually you go to the forest and see Anubis about to hit an injured dog with a stone. Since all Anubis says is “Ka, Bara Bara” you wonder how to communicate with him. Toto comes and explains that Anu wants to kill the dog so it can be reborn and blah blah. You persuade him to nurse the dog back to health and when in the lawn, the other classmates start coming over. Anu starts getting freaked out:

Anu1 Anu2

“KA BARA BARA” (He scratched Ahollon’s handsome face! ><) and they try to calm him down. Toto comes and gets Anu to start coming to school to at least be with the dog. They start thinking of a name for it and heroine says “uh… barabara?” to which Tors very seriously says it’s not an auspicious name. Then Baldy goes “so, he’s named Ka-san?” which made me splurt my lemon tea all over. (/_・) Good one, really didn’t see that coming.

Anyway the heroine tries to get Anu to go to class and tries to make friends with him by bringing him and Ka food, but he’s very wary of her. As time progresses, they become a little closer to each other and Ka’s wound is healed. One day he falls while playing with the dog and she reaches out her hand to him, which he takes and suddenly she can understand his words, other than Ka BaraBara to which both of them are delighted.

Ka decides to stay as their pet and everyone is glad but one day Ka disappears. They look for it a few days and one day find it in that same place where heroine first met Anu: Ka is dead. Turns out it probably was weakened by some disease it had and got attacked by wild animals. Anubis rages at the heroine for trying to save Ka instead of letting it be reborn immediately. He runs off with the carcass and later the heroine finds out he’s doing the ceremony to separate the soul from the body so Ka can be reborn.

The class finds out about Ka’s death and Ahollon suggests a proper burial. So they get on with the burial and Anubis is so sad he hugs the heroine and cries his heart out.


He decides to go to school and continues getting more friendly with the heroine, meeting her early in the morning to go to school with her and studying with her after school. Anu appears to get more and more tired each day. One day Toto tells him to not overdo it today in preparation for tomorrow. The heroine asks what’s gonna happen but Toto just ‘shaddap, not your concern’ as usual and she goes back. Next morning she sees Anubis in the field doing something weird. She chases after him the whole day until he comes to a magical tree with a glowing red fruit. He plucks it and is so happy.

He sees her and tells her he wants to give the red fruit to her so her wish can be fulfilled together with his. Here you choose to take the red fruit or to share it with him and move onto Love/Fate.

For love you become a god with superhuman powers when the both of you eat the fruit and fly into the sky (seriously? -_- maybe I’m too old for these kinds of thing). After hanging in the air for a while both decide to head back to school where toto explains the fruit was part of his plan to help Anu graduate. Anu protests but thinks that since he can be with her, it’s all fine. Then something about them Anu teaching her how to be a god. (uhh okay…)


The other ED both graduate and you return to your world, not remembering anything. But suddenly a puppy runs towards you and this Egyptian guy appears telling you you will remember everything soon. This CG is the nicest, he looks the most human here.


What I liked about Anubis’ route: his “KA BARA BARA”. In fact, I liked it so much I decided to switch from his speech to ka barabara for Toto’s route. I think I’ma try redoing his route in full Ka BaraBara…

I didn’t really like Anubis. It felt like I was dating a dog in human form which shivers me timbers. I was totally fine with BWS though, wonder why… He’s cute but kinda weird, maybe because the route was too short.


I did like Thoth’s (Toto for easy ref) character design most and since I got him for the Uranai (Love Quiz) I was totally looking forward to his route but it was a little disappointing, the length and the stupidity of the heroine in this route. I hate stupid heroines but apart from that, not much to complain (especially since I made Kaji go KA BARABARA the whole time (*´艸`*)) and I had my eye on Morikawa since Ran Shuuei so I liked Toto’s route. If they had developed it more I might like him over Tsukito even!

This is a school-library romance and everything exciting happens in the library (thinks Gosick). You tell Zeus you want to learn about the gods as they learn about humans and he advises toto to guide you. The actual story takes place six months later when things have settled down and Zeus allows you to start researching on the gods. However, Toto coldly tells you to not interfere with his reading and leaves you to look at the books by yourself and not answering your questions. In fact he just reads anything he gets his hands on since he is the god of knowledge and honestly couldn’t care about a human like you. You start reading up on him and the place is just filled with silence.

School bell rings, it’s time to go but you have a few more pages left so you tell him to allow you to stay for awhile more. He tells you to get lost since after-school hours the library becomes his room and you are not to interfere with his private life but you insist until he grabs your chin and asks “Should I stop this complaining mouth? (with a kiss)” He doesn’t because he finds you interesting and gets Anubis to throw you out, saying you can come tomorrow.


I suppose next day is a weekend or something since Toto is in his daywear. You continue to study in the library and he continues ignoring you mostly and telling Anubis to buzz off, immersed in his book world. A few days pass and you decide to make him some sandwiches so he will be more friendly and make conversation. However he slams ‘human food’ and tells Anubis to eat it instead. Then Anubis goes to buy a giant load of corn for him which he happily eats with a golden fork produced from somewhere inside his Doraem*n’s pocket. You’re disappointed but pretty much let live.

You start seeing less of him because his meetings with Zeus has increased and the times when both are in the library reduces. One day after class Apollon asks him a question to which he brushes off saying he has work to do and verbally abusing him (poor Ahollon always gets the short end of the stick lol) Ahollon comments that maybe Toto is nicer to girls since he is still rude but doesn’t cut you off that directly. Thinking all these you step into the library but *pin-pon* Toto is there. He didn’t have work, he just wanted to read since Zeus had taken alot of his free time lately.

You make a move to go but he tells you to stay, saying he will entertain some questions today to take his mind off work. You get happy, asking him about what he does other than work and the conversation ensues. After awhile he comments he has understood you and starts asking you weird philosophical questions like ‘what is life, what is death’. You answer as best as you can and he says he will tell you what are the 2 things he understood.

He says 1. You are probably a good person 2. You are interested in him. You are shocked at this sudden declaration and try to deny but he grabs you and pushes you against the bookshelves. Toto says he saw when you were reading a book about him, and today he gave you a chance to ask him questions after ignoring you for so long but all you ask is about him, not the gods which should’ve been your purpose and through your movements during the conversation he can tell your interest in him. (oh man, this nailed me. I hate dull guys… Toto is good man!)

Pushing you against the shelves he says he wants to understand what is humans, and starts touching your neck. You can’t break free and he holds even more strongly, saying he wants to understand what love is, then:


forcefully kisses her. (/ω\)イヤンAfter some effort she pushes him away and he’s all “Didn’t give you permission to reject me” but she runs off. After that she avoids him by not being in the library when he is and going when he has meetings with Zeus.

Sometime later in class you accidentally meet his eyes and is spacing out in class. He calls you by name and ridicules you a bit “a human is not paying attention. Come and solve this problem”. The other guys in class are told to bury their face in the textbook. You go to the blackboard and try to solve the difficult question but catch a whiff of his scent near you. Noticing that he is staring at you, you get flustered and he makes it worse by coming nearer and teasing ‘what, are you nervous?’ but says gently he’ll not do anything so hurry up solve the damn problem already. (man good thing I was out of high school long ago or I’d start wishing my male teachers weren’t all Jiijiis) As you leave the blackboard he whispers to ‘go to the library after school.’

Deciding to turn up for the Rendezvous, you go after school and Anubis is looking at the snow, wondering what it is. Toto comes, tells him not to touch it because they’re spores of a mushroom and will cause instant death. (I was more careful this time: no lemon tea around.) Anubis runs off to play in the snow after she bursts his bubble. Toto looks tired so you ask him anything happened and he tells you Zeus fired him from his role as a teacher. You tell him not to give up and should persuade Zeus but he bursts out laughing saying it’s a joke, and that the problem is not something you can solve. He then locks the door of the library and tells you to have some awareness that you played some part in his fatigue. Deciding he wants a shoulder rest, he tells you to go close:


Seriously she’s 18, but looks 10. Damn why must they make Toto into a lolicon? Just draw her normally can’t you -_–  Anyway he tells you to spit the reason why you’re avoiding him and you say it’s cause you feel too conscious when you meet. He’s like ‘was it (the kiss) that good?’ (*´Д`) (seriously the love-quiz wasn’t wrong about Toto being my type) he asks her in that case should they continue where they left off and leans in to kiss her but she turns her face away. He then says she won’t understand that he will destroy the world or something and slips away.

Sometime later Zeus says to stop the school immediately and you find Toto to ask what’s going on. He tells you the world needs to be destroyed because of everything the humans are doing to destroy themselves: crime and wars, etc) and you should hate him because he is going to help in destroying it.

So for Fate and Love ED, you decide you want to agree or disagree.



You die in the Fate ED in replacement of destroying the world by stepping into Toto’s energy wall or something. He mumbles after you disappear that till the end he didn’t understand you and asks if the world you tried to protect is beautiful.

Love ED:


The hourglass is showing the time left till the world’s destruction. You pep talk Zeus and Toto and they notice the sand is going up rather than going down. Then a voice says it will disappear and look forward to the change in humans. You saved the world with one sentence about how humans should look at the future! He tells you from now onwards he will teach you properly about the gods and also about love.


Man, great game, I need more Tsukito and Toto!!! After typing out Toto’s route it doesn’t seem as short, but it felt short when I was playing it hmm…. Really worth playing and I think I’ll go another round for all the characters again after my damn EOYs 😀

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  8. Thank you! 😉 i enjoyed this very much! I’m learning Japanese, but I really don’t think I’ll actually understand the game anytime soon. It’s ok though. The game isn’t the only reason I’m learning it.


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