Kamigami no Asobi Uranai (translation)

Hi lovelies. This is a translation of the questions if you wanna take the quiz. There are 5/6 questions per quiz, so look for the one that looks like the question appearing and read the translation! In random order.

Q: 明るく社交的な方だ
:You’re an extrovert

Q: 恋は障害がある方が燃える
:Love is more interesting when there are obstacles

Q: 思ったことはストレートに伝える
:You say whatever you think, out straight

Q: 異性の前でも緊張しない
:You’re not nervous around the opposite sex

Q: 個性より調和を重んじる
: Harmony(with others) is more important than individuality

Q: 恋愛第一主義である
: Love is most important

Q: 知性派な異性に惹かれる
: You are drawn to smart people of opposite sex

Q: 強引なタイプが好き
: You like forceful types

Q: どちらかといえば真面目な方だ
: You’re a straight-laced type

Q: 片思いも嫌いじゃない
: You’re fine with unrequited love

Q: 責任感が強い方だ
: Strong sense of responsibility

Q: どんな悪戯も許せる
: You forgive people playing tricks

Q: 健康な方だ
: You’re a healthy person (LOL)

Q: ギャップがあるタイプが好き
: You like those who look and act totally different

Q: チャレンジ精神旺盛である
: You like challenges

Q: 勝負は常に真剣勝負!
: A fight must be fair and square!

Q: 愛されるより愛したい
: You want to love more than be loved


Apollon: For someone like you who is forward looking and determined, you will be able to catch Apollon’s free spirit.

Hades: Gentle and sensitive to others, you will be able to support Hades who worries in loneliness.

Tsukito: Being both level headed yet passionate, you will be able to understand the silent Tsukito.

Takeru: for someone like you who is cheerful and open hearted, even someone tough and straight laced like Takeru would cast you a second glance.

Roki: For an adaptable person like you, you will have fun spending time with Roki who moves on his whims and fancies.

Baldol: A my-pace person like you might be able to draw even the popular Baldol to you.

Toto: Logical yet generous, you will be able to date equally with someone as pressurizing as Toto.

Anubis: Having a high tolerance and patience, you might be able to get along well with the cautious Anubis.

12 thoughts on “Kamigami no Asobi Uranai (translation)

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  2. I got Takeru, Loki and Hades… I took it three times. :/ Hmm…

    Will you be doing more of the game translations? I have been looking everywhere and can’t find any decent ones.


    • Hello, well I rarely do translation for games… Since if players managed to get the game they should be able to play it (?) haha

      I usually do summaries, and there are people who type out the entire walkthrough but it will take 2-3 months for them to finish everything.

      Have fun!


  3. My personality changes often, so it’s kind of difficult for me to take any kind of personality quiz. That said, I’m almost always reading, whether it’s a manga novel, a regular novel, or studying for pharmacy tech stuff. So I guess if I were to stretch the topic (I already am with time), I would like to think mine would be Thoth. I love everything about him, even the arrogance.


  4. Sorry, if I bother you, but can you translate these questions?
    I didn’t find them in your post, but they were in the quiz.


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