Snow Bound Land – Walkthrough

☆ミ(*^_^*) Ufufufu I’ve been waiting for college exams to be over! finally after 1 week SBL is released I can start playing. ☆ミ(*^_^*) The BG of this game is so colourful! I mean, just look at the heroine’s room:


You can also adjust the text box transparency to your liking, and the text style has a very different feel from Toki which I played recently so I was all ‘woah this!’ and ‘woah that!’ over the system ehehe. As expected of a fairytale-like story. Everytime you choose a right option, the love catch will make the guy sparkle (lol) it’s really nice. The cottage also has a hansel/gretel feel:


—————–**Basic Guide**————————–

1-While doing the prologue, up all characters’ points (2 for each character = 8 selections) and save it for a common slot so you don’t have to redo the prologue again. It helps to click-save on each selection so you can go back to it immediately if it doesn’t give you lovepoints. (In case you didn’t already know haha (・∀・) )

2-At night before leaving for red world, click save before choosing which character to encounter. (in case you make a mistake which is quite unlikely *_*) To meet Kai and Ivan, stay in front of your house, to meet the other 3, move to the village.

3-Ivan’s route opens immediately after Aje, no need to unlock all characters’ ED before you do Ivan. For Ivan’s route, you can choose to restart from the beginning and not give any of the other characters lovepoints (doesn’t matter either way, so I recommend following point #1) Most of his lovepoints will be accumulated in the Red world.

4-For escape mini-game, the route from Lydia and Will’s room is the safest (toxic level 0%) and from Liserotte’s 30%. Save before you escape because there’s no click save there and it will be Game Over when toxic reaches 100%. Take note that there are CGs for different escape routes so do try them all.

5-After Red world, save again in another slot for each character that you are doing to get Bad end / Good end. If you max lovepoints all the way after this save, Good End. If your points don’t go beyond the first notch of the snowflake, Bad End.

6-After Yellow world, save again because the route to Green world differs from character to character (2 routes for each character, minus the middle one that has no event) After getting to the Green world you can load and try another route: it won’t affect point #5. Alternatively, you can just choose Right for every Good End and Left for every Bad End~

—————– Prologue ———————-

**SBL is based off the story of The Snow Queen from the tales of Anderson, from which also other stories like the little match girl came from.

The heroine as a child is listening to her grandma’s stories: there is a magic world split into Red Yellow and Green. Red world is a cloudy, dark place with no sunlight and its inhabitants hate light. Yellow is on the contrary a place like any other town, full of life, but they are under the control of time. Green world is where the people live in the forest and people don’t know much about it, with lots of animals…. One thing to note is that when the characters appear, it’s already very obvious that they’re interested in her, not like other games when the characters fall in love over time.

The heroine wakes up from this dream and goes out. Kai appears, giving her a flower he grew himself:


The moment I saw his character design I thought he would be a ouji-sama character with the vest and ribbon and all but his voice is kinda more… tanomoshii nii-san type? They go
into her room and take a look at a plant they’ve been trying to grow for years: some Krollos flower, but it dies every year. She brings him some tea but it’s so bitter he chokes but he pretends otherwise (lol) and others won’t even touch her tea. Apparently everytime he comes she gives him this bitter tea and he drinks it ALL. Poor guy. Anyway more flashbacks about the granny telling her stories about the snow queen whose from the white world that no one has been before.

She goes to visit Olva and on the way meets Graes, her other childhood friend who is an assistant cook. He tells her to go to the restaurant to try his new cake after visiting Olva. She goes into Olva’s room and gives him the flowers:


Olva is a tad creepy… he looks like a gentle sickly guy but has some dark air around him and gives very so-not-obvious,nope-not-obvious-at-all hints that he wants her around him as much as possible. He can’t even go out because he might get even more sick. She then leaves and goes to the restaurant to eat Graes’ cake.

While eating Aje a traveller comes into the restaurant. Apparently he has terrible direction sense and while coming to the village got so hungry he collapsed by and road and Graes found him. He’s in the village for a while and comes to the restaurant frequently. He sees her eating the cake and tries to eat it but Graes starts raging at him (*´∀`*) (I thought he was a Kuudere but apparently not… ) They start quarelling in the restaurant and heroine has to calm them down. He tells her to stop talking to him because he’s pissed and hungry (LOL!) She tries to feed him one bite of cake since he’s so pissed and hungry and he gets all flustered ufufu. “Why would I want a woman to feed me?!”


After a while Graes comes and eats with them too and they talk about Olva’s condition. Aje talks about a legend of a mirror that can cure any disease. She hears a weird voice but doesnt think much of it.

Next morning Kai comes and gives her a mirror saying some travelling merchant sold it to him and that it can grant one wish. They decide to give it to Olva and at night all of them gather in his room. When they’re about to try the mirror something knocks into Kai and he drops the mirror, making everyone lose consciousness in some bright light. When they wake up they find that there are no fragments of the mirror anywhere. Heroine then lightly slaps Graes on the back because he starts talking about a curse but he gets thrown onto the floor from that slap (o.o). She goes to open the door to get first-aid box but she takes the door off its hinge (LOL!!) She tries to cut the apples for them but when she takes it it gets squashed in her hands (buahahaha!!!! omg getting too funny) They keep trying to make excuses for her sudden Hercules strength like the door was old and broken or the apple was rotten ufufu.

Next morning she tries to open the window and the door when Kai comes but she takes them off the hinge again lol. She tells Kai about breaking mops and flowers etc and he tries to comfort her but his attitude suddenly changes, and he insults her then takes the flowers back(o.o woah). Then he changes back into his old self again and they go into her house to have tea, but when he drinks it he suddenly becomes a rude guy again (Aah, summarising this is medokusai -__- Anyway well it’s obvious the magic did something to them.) For Olva, anything he touches dies. For Graes, he has the ability to see when someone has evil intentions. Aje pops into the restaurant for food again and she tries to talk to him – HE HAS BECOME A KUU/TSUNDERE! 最高!(*゚∀゚) Aje’s like “I can’t be honest with you even though I actually think you’re cute” She’s shocked and tries to calm him down by offering him cake again and he goes “Actually I’ve wanted you to feed me for a long time now…” Then he goes all tsuntsun and says he has been saying things he didn’t mean to, like Kai.

They gather in heroine’s room and start talking about their weird changes, including how Olva is healed from his sickly state. Kai passes a really mean comment and everyone’s like -Jiin- (poor Kai) when the heroine hears the creepy voice again. Everyone hears it this time and Daemon comes and explains that the fragments of the mirror went into the parts of their body making them weird. To remove the curse they must go to the white world to meet the snow queen who made the mirror. And for that they must have 3 keys from red yellow green world to get the key for white world (Starts thinking about RPG quests *.*) Everyone decides to go on the quest and you choose where to go at night to continue on character routes.

After that you get to choose which way to walk to get to the Red world… That’s about it for the prologue..


Chapter 1: Red World (character routes prologue)

The Red world has a witch and her two attendants, a pair of siblings, Will and Lydia. redworldsib

The witch discovers that the fragments of the mirror are in the 5 of them and wanting to get her hands on the mirror so she can have more power over the snow queen, tells them to search the house for the key to the white world as she plots to get the fragments from them. The siblings are initially cold and hostile towards the party (because this is really starting to get RPG like) but they soon warm up to them, especially the cute imouto Lydia. During the stay in the mansion, the heroine sometimes spot the figure of this weird guy here and there in the house and she speaks to him sometimes. There was once where she (AGAIN SO COMMON IT HAPPENS IN EVERY DAMN OTOGE ( ゚皿゚)キーッ!!) falls trying to chase the guy and he catches her, but she notices that he’s so cold physically.


Sometime later Will tells the party the truth and they try to steal the witch’s ring and escape but it fails. Kai comes to help the heroine while she is about to get kidnapped by the mysterious guy.  Kai finds out he is the attendant of the snow queen from the white world and is interested in the fragment in her, but the heroine is unconscious so the mysterious guy tells Kai to choose to sacrifice himself or the girl…


He is about to make a decision but the witch comes, rounding everyone up and locking them up in the room. But this time Lydia comes and saves them, telling them to go through a secret passageway. On the way, Kai is kidnapped because he gave his heat bottle to the heroine and without the bottle, the guy from the white world can touch them. Lydia and Will tells them bye and the heroine promises to come back and visit them.


The escape part is kinda like a mini game and the instructions say to save just before you escape because if the danger level gets to 100, it’s game over. When they exit Red World, Daemon comes and tells them to move on quickly and they decide to hurry and save Kai.


Chapter 2: Yellow World, Character routes start.


I don’t know why I played his route first when I wanted to do Kai’s first… I guess after they all started becoming weird Aje made me laugh too much and I just had to do his route first. His route is hillarous… with all the blabbermouth stuff, I’m sure one will get a good laugh out of this. This games has ALOT of CGs. Each character 20+, and other etcs. And one extra CG after the good end.

In the red world, he carries her when one day she gets rooted to the floor because she’s scared of lightning (Oh please… -__-)


In the yellow world, one day Daemon plays a trick on them and they get stuck to each other by magic. The more they try to get apart, the more the get stuck on each other, all the while with Arje saying stuff like “oh no, I’m going to kiss you…” etc etc. The heroine knows it’s the mirror fragment that’s making him say things he don’t mean but she still gets very flustered (who won’t?!)


Basically most of their feelings develop in this route, like 


when she pokes his face when he is sleeping and he suddenly grabs her mumbling some sleep talk like “I won’t lose to you… I have more strength”. And when Orva and Graes return to see the bed in a mess and both of them unusually red in the face, Aje gets a good one from them 😀 It didn’t help that the magic made him say things like “what? I didn’t do anything, just tried to make her into my woman while the both of you were not around” 😀

In the yellow world one day Kai who was supposed to have disappeared comes to Arje and tells him to send the heroine back because the snow queen is aiming for her, but Arje seeing that she wants to go save everyone, continues to let her stick around. They go to the palace and the Prince, a flirtatious guy tells the heroine to go on a date in exchange for the key. But hubba happens and she ends up having to go to the ball, but Arje starts getting jealous and hugs her. He continues to say stuff like “I don’t want you to go, you’re mine” but he’s starting to fall for her.


When they return, Olva and Graes are gone: kidnapped by Kai. Arje, worried for the heroine says some mean things so he can make her go back to the village but Kai comes and tries to kidnap her: he has become the queen’s minion too.


They engage in a fight and she manages to break free, allowing Arje to protect the both of them, with Kai disappearing. They hurry to the Green world to get the key to save them all. Heroine starts getting used to him saying weird stuff that he doesn’t mean… she doesn’t know that he is trying really hard not to let his real feelings show either.


The mountain bandits find them and engage in battle for a while but the leader, a girl called Phine stops them and accomodates them. The guy asks if they’re lovers and Arje starts insulting her out of embarassment so the heroine tries to hit him and falls into the river – getting her clothes all soaked and see through.


All the hillarious episodes about him trying to cover her and the magic making him say stuff like “Nobody come near, nobody touches her! I’m the only one who can” and “Stop staring at me, I’m going to attack you” (hahaha) They become good friends with the bandits and Phine, gives her the key and tells the heroine to confess directly since she thinks Arje is interested in her too. During the girls’ talk, the guys talk too (lol) and Arje discovers he’s in love with the heroine.

She does confess that night, but while Arje tries to give his answer, some hubba happens: the keys have been stolen. Apparently Daemon had put magic on the bandits and caused a ruckus, because he knew that Ivan, the snow queen’s minion had a little brother and wanted to see something interesting happen. Ivan does appear when everyone’s fighting here and there among themselves and Arje gets the feeling that he might be his brother.

Before they exit Green world, Arje tells the heroine that he had been searching for his long-lost brother also called Ivan and he has a feeling it might be the mysterious guy. He tells her he is scared to have anyone important to him again but when he tries to tell her he likes her, the magic, working a reverse effect now causes him to say he doesn’t like her and that she’s a bother. The heroine about to cry stops herself and says that she will just follow from far behind to the white world so he can just ignore her. But of course he holds her hand and just shuts up because whatever he says just comes out weird.

When they arrive, the heroine is confused by his actions because he says he doesn’t like her but holds her hand and everything. They talk it out and he finally manages to confess.


The snow queen tries to get Ivan to fight Arje (who is looking very very very much like some RPG warrior now, I think it’s the ice palace background: must have in every RPG :D) but they manage to convince Ivan: apparently Ivan rejected his family because the snow queen who was lonely kidnapped him and made him believe his family didn’t want him anymore.

snowqueen rpgppoi 

Ivan tries to tell them to run but they don’t and Arje, getting mad with anger aims for the snow queen. But the heroine takes the hit for her and almost dies, (with Arje crying madly ;_;) but Ivan and the queen save them with their magic.


Good End: Everyone goes back to the town, including Ivan. The bros go to their hometown for a while, leaving the heroine lonely and pining for her RPG hero for a few months, but one day he comes back and proposes to her.


(Poor Kai… your many years of unrequited love lost to this random traveller… it’s ok, I’ll give you a happy end next (・∀・)




Kai is the childhood friend of the heroine, and since they’ve been together for so long and with Kai being so close to her after her grandma’s death, she treats him like family. The heroine wants to help Kai remove the curse because she knows he doesn’t want to hurt others with his words because he’s a very gentle guy.

His CGs were all quite repetitive so I didn’t capture all of them…

As in Aje’s route, Kai gets kidnapped by Ivan and they all escape from the Red World to find him. After reaching the yellow world and hearing that the prince has the same appearance as Kai, the heroine is so troubled about losing him that she wants to immediately go to the castle to find him. Everyone tells her it’s late and they should go to the inn and rest for the night first but she insists on going because she wants to find Kai so badly. Everyone is getting troubled by this when Aje slaps her (wow… I know he’s the bro of the group but slapping is abit extreme…) Graes rages at Aje but the slap brings her back to her senses and Aje tells them that if they move without any plans to just enter the castle like this, it might backfire and they end up losing any chances at all. They all go back to the inn after dinner.

When she’s taking a walk outside, Daemon suddenly appears and offers to bring her to the castle. She accepts and he poofs her into the Prince’s room. Natalia the princess is also there and they talk to her and hear the story, offering to let her stay in the castle until she finds Kai. Alfred doesn’t want to let the smelly guys into the castle (lol) so she’s there alone, looking for Kai and the key.


Next day Natalia brings her to the greenhouse to see flowers and talks to her about Kai, pointing out that the heroine actually has feelings for Kai but is rejecting it. She denies it but Natalia tells her to think carefully and leaves the greenhouse. As heroine is thinking about what flowers are there in the greenhouse, she mutters to herself that Kai would know what all these flowers are and he suddenly appears. She is shocked but happy that he has returned and he holds her hand to show her some sparkly flowers. She then notices his hands are deathly cold but doesn’t ask anything.

Next day Kai and heroine wait in the room to meet Alfred and Natalia and she falls asleep on his shoulder. He monologues to himself about wanting to stay with her but being unable to. When Alfred and Natalia come, they talk about the key and say it’s in the castle so they can stay awhile until they find it. They go to find the other 3 guys and tell them they will be staying in the castle for a while longer until Natalia gives them the key. The 3 of them go to gather information about the Green world and decide to meet again when Natalia gives them the key. Natalia tells them she doesn’t want to entrust the key to them because they’re half-hearted and the key is very important to her.

Sometime later Ivan visits Kai and tells him since his curse will take over him and turn him into a cold person anyway, he should get away from the heroine or they will hurt each other. Kai then tries to push her away and leaves her again, but next day Natalia finds him in the greenhouse. She advises him to be true to his feelings and arranges for him to meet the heroine in the garden at night during the ball. Natalia dresses the heroine up and makes her meet Kai.


In the garden Kai sees her all dressed up and tells her it’s a waste that they don’t dance, so he invites her and they dance together. After a while, Kai decides to be honest and confesses that he has always liked her, and even though one day he might change or say things to hurt her, he still loves her all the same. She tells him he is also precious and different from the other guys, and they’re staring at each other with teary eyes, but Kai senses that Ivan is around so he tells her to go back to the room. Ivan tells Kai that as the Queen’s minion, he should hurry up do what he came here for. After awhile the heroine gets really anxious that Kai might disappear again and she hasn’t finished her confession so she goes to find him and tells him her feelings. Kai gets so happy he’s like “Oh no… I want to kiss you…” (*´∀`*) and does. They reconfirm their feelings for each other, that as man and woman they like each other and not as family or friend.


While going back to the room they meet Natalia who sees them and knows that they’ve become a couple. She gives them the key saying now that they understand, she can entrust the key, which was something Alfred gave her. Natalia gets embarassed that the heroine knows she likes Alfred and that she will try to tell him her feelings too. She says that like Kai and the heroine, Natalia and Alfred have been together for so long that it’s hard to make their feelings known. And she finds out from the heroine that Alfred thinks Natalia likes Ivan (lol)

Kai and heroine return to the room to rest so next day they can meet the guys and continue their journey. But both of them are so nervous in the room (*゚∀゚) the heroine tries to go to sleep but Kai hugs her from the back and tells her he is trying very hard to control his feelings. If you make the selection ‘you don’t have to hold back’ Kai gives this (omg wth face) to which I was going ‘seriously…? the heroine so shameless (・∀・)’ He kisses her again because he has suppressed his feelings for so long but they do nothing more.

Next day the two go on a date before returning to the other 3, but Kai suddenly gets taken over by his curse, but he suppresses it by thinking of her. They return to find the other 3 kidnapped by Ivan and they rush to the green world to rescue them.

In the green world however, Kai’s cold personality takes over and he starts treating everyone badly, including the bandits. However, because his real personality still has feelings for the heroine, he returns the necklace (key) that he stole from Phine and even saved them from a sickness that Ivan put on them. Evil Kai however gets really annoyed that all the heroine wants to do is get back the gentle Kai again so he kisses her.


She gets really mad because she feels that this is not the real Kai so she pushes him away and he gets really hurt. Unknown even to himself, now even his evil personality is falling in love with her, so he tries hard to not use anymore magic because he will become more and more cold towards her and die eventually. While going out of the green world, Kai’s gentle side comes out for awhile while the heroine is telling him she will always love him and some mushy stuff like that, but being conflicted internally, he pushes her down (eep! don’t lie on the mushrooms! 😀 :D)  gentle Kai tries to tell her to go back to the village because he wants to protect her from the snow queen. The evil side takes over quickly and they continue their journey. (The CG/scene here was kinda dumb and feels like they just wanted to fill some space lol)


After reaching the white world, Ivan comes to greet them, but suspecting Kai’s loyalty to the queen, tells Kai to maker her suffer a bit. He strangles her a little to show that he is loyal to the Queen but tells Ivan to get lost so they can go to the castle together. Ivan tries to take the heroine away but Kai fights him and runs away with the heroine. Telling her that he understands how his gentle side is in love with her, the evil Kai allows the gentle Kai to surface. The couple are so happy they spend some time together before heading to the Queen’s castle (uhh… not the time to be icha-ing but whatever..) The heroine cries because she’s so happy the gentle Kai is here again and she wants so much to be with him again. They decide to hurry to save everyone so they can go back to the village and icha- uh I mean, grow some flowers. (・∀・)


For Good End, drawn-out battle between Ivan, Snow Queen and Kai. As in Aje’s route, the fragment in the heroine has dissolved within her so they try to kill her to get it, but while Kai tries to protect her, Ivan knocks him back to his evil side, a completely cold personality and dead to the world. Then some reverse sleeping beauty thing of her tears turning Kai back into himself again, the 3 keys glowing and becoming a power against the Snow Queen, and the queen realising she was lonely and some crap like that. The queen disappears and the other 3 guys also manage to get revived from their sleeping state. Kai hugs the heroine and everyone goes home together.


The epilogue occurs after a few years, with them staying in her house and them continuing to work at the flower shop and tending to the rose garden and stuff. The heroine occasionally still breaks stuff and monologues about how she can’t get used to her childhood friend becoming her lover and waking up with him hugging her in bed etc etc (kinda weird that hes just staying at her house as a lover (・へ・) and after a few years, not married, no kids?? whatever.)

BadEnd: the heroine tries to get Kai to change back into his real self during the fight but he doesn’t, her powers didn’t work on him. The snow Queen decides to make her sleep for ever in ice like the rest of them. After the heroine falls to the ground, the snow queen asks Kai if he wants to be with her and unexpectedly he DID turn back into his gentle self already! 😮 (maybe he realised they couldn’t fight against the queen and he’d rather be with her in the snow palace than let her go back on her own, without the rest of them…) Kai says he wants to be with her and they hold each other’s hand as the snow queen freezes them over, saying in their hearts they will love each other forever…


As expected of the main guy, quite drawn out story.. But I need a deeper reason as to why he likes the heroine so much. (Why do they ALL like her so much?? ( ゚皿゚)キーッ!!)



The other childhood friend and younger than the heroine, he’s the mood-maker of the party and well-liked by everyone he meets. Being extra protective of her, even more so than Kai, his feelings for her are very straightforward and pure. Apparently because he was the big bro of his family, he started to cook to help out his mama, but when the heroine said his scones were nice, he decided to become a cook.


In red world, Lydia asks him if he likes the heroine and he’s all “No! I don’t! Er I mean not that I don’t but-!!” (Man I love Lydia she’s so cute :>) And he gets really blushy when she grabbed his shirt in the witch’s mansion as they were walking down the dark corridor.

In the yellow world after Kai disappears, they are watching the procession of Alfred and Natalia passing the streets when the heroine accidentally breaks a streetlight (LOL) when she grabs onto it. Alfred sees this and passes by them. After dinner when they get back to the inn, holy-moly, Alfred is in their inn room! He tells them some bad guys are aiming for Natalia’s life and have threatened to kidnap her at the ball two days later. After Alfred saw the heroine’s Hercules strength, he wants her to pretend to be Natalia for one of the intersessions during the ball to draw out the thugs and capture them. He promises them the key to the white world if they can help them in the task. So the heroine accepts and asks Craes to go with her.


As in the other routes, the heroine is dressed up all nice and Craes blushed so much Natalia an Alfred teased him to the extreme. Alfred made Craes imitate a prince so he kneels down, calls her Princess and takes her hand, but after that he’s so embarassed he starts arguing with Alfred lol.


While the heroine is walking as the bait down the halls, the thugs appear, but the bodyguards who were supposed to be ninja-ing around her didn’t appear. Luckily Craes appears and saves the day, taking a hit for her. Later she nurses him in the room and hugs him when he awakes from being unconscious (because she wanted to pull the innocent act on him (・∀・)) but Alfred bursts into the room, sees them hugging and starts teasing them again. Natalia also comes and thank them for helping out. They stay a few days in the palace so Craes’ wound will heal.

One day they go to Natalia’s greenhouse to see flowers but accidentally gets locked inside. They start talking heart-to-heart and Craes confesses. The heroine is confused as to whether she likes Craes or not as love or friendship so she searches for an answer but the maid comes and finds them. Next day, Craes apologises for confessing and tells her to forget it, and has this faked smile, which hurts her. She thinks about it the whole day and decides to tell him her feelings so she goes to find him in the garden, but he’s with Natalia, laughing happily and chatting away. She gets banana jealous and runs off to sob in her room but Craes chases after her. She tells him to go away but he refuses to leave her alone so they talk it out and she tells Craes she likes him. He gets overly happy and glomps her.

(To be honest, I find that she doesn’t like Craes, she just finds his feelings too hard to reject and her jealousy also just felt like she wanted to possess his love…) Before leaving Yellow world, they return to the inn but Aje and Olva are in the midst of a quarrel. Olva has suddenly become dark and wants to stop the journey but Aje wants to continue to remove their curses and find Kai. Then Olva takes off his glove (anything he touches dies) and goes towards the heroine and tries to grab the key to the white world but Aje the bro whips out his sword and goes RPG mode. He tells Craes to run with the heroine and he will follow later, but in the end Aje never turned up, neither did Olva.


They go to the Green world after Natalia gives them the key and they get teased by the bandits for being a cute young couple. He makes food for them there and they follow the bandits to go grab some ingredients and hunting one day. But then Craes discovers a nice yellow flower meadow so they sit there for a while playing with the flowers, sitting on them and killing the flowers by making them into a flower crown (・∀・)

They talk all mushy again and when Craes is about to ask if he can kiss her, Phine comes and “Oh what are you guys doing here while we were hunting?” Then the bandits who apparently trailed Craes and the heroine went all “damn you Phine, they were getting to the good part!” (*´∀`*) Needless to say Craes is teased again and they say he needs to become a cool guy whom ladies will ask for kisses from. He declares fearlessly that one day he will become a cool guy and stares at the heroine so she’s like *nods, will do* at him. LOL Phine tells them not to wander beyond this meadow.

Next day however Craes gets curious and decides to explore the creepy area behind the meadow with the heroine. Kai pops out from nowhere and tells them not to go to the white world and Craes chases him, leaving the heroine behind. Craes rages at Kai for making their friends worried and Kai rages back at Craes for saying that they are friends (because we all know they are love rivals..) and that Craes doesn’t even know why Kai went to the snow queen. (Yes Kai, ;_; we know your undying love for the stupid heroine). Kai tells Craes to protect her since they are lovers now and Craes feels guilty for confessing to her when Kai is not around, but tells Kai he already had this intention. Kai then mentions that Craes is keeping a secret from the heroine and jabs at him. Apparently everyone except the heroine knows about this secret. Anyway, toodles~, Daemon appears to the heroine and tells her Craes is keeping a secret from her.

They go back to the bandits’ place and Phine tells Craes to win Basil in a fist fight so she can give them the key. Craes loses so heroine fights instead and wins cos of her Hercules power. Craes gets so happy he hugs her and accidentally knocks her over, which needless to say, everyone’s like “EI?! What you doing in front of us??!!”


Later Craes is cooking the last dinner there and Craes starts saying something about wanting to eat his bride’s cooking and Basil comes and interrupts. Then another funny episode of him getting teased by the bandits about his future dream lol.

After that they go to the White world and they do icha stuff like trying to give each other the muffler to be warm and then eventually just hugging for warmth and their first kiss lol.


In the Queen’s castle, the heroine finds out that Craes didn’t actually have a mirror fragment inside him, he just wanted to tag along, which is why we didn’t see him using his powers throughout the journey at all. But however, he felt that Daemon was a bad guy so he lied saying he can see bad guys so that he could follow them on the journey. The Queen tries to keep the heroine beside her instead of killing her but Craes drags her away and all the fighting stuff again. Aje and Olva appears there in the white world to fend off Kai, apparently Daemon had cast a doubting magic on all of them before in the inn.

Good End: Craes goes back to save the heroine and they manage to persuade the queen with their twisted logic that the snow queen can become their friend too. (lol wtf) The queen’s got so disturbed by their stupidity that she just gave up on everything and let them go off. Just as they were going to the cave to meet the guys (Kai is back to normal now) Craes hears Daemon’s voice saying he has come to collect his ‘payment’.


5 years ago, while trying to pluck a flower for the heroine, Craes almost died when he fell but Daemon the demon saved him so in exchange, he has to give him his life or something. Daemon tells Craes that he has to tell her goodbye now. Craes asks the heroine whether he has become more manly now and thinking about how serious he was in protecting her and how he got them out of the skirmish with the snow queen, she remembers their promise about her kissing him when he got more manly, so she snogs him.


He quietly accepts her kiss and says in his heart he will always love her even if he got incarnated, then falls to the ground.

Epilogue: Aje and Olva and Kai see the unconscious Craes and nurse him back to health, and one hour later he wakes up, but remembers everyone except the heroine. They all go back to the village and everyone tries to get him to remember her but he doesn’t, so she goes to the restaurant to eat everyday in hopes of making him remember. But he’s really rude to her and so different from his usual deredere self but keeps wondering whether she and Kai are an item because they’re always together and they even order the same food. Kai notices he’s jealous but doesn’t want to tell her (lol Kai! trying to snatch girl?)

In the end, they draw closer again with him letting him try the cake and Craes really falls for her again. Initially he keeps wondering why he feels so strange whenever she is around, but he realises he loves her later. He confesses with a sunflower and she confesses to him too. It’s sad that to the end he didn’t remember their moments, but she promises to make new memories from now onwards with him.


What I got from this route: Craes’ incomprehensible undying love for the heroine, the heroine’s selfishness in loving him and again, Kai’s poor unrequited love lol.. Oh and the bit about the snow queen giving up on their stupidity (๑´ڡ`๑)


Olva is a sicky guy who falls in love with the heroine after she brings him flowers everyday, and he feels lighted up by her presence. Surpringly I liked Olva’s story quite alot. He has been bedridden for the longest time so he was really happy when the curse was put on him and he could move around.

One night he goes out to see the stars and the heroine follows, and Olva tells her she is his moon. She tries to tell him there are also stars but he insists that she is his light.


In yellow world however, he starts to get abit sick and the heroine takes care of him for a while as she tries to look for the key. One day however, Daemon comes and puts some doubt into him, telling him that it’s better they don’t go to the White world because he will die from his sickness. At this, he starts trying to stop her from going to the White World and forcibly kisses her. But the shameless heroine, thinking that she has to be his light doesn’t even push him away and he gets even more hurt.


Olva gets jealous of Kai when Kai randomly appears to tell them to give up on going to the white world. She manages to persuade Olva to continue the journey to save Aje and Craes and also turn Kai back into his gentle self.


In the Green world however Daemon puts doubt into Olva again, making him run off with the keys. The heroine chases after him and hubba happens and they fall off the cliff. Fortunately they survive, with Phine raging at him after that. He brings her to a meadow before they leave for the white world. Basil trains Olva and tells him to be a man.

Kai fights them in the white world and Olva protects her, after which he confesses and tells her he wants to survive and be with her. The fighting bits with the snow queen was getting damned annoying so I skipped it.


Prologue: everyone survives and they go home. Olva is bedridden again, but better than before and on the road to recovery. He tells her he wants an answer for his confession from before


I liked Olva because it’s understandable that having been bedridden before, saving everyone else would mean him becoming sickly and losing the ability to spend time with her outside anymore. But overcoming it eventually was a kind of strength he found also because of her.

Ivan didn’t appear much in this route, only Daemon did.


Apologies for being late on Ivan’s route, currently playing my Hanasaku ManiMani backlot which came out after SBL so I got pretty distracted 8D

Ivan, the supposedly cold but sexy minion of the snow queen. I really couldn’t stand the heroine in this route so I’m not gonan write much. His route focuses on him realising how stupid- I mean, gentle and warm Gerda(heroine)’s personality is and he falls in love with her because he can’t take his eyes off her ever changing facial expressions -_- And Ivan is a kiss monster, really.

So he keeps trying to kidnap her to white world, but she keeps resisting and doing that annoying I’m not gonna shut, up I’m gonna go to white world and save my Male Harem- oops, I mean, FRIENDS. Ivan gets really pissed because she has the heat bottle Liserotte gave, so he can touch her and hurt her but he can’t move her, essentially. He pushes her down and grips her wrists hard to prove it.


Sometime later, our annoying heroine is going to the party thingy again and she encounters IVan who tries to stop her from going to the white world again. She annoys him again (and me too urgh) by whining about Kai and the others so to shut her up he kisses her.


She doesn’t shut up after the kiss so Ivan kisses her again, longer this time until she gets knee-weak and collapses to the ground after that haha. Then Kai appears in the greenhouse one day and is cold to her, so she starts crying and Ivan tries to comfort the idiot. He decides to accompany her to the green world and white world because he wants to find out why whenever he is with her he gets a strange feeling.

snap003 snap004

Yeah and so he’s nice to her and everything, he protects her and finds himself always getting into a mess because of her, then they find out they love each other blah blah…

snap021 snap022

He tells snow queen he wants to be with the dumb girl and some fight happens with Kai. In the end everyone goes home together as usual.


Epilogue sees him living with dumb heroine and teaching her how to cook because she’s terrible and cooking, on top of her hercules’ strength and her retarded personality. Oops I’m slamming her too much~


Gah. Ivan.was.totally.wasted.on.her. GIMME BACK MY IVAN!!!

*btw Ivan doesn’t have a bad end.


Overall, worth a play especially Aje’s and Craes’ route, but the bad ends were really not worth going through. Meh. I liked the art of this game much more than KamiGami to be honest, and the concept was pretty good, except that since I always buy and play stuff without reading the blurbs of the story,(ehe) I thought the game was set IN a snow bound land, not FOR, lol. Besides, aren’t otome games getting kinda hentai nowadays? The heroine is undoubtedly stupid and therefore for lower-aged girls but there’s abit too much seme for Ivan’s route… And I prefer characters that are not in love with the heroine already but find a PROPER reason to be in love with her, not because she’s frickin’ stupid. Sorry for raging, Ivan’s route made me realise how entirely wasted he became on her.

And seriously, most of the time it’s older guys who don’t dare to make a move on the girl, I assure you it’s true. Don’t mind my babbling, have fun with SBL.

And for Kaji Yuuki lovers, Please Support! 😀

6 thoughts on “Snow Bound Land – Walkthrough

  1. Thank you so much for the review! It was so interesting to read.
    We would like to ask if you could maybe help us to find the guide for this game and for Kamigami no Asobi/ We’d love play Tsukito and Ivan’s routs, but we can’t find the guide T_T

    Merry Christmas! Wish you all the best and positive! ^_^


  2. Thank you, dear! your guide is a wonderful review! But for those who doesn’t know Japanese it’s hard to give the right answers ^^”’ by guide we meant the list of the right answers XDDDD Like at websites but we couldn’t find the guide for those games anywhere T_T


    • Oh I see… But if you don’t know Japanese how are you going to play the game? o.o

      Alternatively you could click-save for each option because the love catch will tell you whether you are right or not.


    • Oh that’s good to hear! (: I’m sorry I can’t be of much help since I don’t use guide unless for historical games (the kanji is too difficult :s) but basically, click saves do help alot since if you get it wrong you can always go back and choose again. Have fun playing! 😀

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~


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