Ken ga Kimi – Review

**April 15 Edit

I was randomly surfing KgK’s official blog and found this hilarious, so I thought I’d translate and share it with you guys.

April 1, 2014 6:25 PM

Good evening、Sessha(I) am Hosoya from Rejet. (Calling himself ‘Sessha’ is what Tsuzuramaru uses to address himself)

It’s the first of April
In the world, people call it Fool’s day.

Somehow the official KgK website has been hijacked?!



(ohmygod Tsuzuramaruuuuuu!!!
Where have you gone Tsuzuramaru!!!!)

I never expected the day that he would transform into a wandering bear would come.

So you, princess, if you see Tsuzuramaru, tell him to come back home.
If he’s hungry, sorry but could you please share your riceball with him?

※If you give him food, it’s likely he will get attached to you.
Using that chance, please tell him to go home!

四月馬鹿① 四月馬鹿② 四月馬鹿③

(doesn’t seem like Enishi was forgiven though)

So that they won’t get involved in it、Kei and Saneaki looks on silently and as expected of Tsuzuramaru, he just barges into the conversation.

And by the way, Sakyou is a male alright~.
Everyone out there, don’t be fooled by April’s fools!

Therefore today, the website’s anniversary manga has been shown to you guys! 

Have a fun April’s fool’s day!


My biggest wait of the year *smirks*

I won’t be writing much on this because the new year is coming and seriously, I need to finish all these games  (*_*) so no reviews until I get more time.

There are four endings for the game, system is so easy no one needs a guide at all. (*curses WOF and Arcana ( ゚皿゚)キーッ!! ) *Ahem* Anyway, I suggest people who are not strong in Japanese not play this game: because of the historical stuff woven into it, there might be lots of words you can’t read/understand, especially those who wait for English translations. Also, some characters use a wee bit of archaic language so I recommend those who can’t read Japanese to leave it for later. (I mean, 2013 had a boom of games 😮 so you can always play toher games until you level up your Jap 😀 ) It’s not fun if you don’t get the archaic bits :/

Seiyuus have never really been my interest so I don’t know about those who are fans of a certain seiyuu etc, but the storyline itself is a catch. I first played Tsuzu, they made it quite clear what’s the best order to play in, I’m currently on Kuroba, I’ll just dump a few CGs here and write about what I think so far. I like it that they split the endings into Ken or Kimi.

For Tsuzu, I kept wondering why he was so pale compared to the rest of them, so when I finally understood, it struck me well. Without playing the game you’d think he was some kind of kuudere, but he isn’t. In fact, he’s probably the most friendly guy in the game. The epilogue for his love ending was kinda convenient, but he is really cute.

Some CGs:



This game runs basically on the shock factor: i.e there’s something to be like “ooh, I didn’t know that” in every guy’s route. You might find the romance lacking but heck, for people in the past to get together for love was pretty difficult. So as with most pc rejet games, their storyline wins over the romance, which I really don’t care for, since I’d have too hard a time choosing who I like more and who I don’t 😀

Kei is a rude guy on the first impression and despite all the verbal abuse, he’s surprisingly pure which made me laugh alot. He was so sincere in his Kimi Eds which made me go rooting for him eventually hah.

Kuroba is the oldest of the lot and my favourite along with Tsuzu and Sagihara. He looks hot whether in western or eastern ❤ and is the brain of the lot. And the part where he starts talking about cooking with the heroine’s dad seriously made me rofl. A tad too many bloody CGs.

Enishi is a real spaz and keeps hitting on the heroine. I found his voice annoying after a while actually (lol) because he really sounds like he’s whining to the heroine when he hits on her. His Kimi endings were kinda unsatisfactory for me but well…

Sakyou is the pretty boy of the lot. Heck, his CGs all made him look like a woman, don’t get why they didn’t lay off the eye makeup for him since he already is a pretty boy. Merciless until he gets involved with the heroine, Kimi endings were both great.

Suzukake made me think he’s so whiney for having to check every small wound, and the part where his furries turn into humans were really funny. But man, his were good routes too, though some were a bit sad.

That’s it for this review, I won’t be translating because honestly, any game is not fun if you don’t understand it on your own 😀 I translated KamiGami and SBL only on request because I had time during that period.

You’ll miss lots if you miss Ken Ga Kimi, because it’s one of the best Otoges out there.


Ken ga Kimi for Vita! ED theme song


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