Jyuzaengi Sangokuden – Summary & Review

Jyuzaengi 2 is coming soon, figured I should finish the backlot of the first game and glad I did! (It saved me after the crap called shinobi koi utsutsu) This is one of the games I truly enjoyed, with a plothole-less storyline and a cool heroine that I don’t rage at, and 6 characters with well-developed routes.

* Most CGs are in the video, my media space is filling up lol.

** Main story **

The heroine is a half breed, half human and half Cat-clan, which makes her the only one with black eyes amongst the 300+ catty people living deep in the mountains. But she’s strong, and one of the best warriors in the clan.


One day, Sousou (above) who is the Warlord of a singular province, come to the mountains to look for some bandits. (The yellow cloth bandits, seriously) He discovers the cat people and decide to make up some excuse so he can take them into custody because he knows about the strength of the cat people – they have superhuman fighting abilities, and he wants to use them for his army.

Depending on whose route you’re on, you get to interact with different characters during this scene.

snap023 snap061

In (left), Chouhi, the childhood friend of the heroine goes to stop Kakouton (blue guy) who is the sub-general of Sousou. In (right), the heroine stops Kakouton herself. In another option, you run to Liubi (below) who is the leader of the cat clan, and you protect him while the fight goes on outside.


In the end, they decide to get under Sousou’s custody and find the bandits to defeat them, so they can clear their name and go back home. They pitch tents somewhere near Sousou’s army and one night, the heroine goes out to look for the bandits. She finds the leader and its revealed he is also a cat

He is trying to overthrow the humans and make the country into the cat’s place, so he hid his ears and used the bandits. Unfortunately, he gets defeated by Chouhi and the heroine, and Sousou pops out from somewhere. Sousou says that they should slice off the ears of this cat so that the reputation of the cat clan won’t continue to go down: they have been ostracised and hated, that’s why they went to live in the mountains in the first place. Sousou slices off the ears of this guy.

After a few days, they find that LiuBi has been kidnapped by Sousou. In a rage, they run to Rakuyou (real place in China, Luoyang) *or rather, LiuBi, ChouHi(Zhang Fei), RyouFu(Lu Bu) and Sousou(Cao Cao) are all real life people in history, including the heroine KanU(Guan Yu)*


In Rakuyou everyone freaks out because they see the cat clan coming in a surge and starts calling them ‘Jyuza’ (thirteenth zodiac) because there are no cats in the 12 Zodiacs. Depending on your previous choices when the city near them was getting burnt, either the cat clan talks it out peacefully with Sousou and makes a pact with him or they are forcefully made to work for Sousou.

They live in Rakuyou for a while, and there meet ChouUn and ChouRyou, the other two playable characters (their Japanese readings are too similar seriously) They should’ve just pronounced it in the Chinese way, really.


After living 6 months in Rakuyou under SouSou, Toutaku (some JiiJii) kills the Emperor and steals the King’s throne so Sousou who was originally working under him decides to rebel. He forms alliance with several warlords all over the country and they chase after Toutaku.

*Toutaku has a female Warlord named Ryoufu, you’ll meet her somewhere in Rakuyou, and find out that ChouRyou is actually her sub-general. RyouFu keeps hitting on the heroine (when ChouHi found out that RyouFu was lesbo, he was like ‘wtf, you Hentai-Onna!’

*ChouUn on the other hand, is the General of a kind Jiijii named KouSouSan. You’ll get to accumulate ChouUn’s lovepoints from Chapter three onwards, before the war against Toutaku.


For the first Alliance Battle at ShiSuiKan, The Cat Clan is made to fight in the center to draw the enemies to themself. Toutaku sends out one of his best warriors but the heroine charges out by herself into the heat of the battle and defeats him anyway, and she is invited to a banquet that night. Depending on your choices, you’ll have different encounters again.

For the second Alliance Battle at KouRouKan, RyouFu doesn’t appear, only the main army does. The alliance manage to win over the army and discover that Toutaku had escaped to ChouAn already (another province). SouSou decides to chase after Toutaku.

From this point onwards, the story branches into character routes.

Part 1 CGs: Liu Bi, Chou Hi, Chou Un


Chou Hi………


Is just so Damn cute. How did the heroine miss this gem that had been by her side for so long? He always speaks of protecting her, gets along well with everyone and is one of the best fighters in the Cat Clan along with the heroine. (But he lost to her when they were younger and since then, he has followed her around and called her ‘Aneki’ (sis-boss))

His story goes that he made a pact to marry her: when they were young, because he climbed up a tree and couldn’t get down, so the heroine went up to get him, but unfortunately both of them fell and she suffered a scar on her back. Feeling responsible, he promised to marry her when they got older and ChouHi as a bratty kid started to cry when he thought the heroine didn’t like him, so she promised to become his wife. So ChouHi, so pure that he remembers the promise from hell-long ago, keeps trying to hint at this promise whenever he gets the chance, but he is always either interrupted by LiuBi or SouSou or something else that is less important, leaving him pretty annoyed with himself and everyone around him.


The two of his best buds, SoSou(left), the cool-headed cynical one and KanTei(right) the despo for girls always make fun of him for being pathetic since he can’t get his feelings across, but they also always encourage him to try harder for his love. They know she doesn’t remember the promise with ChouHi and tell him to move on, but ChouHi is just dead on the heroine-seriously too long lasting, making for lots of hilarious episodes throughout the game.

He feels somewhat inferior to the heroine because he’s younger than her and not the brainy type, so he gets really jealous of Chou Un as well, and gets seriously clingy when other guys get close to her.

The tension for his story happens when he turns into a beast form during one of the battles when he sees the heroine get hurt badly, and RyouFu gets excited as she senses the dark energy from where she’s hiding in the castle. The heroine manages to make him come to his senses, and he gets pretty depressed after that, but cheers up pretty quickly, being the dumbass he is :3 But he turns into a beast form again and this time carries heroine away to some grassland and falls asleep on her lap. Everyone’s worried about him because too many people saw the beast form and since there’s so much prejudice against the Cat Clan already, they wonder how to save Chou Hi should something happen.

In the meantime, he and the heroine gets closer, but they fight one day because she doesn’t remember their kiddy promise, (he’s getting insecure, that darling) and he takes a huge distance from her since then, avoiding her and all. So she gets busy taking care of everything before she leaves to fight again and the heroine finally remembers their promise to marry one night in a dream.

But she never gets to tell ChouHi because a warrant comes to capture him: some idiot had busted him to the Emperor that he turned into a beasty, and now he has to be executed. Catty people force him to run and tell him they will protect him. Nobody hears from him for a long while and all wonder whether he’s dead or alive.

The heroine is now working under SouSou again (he finds every damn reason to use her, seriously) under the promise he will give her any information he has about ChouHi. He senda her out one day to pursue a group of mountain bandits. She brings her group of soldiers and is about to go in when a kid comes and starts yelling that the bandits killed her parents. Heroine says she will save them and the kid is about to bring her in but offers her some candy with puppy eyes, so she can’t resist. She eats the damn sweet and falls.


She wakes up to find ChouHi, acting all cold to her: he’s the head of the mountain bandits. She tries to calm him down and tells him she remembers the promise and had been searching long for him, but he doesn’t believe her, pushing her down onto the bed and telling her he’s already all grown up and big and manly and she should stop treating him like a kid. He starts crying shitloads after the heroine declares her love and they promise again to be together after they escape this time. (It doesnt reflect in my writing cos I’ve forgotten a huge load of the front routes… but this part was really touching)

Turns out he drove away the mountain bandits for the people living there and they made him their boss, they’re just kids, jiijiis and women, no bandits there. He’s well liked by everyone and he and the heroine stay there for a while (with him declaring proudly the heroine’s his wife lol) until they decide to escape due to sightings of the army still waiting to destroy the bandit stronghold. SouSou arrives 2 days later, only to find the place empty: everyone had escaped with ChouHi to look for another place to stay.

In the end while they were camping somewhere, ChouHi tells the heroine he wants to look at her scar, and he says since there’s no more scar, he doesn’t need to marry her anymore, leaving her sad and confused. Turns out, he wants to sacrifice himself to stop SouSou’s army on the bridge and burn up everything so the rest can run away. The heroine goes to help him when she realises and they fall into the water. Both survive somehow but heroine is hurt, so they talk it out and ChouHi says he has to take responsibility to marry her again lol. Good End: They marry in a new village for Catties with SeiHei Jii all teary and tells ChouHi he will beat the crap out of him if he doesn’t treat her well.

Bad End: ChouHi gets caught before he can even run away. He is to be shot to death and displayed for all to see, but the heroine jumps in at the last moment because she doesn’t want to live without him, and they die together.

To be honest, he was my favourite until I played SouSou’s route: I cried in SouSou’s route, damn it! But Chou Hi is really cute.


Liu Bi


His route takes split personalities to a whole new level: He has a kid self, his real shota 15 yrs old self and a evil self. The constant changing of personalities made me meh a bit, but it was an interesting plot.

Anyway, he can’t grow old physically and mentally because of the dark energy used to seal some demon inside his body. He is the only white cat of his clan and the leader, because the dark energy is the strongest in him. His ancestor had fought this demon and its blood got onto the army with him, so they started sprouting cat ears and from then onwards, they turned from humans into cat people.

The bulk of his route is keeping his changing personalities a secret from the clan and from others like RyouFu and SouSou who found out in the end anyways and tried to utilise it. But he grows more and more evil like Allen Walker (lol) and one day turns from kid kitty into a smashing bishounen, who took over EnShou’s country and is now wrecking havoc in every city. Heroine goes to stop him but there’s gotta be some fanservice.


I forgot what happened in the end, but the dark energy comes out of him and the heroine battles it together with Adult LiuBi.

If it’s good end, he turns back into a kid and promises to one day marry the heroine in his true form. If bad end, Liu Bi turns more evil, kills everyone and becomes Voldemort.


Chou Un


The big reliable bro of the group, admired by the city girls and a natural flirt. He’s the one I don’t like most. Why? Let me explain.

From the start he never minds that she has cat ears even though everyone was running left right and center calling them names. It proves he has hell lot of confidence. He seduces her by casually saying things like ‘your smile is so cute’ ‘you’re pretty’ and whatnots, measures her fever by putting his forehead to hers and generally makes her fall for him by being a gentle bro and all, BUT backs out peeing his pants once he finds out she’s the daughter of KouSouSan aka, his new master AND always tells her a woman should leave the battlefield and live a peaceful life (there’s nothing more I hate than sexism)

Male chauvinist. Coward. His saving grace is looking sexy in the kiss scene. -3- Here.


It’s the, I want you so much kinda hold. (well, he had been seriously holding back)

He tries to make her happy while serving her, but Hello?! After making a girl fall for you, you don’t just pull away like that. It seriously sucks. And just because she became a princess overnight, he lets that disgusting EnShou try to marry her. But after all my grumbling, I really liked the parts where he says it hurts him so much, at least we’re talking some feelings here, you know.

In the end all he had to do was jump on her and she was all ‘come to me babeh’. I’ll dump a few more CGs here cos I really remember very little of his route. His route was mainly to explain the heroine’s origins ie, how she became a half-breed.

snap040 snap041

That’s papa dying on the left, and him getting all moody when he thinks she loves En Shou, even though she made it quite obvious she liked him.

snap045 snap043

In the end he either dies or snogs her. Yeah.


Part 2: SouSou, KaKouTon, ChouRyou


Sou Sou


It’s been so long since I’ve been so ghey as to cry over a movie or story, but this was really good, I swear!! Sou Sou baby!!

He acts like an asshole, but he really isn’t. In LiuBi’s route he treated the kid really nicely too. He’s the kind that would live ‘for the moment’: when old enemies now become allies, he acts accordingly. And when allies now become enemies, he takes action to hunt them down. In other routes it looks like he’s always trying to make use of the Cat People but what he really wants is just KanU, the heroine. He turns into some kind of yandere later (I’m into those types recently :p)

So the heroine was supposed to be like a ninja, snooping around him to get information on them but she fails, making him put her into custody at his castle. Initially he only wanted her power as a General to lead his armies but he gradually sees her as a companion until KaKouTon bursts in one day to rage that people have been saying she is his lover. One day we see a flashback of him killing his dad, and his dad cursed himto be eternally lonely. It’s on nights like these where he remembers the curse that he can’t sleep.

The army group she is in charge of hated her initially, but they gradually came to admire her strength and chill behaviour, so much so that when SouSou started locking her up in her room, they got worried about her whereabouts. SouSou is trying to prove to himself that he can get whatever he want by trying to seize every city, but everytime he gets one city, he still feels something lacking so the heroine challenges him that she will find what he wants. It goes into a weird spate of them starting to drink tea together and they start to really fall in love, blah. He falls asleep on her shoulder / on her lap kinda thing. Well if I were KaKouTon I would definitely think something is going on lol.

He reveals later he’s actually a half-breed like her, his dad kept him and the mom closed off from the world until his mom died. He cut off his own ears and vowed to kill his asshole dad and started to build up all these armies for the sake of proving himself and biding time to kill the old man.SouSou gets yandere and tells the heroine they were meant to be together as half-bloods and that from the time she was born she was meant to be his bride. (Hell, its kinda romantic :p)


During one of the battles, he just hugs her in front of everyone, making people start to suspect something. He’s getting really insecure about her because he doesn’t realise that she’s the first thing that really makes hi ‘fulfilled’.

Everytime she’s about to leave him, he just has this puppy-dog lines that make you feel if the heroine doesn’t return she’s the bad guy here (even though he was being yandere) and there was once where he looked so pathetic in his asking her not to leave that even I was starting to feel my M-tendencies growing (・∀・) And one day she needs to go back to the Cat Clan to help them to fight against RyouFu or something. SouSou gets really freaked she’s gonna leave him so he says they should hold a ceremony for marriage as proof she will return, but he spikes the wine and forces it down her throat with a kiss and she starts losing consciousness.

She stabs herself in the leg, tears off the ridiculous dress and runs away on a horse, but he catches up and pulls her hair, only to have her cut it and run away. When she reaches the Cat Clan, all druggy and bleeding and clothes torn everyone’s like “WTF did SouSou do to you?!” Of course, we all know they meant raep. But SouSou’s too high-class to raep her. He brings 50000 soldiers to take back his woman. But EnShou who had overheard the conversation by the heroine with SeiHei jii turns SouSou’s army on him by announcing that SouSou is half breed.

The good part starts here, with SouSou really alone. EnShou had poisoned the heroine so he tells the 50000 soldiers + all other by standers that to save the heroine, SouSou has to do whatever he says, or he wont give her the antidote. No one wants to believe that SouSou is a half-breed, or that he likes a filthy cat woman, so no one believes but when SouSou starts getting beaten up by EnShou, everyone starts believing it. Throughout the thing, SouSou doesn’t budge, even when he’s hit by an arrow. No one goes to protect him and no one can shoot EnShou because he threatens to crush the antidote. Even KaKouton doesn’t budge, he’s too shocked lol. SouSou’s ready to die to save her, and Enshou tells heroine to kill him, but she can’t. Duh! SouSou sticks an arrow into himself because the heroine starts crying, and EnShou is madly laughing but he gets shocked that SouSou actually tries to kill himself and gives them the antidote.

EnShou then tells the soldiers to shoot both half-breeds to death, but one of the soldiers from the heroine’s squad blocks an arrow for SouSou and dies, bringing everyone back to their senses. SouSou had been a good and capable leader, and that seeing the heroine’s abilities in battle and her character had taught him that cat or human doesn’t matter.


Good End: Sexy kiss on the battlefield (lol)

Cat Clan all live in his city again, with ChouHi and his buds accepted into SouSou’s army. SouSou gets jealous that since he’s recovering from wounds in bed all day, he can’t icha with her and they just sweetalk each other.

In the Bad End the heroine don’t manage to escape, she gets pregnant with SouSou’s kid and is like a broken doll, she just mumbles Liu Bi’s name over and over and SouSou hugs her and strokes her belly. SouSou had killed all the Cat Clan, including EnShou and whoever else were there.


KaKou Ton


Tsundere boy’s route follows SouSou’s, but with the heroine interacting with him rather than SouSou. He really hates her at first, being a Cat AND a woman, but he opens up to her slowly when he sees her abilities as one of the generals. Surprisingly, they work pretty well in a tag team against enemies and amidst En’s protests, Ton starts to become friends with her, call her ‘Cat Clan’ rather than Jyuza, call her by name and tells others he accepts her as a warrior, even to the point of protecting her during battles, claiming that he will not allow anyone to defeat her before himself.

Unknown to Ton, En,(his cousin raised like his little bro) starts plotting against the heroine, trying to get her Cat Clan into trouble by forging a letter. In it, Liu Bi supposedly hatched a plan to assasinate Sou Sou. Ton half-believes it, but still goes with En to raid the Cat Clan’s quarters until the heroine pleads with Ton to let her prove their innocence. Ton believes her and calls for a retreat, and it is discovered the letter’s ink has no golddust in it, making it a fake. En blames it on his soldier and kills him immediately, and Sou Sou puts him under suspension from General duties for a while. During this time, the heroine and Ton start to take on more duties in the army.

Unfortunately, during one of the battles, Ton gets shot in the eye with an arrow. (ouch ><) He plucks it out himself and is raging at the pain and falls unconscious. Heroine brings him away and nurses him back to health, but Ton is only half-conscious throughout the treatment, and he grabs her hand and apologises for making ‘a stranger’ take care of him like this. When he recovers, he asks the heroine if there was any other woman on the battlefield(since he can’t remember who took care of him). If course saying it in such a weird way doesn’t warrant any proper response form the heroine who doesn’t know what the heck he wants to know.

Ton and the heroine start leading the army together and one day, Ton gets so excited about his formation strategies on the battlefield that he bursts into her room when she’s just lazing on the bed. She’s like ‘Hello, I’m a woman, y’know’. But he doesn’t get bothered and says she’s a warrior so he doesn’t care. And where does he sit? On her BED, BESIDE her. Wow Tsun boy. They end up talking late into the night and she falls asleep because she’s been into so many battles recently and can’t be bothered to entertain Ton’s excitable nonsense anymore. Ton starts getting sleepy after realising she fell asleep listening to him.

In the morning Kan U wakes up and is like ‘ Gyaaaaaah-! wth why is Ton sleeping on my bed?!’ She tries to wake him up but he hugs her tightly thinking she’s a pillow. After some raging he does wake up and is like


Ton: Gya-! Damn why am I on your bed?!
Kan U: Da hell I know?! That’s my line!
Ton: *runs out of the room mumbling*
Sou Sou: Ton why’re you in such a hurry?
Ton: So- Sou Sou Sama!
Sou Sou: ….. That’s Kan U’s room you just came out from right… Early in the morning too…
Ton: ?! No!
Sou Sou: It’s ok, no need to hide it. You two are in such a relationship huh. *walks off coolly*
Ton: Oh my mama, NO!!!!!

I laughed out LOUD. (I think both of them are either really deep sleepers or pretended to not know the other party was on the bed :3) They get really close, even talking about the people they like or want to marry (lol, some highschool shiet) and he says he’s interested in a woman, but he doesn’t know who. He says she took care of him when he got an arrow in his eye and she had a mark on her arm, but other than that, nothing. The heroine realises its herself but she doesn’t say anything because she thinks Ton still holds prejudices against the Cat Clan.

Anyways after that, En starts plotting some shit against the heroine again. He goes after the heroine to kill her when she is on her way to returning to the Cat Clan one night, but Ton discovers the plot and stops him. Ton kills En for betraying Sou Sou’s orders (the heroine is a general, after all) albeit his pain. The heroine returns to the Cat Clan to help the EnShou army,(who kidnapped kitty LiuBi) which means the next time she meets Ton, he’s gonna be an enemy, not friend anymore.

Ton starts getting ‘hallucinatory pain’ from killing En, which means his left side would suddenly be seized by a burning sensation of pain. One day he meets her unexpectedly and she tells him that’s hallucinatory, not real pain and says she will stay with him and hold his hand. Ton realises its the same words the woman who took care of him said and he sees the mark on her arm. He gets pissy that she didn’t say anything and they have some talk then say they will have their ‘final battle’ as enemies.

The battle day comes and Ton starts fighting KanU, even though both of them really don’t want to be enemies. But Sou Sou comes and tells them he managed to save Liu Bi so there’s no mroe need for Catties to be under En Shou anymore, making them allies again. They defeat the baddies.

Good End: Ton confesses he was wishing the woman who took care of him to be KanU. They live together as generals under SouSou and she snogs him :3

Bad End: Ton dies in one of the battles and tells her thanks for being a good warrior or something like that.


Chou Ryou


When she first meets him and interacts with him she feels he’s a little weirdo but she passes it off and RyouFu being too much of an ass.

I kinda forgot what happened but she’s made to serve under RyouFu and in the meantime she learns about Chou Ryou wanting to act more human. She doesn’t really understand it but he follows her all the way to the Cat Clan when she takes leave to see Liu Bi.

At first the Catties don’t trust him, but since he’s so good at cooking, laundry and swordfighting, they start accepting him and wanting him around. Sometime later, he starts to become very human-ish and deems whatever KanU says to be more reasonable than RyouFu. RyouFu starts saying that Chou Ryou needs to be replaced soon because he’s acting on his own too much. A report comes that EnJutsu wants to make a peace treaty with RyouFu so there will be no more wars between him and his clan but RyouFu refuses. 

With ChouSen (the bratty loli maid of RyouFu) plotting against the heroine, she tells Kan U to go secretly to make the peace treaty. Chou Ryou insists to go along with Kan U because it’s dangerous and he tells her he treats her very dearly (his own style of confession) and asks whether she feels the same, but Kan U, out of embarassment tells him she will give him the answer when they return to RyouFu’s castle and when it’s more peaceful.

Chou Ryou and the heroine go to make an alliance with EnJutsu, unknown to RyouFu. ChouSen sends a secret report to EnShou (EnJutsu’s cousin and enemy) so that Chou Ryou and the heroine will get attacked. They really do, and with poisoned arrows, no less. Chou Ryou protects the heroine by taking the arrows into himself and carries KanU (shot by 1 arrow) back to the Cat people and vanishes.

When the heroine gets better everyone’s talking about how Chou Ryou looked half dead with those arrows sticking out of him, but he still carried her back. They keep speaking about his death so despite her wounds, the heroine rushes to RyouFu, only to have Chou Ryou keep talking about making tea and saying ‘nice to meet you’. She thinks it’s the side effect of the poison and unhealed wounds that he’s become so weird, but when she sees Chou Ryou mercilessly killing people which he stopped for a long time now, she feels something missing. RyouFu tells her it’s nothing and she shouldn’t mind. (I was kinda getting teary here because I thought Chou Ryou really died already and just before the heroine confessed her love and all that)

So some weird shiet happens and the heroine decides to kill RyouFu so LiuBi and the rest will be safe. She fails to kill RyouFu and Chou Ryou and ChouSen comes barging into RyouFu’s room. ChouSen starts making a shitload of noise and it’s revealed that she plotted against Kan U so RyouFu gets pissed that her kitty almost died, so RyouFu takes some weird ass mirror out and starts sucking the soul out of ChouSen and she dies.

It’s revealed RyouFu is actually an immortal fairy, (buh ?!) and she has given her soul to ChouSen a human but just took it back. Chou Ryou is a mud doll given life also by sharing her spirit, and since the old Chou Ryou was kinda bruised and broken and useless, she made a new one who will be loyal to her.


She flips open the curtain to reveal the old Chou Ryou, unmoving and tattered. RyouFu tells Kan U there’s no more hope and that to save everyone she will have to bind a contract in front of the mirror by sharing souls through a kiss (urgh damn lesbo). Just as Kan U is about to do the contract, the old Chou Ryou suddenly moves and stops her. Some battle ensues between the two Chou Ryou, but RyouFu suddenly starts whacking up the new Chou Ryou. The heroine escapes the room with the real Chou Ryou.

RyouFu creates mud dolls and massive army, but Sou Sou, the Catties and a bunch of other people fight them. Chou Ryou and the heroine combine to fight Ryou Fu and actually win her.The mud doll armies start crumbling and so does Chou Ryou, because he’s also a mud doll. He starts to disappear but the heroine grabs the magic mirror and forms a contract with him, sharing her soul and they live together happily with whatever time they’ve left.


Mini Routes


In my take on it, I feel that the heroine was hallucinating about most of what happened with KaKou En, because she says she felt the hallucinatory pain like KaKou Ton. But in this mini route, En trains with her and becomes friends even after he had died (open ending?) This CG is from when he accidentally pushed her into the cold water and gives her CPR.

It was quite a good mini route, because you can really feel her pain through her happy hallucinations, even though at the end she just wakes up to a grave that is En’s.


En Shou. Asshole. It happens from after Chou Un died in battle in his Bad End. EnShou forcefully kisses the heroine and she gets all druggy and moony from the kiss (dont know if he actually drugged her anot, because she mentions feeling numb and good)

He keeps her locked up in the room all day and only goes to visit her when he wants some hip action. Sicko.


Ba Chou just keeps hitting on the heroine and turns out his clan has foreign blood (like middle eastern or smth) so he’s different looking. He is drawn to the heroine who is different like him and she starts enjoying his company and blah.

In the end he kisses her and tells her when he’s become as good and strong a leader as his papa, he’ll come back to marry her.


That’s it. Man, I’ve not written in a while and it’s made me really sleepy urgh. Thanks guys for reading, next one up will be Hakkenden which I’ve been dying to play because I really love the anime :3


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  1. Nice review! I’ll definitely play this at some stage! 🙂 By they way, I recommend that you add “Read More” (which is between the “Remove Link” and “Proofread Writing” buttons when composing and editing posts) tags to your posts, so that the homepage of your blog doesn’t take as long to load. It’s not a massive problem, but I think it’d improve readability.


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