Satomi Hakkenden (Hachitama no Ki) – Review

My first Quinrose game. I’ve always wanted to play Alice, but their art somehow puts me off… you know, we pay so much for the games, it just sucks if the CG is something even I can draw. So putting aside my complaints for the first time, I’m playing Quinrose.

My favourite character? The heroine.


I saw her design and I was like “HELL YEAH! A COOL HEROINE!” Unfortunately, she becomes less cool in the CGs where she’s as tall as a 10 year-old kid and the guy is like some paedophile towering over her. BE REALISTIC, QUINROSE?!!


The heroine lives with her father in a small village and she has a dog. Since her mother brought her up as a boy under the impression that girls brought up as boys grow up healthy, she has lived as a boy for 16 years, learning swordfight and all that with two fo her childhood friends, Hamaji and Sousuke.


Hamaji on the left, is the adopted son of the village chief and Sousuke on the right, is the servant of that household. The three of them are good friends but take special care in their dealings with Shino, the heroine, because they know she’s a girl.

One day the heroines friend comes and dresses her up as a girl so that she can ‘return’ to being a girl and start looking for a place to marry to since Shino’s dad is sick and old. But news come that Shino’s dog had gone into the village chief’s house and torn up an important document. The village chief and his wife are power and money hungry, so they ask that Shino’s dad give them the family treasure as a payment. Seeing the poor dog all beaten and bleeding, Shino is mad to a rage but they can’t do much about it except try to nurse it back to health. But the dog dies and Shino’s dad entrusts the family treasure to Shino before killing himself in Seppuku to protect Shino. At this point, a weird mark appears on Shino’s arm: like a peony tattoo. A marble with the character ‘filial piety’ also appears after Shino touches the sword.

Having the Sword Murasamemaru now, Shino goes under the protection of the village chief and his wife, along with Hamaji, who knows that it was all a plot for his adopted parents to get the sword. But seeing that Shino’s dad killed himself, no one can touch Shino or the sword. Shino decides that it’s too dangerous to leave such a family heirloom and legendary sword beside herself so she decides to go on a journey to present the sword to a bigshot in another country (I forgot where -_-) She defeats Hamaji who doesn’t want to let her go and starts off with Sousuke on the journey. The story then branches into character routes.



It was really difficult going on the routes since there isn’t really a point system for Quinrose games, and options that you choose leads to random endings. While the main storyline is the same, the routes are all just interactions with each character, making the story tasteless after a while. And since there are so many playable characters, it made me want to sleep after doing 4 of them.

The first character is Sousuke, one of her childhood friends and in love with her for some reason, though he doesn’t say it. He has a peony mark on his back. On their travels, they encounter Dousetsu, who tries to take Shino’s sword, the legendary Murasamemaru for himself. He defeats Sousuke pretty badly and if you choose to give him the sword, Shino and Sousuke embark on a journey to get back the sword to fulfil their original purposes.


On the way, they meet other characters and Hachi, this kid who goes around assembling the ‘Hakkenshi’ (8 dog warriors) They are people with the Peony mark and the Marble, and have ‘Inu’ in their surnames.


In the Good End, Hamaji dies and Sousuke and Shino get together, with some VERY STUPID CGs of them in bed and Sousuke being unsatisfied: Shino says they’re doing it every night. The scenes are just drawings. It’s not even worth Cero D. Sheesh. They’re now under employment of Lord Satomi, where the original 8 Hakkenshi came from.

In other random ends, Shino becomes a nun after Hamaji dies, or Hamaji and Shino get together, or both of them die. The endings were a waste of time to be honest.



He’s the one who attacked Sousuke and Shino not long after they left the village. His mark is on his left arm. If you can’t give up Murasamemaru, you follow Dousetsu on his travels so he can use you and the sword for his revenge plot. (I’ve been thinking why this Seiyuu ALWAYS gets a revenge plot in all his characters lol)

He’s an ass at first but later becomes really nice to Shino. They always bicker duirng their travels but somehow he falls in love with Shino and after accidentally discovering Shino’s a girl they start getting all icha everywhere they go.


It’s revealed later that he’s the half-brother of Hamaji and their parents were murdered by the Lord where Shino originally intended to present the sword to.

One of the Good Ends, he leaves Shino behind as a woman and goes to get revenge. When he comes back six months later, they get together.


If not, all the multiple endings either end up with him dying or them working under Satomi together etc, with Shino living as a boy.



He’s the bro of the lot, being extremely good in fighting and having a calm, serious character. HIs mark is on his right cheek. He was working under some random guy until he got put in jail for a stupid reason. While with Sousuke, Shino meet Daikaku who needs Genpachi to save his village. They break Genpachi out of jail but get separated: Genpachi ends up with Shino and they can’t find Sousuke or Daikaku. Believing they’re alive, they move on to look for Genpachi’s ‘bro’.


They find Kobungo, his ‘bro’ whose family runs a traveller’s lodge and since Shino and Genpachi are on the run now, they decide to stay at Konaya (the lodge) for a while. Over there Shino meets Fusahachi, the bro-in-law of Kobungo who has exactly the same face as her. One day authorities capture Kobungo’s dad and demands for the head of Shino and Genpachi or they will torture the old man. Fusahachi decides to kill himself in place of Shino: his grandfather or something killed the old man’s brother and Fusahachi thinks its time to atone for his family’s sin.

After that sad incident, Gen and Shino leave Konaya and somehow they meet up with Daikaku and help him save his village: some stupid shit about Youkai eating up women and children. When Gen confesses his love. Shino’s too shocked because he didn’t ever show slight suggestions of that. And he knew she was  a woman from the start.

In the end, they end up at Satomi village again and work for Lord Satomi. Bad ends are the usual random ones, dying or them not getting together yet even though they share the same feelings.


Kobungo is tall and big and seriously annoying: he is always getting yelled at by Genpachi. His mark is on his lower back. He’s always chasing skirts and was attracted to Keno until he started liking Shino. He thought he became a homo since he didn’t know Shino was a woman, which made for some funny lines in the story.

When the old man got caught, Shino wanted to kill herself to protect Kobungo’s family but he didn’t allow it and in the end, managed to save everyone.


He barges into her room one day and discovers she is a woman. Then comes him getting all seme and those stupid Cero D scenes no one gives a damn about.


I’m doing Keno now and I seriously can’t be bothered to finish it… The story is becoming too draggy since the ending point is always the same : Satomi village.

I played this because of the original Hakkenden story and found this concept overall quite fresh, but Quinrose could do better with the system and all…. I was actually interested in Snow Black but now I’m having second thoughts, since I hate draggy games… :/

That’s all for now, will be MIA until end April when projects and exams are over. In the end, is this worth a play? I’m not sure… the storyline is interesting probably up until Genpachi, but the repetitive storyline and multiple worthless endings make it a pain to play through.


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