Teikoku Star – Taisho Guuzou Roman

The story of Teikoku Star:

In 1922 Taisho Era, the time of post- World War 1, Japan welcomes a period of booming economic prosperity. But behind that prosperity and peace, the darkness of the leftovers of war lurks. But out of this darkness, a dancing and singing theatre group consisting of only males from the noble familes emerges, naming themselves as Teikoku Star. You are a commoner’s daughter and a schoolgirl but one day find yourself suddenly becoming the owner of Teikoku Star. There, the idols of Teikoku Star with one or two past trauma treat you, who are an owner only in name, as a servant girl. In a time where free love is forbidden, you are played around by their morals… what will become of your fate…?

Please buy the CDs if you like the series! They are available on a variety of websites like Rakuten, Amazon, CDJapan, and the original CD makers. CD pirating undermines the work of the seiyuus, storywriters and others involved in making the CDs. So please buy an original copy! 

Teikoku Star #1: Seishirou
CV: Takahiro Sakurai
Release Date: April 23

The 17-year old Seishirou is Teikoku Star’s no.1, from dance to singing, and despite knowing that he never speaks of his private life, he is known to be extremely serious in his practices for stage, and it is rumoured he is so obsessed with his practise that he actually doesn’t do anything other than that. He gives fanservice to the customers by seeing them to the door or shaking hands with them, and this gives him the impression of being a princely character. As a mixed-blood of Japanese and English, it contributes to his popularity in Teikoku Star and it is also rumoured that he is hiding a different coloured eye under his long bangs. With a cynical view of the world, his actions and words sometimes have a sinister ring to them… His best performance is playing ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Read his drama track translation here:


Teikoku Star #2: Isao
CV Nojima Kenji
Release Date: May 28

Teikoku Star’s 2nd idol, his family is rising up in society and thus filthy rich. As long as it’s a woman, he doesn’t care who it is, and plays around with them, and is also the reason why he is in Teikoku Star. But in the underside of things, he actually has a deep mistrust of women and sees them only as tools.

Tall with deep black hair and says his words without lacing them, many fans are attracted to the 18-year old Isao. However, what is most acclaimed about him is his incredible ability to not become breathless no matter how brilliant his swordfight display. Isao himself however simply claims that he has more physical strength than others. His fandom is amazing, with hordes of ladies waiting for a handshake after every performance, and some have even searched for his house.. For such a person as him, he has a surprising hobby of collecting antiques, to which he says he is drawn to the charm of how that antiques have no replacements if they are broken. As to what he says of the new owner, he says it’s interesting that at such a young age, and being a woman, she could be the owner. He also says that a change might occur in Teikoku Star simply because of her. His best performance is playing ‘The Phantom of the Opera’

Drama track translation: https://jyuuguchi.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/taisho-guuzou-roman-teikoku-star-isao-translations/

Teikoku Star #3: Sanji
CV: Kaji Yuuki
Release date: June 25

The third star of Teikoku theatre, he mainly plays female roles due to his young age and beauty. However contrary to his appearance, he has a deep hate for women. Having been forced into selling his body, he has an extreme mistrust of people and a secret ravenous thirst. The 16 year old Sanji is the youngest and having a small stature, when lined up with the other stars, he appears to be much smaller than them, and is thus recommended for female roles. His fans say that once he dons the costumes and puts on makeup, he may be even more beautiful than any woman. Of course, he holds a mysterious charisma that can’t be attributed mainly to his gender…. which is what his hardcore fans say. The other key to his success is his ability to sing in extremely high pitches, with his voice ringing beautifully on stage. The newspaper was unable to get his comments on the new owner. His hobbies are playing with stray dogs and cats, and other things done on a whim. His best performance is playing Kaguya-hime.

Not doing CD translation.

Teikoku Star #4: Fuji
CV: Kimura Ryohei
Release date: July 23

The 17-year old Fuji is the 4th Star of Teikoku theatre and has been brought up in a strict environment, since his father is a military man who has many achievements in the army. As a result, Fuji rarely shows emotions, and mostly only moves on orders given to him. However once he has an attachment to something, he becomes overly persistant and obsessed… His graceful demeanor never changes no matter who it is. Despite that, he is known for his flexibility in playing all kinds of roles on stage, from the level-headed character to a hot-blooded man, which he does perfectly. Because of this, those who know him off-stage, ultimately always speak of their shock at how different he is on-stage. His fans however, say that is exactly what his charm is. Since his father and brother died glorious deaths in battle, Fuji moves on the commands of his mother, and they are busy attending night parties and other kinds of societal exchanges. He says that he would like to work with the new owner in order to create a better theatre. His hobby is cooking and he loves coffee. His best performance is Beauty and the Beast.

Drama track translation: https://jyuuguchi.wordpress.com/2014/08/07/taisho-guuzou-roman-teikoku-star-fuji-translations/

Teikoku Star #5: Rei
CV: Kondou Takashi
Release date: August 27

The 18-year old Rei is the 5th Star of Teikoku theatre and the childhood friend of the heroine with a love of reading. Being born in one of the prestigious Noble families, he goes to the public school. Despite being gentle, he is always lazing around and adores the decadence and decline of things. He loves literature based on the beauty of decaying and declining things, and has a hidden, deep rooted madness. HE loves tea and going to different bookstores on a weekend, and also writes his own playscripts as a hobby.

Not doing CD translation

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