Oz to Himitsu no Ai SS translations – Haruto

Sigh. If they didn’t put Hirakawa Daisuke as the first guy I would’ve gotten the whole series. I’ve nothing against the seiyuu, its just that his voice and the character he’s playing doesn’t match. The art is really nice so I wanted to buy the whole series like I did for Teikoku Star, but ヽ(´ー`)┌ no point spending on seiyuus you don’t really like.

The story of Rejet’s Oz: (ORZ :p)
The heroine sees a strange dream many times over, one in which she and six brothers pretend to be the characters of the Wizard of Oz in a place that looks like an orphanage… She remembers reading the story of Oz before and takes up the book, wondering what was the story about when suddenly she gets sucked into the world of Oz. In there, she hears a voice telling her “If you want to return to your own world, get the keys…” An adventure overflowing with mysterious possibilities starts as you head for the Emerald City. A broken world, and you who turn  mad…


The First Key: The tin man “Haruto”
CV: Hirakawa Daisuke
Release Date: April 23

The tsundere tin woodman who thinks he doesn’t have a heart, and so unconsciously uses words to hurt people mentally and emotionally. He’s more Tsun than Dere, and is blood brothers with Keisa and Chikage. Being the youngest of them 3, he usually gets something somehow in situations.

His SS (short story on the official website has been up for sometime now, I thought I’d translate it here)

**I ask for a very simple thing, Credit if you use my translations on your website, whatever language it is in.**


Story 1 “The door of beginnings”

Ugh……Your ugly face has become more ugly now that it’s wet…
……Hah? I’m mean? But it’s true. should I bring a mirror for you to see?
You’re hurt? About what? Did you get a wound anywhere?
No?……then what is it that you’re feeling hurt about?
…… Your “heart”?
…… I really don’t get what you’ve been saying since just now.
I don’t have such a thing, there’s no way I can understand right.
Yes I don’t have a heart.
That’s why I don’t get what you mean by you’re hurt.
Ah? Is that your way of resisting me?  Fu…Idiot. Your strength can never win me. Just shut up and stay silent.
I said not to make noises right…. Since you don’t understand… Should I sew up that mouth of yours? ……Nnっ……。(sfx for kiss)
Kuku…. there’s no way I’m going to let go. Until I have known every bit of your body… there’s no way I’m letting go……。


Story 2 “Return home carefully”

One day woodcutter Haruto was cutting timber in the forest.
Wrapped in warm sunshine, it was a good day to be doing work outside.
Immersed in work, the sun had already risen to its highest point. Haruto stopped, wiping sweat from his forehead and headed back to his lodge, thinking of making lunch.
Suddenly on the path to the bottom of the hill, he could see someone coming up. Such a remote place that people hardly ever come to, who was it that was coming?

「Yo Haruto! How’s things?」
Waving a hand as he appeared was my brother Chikage.
I have a pair of twin brothers and this is one of them. My brothers have a different father from me, but they do not keep away from me, and Chikage drops by sometimes like this to see me. To me it’s kind of irritating, and seeing him today I make a somewhat bitter face. I was just about to have my food, his bad timing is really annoying.

「What did you come for?」
I asked him with a spiky tone in my voice.
「Hmm… Nothing really. I just wanted to see your face.」
「Go home.」
「Eh~ Don’t say that suddenly! Even though I came through dangerous mountain roads just to come here 」
「I didn’t ask for it you know… I’m gonna make lunch now so don’t disturb me.」
「Hmm. What are you going to make?」
「Yay! Haruto’s omurice is really tasty! Good thing I came here on an empty stomach」
「Who said you can eat?! There’s no rice or egg for an idiot like you. If you came for a free meal go home now!!」
「So cold, Haruto…. In the past you called me “Brother Chi!” And followed me around like a duckling….」
「u…. When was that from….」
「That was…. Err when was it again?」
Chikage tilted his head in thought like he really couldn’t remember. Seeing that I noticed something strange. I can’t seem to remember things from long ago… As if some kind of mist had clouded my memories.
Chikage thought hard for a while but eventually returned to the conversation with a “Whatever”.
「By the way, on my way here I saw a really big spider. It ran off but I was really freaked out.」
Human-eating spiders reside on this mountain. So big that they get such a reputation, for woodcutters like me who have to push trees aside, it’s pretty dangerous.
「Every single time you almost get attacked by those spiders, so why do you come here? I really suspect the state of your mental health…」
I said that thornily. But Chikage made a curious face and asked:
「Well what about you Haruto? Why do you only go to the mountains?」
「Huh….? For my work obviously.」
「But even after your work ends you never come down from the mountains. Do you really hate staying in the village so much? Don’t you like being with everyone?」
Saying this, Chikage peered at me with his different coloured eyes.

Well it’s not like I hate being in the village. It’s just that being among people makes me uncomfortable.
Everytime I say something, I’m questioned why I say such mean and terrible things and they avoid me. Mean or not, I only sy the truth… And I don’t even remember saying anything mean. That’s probably because I lack “something”.

What every human should have — A “heart”.

「Even if I’m with the villagers we can’t get along….」
Saying that I avert my gaze from Chikage. Chikage laughed without saying anything else. He probably understood what I was thinking. Whenever I’m with Chikage I feel like a child and it annoyes me further.
「It’s lonely being by yourself right? Let’s go down the mountains together today alright?」
「……You just want to eat my food right. I’m not getting tricked.」
「Eh~ Of course not. Your brother is veerryyy worried about Haruto you know?」
「Well come back to the village whenever you want. I’ll be waiting for you.」
「Shut up, I don’t need you to wait.…… Don’t be a busybody.」
「Enough right? Go home! You’re really annoying!」
I struck the axe onto the stump. Chikage gave a bitter smile and turned his back and walked.

「….. I did it again……. 」
Watching Chikage’s disappearing back, Haruto sank in his remorse.
He couldn’t become honest. HE couldn’t become kind. When did he become like this? Had he become a tin man without a heart? Haruto tried remembering, but nothing came to mind.
And in the time he was doing so, Chikage’s figure became smaller and smaller in the distance. If they parted ways like this, he would feel unsettled until the next time he met him again.
「……… Oi Chikage!」
Haruto called about to Chikage loudly. Chikage turned back with a surprised face.
「Return home ca-carefully…..」
Seeing Haruto say that with a sour face, Chikage’s eyes widened a little in surprise. And with a grin and a wave, he made his way slowly down the mountain path——


Me: (*´艸`*) Aren’t the brothers cute!! If only Haruto wasn’t Hirakawa I would’ve gotten Haruto’s story as well :/


Final Story –  “The bracelet of promise”

Long long ago, there was an orphanage in a certain place. There, a girl lived with six brothers. The girl is, yes– you.

 The seven of you have been taken in by the orphanage under a variety of circumstances. You who had no place to go, was extremely happy to be living under a roof. However, it was definitely not a fun place to be in. The priest who was the owner of the orphanage, treated all of you badly. Let’s get out of here one day. Not here, but another world, where we can all live happily——The six brothers and you spoke happily of such things and strove to live each day.
This is a story from back then——.

 That evening. Dragging my tired body, I exited the basement of the orphanage.
Ordered by the priest, we who were orphans were made to do hard labour in the basement. It was so harsh that I’ve thought of running away so many times. But if I went against the priest, I would be subject to terrible treatment. And if chased out of the orphanage, children like us would never survive. That’s why I subjected myself to the priest’s words like this.
「Welcome back, Haru-chan!」
Once I stepped out of the basement you met me with a smile.
You are the girl who lived with us in the basement. At first you were working with us in the basement too, but as a girl you had little strength and was useless. From then, you were subjected to all kinds of other jobs in the orphanage. Cleaning, laundry, those kinds of things.
「You’re late today, anything happen?」
You peered into my face and asked cocked your head curiously.
「……I was made to do even Ten-Kun’s share of the work」
「Oh……Tenma-Kun, he’s resting today isn’t it.」
「Haru-Chan, what’s wrong?」
「……Your outlook is really bad.」
Looking at your figure I raised an eyebrow. Frays in your clothes here and there, tangled hair, face dirtied with soot, perhaps you were working in the chimney.
「At least look like a woman. Ugly gets uglier you know?」
「Oh please. Haru-chan you’re saying such things again…… I can’t help it you know? I can’t dress up.」
You made a troubled face. Seeing that, I thought “Oh no.” Can’t dress up——Of course… We were orphans, living was already a limit. Even though I knew that, I said things bluntly. It was a bad habit of mine.
While thinking of how to atone for my words, you were already nonchalent about it.
「Never mind that, let’s go! The rest are already back!」
Smiling, you took my hand and started walking. You hand was warmer and softer than anything I’ve touched until now. I felt a sense of wonder. With you, I felt like I was a better human. Speaking silly things along the way, we made our way to the orphanage which was on the same grounds as the church.

That night, you, me and the other children of the orphanage sat and ate dinner together as usual.
Even saying so, it’s not like there was much to eat.  On the plate was steamed yam and a piece of bread, and a slice of tomato. There were days when we had only the yam. Today’s meal was on the better side. We were all hungry and reached out to wolf down the food before us, but the eldest Airu wouldn’t let us. Putting our hands together, we waited quietly for Airu to speak.
「…… Itadakimasu」
Without waiting for Airu, we shouted out the words. Once we put our hands on the wares, what was left was only to wolf the food down, without exchanging words with each other. We were all tired out from work in the day. Airu either gave up on us or understood our feelings for he said nothing.
Ever single day, such a scene repeated, but today was a little different.
「Hey Haru-chan」
The voice that sounded beside me came from Tenma. He was the same age as me but short.
「Ah? What.」
I returned a reply moodily. The truth is, I was a little angry with Tenma. Tenma occasionally said he caught a cold and took absence from work. Eveyone let it go with a “it can’t be helped” but I wasn’t happy that only Tenma got it good. Tenma had his own set of problems…. but at this point in time I didn’t know.
「You don’t want that?」
What Tenma pointed to on my plate was the tomato. Since I left it behind, he probably thought I didn’t want it. That’s not true, I actually left it for the last enjoyment——Was what I wanted to say but Tenma’s fork moved faster.
「Hehe, I’ll take it♪」
The tomata made a sound as it squashed under his fork, and Tenma dumped it into his mouth. I sat dazed for a moment before my anger started to rise slowly. The entire day, I was gritting my teeth working, and my only enjoyment of the day had just been stolen… thinking so I couldn’t contain my anger.
「Asshole!! Don’t just eat my things!」
Hitting him with a loud sound, I stood up with a force that overturned my chair.
「Who the hell said I ddin’t want it!? I just saved it for the last!」
「Oh is it?. My bad.」
Chewing on what was inside his mouth slowly, he answered unbothered. Seeing that, my patience snapped.
「Asshole, don’t you look down on me!!」
Grabbing his shirt with both hands, I yelled. At that moment, you stood up flustered and tried to break up apart.
「Ha, Haru-Chan, calm down……」
「You stay out of this! This is between me and Tenma」
Pushing you away, I faced Tenma again. Tenma pouted and-
「I said sorry. You don’t have to be so angry right? It’s just a tomato, I’ll return it another day.」
said that.
My anger just grew with those heck-care words.
「That’s not the point here!  A stupid slacker taking peopls’s food……」
「Slacker…… What do you mean?」
「Ah? Are you messing around? You asshole, you took rest off work today. Everyone was working hard…… And today I made up for the work you didn’t do. So what the hell’s with you!? Doing nothing, eating free food, and on top of that taking others’ food…… Saying you have a cold is just an excuse isn’t it!?」
「Wait Haru-Chan, it’s not like that, Tenma-Kun——」
「Ah~、This bread is soooo delicious! Bit hard though!」
Suddenly Shian let out a loud voice. Noticing that he meant to attract attention, you suddenly clammed up…… I knew this later too, but you and Airu, and Shian who was Tenma’s blood brother, knew about Tenma’s secret. But apparently Tenma had told all of you not to say anything.
「Stop it already Haru. The food will become tasteless. As it is, it already tastes bad ……」
Chikage my brother said that as he let his fork onto the plate.
「Shut up! This has nothing to do with brother Chi!」
「Okok, then do whatever you want.」
「……Oi Haru. You want to be punched?」
My other brother Keisa glared at me with a sharp look.
「Why do I have to get punched? Tenma is the one in the wrong right!?」
I turned to face Tenma and gripped his shirt tighter.
「Today of all days, I’m not going to forgive you…… Kneel and apologize you midget!」
「Wha- ……What does being short have to do with this!? And don’t call me midget!」
「I’ll say it over and over again! Bean! It’s not like you’re grow big anyway, eating is useless!」
Thrusting Tenma away, I grabbed Tenma’s plate. And threw whatever was on it on the floor.
「っ……Asshole what’re you doing!!」
Face red with anger, he grabbed my shirt. I grabbed his. And we continued like this——
「You don’t need it you asshole! You don’t work shit, don’t eat like us!」
「You’ve been saying whatever you want since just now…… I’m not resting because I want to!」
「Liar! You just want to slack off don’t you! Don’t eat if you don’t work, die if you’re useless!」
In my anger I spat those words out. Die——The moment I said that, Tenma’s face hardened. But having said all that, I couldn’t back off now. Tenma and I fought on the trigger of my words. You desperately tried to stop us, looking around for help.
——And at that moment.
「Enough. Don’t kick up a fuss during meals.」
Airu said that quietly, just that one phrase. A cold voice that sent a shudder down my spine. With just that one phrase, it was as if Airu had thrown water on us. The surroundings went cold.
「……Right. Haru come here.」
Somehow Chikage was beside me and pulled on my arm. Keisa joined in and pulled Tenma and me apart. Shian went beside Tenma.

After that Tenma and I didn’t speak for a while. Even if we passed each other in the orphanage, we wouldn’t meet each others’ eyes. I only remember being angry with Tenma, but as time passed, unease accumulated in me.
「——Haru has that personality huh」
One afternoon Chikage said that as we walked down the hallway.
「What, what personality..…」
I asked with a blunt face.
「Unconsciously you hurt people…… What people usually don’t say, you’ll say it. Like that time you quarelled with Tenma.」
「That was Tenma’s fault.  He ate my food……」
「True, but telling him to “die” is extreme isn’t it?」
「Why? Don’t Brother Chi think so too? That Tenma is sneaky bastard.」
「Well, sneaky… I also want to rest like him … But Tenma isn’t resting because he wants to. Surely he’s feeling bad that he can’t work with everyone too. Using that to blame him is kind of pitiful.」
「Anyway, better to be careful. Haru has a habit of sometimes saying things that stabs people in the heart.…… I’m going to wash my hands.」
Saying that, Chikage left me behind as he walked down the hallway. I stood there unmoving, pondering on the things Chikage said to me. I knew I was an unfeeling person. I think it’s a bad habit. But I didn’t know how to cure myself.
「Ah, there he is… Haru-chan!」
From behind, you came running to me. Having just been prodded on my soft spot by Chikage, I turned around moodily.
「…… What.」
「I met Tenma there just now. He said he would wait a while for me, so let’s go apologise to him?」
I averted my eyes from you. I knew I had to apologise to Tenma. But I couldn’t become an honest person. It had been a while after that incident, but there was still stubbornness left in me.
「Why do I have to apologise? It’s Tenma fault.」
「But this way, Tenma and you will continue to fight. And you said soemthing mean to Tenma-kun. You can’t say something that hurts people.」
Hearing the same thing as Chikage, I furrowed my brows. Not realising my annoyance, you continued.
「If you don’t apologise properly, things won’t go back to normal. I’ll go with you, so let’s apologise to Tenma ok?」
You looked at my eyes. Those glassy eyes seemed to force me into submission with a mysterious power. I averted my eyes and bit my lips. Having you fuss over my situation like this was embarassing and uncool.
「…… Shut up, idiot!」

Yelling that to my only ally, I walked off as if escaping.

In the mountains behind the church, I sighed as I sat under a fir tree. Apologise to Tenma ok? That voice rang in my head. Messing up my hair, I sighed again.
Why am I like this. How many times must I repeat this over ——Asking myself, I couldn’t find an answer. Maybe I don’t have a heart. Brother Chi said so too. That I just casually hurt people with my words. Not being able to understand someone’s pain——Didn’t that just mean I didn’t have a heart, a human one?
Thinking that, I heard running footsteps behind me.
With a breathless voice you called out to me. Caught by surprised I was flustered, but you didn’t stop until you came to the fir tree.
「What…… You need something.」
「I was thinking what you were doing……So I chased after you.」
「っ……I don’t need your concern」
「I know, but I’m worried……」
Saying that, you took a deep breath. Catching your breath you began to speak.
「I don’t want you… to be alone」
「If this continued, one day everyone will leave you. You may think it’s ok, but I don’t want that, because you’re important to me.」
「I don’t want someone important to be hated…… I don’t want to see you alone……」
With a teary voice, you said that, Why could you try so hard for someone else? I averted my eyes from your marble ones, thrown off by your words.
「……I don’t know what to do」
「It’s not for sure that Tenma will forgive me…… Even if he did, I might hurt him again….. I just can’t. Think of someone, understand him…… Something that everyone can do, I can’t… Maybe I don’t have a heart.」
I twisted my lips in self-depreciation. This character can’t be changed anymore.From now onwards I will definitely continue hurting people, live being hated. When I realise it, no one will be around me anymore, and die lonely…… I thought that with a child’s heart.
「…… Why do you say that ……?」
You whispered that suddenly. As if you were the one hurt, you said it with a small voice.
As if my heart had been struck, I looked into your eyes.
「Haru-Chan is kind. I know, I know you have a heart.」
「If not, you won’t be worrying like this. You wouldn’t make such a pained face. You’re just a little awkward. Don’t say something so sad, that you don’t have a heart……」
Saying that, you began crying. As if glass was melting, large drops of tears fell from your eyes.
「っ……Damn, don’t cry……」
I said that bluntly and not knowing what to do,  embraced you. Even though I told you not to cry, having you cry for me made me a little happy.

 After that, I went to apologise to Tenma alone. You wanted to come too, but I had to face this alone. In the end, Tenma forgave me and apologised for eating my tomato.
「That’s good」
Going down the gentle slope, You smiled at me. It was a rare day-off today, and both of us strolled to the fir trees. And we were returning now.
With a heartbeat faster than usual, I wondered when I should bring up “that”.  Touching my chest pocket, I couldn’t bring myself to take that out in front of you. It was an embarassing thing and my hands kept hesitating.
We were nearing the orphanage. Before we reached there, I wanted to give it to you while we were still alone. ——Determining to do it, I stopped walking, standing in the soft evening glow.
「Haru-chan, what’s wrong?」
Saying that awkwardly, I brought out something.
「……? This, is a present?」
It was a bracelet of silver.
There wasn’t any handiwork and a simple design. I’d wanted it to be more intricate, but with the strength of a child and making this in between my work was all I could do.
「I’ll give it to you. I had your help, quite a bit……」
「Eh? Really?」
「You’ll become more of a woman with this」
Saying that bluntly, I saw your face glow. Passing the bracelet through your thin wrists, you brought it up to the sunset and said that it was pretty many times over. It was something unskillful made by a child, but you were happy like it was the best bracelet in the world.
Seeing this side of you, I let go a smile. Then, opening my mouth as if drawing a breath,
「……I promise. I won’t say mean things to others anymore.」
「It’s not just words. I won’t do things to hurt people again. I swear on that bracelet.」
At my words, you smiled, more gentle than the sunset would be.

「You won’t hurt people again——」
Deciding to live this promise with you, Haruto resolved in his heart,
No matter how much time passed, Haruto believed he wouldn’t ever forget this promise.
But this promise, in the coming “separation”, would be forgotten slowly——But that’s another story.


**Big yawns** I took a really long time to type this line by line (=o=;) But ohh…. Haruto… I totally had a mune-kyun when he hugged the heroine. They really should’ve casted someone else as Haruto!


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  2. thaaaanks for the translations!!! are great, I hope you can continue translating the following stories ❤ the last ss of Chikage came today ^^ please translate it onegaaii (^ ω ^)


  3. I’m happy I’m not the only one who wasn’t entirely satisfied with the casting of Hirakawa Daisuke as Haruto. Personally, I like him as a seiyuu, but it didn’t match the voice I would have pictured for the “tin man” when I read the profiles of each character that would be featured in the series prior to release.

    Thanks for translating all the SS for this series! I saw that they were on the official website, and told myself I would get to reading them eventually, but I got lazy…I only glimpsed at the original stories, but your translations were easy to understand. I will be reading all of them. I appreciate your hard work.

    Haruto’s character design is one of my favorites in the series, but it’s been so long since I listened to this CD I feel like I need a refresher. It’s not like I forgot, but it was many CDs ago so the connection with what happened in Haruto’s CD feels far away. I’m really happy they wrote about the whole bracelet incident since it was a featured moment in the CD. One of the biggest things this series has going for it is the whole mystery aspect, so finding out little things like this along the way makes it more enjoyable since it paints a fuller picture.

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    • Hello Sena!

      Thanks so much for your comments, it’s great to have people who share the same thoughts (*´∀`*) Haruto’s design was also my favourite along with Keisa’s…. And I was really excited when they first introduced the series, but got really disappointed when the Seiyuus were announced…

      My idea of the Tin Man would be a softer and lower voice, and that of Chikage’s to be brighter, but I guess it can’t he helped (;・∀・)


      • It’s always rather disappointing when the image you make of certain characters don’t quite seem to match the castings. Haruto’s was probably the one I was most let down by, but considering that, I think it came out alright.


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