Oz to Himitsu no Ai SS translations – Chikage (Second Key)

** These are from the official website, I only translated them.


The Second Key: The west magician “Chikage”
CV: Kondou Takashi
Release Date: May 28

The bewitching magician of the west, he’s the type that can generally do everything, since being born with talent and is thinking hard of a way to do away with humans all at once. Brothers with Keisa and Haruto, he’s the twin of Keisa but they have completely different personalities.

I seriously think KondouT’s voice doesn’t really suit Chikage… Chikage is somewhat of a ‘Everything’s troublesome” guy and one of those feminine clean-freaks, and Kimura Ryohei seems to be more suitable when I think of him in Diabolik Mosquitoes Lovers as Mukami Kou. But of course, KondouT and HirakawaD are both pretty famous for their ability to voice ‘H’ stuffs (; ・`ω・´) which is probably why they’re cast as the first two characters to draw more crowd.

**I ask for a very simple thing, Credit if you use my translations on your website, whatever language it is in.**


Story 1 “The door of beginnings”

What’s with that face…. what are you unhappy with?
Besides, the one who should be unsatisfied is me.
Because of you, I missed out on the money collection.
Seriously…What do you think I’m doing something so lame as magic for?

Of course for living expenses right? If I can’t earn money I won’t be doing this.
It’s your fault. Take responsibility.

……Hah?  Don’t make a fuss just because I pushed you down.
I’ll get my payment from your body, be quiet now.

What’s that dumb face. Surely you know what I’m saying right?

Fuu…. What’s with this thin body of yours…
Do you think I’ll be satisfied with this body?  Hmm…?

…… Aah, it’s unexpectedly good…
Hmm……Well this will at least keep me from boredom…

……Of course. Life is boring.
Everything is boring… Living a continuous empty existence….

……Nevermind that, will you use your body…. to let me have fun? Nnっ……
What do you mean what was that…… A kiss of course. Don’t ask something you know.
Aah- You’re noisy. Or… are you making noise on purpose because you want more?

……Then I’ll do as you wish. ……っNn……。


Story 2 “Two similar people”

One day, “the magician of the west” Chikage, went off to a far village. The leader of another village had invited him to open a magic show for them. Chikage who hates troublesome things, didn’t really want to go but he needed money for his living expenses. Unhappily getting his bag of tools, he set off on his journey.
It was worthwhile since the customers were all greatly delighted.
But to Chikage he didn’t care as long as he got money from the collection. Making a bored face, he returned to his village with his pet rabbit.
He stopped suddenly when “something” caught his eye. What was that….?

「……Is that the humans’ village?」
Walking on the countryside path, I muttered when I saw a big door on the other side of the fields. The humans’ village were surrounded by four high walls and it’s impossible to peek inside. Because of that, it just gets more creepy.

In this world of Oz, There are “Inhabitants”  and also “Humans” who don’t exist outside those walls. “Inhabitants” and “Humans” ——we look the same but we have a different air. Well that’s because humans came from somewhere else. Whatever is outside the world of Oz, I don’t know. Those “humans” who came from some unconceivable place are creepy and disgusting.
「”Humans” should just disappear …… Right? U-tan?」
I spoke to U-tan, the rabbit riding on my shoulder. While its true that they can’t be seen since they’re hiding behind the walls,  Having them there is annoying. If they won’t disappear maybe I should wipe them off the world of Oz … Being tired from a long journey, it might make for a good change of pace.
But at this U-tan cocked its head inquisitively. Most people don’t know but since we’ve been together for a while,  I knew what he was saying.
「……Well yeah. It’s a pain to exterminate the humans.」
U-tan nodded at my words.
「Right, let’s stop talking nonsense and get back home. I’m kinda hungry…. Oh yeah! I should stop by Haruto’s place. You like it too right U-tan? Haruto’s omurice!」
U-tan happily turned a circle. Even such an action was endearingly cute. I grinned and grabbed my bag of tools and headed up the mountain path.
But– Suddenly.
I knocked into the person coming from the front and lost my balance. Good thing U-tan was on the other shoulder, not the one the person bumped into.
Regaining my foothold I faced the other person.
「I’m sor-……」
My apology stopped in its tracks. There, with eyes the same colour as my left one, a violent looking man was my twin brother Keisa.
「Tsk… it’s you asshole…」
With two hands stuffed into his pockets on the footpath, Keisa spat the words out. Seeing such ill-manners, I made a face as if I’d just crushed a bug with my teeth. Upon returning from a sickening job, meeting the guy I most didn’t want to meet…. It’s relly my unlucky day… Wanting to rid him from my vision as fast as I could, I moved ahead silently.
「っ……You asshole!! Don’t just ignore me!!」
Keisa’s sharp words hit me from the back. Even so, I didn’t stop, walking in large steps.
「Chikage you asshole……If you look down on me I’m gonna boil that fat rabbit and eat it!」
At Keisa’s words I stopped in my tracks as if time itself had stopped.
「…………What, did you just say…?」
「Aaa? You didn’t hear me? I said I’ll boil that fat rabbit and eat it.」
I heard something snapping near my temple and I turned around to face Keisa in a snap. Leaving my bag on the ground I stormed to Keisa.
「Fat rabbit……? Who the hell are you saying that to?! 」
「Hah. Is that rabbit so important? Can’t sleep with U-tan by your bed at night?」
「Don’t mess around!  I’m the one who is helping U-tan by sleeping with it. Rabbits die when they get lonely. Don’t call U-tan’s name so casually, you gangster good-for-nothing!」
「Aaah? Da’hell did you say…?」
「What’s with your clothes? Filthy like nothing else. For a moment I thought trash just walked past me. ……Aa, Gross gross. Don’t come near me, trash!」
「You asshole…. if you say anymore I’m gonna beat you to death!!」
「Same to you, disappear from my sight! If you want I can dispose of you together with those humans there!」
We argued with filthy language, you wouldn’t think we were brothers. No, maybe it was because we were brothers that it ended up like this. We were twins but had completely different personalities. Filthy, violent and idiotic… to think that something like this is my other half gives me the creeps. If I could exchange him for something else I would.
Somehow in the heat of the fight we had grabbed each other’s shirt.
And at the moment, something small and white had come to my feet.
U-tan looked up at me with his round, cute eyes. As if telling me to stop quarelling. I glared at Keisa. Clicking his tongue in annoyance, Keisa let go of my shirt.
「……It’s so idiotic to be fighting when we’re so old. Let’s go home, U-tan.」
Bending down I offered both hands to U-tan. He ran forward and jumped into my arms, settling comfortably. White and fluffy, he was like an angel. Having been so angry felt even more stupid now. Anchoring on my heels, I picked up the bag I’d thrown on the ground.

「……And why’re you even here?」
With his back to Keisa, Chikage sulkily asked.
「Aa? Why? There was a fight around this area.」
Keisa answered in the same blunt tone as Chikage.
「Hmm as usual violence for three square meals? I won’t care if you get hurt」
「……None of your business」
「You’re always like that. Stop going around picking fights and return to the village. And, change your clothes everyday. You seriously stink.」
「Well same to you, despite being able to do anything you’re floating around doing nothing too.」
「……I don’t need your concern.」
Saying that Chikage began walking down the footpath again. U-tan, riding on his shoulder was staring intently behind him. It was probably watching Keisa as he walked away.
「……Well anyway he seems to be unecessarily healthy.」
Muttering this, Chikage smiled.

Me: Humans living behind high walls? Sounds like a manga from somewhere…. (#・∀・)


Story 3 On sale date! – “The flowerpin of promise”


Long long ago, there was an orphanage in a certain place. There, a girl lived with six brothers, and that girl is — yes, you.

 The seven of you have been taken in by the orphanage under a variety of circumstances. You who had no place to go, was extremely happy to be living under a roof. However, it was definitely not a fun place to be in. The priest who was the owner of the orphanage, treated all of you badly. Let’s get out of here one day. Not here, but another world, where we can all live happily——The six brothers and you spoke happily of such things and strove to live each day.
This is a story from back then——.

 It was a rare off day today, but I wasn’t feeling especially happy or anything. That’s because even if I had time, there wasn’t anything to do. It meant I was plain ‘bored’.

At that moment, I was walking in the garden of the church. ‘Garden’ had a beautiful ring to it, but this was not such a place. On the ground were withered leaves swirling, the blocks of the flowerbed had broken, and wild grass sprung up everywhere. Because of such a scene, it wasn’t interesting to look at at all, and if you ask me, it made one feel wild. But even so, I had a reson to be passing by this place.

「——I knew it」
Exiting the garden, I breathed out those words. Across my vision, you were sitting there plucking flowers. At this time if I left the garden, the chances of meeting you were high. Of course, we were in the same house– or rather, living in the same orphanage, so we had chances to meet. But there was hardly any chance for us to be alone together, which is why I entered that boring garden.

Your hair as swaying in the gentle breeze. I squinted as I looked at this bright scene and crept up behind you. You didn’t turn around and appeared to be concentrating hard on picking flowers. With a tinge of jealousy, I reached out two hands to you from behind.

「Gue–ss who?」
I said so as I covered your eyes with my hands. You replied with a small “wah!” and dropped the flowers you were holding. They were a bunch of blue violets that had grown on their own, without anyone taking care of them.

「w, who is it? I don’t know……」
You were extremely flustered and chucking, I veered my lips near your ear.
「——It’s me」
「This voice……Chi-chan?」
「You got it」
I removed my hands slowly from your eyes. You turned around in a flash and caught me with your eyes. And pouting your lips and puffing your cheeks–
「Hey doing that suddenly, you shocked me」
And complained. Perhaps you had the intention of being angry, but to me, that face was so cute I couldn’t help it.
「You were picking flowers?」
「Yup. I thought of decorating my room with them, I like flowers.」
Saying so, you picked up the violets you had just dropped. I thought in my heart that liking flowers was being just like a girl and chuckled inwardly.

You were the only girl amongst the children of the orphanage. Independent for your age, you were always serious and did things with all your heart— and teasing you was fun. Spending time with you like this made me forget my boredom. The emptiness in my heart and despair towards life could be forgotten in moments like this.

「Oh, there’s dirt stuck on you.」
I said so staring and you. It must have gotten there while you were picking flowers.
「Really? Where?」
You smoothed a hand over your cheek anxiously as I said so. But you had not taken it off at all as your were touching the wrong side. Giving an amused smile, I drew my face near you.
「Not there, here.」
Whispering this, I touched my lips gently to your cheek. And at that moment, your fair skin turned scarlet.

The next day having been ordered by the priest, I worked in the basement under the church grounds together with Haruto and the other children. Everyone, while hating the priest, wiped sweat from their foreheads and worked. Of course, I hated the priest form the bottom of my heart too and wanted to make him disappear if I could. I wanted to wipe off adults — and those “humans” off from this world.

But I couldn’t do that in reality. We were powerless and had no other way to survive than to live here. I thought of you suddenly. As a girl you were made to work elsewhere, and was probably washing clothes in cold water now. I saw yesterday that you were picking flowers with chapped hands.
I thought of letting even just you escape from this place.……There were many ways to do so but none of them seemed realistic. In the end, we had to do whatever adults say and be subjected to their whims…

At night, I walked down the hall of the orphanage carrying a lantern. My body was tired but I had something to do. Or rather, it was a habit to do so. It would be a disturbance to do it in the room with everyone there and worse if seen by the priest. That’s why I always headed to the back of the roof of the orphanage, and tonight as well, I headed there.
I stopped in my tracks and held out the lantern in front of me. In the dim light, I saw a boy squatting and leaning against the wall. It was my twin brother Keisa. I say twins, but everything about us was different and honestly I didnt get along with him. Once we spoke to each other it would turn into a fight so we made sure not to speak to each other. Tonight however, I called out to him unthinkingly. It was because his cheeks was red and swollen, and blood was smudged on the side of his mouth.
「What happened, wha’s your face like that……」
「It’s nothing, don’t fuss about it.…」
Keisa said so with a dark voice with. As usual not a likeable guy– even thinking so in my heart, I asked him.
「You were at it with the priest again?」
「You don’t learn huh. Even if you were strong, you can’t win an adult’s strength. Of course I am pissed with the priest too……But there’s no point fighting back against him」
「Well you’re that kind of guy, always not moving a finger and having a ‘I know it all’ face even though you’re a brat as well.]
「……What are you trying to say」
I answered with anger in my voice. Keisa clicked his tongue in annoyance and turned his face away. If we continued like this it would become a quarrel again. And he knew. I didnt want to fight as well and passed by Keisa silently.

Once going up the stairs, it would be the back of the roof. It was used as a storage room and not being cleaned, it was full of dust. Hanging a beam on the lantern, I sat on the floor and took out something from my pocket — an old pack of cards. It was something that had been thrown here in this storage room. Shuffling them dexterously, I packed them into my breast pocket. Then I stretched my right arm forward and waved it up and down. Doing so, my hand which should not have had anything in it had a card that fallen. One piece, two piece– as I waved my hands the card appeared and danced to the floor.

What I was doing was — yes, magic.
It wasn’t for the sake of showing others but just to dispel my boredom. Magic needed intelligence and skill, so when I first started it was extremely fun, but it was becoming boring now too. I could do any magic I learned quickly. Practise and effort wasn’t even needed. Something with no resistance was becoming extremely dull.
It wasn’t just magic, Everything was like that to me.
It was easy to do and thus boring. I couldn’t become passionate. Some people said of my talent and dexterity that it was “enviable” but I didn’t get it. I carried an emptiness in my heart and lived as if this world was a dead colourless world. What was so enviable about this life, was was enjoyable about it?
Suddenly Keisa’s words came back to me. ‘Well you’re that kind of guy, always not moving a finger and having a ‘I know it all’ face even though you’re a brat as well”——That was what Keisa said.
It’s not like I wanted to understand things. But I had no choice. I had no way to escape from this emptiness. Boredom would just continue on and on. Now and ever.
Hey, someone tell me. What meaning had such a life? Why am I alive…..?
「……I should stop」
I lowered my arm without strength. I had to clean up but I didn’t want to move even a finger anymore. Something close to despair had controlled my body and just staring absentmindedly at the faint light took me all I had.
And, suddenly-
「……who is it?」
Someone was coming up the stair and I questioned with a sharp voice.
「Chi-chan? Why’re you here?」
The person who peeked inside was you. I was surprised but relaxed when I saw you.
「What were you doing? Is that trump cards?」
「……nothing, really.」
Surprised by my own cold reply, I collected the cards.
「You as well, coming here at such a late time, whats up?」
「Well……I was told there were rats here and came to see…」
It must have been the priest who told her to come. Perhaps the noise I made was mistaken as rats. Sighing, I stuffed the cards into my pocket.
「It’s alright. There’re no rats here. So return to your room ok?」
「……? Why, is there anything else?」
「Chi-Chan, are you worrying about something?」
Saying so, you peeked into my face with your green eyes. Being asked that suddenly, my heart thumped loudly.
「……Why do you think so?」
「Because you were making a pained face……」
「A pained face….. me?」
「Mm……So I wondered if you were worrying about something」
I averted my gaze at your words. You were innocent but occasionally said something sharp like this. Despite feeling that I couldn’t escape from you, I still put up a fight. It was because what you were trying to know was something that I didn’t want to talk about.
「I’m not worrying. Isn’t it just your imagination?」
「Chi-Chan, I may not be reliable but if there’s anything——」
「I said I’m not worrying alright! Besides……Even if I worried, you would’t understand.」
「It’s not just you. No one will understand. Not Haru, not Keisa, not the others…. it’s pointless even talking about it. Nothing will come out of talking about it!」
「But, you won’t know unless you talk about it……」
「っ……Stop prying! Why do you care so much!?」
I let out a loud voice unthinkingly. Your eyes widened and you moved back apologetically. Seeing that I thought ‘oh no’, but couldn’t apologise straightaway. I put on an adult face usually but in reality, I was a stubborn child.

In the end, I left you and the lantern behind and exited the room.

——A short while after that, I avoided you. But I had a strong regret in my heart. Even if it was something I didn’t want others to touch on, I shouldn’t have taken my anger out on you. Feeling myself to be a pitiable man, I set out to apologise to you.

 Going past the garden, as expected, you were there, picking violets——was what I thought but you were a little strange today. You were staring at your hands with a shocked face.
「……What’s wrong?」
I approached you and nervously called out. You turned around and made a surprised face. I thought I would be turned away but you let up a sad smile.
「This is broken……」
Saying so, you glanced down at your hands. There was a broken hairpin in it. The one you always wore.
「Seems like the clip got old……」
You looked like you were about to cry, seems like you liked it alot. It would be good if you could buy one, but the priest wouldn’t give us money.After thinking for a while I made up my mind. Squatting in front of you, I met your gaze.
「Don’t move」
「Just do it——Ok let’s go」
Saying so I snapped my fingers and instantly, violets bloomed in your hair. Right and left, on your bangs and on the back. The violets stood out from our silver hair and matched it well.
「Eh? This, this, how? Amazing……!」
As you touched your hair you let out an impressed voice.
「It’s magic」
「Magic? Chi-chan, you can do tricks?」
「Well yeah. You said you like flowers right? I want to fix your hair pin but……Sorry」
「No, I’m really happy. Thank you Chi-chan.」
You smiled brightly as if flowers had blossomed. Feeling my cheeks grow hot, I averted my gaze so you wouldn’t notice.
「Sorry for…… the other day」
「The other day……?」
「I got mad at you in the back room of the roof remember? I said you wouldn’t understand my worries……」
I confessed all my worries to you. Whether it would be understood was one thing, I knew I wanted to tell you. You listened with a serious face and finally showed a hesitant face. It was a face that wondered how you should reply.
「Well, it’s like that so I’m going to quit magic…… Doing something so lame has no meaning, so……」
「It’s not lame!」
You said with a clear voice and led along by your sudden declaration, I made  a blank face. Realising what you did, you cupped a hand over your mouth.
「……So, sorry… But I really feel this way.」
「I don’t understand everything Chi-chan said. I’m clumsy, so I really admire Chi-Chan.」
「Besides, I think your magic is amazing. Isn’t it? Having my hairpin broken I was so sad a moment ago but you blew my feelings away so fast. I think your magic brings people smiles. 」
「If you want to quit, then it can’t be helped, but I like it. The Chi-chan who can make people smile with magic, and Chi-chan himself. 」
You said that with all your heart and seeing it, I began to feel light-hearted as well. It was a curious thing. I had been so stubborn yet I accepted your words without thinking much. If you were happy, if you would smile, I could continue my magic.. was what I thought. It was probably because I held special feelings for you.
I reached out my hands and drew you into an embrace. Being hugged so tightly, you let out a small sound.
「Chi, Chi-chan……?」
「Don’t say things like you like me so easily…… I’ll misunderstand you know?」
「Misunderstand? Why?」
「It’s ok, you don’t have to know」
「That’s not fair. What do you mean, tell me.」
「Hmm…… Alright I’ll tell you when you get a little older. For now…」
I kissed your white cheek.

「Only for you, and your smile, I’ll do magic—」
As he embraced you, Chikage made this decision.
No matter how much time passed, Chikage believed he wouldn’t ever forget this promise.
But this promise, in the coming “separation”, would be forgotten slowly——But that’s another story.



Ohh Chikage’s story was more obvious in the ‘childhood love’ thing. You know, when you get past 18,19, cute stories like this make you go (´∀`) But though the title was about a flowerpin, I expected it to be something like Chikage making her a flowerpin as in Haruto’s story, but it seems that “the flowerpin of promise” is pointing towards his promise on the flowers on her head. Lol.

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  2. I agree with you about the childhood love aspect :D. I liked Chikage, and while he wasn’t my favorite in the series, I enjoyed reading his stories. The brothers all have such interesting dynamics in this world.

    I was also mislead by the title of the flowerpin, but I guess making the heroine something would’ve been more Haruto’s thing, so it made sense. I was rather amused with him putting flowers all over her hair anyway. It was cute.

    I haven’t gotten good at recognizing Kondou Takashi’s voice yet so I didn’t have a real opinion about the casting for this one.

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  3. So cuteeeeee >.< Yep, so obvious! Chikage liked her enough to consider her basically like the center of his bpring life? :DDDD
    I actually like Kondo Takashi, so I wasn't actually disappointed with his casting. But I also really like Kimura Ryohei and could totally see him as Chikage, too….

    I kind of wonder what U-chan is supposed to symbolize, though. The Heroine of the other world?


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