Code:Realize “The princess of creation” – Official site open!

Game Review here:

FINALLY. Like FINALLY the official site is open, which means another web for me to stalk and glare at the creators of PS VITA. I’ve been waiting for this and it seems like a story revolved around the fictional mysteries of London, with Lupin, Van Helsing and Frankenstein. Looks kinda iffy at the moment, but has potential…


Cardia is  a girl who has deadly poison residing in her body and called a ‘monster’ as a result. One night, she meets a man who calls himself a Chivalrous Thief, Arsene Lupin. She proceeds to Industrial London led by him.  She meets various people in that strange land and an intricate story is woven slowly. What will be the answer that the girl called a ‘monster’ arrives at?




Due to the poison in her body, anything she touches rots or melts. Before she gets caught by the English army for being a ‘monster’, she meets Lupin who helps her escape. Having lost her memories since two years ago, she searches for her father who holds the key to her memories in London.

“I’m not sad… This is also me.”




The Great thief of reputation in the world. Extremely cheerful, he’s optimistic and confident, and the only thing supporting that confidence is his Ace-initiative and stealing technique. The one who brought Cardia away, he also heads for London for his own goal.

“Don’t worry. Smiles or tears, I’ll steal them all away” (´・ω・`)


Van Helsing


The strongest and fiercest Vampire Hunter of fame.
Having served in the English army before, he has such physical capability and military strategy that he’s called a “Human Weapon” He’s chasing someone to fulfil his destiny.

“I’m looking for a man. Why? To kill him”


Victor Frankenstein 


A researcher originally from the England government. Though, with various talents and information, he’s not proud and has a good character. Rather, he’s always getting thrown around by the people and situations around him. Due to a reason, he has become a wanted criminal.

“I ran away. Fearful and trembling…. I’m the worst…”

(rofl a researcher in old London with headphones?)


Impey Barbicane


A man who came to London with Lupin. Bright, casual and sometimes gets too carried away, it’s no doubt that he is a genius of invention, and is looking for something stolen from him.

“I believe that everyone in the world will be able to laugh happily one day”

(I seriously don’t know the backstory of this guy…)


Saint – Germain


A man gentlemanly in words and actions. Having a house in London, he provides a place for the heroine and the rest to stay. Being quite a strange man, he welcomes the heroine and the rest because he says they’re “interesting”.

“I see, I can’t be trusted. It’s alright, I’ll think the same way too.”


Overall sounds quite juvenile…. Hopefully in time we’ll see it develop into something good. The gallery and scenes are updated here:

Cast announcement and sub-characters:

11 thoughts on “Code:Realize “The princess of creation” – Official site open!

  1. Thanks for the translation! You should consider posting some of these on Otome Jikan. Anyway, I do agree about how it sounds “juvenile.” Not in the honeybee CERO A/B sense, but how it sounds like Cardia’s poison has the potential to be a blatant (and childish) angst device, which will come off as bratty and chuunibyou if portrayed poorly.

    I like the idea of basing the heroes on popular fictional characters (though some of them have been done already). However, what’s holding me back from this game is the lack of information about Carda’s poison, really. There are too many things I don’t understand about it, which makes it harder for me to take it seriously. It does sound like an important story element, so it’s crucial this makes sense, isn’t ridiculously implausible and is explained.

    Since her poison sounds like a corrosive one, why don’t her clothes disintegrate? What the hell are they made out of? She poisons on contact, so that would most likely mean her skin produces the poison. Wouldn’t that mean exposing her face is dangerous as well? How is her poison produced? Creatures that are poisonous on contact tend to get the toxins they need from their diet.

    So many questions… and sorry for the long, nitpicky animal studies student comment! >_<


  2. Haha you’re right about cero A/B as something worth dissing :p I’m not very sure about posting on otome jikan. Is it a community blogging or run by one person? Cardia seems to have accepted her own poison, though how much of the backlash from others in London she can take remains to be seen..

    Apparently her father holds the key to her memories so he might have information on the poison as well. In the website’s BG illust it seems like later on Lupin’s gloves melts when he touches her, and her hair seems to turn champagne blonde.. Hopefully the website will give more details soon.

    Oh I hadn’t thought about her face… Hmm maybe there’s a condition for her poison to work, though we need to see how idea factory plays that out :/

    No worries about length, I appreciate long comments so we can decide what’s good and what’s not to play haha.


    • Otome Jikan is run by one person, but has multiple authors. The translations of official websites are always welcome! I’ve been working on some myself. 😀

      Anyway, back on topic, I have incredibly mixed feelings about this until there’s more info, or even, until the reviews come out after its release. Speaking of PSV, I hope more otome games get put on the PS Network so I can save $$$ on shipping costs! I have one memory card for Japanese PSN and another for an English one. Sucked in PSV, you can’t lock me into one regional account! /ends tangent

      Now that you have mentioned you appreciate long comments, I won’t try to cut them down in the future!


      • Wow this whole psn things sounds troublesome :/ I guess die to the difficulty of hacking a vita it’ll be a far thought for me for now…

        Ooh maybe I should join otome jikan.. Sounds fun! How do I do that btw ( *`ω´) and what’re you translating at the moment?


      • It’s not that hard, I was suprised to know. I just switch memory cards whenever I want to play or download something from each region. QuinRose is porting a load of their PSP games to the PSV. Too bad I don’t play anything of theirs! I plan on playing Kuroyuki Hime, though. The downloadable version comes out today. 🙂

        It’s simple to join, and you can do it here:

        At the moment, I just finished translating Goes! and Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen. I plan on translating Binary Star, E:RObotts and/or Majo’ou next.


      • Haha yeah Quinrose is…… let’s just say “falling behind”. After my experiece with how they butchered Satomi Hakkenden, I’m wondering if I should spend any time playing Kuroyuki hime at all, since I have a feeling it’s going to be butchered too. And besides my copy of Chronostacia and Jyuza2 came 3 days ago and I really want to start playing them :p

        Oh I just saw your post for zettai kaikyuu. I had no idea this game existed (haha). Ok I’m going to sign up and see if anyone posted Code Realize yet. Thanks! 😀


      • Speaking of Satomi Hakkenden, they’re making a fandisc/sequel of it. I want to see QuinRose work with 100% original ideas. They seem to be “adapting” any literary work/fairytale they find! I’ll have to be the experimental guinea pig for Kuroyuki, it would seem. It’s doing okay on Amazon, though Amazon reviewers have burnt me in the past!

        The setting worries me, but I’m looking forward to Zettai Kaikyuu, actually! I’m way too optimistic for my own good. Otome games feel like a bad boyfriend, sometimes. Hope Otome Jikan works out for you!


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