Senjou no Enbukyoku (waltz) – Official site open!

Game Review:


A young girl’s village and her father is taken away one day.

In place of that, she obtains a ‘power’, a sword that she can protect the ones important to her, which is a “demon sword”. With such a “power” that can shake the state of affairs of the country, she’s forced to live life on the battlefield. The country places her in the military school named “Nirvana”. There, country or race is not disclosed and young boys and girls who excel at fighting gather to compete. The heroine meets various people there and forms deep bonds with them and finds herself a place that she once lost. This is a story of such a girl and of “the demon sword that speaks.”


About the demon sword:

There’s a strange legend in Otesia about the demon sword. The person who wields it has so much power that it was once recorded in history that a country’s war was resolved just by a single person. But that person must have a strong resolve or the sword will take over his consciousness, turning him mad and giving him eventual death. Heroes who’ve gone mad and died because of the sword in history are many. The heroes are said not to hold its physical form, but to integrate with the sword, and that is exactly what it meant by being ‘posessed’, connecting to the legend of its deathly powers.

But no one actually knows much of the sword except for those rumours. In reality, it has not appeared for over a hundred years. And that demon sword, having fallen into the posession of a girl from the West, forces the West to finally start their moves…



Heroine “Ran”


“I will definitely find out why the demon sword chose me”

The village she was in was suddenly attacked and she lost the village and her father. While running away from the attacks she suddenly became the owner of the demon sword and was conscripted into Nirvana. Not being able to control the sword properly, she finds a place for herself in the school as her new friends support her.

The resident unfortunate airhead(?) girl who suddenly gets surrounded by a bunch of bishies, and ocassionally says something of character to not took like a total bimbo.



CV: Maeno Tomoaki

“What do you mean what? If there’s no business you don’t have to talk to me”

Others admit that he is the strongest in Nirvana. Since entering the school he remains undefeated, even winning against the school’s instructors and has overwhelming strength. He is able to make decisions calmly in any situation and has the capability of leading others. Being bad in communication, he’s blunt but appears to have a gentle side too.

(The resident Kuudere Mr. Ace -_-)



CV: Katou Kazuki

“Want to be my woman from now? You should.”

A prince from a small country. A free character, he runs out of the dorm at night for some fun. His country sent him to Nirvana so he would learn to get stronger in his sword skills. He hates the battlefield and loves flashy and fun things, but is also top class in Nirvana.

(The resident playboy)



CV: Ishikawa Kaito

“If I get serious you’ll lose in a second!”

From the warring state of Daguroto. On his master’s command, he came to Nirvana to polish his skills. Daguroto has the custom of even girls learning the sword, so he has interacted with women stronger and more stubborn than himself. As such, he doesn’t really trust ‘normal’ girls. Saying he has no interest other than fightning, he puts up a fornt of being manly but actually has interest in girls.

(The resident Tsundere possibility)

Nike (No, not the shoe brand)


CV: Ono Kensho

“It’s alright, I didn’t get blamed and I’m not depressed.”

Pronounded nee-kay. A quiet boy who keeps his thoughts to himself, and hates fighting, so he is in the class of failures. He doesn’t seem to mind though, and goes to the forest to pick herbs.

(The resident plant-loving animal-loving shota)



CV: Kakihara Tetsuya

“Besides, I want to die quickly”

Attractive in face and body, even while not doing anything, he’s wildly popular with the girls and gets wound up in trouble very often. He hates that and often complaints that they should leave him alone. He sees Lustin as a rival.

(The resident I-look-kind-but-is-actually-b##ch)



CV: Nakamura Yuichi

“Uniform? They sure forced something troublesome on me again”

A mysterious guy wearing the uniform but doesn’t seem to be a student.

(The resident I-come-from-nowhere-and-is-actually-dangerous-yo-ho)

Wilheim (Not playable)


CV: Takeuchi Junko

“Hello hello. I am Wilheim!! The strongest demon sword!!”

The person inside the sword that Ran got. He usually sleeps in the sword and doesn’t wake up. He loves battles and says extreme things when he’s awake. He ridicules the heroine for being his weakest wielder in history.

(Right, here’s your mascot and Orion-copy) (Should I mention I love shotas like this?! Why not playable!!!!!!!)


Has some pretty interesting seiyuus in this game, and ever since the Arthur game, there hasn’t been another sword-legend game, so I’m all up for it! I hope the heroine is not a douche or I will be sorely, sorely disappointed.

Sub characters:

Gallery updated:

Side characters updated:

9 thoughts on “Senjou no Enbukyoku (waltz) – Official site open!

  1. I’m so conflicted about this game! In typical Otomate fashion, it shows signs of promise yet so many little things are iffy that it also makes me doubtful. Goes to show that the only way to really know is to play the game.

    For the most part, I don’t take too much issue with Senjou no Waltz. I think it has a lot of promise. I like stories about war- the more tragic, the better. I hope they explain why Ran got the Maken, and that her inevitable development into a decent soldier will be done well. Despite being a military school student, she seems no different to your run-of-the-mill otome protagonists. Put Tsukiko or Yui into Ran’s shoes and things won’t change that much so far.

    However… it’s the school I take issue with that makes me doubtful of the game. For a military school, the uniform code seems lax- there does seem to be a Nirvana-standard uniform but some characters don’t adhere to it.

    I get that it’s a game for girls and “ladies like colourful and varied designs”, but this is a MILITARY SCHOOL. I’m sorry, but girls wearing skirts and leaving long hair untied in a military school is just so stupid. The only armour Ran has on is plot armour, that’s why she won’t be dying in battle or a training accident despite that impractical attire. On the plus side, the males fair much better, but Abel and Nike (also Tifalet, to an extent) are the only ones who are sensibly dressed. No jewellery, relatively sensible hairstyle, they wear their uniform neatly, etc. Nike is the shining star, here!

    After all I’ve just said, it’s certainly not fair to single out Senjou no Waltz; I can’t think of many media that has male and female soldiers wear the same, sensible attire. Shingeki no Kyojin is the first example I can think of that does well in this department- no skirts, boys and girls wear the same uniform, long hair isn’t left untied, etc.

    Sorry for my word vomit, Jyuu-san! I just HAD to comment on the uniforms! 😀 I probably will be playing this, in spite of my complaints. Who knows? It could turn out to be the best otome game of 2014!


    • I totally get what you mean, Lacal!! What Tifalet is wearing doesn’t even seem to be like their uniform at all, how can they all fight with that all that hirahira… And Nike looks like a Mage more than a soldier ;D

      Well Nike, Tifalet and Unknown definitely interests me, though I get the feeling that the reason why Ran became the wielder of Maken is going to be dumb…

      Oh and adding to your comments on the reasons why Ran isn’t going to die despite wearing such silly uniform, there’s always the Knight-saves-maiden-in-the-nick-of-time thing |( ̄3 ̄)|

      I’m still hesitating to get a vita, since so far only 3 games interest me… Do tell me how’s the game! 😀


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  3. I haven’t heard about this game! LOL I totally missed it with my otome radar…. I like the character design for Senjou no Waltz though and the cast is pretty fab? I mean, we get two new seiyuu cuties. That’s cool! I can live with lots of deep voiced Maeno, but Kakki is popping up everywhere lately…. I’m getting scared. xD

    The premise of this game reminds me of Yoiyo Mori no Hime. It’s not exactly the same theme, but the heroine is loosing her family due to a conflict between countries. So I’m like: Why did you copy that from Yoiyo Mori no Hime?! OTOMATE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING. As Laramiel said… It’s weird, that the soldiers don’t have strict dress codes, because… that doesn’t makes sense the way it is. I mean… they could have just give the characters individual free-time clothes. That would be better?! IDK. I’m not sure, if the 3 vita games can convince me to get a Vita. It seems like, they’re probably not that promising after all….. Though Reine de Fleurs looks best for now.


    • The otoge world is dominated by all these seiyuus that I’m so sick of all of them lol. But saying so, the cast in this game is pretty unique, which gives it plus point. As for the uniform, well it’s Otomate and their flower bedheads, so I expected nothign from the start… I’ll just laugh to myself and imagine Yuriana’s hair getting sliced off in a battle or something… But you know, lots of games have the girl-loses-family-and-ends-up-going-on-an-adventure-somewhere-and-finding-true-love nonsense, so I always scoff at those “two lonely people getting together and becoming happy” scenes, which Im sure will pop up lots in Waltz.

      Reine looks good, but the cast kinda destroyed my interest in the game. When will the makers learn that everyone’s getting sick of the same voices urgh!!

      If I get a vita, it’d be for Reine, Code and Sayaka but I need more convincing………….


      • I know right?! It’s nice if your bias is like everywhere, but that only makes your wallet weep. LOL It’s nicer if they just take turns though, because I really like hearing all kind of seiyuu. wwww The newer and unknown ones need MOAR love. UNF. xDDD But if they slice off her hair, the game has to be rated Cero C. LOLOLOL Don’t know if Otomate is going for that, since they are actually trying to target the younger fangirls.

        Hmm… You’re probably right. There are more “girl-loses-family” settings out there, but they were scattered over the years? Now it looks like they try to compete with eterire, a new company. Which is a bit stupid. Because if you’re on the market, you always have to consider, what is already there and so on….

        Hahaha. Vita, here we NOT come. LOL

        Really? I think Reine doesn’t have too many “used” voices in it though? Except for Namidai?


      • Hmm Reine has Kondou Takashi and KENN and Sugita Tomo which is like “oh, hi, you guys again. GAHHH?!!” kinda thing…..

        Well I’m not hopeful that otoges will ever use less well known seiyuu since its a merchandise after all :/ but yeah, lets root for them! 😀


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