Taisho Guuzou Roman: Teikoku Star – Seishirou translations

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That’s my favourite line from his track… It packs so much into his life, and when he said that, I didn’t dislike him so much anymore because it feels like he stopped living for only himself.

First up, my thoughts. Seishirou’s like a child. His level of pranks is no better than elementary school coupled with the sexy of an adult man which places him somewhere between amusing and annoying for me. Maybe because I have a sadistic streak, I laugh when he bullies her and puts on an innocent face(voice). Sorry for being me (・∀・) And putting aside my dislike for Mejojo-look and sound alike, mm… the parts where he kisses her is delish.

His ‘night’ part is really sweet because he starts to slowly accept her, and when he gets all weak and fearful when his bullies appear, it makes me go all “Ooh poor little baby…” ( ´∀`)

Though I did translate line by line for the key scenes in their relationship and his past,  not all are line-by line-translations. But most of it is. Have fun reading!

———————————— These are my own translations,  credit if you use them ——————–

Opening Act

Seishirou meets the heroine in the streets when he passes by on his carriage, when he sees her standing there absentmindedly. The strap of her sandal has broken and he fixes it for her. “The one who should offer his thanks is me. Your smile is like a flower bud that blossomed, I feel like I have seen a beautiful flower. But be careful… Men are always thinking of picking beautiful flowers…” He then leaves after those words bidding her goodbye.

He meets her later at the theatre by chance again, and he says he is “not there yet” when he realises she doesn’t know about him and his reputation. “I am Seishirou… The no.1 star of Teikoku Star…”

Seishirou in character then introduces the ‘opening’ of a grand story of Teikoku Star’s no.1 idol (himself rofl) and tells everyone to enjoy the story of this man and this girl.

Act 1 “Let’s give water to beautiful flowers”

The door opens and the heroine goes into Seishirou’s room. He thinks that she snuck into his room because she is a crazy fan over his performance on stage, but she reveals that she’s the new owner and came to greet him. Initially acting amused and playing along, he treats her courteously, but then suddenly splashes water on her. “If you’re the owner you need to be wary of people, I told you the first time we met. You look like a wet rat. Befitting for a commoner like you. To think that someone like you, wearing a broken rag is the owner of Teikoku Star disgusts me like nothing else.”

“I saved you because you were blocking the road I was on, if not, why would I help someone like you? Whether commoners starve or die is none of my business.” “This is not a place for muddy trash like you. Get out of here now.” “Because of you, the floor is wet. The water, coupled with your footprints is dirty puddles now. Do you think you’ll be let off easy for dirtying Teikoku Star’s music room? Wipe it with a cloth? Hmph. Wipe it with your kimono. Or should I help you to tear it apart and make it into a rag? It’s a dirty and lousy kimono anyway.”

She pushes him away and he warns her that she will be running away crying not before long and leaves the room laughing. “It’s the start of a fun opening act….”

Act 2 “The greenhorn owner”

She’s sweeping the floor in the morning and Seishirou comes, mocking her as a servant and telling her all the places he wants her to clean, the entrance the garden… Kicking the dustpan on purpose, the garbage gets strewn all over the place again and he walks away telling her he will be enjoying coffee in the lounge. Because of this she was late in helping the backstage prepare for the performance and he mocks her as he puts on a princely face to the other backstage helper.

While carrying the heavy fragile stuff, he starts sliding his hand over her exposed skin on her arms when her kimono sleeves roll up, and saying that she’s shameless as an unmarried girl to do that. “See, your wrists… elbow… upper arm… What’s wrong? Your arms are shivering. I am only cautioning you, by touching your skin with my fingers, over, and over again…” “Oh there’s some dirt on your neck. I’ll take it off for you gently… oh dear, it’s so hard to remove…” He then blows on her neck and she drops the item and it breaks. He threatens that the arts department will lose their trust in her from day one and tells her to go home crying. But she decides to apologise to everyone and runs off, with Seishirou commenting behind her that she has no elegance and she will soon leave Teikoku Star.

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Act 3

Act 4

Act 5

Act 6

Act 7

Act 8

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Final thoughts:

This is the set of metal charms you get for buying the whole series. I’ve already started using Isao but put him back after a month to continue ‘preserving him’. (lol)

Well I can understand Sakurai’s concern, since in real life these kinds of things don’t happen. Or they happen but the man will be brought to jail for being a perv. But it’s the fault of the heroine for being so stupid, though he didn’t seem to think about it.

The thing about real life romance is that most men are cowards, which is why we’re all spending money on 2D men right?! And if they hit on us too much we think they’re creeps, which is why we like the princely kind, who only look good in 2D = we still go to the 2D world. Sorry guys, you just can’t win drawings. (・∀・)

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  2. Thank you for the translation! I enjoyed this drama cd(primarily because of Sakurai-san) but Seishirou did warmed up in the yoru part :3


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