Code:Realize Gallery updated

The gallery and scenes have been updated!  The heroine seems to be one of those “I’m so kind I love all my enemies” prototype, and we’re given more insight into the playable characters. As usual, there’s the friendly one, the hardcore cool one, the gentle one, the mysterious one and the Bro…. And the usual thing about men always being gentle, or praising girls for being cute. Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Hahahahaha.


Lupin「It’s alright. Believe in me.」

Having such a smart-looking outlook, it was unbelieveable that he held me with such strength. Afraid that the poison in my body would melt him, I drew away slightly as I held his gaze. But…

Lupin「See? Nothing’s happening right?」

He smiled out of context as if enjoying the situation. 

Lupin「Oi oi, Don’t harden up like that. Your beauty will go to waste. Go slow, just leave everything to me. There’s nothing to be afraid of. This Arsene Lupin, always gets whatever he has set his eyes on.

Lupin「The chances of failure are always — Zero.



Van「Hand over the ‘monster’. You stole it right?」

Lupin「Monster? What are you talking about. What I stole recently was a beautiful lady y’know?]

Van「The monster that Sunset wants――What you stole from the Knights is already known. No point hiding it.] 

Van「I have business with her. If you don’t hand her over, you’ll face painful punishment.


Van「I see, you refuse to answer….. I have no choice then.」

The man tightened his grip on the trigger of the revolver.



Fran「It’s alright now. Slowly open your eyes.」

Doing as what I heard, I opened my eyes — Someone was supporting me in a hug. 

Fran「Im not a suspicious person  and won’t do anything to you. Don’t worry.

Cardia「Who are you?」

Fran「Sorry. Due to certain circumstances I can’t give you my name. You still look a little pale

Cardia「What happened to those men?」

Fran「They’ve fallen on the ground.」

Cardia「Are they….. dead?」

Fran「No, they just lost consciousness. Having extreme stimulation on their five senses, they just got knocked out.」

Cardia「That’s good……」
Fran「Haha, you’re quite nice aren’t you? Worrying about the people who attacked you.



Impey「Yo! Nice to meet you, cutie! Your prince on a white horse has arrived!]

With a face full of soot, he raised his goggles and grinned at me.

Lupin「Well, he’s not a bad guy so don’t mind it. As you can see, he’s just a quack technician.]

Impey「It’s mean to call me a quack.. Mainly, an engineer, I’m a great inventor! A man who understands what extreme beauty is! And a man that will one day stand on the moon, Impey Barbicane! Currently finding a girlfriend with all my efforts, hope to get along!」

Cardia「……I’m Cardia. Hope to get along.」

Impey「Wow! Hey hey, if I look clearly you’re really cute huh! I thought you came out from the painting of Miro’s Venus!~]

Lupin「Miro’s Venus is a sculpture, dude. As usual a careless guy huh.

Impey「Ah, Call me Impey yeah? Cardia-Chan!]



Saint「Good evening, beautiful lady. Is anything the matter, being up so late?]

Suddenly someone called out to me from behind. 

Tuning around in surprise, a man was standing by the window wrapped in an air of tranquility and an appearance of neutrality. The moon’s shadow illuminated his skin white and blue and shone light onto his eyes. Outside the window, the lights of the city shone through and I saw that the man was beautiful. 

Cardia「Who are you? And since when were you there……」

Saint「Oh dear, did I frighten you? Fufufu, I am sorry. I have a pale presence.]

Saint「You must be the new live-in. I heard from Lupin. My name is Saint Germain. I am an Earl from France. However, now I am just a capricious owner of this mansion. Welcome, you’re very welcome here. Cardia-San?]


What do you guys think? Does this game seem to have potential in becoming something interesting? (・_・)

8 thoughts on “Code:Realize Gallery updated

  1. “What do you guys think? Does this game seem to have potential in becoming something interesting?”

    To put it bluntly, no. I think it’d be average. It’s got a few “flags” that indicate to me that this won’t be a good game (which I’ve gone into cynical detail below). Even so, I won’t say “NO DEAL” just yet, but I’m less interested than I already was.

    Isn’t that Lupin in the website’s top page getting melted? If so, I’m confused… Why is Lupin not affected by Cardia’s poison, in the gallery photo, then? Is the website top artwork was supposed to be purely artistic? I also get that this scene is supposed to make the audience wonder why he is resistant/unaffected- at least, I seriously wonder this. I’m curious if they’ll be able to come up with an acceptable explanation.

    As for Saint Germain, just a friendly correction- He’s a count, not an earl. Earls don’t seem to exist in French nobility and Saint Germain is based on Count Saint-Germain… though whether Otomate based it on the fictional one or the real one… I can’t really tell. The real one was based in France like Saint Germain, but the fictional one, which would fit the characterisation theme of Code: Realize, was born and based in Transylvania. Maybe Otomate got the fictional Count and the real one mixed up?

    Why is it that wondering if somebody is dead automatically makes you a “nice person?” I’d like to argue this much further, but it’s probably pointless- because this is an otome protagonist! No such thing as “not nice, not even deep down”. A believable reaction would be shock, but no particular concern about the strangers that tried to ATTACK you. I thought there would be a chance that the protagonist would be interesting, given her background and condition, but the cliche amnesia and generic personality ruined my hopes of that. I should have known; Otomate rarely creates interesting female characters!

    None of the heroes are interesting to me, so far. We’ll have to see. It’s too bad I can’t think of many nice things to say other than what I’ve already mentioned before.


  2. I seem to be more hopeful about this game than you (。゚ω゚) I wouldn’t bash the game so quickly seeing as Otomate/IDea F games usually have alot to reveal in their storylines, so the scene where Lupin carries Cardia and doesn’t get melted… HOPEFULLY has a really good explanation. Also, seeing as the main artwork on the site has Cardia’s hair champagne-blonde, I’d suppose there’s a final revelation that therefore melts even Lupin, which I’m really looking forward to.

    About Cardia’s Ohitoyoshi character… well all clean otome games have that typical setting, so I’m too tired to complain 😀 Satomi’s(QuinRose) heroine is different in that she even wanted to throw someone’s clothes in the river and call him a bastard in her heart, which made me really amused and like her lots… too bad the game was too draggy and lowered its overall points for me.

    For Germain I just labelled him an Earl since he’s based in London now and Earl is the equivalent of a Count. And since the Japanese doesn’t make a distinction between the two, I left it as that. I’d opt for Otomate’s Saint Germain being the fictional one since the characters are all based on fictional stories.

    ( ´・ω・`) I’m still hopeful for Code:Realise… Or rather, I want to be because it’d be nice to read a fictional story spun off fictional stories 😀


    • I definitely have been quick to criticise it (like I am with everything). Even so, I’m still mulling over whether I should play it or not. It would actually take a lot (or one of my few absolute deal-breakers) to make me not want to play something so soon after an announcement.

      You’re right about Cardia’s character. Also, I think Otomate in an interview or event actually stated that they make the protagonists Mary Sues “on purpose”. Can’t be sure if I remember this correctly, but if I did, like hell that defends one from bad writing, LOL. Yeah, I hear QuinRose’s protagonists are “different” in a good way- like, they’re far from the otome stereotype. That should make me want to play them sooner, but…

      Oh, I see… because you wrote, “I’m an earl from France”, I thought you meant that Germain is a French earl, rather than a Frenchman who BECAME an earl in England. My mistake, my apologies!

      I always hope any game is better than I expect it to be! The art in this one is beautiful, the cast is nice and I like the setting. I don’t get the feeling it’d be a terrible game, so even if it just turns out to be “okay”, I won’t be disappointed.


      • Yeah, I hope if you play it turns out to be good for you! I’m intrigued by the setting too, though I’m not sure about the cast since its not on the official web(?)

        Otomate makes them birdbrains on purpose? (・_・;) I suppose that makes it easier to make scripts but I wish they’d think about us who have a hard time getting convinced we’re ‘her’.

        And YET we still play. Darn. (;^^ゞ


      • Whoops… I got confused with Senjou no Waltz! There’s no cast announcement anywhere for Code: Realize yet. >_< I wonder why I've been getting the two mixed up… :/

        It makes sense, as Mary Sues are the easy way out! I guess it's not so much "imagining we're the protagonist" but "imagining we're the ideal girl AND the protagonist".

        Yeah, we're such gluttons for self-punishment. 😛


      • Haha, Mary Sues get even the females… A girl at my cafe is a typical Mary Sue with the ohitoyoshi and douji character. The guys love helping her and the girls like me just can’t get angry with her no matter what… I guess that’s the power of Mary Sues… The hidden power……….

        It’s sad. But true… I hope they announce the CVs for Code soon, I’m really curious to find out whether they’re going to bore me with recycled seiyuus or try new people. Crossing my fingers!

        p.s You must have mixed them up since the heroines look equally dumb (・∀・)


  3. I can’t shake of the feeling that Impey will be voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa. xDD Because Impey is a red-head and LOKI (Kamigami no Asobi) anyone??!!

    Regarding if that game might be good…. I guess we need to check out the developer team. I like the art so far, the premise is only okay though. As we already know, Otomate games tend to be hit or miss depending on the developing team. ^^ I’m sad that the game is slated as a Vita release though… But yeah, I think this game might turn out only mediocre somehow… Which is sad. Because the setting is kind of interesting, if Otomate don’t screw up with giving up with a good reason WHY everything is the way it is.

    The heroine seems… like the typical Otomate doormat heroine? It makes me wonder, if Otomate has a paragraph in its game guidelines with: “Otomate heroines should always be written in a way, so girls can mary sue themselves into them.” 8’D Because I’d actually prefer a game with a heroine I’m guiding through a adventure. But I guess Japanese mentality is just different.

    I’m looking forward for more information, but I’m not expecting too much……


    • Haha I don’t think Impey will be voiced by Hosoyan though! It’d be interesting if Impey was voiced by someone with a mid-low quality like Fukuyama Jun. Heh.

      I think Cardia’s dress is a ridiculous design, though I’m pretty much fine with the rest… I think everyone’s not having much hopes for this game haha! We’re all fed-up with the door mats… And right now there’s not many games worth waiting for and playing ;_;


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