Quinrose: Mermaid Gothic

Oh. Goodness. Quinrose has me interested…. They have a new concept – Mermaids!  Finally breaking free from their aha-haha Alice, here comes a new fairytale like Ariel from Disney. And what can I say… I LOVE NAVY BOYS (*´Д`)ハァハァ Please don’t think Jyuuguchi is a hentai. I just have an absurd fetish for military(especially navy) and uniforms. I used to go to the pier on my bike where the navy boys were and…..

Ok, that’s quite hentai. But let’s leave it for another day.

Mermaid Gothic: Before turning into bubbles and disappearing…..

Heroine: Lydia Greene


Former mermaid princess. Having commited the sin of ‘giving blood to humans’, she was locked in a tower for ten years. She loves to sing and do other fun things, but hates tragedic stories and the feeling of losing. Perhaps feeling an instinctive threat to herself somehow, she hates cats. 

Basil Adelworth


CV: Sugiyama Noriaki

“What’s wrong? Weren’t you going to stab me with that short sword?”

Almeria’s Prince from the human world. Having an obsession with mermaids, he forms tactics to capture mermaids. Not just one to give orders, he acts on the frotnlines as well. Behind the mask of being cold to outsiders(enemies) is a prince with a strong sense of responsiblity and thinks of his country and citizens from his heart.


Gawain Leitz


CV: Nojima Kenji

“Your movements are extremely suspicious. I shall be keeping you under surveillance from now on.”

The Prince’s aide. Having sworn loyalty to Bajil, he works to the bone everyday. Being more skillful than he looks, he protects the prince from assassins. Has a serious and hard-to-please personality.

Galileo Melancholy


CV: Hatano Wataru (Murasaki (*´∀`))

“It’s no use ma-making fun of me. So, what did you go from the sea to land for?”

The imperial doctor. Not being good with people, he’s always hesitant. For the part of not associating with people, he does self-research and thus has a good physique. Although a little awkward, he has a good nature and his outer appearance doesn’t reveal his inner self.



CV: Ookawa Tooru

“It’s in a man to want to chase after rare treasure. Women don’t understand men’s romance huh.”

From a far eastern country Ran, he’s the head of a group of pirates. Seeking to obtain whatever others have not, he has come to Almeria to get a mermaid. Wild and egoistic, he’s calm on the battlefield but has strong feelings for whoever he takes interest in and is also loved by his crew.

Peony (Botan)


CV: Kakihara Tetsuya

“I don’t care even if you regret getting involved with us, Lady (he calls her Ojou-Sama). Well, it doesn’t bother me either way.”

A pirate on Yahiko’s ship. Being good with skills in the sword, he’s the right hand man of Yahiko. Taciturn and calm, he’s almost too good to be a combat soldier, but he occasionally says something off the mark. Despite being lightly mocked by Yahiko ocassionally, he takes care of Yahiko by his side.

Me: He’s quite princely for a pirate o.o + (*´Д`)ハァハァ


Elias Mist


CV: Kondou Takashi

“You’ve not changed huh. Cheerful, forward-looking and gentle… The same girl i have always known.”

The heroine’s childhood friend. A mermaid but for the sake of helping the heroine pay the compensation, he went up to land. Extremely gentle to the heroine, he always treats her with a smile, yet is uninterested and cold to others.

Loki Jillford


CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki (Totsuka Takeru!)

“We’re tied by the red thread of fate. That’s why I understand what you’re trying to do.”

Self-proclaimned magician. Using liquid as a carrier, he uses a strange power. A cheerful and easily excited person but craft and cunning, not revealing what he’s really thinking. He gave Elias and the heroine legs.

(The resident Haraguro)
Dan Robien


CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

“I wish you’d stop judging by looks… I sell information you know? I’d like you not to under-estimate me!”

Despite being young, he has gained trust as an information-broker. Responsible and takes care of others well, trying to find him is  a pain since he doesn’t stay in one place.


Laura Greene


CV: Shimamura Yuu

“I have always been looking at you. You’re truly beautiful… So much that I want to look at you for a few hours.”

The heroine’s sister and mermaid princess. A good sister who thinks of the heroine, she’s in love with beauty and thus obsessed with the heroine whom she think is more beautiful than anything. (lesbian sis-con??!!!) Having her own standards of beauty, her words and actions are quite dangerous.


I’ll be keeping a close eye on this…. Looks really interesting for Quinrose product! What do you guys think?

16 thoughts on “Quinrose: Mermaid Gothic

  1. Hello! I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but this is my first comment here. ^^
    I didn’t have big hopes for QuinRose anymore (even though I absolutely loved their first games like Wizard and the Master and the first Alice game – that was good)… But this!! The tale of the little mermaid is my absolute favourite, and I love everything which has mermaids in them. :3 I like that fact that they added “hates tragedic stories” to Lydia’s character. ^^
    But I have to say I’m pretty disappointed with the voices… I can’t picture it with Basil as he seems to be now. :/
    Also, I know at QuinRose a yuri-love-option is a must, but this time it’s her SISTER?


    • Hello! Thanks for reading my blog, and I’m happy to have readers who give me opinions (´∀`) 

      I think I can understand you giving up on QR since they’ve been milking their games forever. I’ve not played Quinrose games before Satomi Hakkenden which was good but draggy… I’ve wanted to try Mother Goose and Bounty Hunter but never got around to doing it… and I love little mermaid too! But it’s mainly the pirates and Navy thing that’s getting me 😀

      To be honest, both Basil and Gawain give me the impression of people with deep voices and Nojima Kenji as Gawain gives me a real (・_・;) face. I suppose we have to wait for voice samples! ><

      Ah and about the lesbian sis-con… if she's not a main playable character, I'd be very relieved… If she's actually a main character……. let's just say QR is trying to go to 'the dark side' like rejet (*゚∀゚)


  2. Wow, translating all this isn’t easy work! Thanks! 😀

    You love navy boys? You’ve got to check out Sayaka Buccaneers! then! I love a man in uniform, myself. 😉 I totally know how you feel. Wear the hentai badge with pride!

    I’m a big fan of fairytales, so naturally I’ve been keeping an eye on Mermaid Gothic. In typical QuinRose fashion, it’s certainly based on The Little Mermaid. Even so, the characters bear little resemblance to Hans Christian Andersen’s work; a lot of them being additions rather than adaptations. This isn’t a bad thing, I just found it interesting.

    I’m looking forward to the story section opening up, just so I can see how many links I’ll be able to find between Mermaid Gothic and The Little Mermaid. Judging the characters, it looks Mermaid Gothic will be a very loose adaptation… I wonder if QuinRose will go with the sadder themes of The Little Mermaid or choose Disney’s happier feel.

    Ms. Greene is certainly a fetching young lass and I think she’s one of the more interesting characters, if we’re going by first impressions. Dan is super-adorable and Dr. Galileo Melancholy… oh his name, LOL. It’s so silly I love it! Now I’ve got “Bohemian Rhapsody” stuck in my head.

    So far, I’m keen!


    • Haha LaCal, I just got too excited and pakuri-ed everything from the website though I didn’t actually think of doing so when I first browsed the web :p

      Wahoo! I’m also happy to find someone who understands the charm of uniforms!(*゚∀゚) I googled a little on Sayaka and went through their official website – I gotta say I really like the character designs! *wipes nosebleed* Rian looks really sassy too, you made me very interested in this! ~~~~~

      I’m really interested in Peony, though I wish Kakihara wasn’t voicing him :/ I can’t agree more that Galileo’s name is so appropriately awkward like him. heh. As for the endings.. I hope they skip the multiple random endings or it’ll be spoilt like Satomi was…. Personally I prefer tragedic stories, (sorry for being me (; ・`ω・´)) but seeing as it’s an Otome Game, I wouldn’t put it past QR to throw in a few happy ones, meh.

      Are you going to play Kuroyuki? I’m excited to be hear your review on it!


      • Dude, uniform is awesome. Pilots, navymen, soldiers, policemen, firemen, tactical forces… uniforms of those in authority or power tend to be pretty awesome~<3 I'm not into sports uniforms much, and certainly not prison uniform, LOL.

        I'm not too sure how I feel about Sayaka Buccaneers! yet. I like the idea of a story with an adventure focus. I can't think of any other otome game like that. For that merit alone, I take an interest in it.

        Why don't you want Kakihara to voice Peony? Are you bored with Kakihara or you think the voice doesn't match the character? Haha, I still immaturely chuckle at Galileo Melancholy. I so need to get over that, haha. Reminds me of the time I couldn't stop laughing at this fictional dance/hip-hop group in some Japanese drama… they called themselves "CHEAP ASS", LMAO.

        Don't be sorry! I LOVE tragic endings, too! Utsuge are win, man. Right you are, I can't recall any otome game in which all of the endings are bad/tragic.

        I will be playing Kuroyuki at some stage, for sure. If I do play it, I will review it!


      • ROFL Cheap ass?!! Their naming sense is quite something….

        I’m most into Navy men and Policemen, and of course Military uniforms belonging to high-rank officers get me, with the coats and hats. It’s really hot now in my area, so no one is donning coats and hats, so I’m retreating to 2D men for now :p Have you checked out Kaleido-Eve? I think you’ll love the uniforms, if you haven’t 😀

        My impression of Peony is that he has a more monotone voice, which I don’t think Kakihara will be able to pull off, considering all his works to date.. But I’m hopeful for this game… I really like new concepts and this might be QR’s chance to save themselves lol.

        Sayaka gives me the feeling of an RPG, and I’m really itching to play one now, but I’m afraid to start because I’ll get really addicted :p Too bad it’s on VITA, which means I seriously need to consider buying a VITA. Ouch-my-cash-flow.

        And I cant believe how many games are getting ported to VITA… there’s this game Trigger Kiss which requires you to kiss the screen of the VITA… the world is getting weirder by the minute… Though it not as if I don’t like the change 😉


      • I almost want to believe that the writers of that Japanese show named the group “CHEAP ASS” ironically, since a lot of rappers boast about their wealth and such. I so wish that this was the case.

        I see what you’re getting at- I can’t really imagine a Kakihara monotone. If does pull it off, more power to him~ Yeah, while I don’t see much of a The Little Mermaid resemblance… Looking at it from an original work perspective, mermaids haven’t come out in otome games and it’s an interesting concept.

        I’m actually glad Sayaka isn’t an RPG. I always wonder why some VNs include RPG elements. I play VNs to just read and listen, not for the gameplay. If I want to play an RPG, I’d pick up an RPG-specialising title. I find that VN RPGs are subpar.

        I still haven’t played a single Vita visual novel… and I own one, LOL. Of course, this year will change that! I just looked at Trigger Kiss’ site today since it was on Otomex’s news bulletin that the website opened. So far, I have pretty much zero interest in it.

        I find those “high interactivity” otome/eroge/dating games don’t appeal to me. I prefer to just “watch over” a romance between a couple, rather than immersing myself to actively pursue. I even recoiled at those kiss-screen CGs of Starry Sky’s- I’m thinking I’ll find it to weird to kiss my damn Vita!


      • Yeah I hate those VNs with too much crap in them either. I gave up Arcana and WOF simply because of the useless interaction…. Trigger is probably going to be something silly despite the kiss system… I don’t even want to think about it.

        Right now, Reine and Sayaka are the ones I really want to play on Vita! And Code, if I find that the CVs match my images of the characters 😀

        I hope Kaleidove’ll turn out to be something good! ~


  3. I just hope this game will have many cgs,like okashi na shima no peter pan…the last games had so few… Can anyone help me?! Will it have a round system? Lydia must kill the prince and for this she must gather informations?!(Because of Dan Robiens)


  4. I wonder if you can pursue all nine characters… I’d be nice to know what we’ll get. ^^ Because I’m sure that some of them are just side characters that get half-assed routes/endings. I’m mainly interested in Loki and Elias, because they have a deeper bond with the heroine… The prince seems boring, don’t you think so too? Even the pirate is more interesting!!! LOL

    I like the mermaid theme too and I think QuinRose is able to pull off a tragic game if they want to. But then they also tend to go overboard with yandere character, so I might rage over this game if I decide to buy it…


    • Well from what I read in B’slog, **spoiler**

      the Mermaid Princess Lydia actually didn’t give her blood. The prince who had fallen into the sea some years ago kissed her when he was unconscious, and bit her lips. I’d say this prince will be far more interesting than the original Mermaid princess story, but you’re right, the presence of Pirates alone is already enough to make me want to play it!

      And I hope the side character is the sister lol.


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