Oz to Himitsu to Ai SS Translations – Keisa (Third Key)

Again, disclaimer, these stories are from the official website. I only translate them! I’ll probably be doing Keisa’s drama track translation as well, stay tuned! (Updates appear on the twitter feed)


The Third Key: The violent lion “Keisa”
CV: Shimono Hiro
Release Date: June 25

If there’something he’s not happy with, his fists are quick to move. He’s the type that can’t apologise honestly, and no matter what happens, he doesn’t reflect on it. He’s not good at being the listener in conversations and is the twin of Chikage the magician, but has a completely different personality. Blood brother also with Haruto.

**I ask for a very simple thing, Credit (Jyuuguchi) if you use my translations on your website, whatever language it is in.**


Story 1 “The door of beginnings”

I don’t know what was your true purpose, but it doesn’t change the fact that you tricked me.
I’ll make you regret so much you’ll wanna die.
By a way that only a woman like you will know…..

Stop resisting and be quiet!
——Aah? What’s with those eyes……。
Don’t make me too irritated yeah? After a fight I’m still pissed off。
I fight because I like to. Raising my fist at people is also because I don’t like them.
I’m doing all these by my own will!
Bastard, stop that now….. or I’ll really do you yeah?
Ha……You’ve become hot…. You feel good right? Hey…
……No? Then…… How about this?
Do more to me…… Isn’t this proof that you’re thinking this way?
Ha…… Women are stubborn on top of being sneaky. Then… what about here? Nnっ……
How’s that? Can’t take it anymore right? See here……。
Kuku…… Don’t be makin’ such a sluttish face。……You can’t control anymore?
Just admit it。……See, you’ve already become as if you’re melting…
Haッ、I’m not going to stop A human woman tricked me.
I’m not letting you off with just this. ……I’ll do you until you break..

Me: OhMyStrawberries (;゙゚’ω゚’)(/ω//)イヤン


Story 2 “You’re a good fellow huh”

——One day Keisa was walking on a mountain path. The sunset was extremely beautiful, but he was not able to react to this scene. What exactly, was wrong…?

 I descended the mountain path irritably. Well, I just had a fight with Chikage.
In the Eastern mountains of the world of Oz, there was my younger brother Haruto. He was only in his hut when he wanted to do woodcarving. Since I had heard that there were human-eating spiders near his place, I had gone to warn him of the danger, but unluckily, I had met with Chikage while on the way to Haruto’s place. It seems like Chikage who was also worried about Haruto had gone to meet him after hearing the rumours.
Chikage was my twin brother, but in appearance, personality, way of thinking, everything… we never matched. We would fight on seeing each other’s face, so we tried not to meet each other. But since meeting by chance, I had no choice. With sour faces, both of us dropped by Haruto’s place.
But we were chased away by Haruto coldly. Saying something about a secret weapon or bait… what on earth was he talking about…?
Anyway, Chikage and I then went down the mountain. Midway, Chikage complained about me, saying that it was my fault that Haruto had chased us away. Chikage compared me to himself, in that he did everything perfectly, yet I was awkward and moved my fists before my mouth, and had irritated Haruto…. was what he blamed me for.
「Someone like you, is not thought of as an older brother!」
Hearing Chikage say that, I raised my fists naturally. But Chikage escaped quickly and went down the mountain before I could. I was left behind and began tearing at the tree near me in anger, and finally returned to the foot of the mountain.

「——Hmm? Kei-Kun?」

Hearing someone call me from behind, I raised my head up. Turning around, I saw the face of a man I knew across the country path. It was my childhood friend Shian. A year younger than Haruto, he was now a gravekeeper somewhere on the outskirts of the village.

「Tsk, why’re you here.…」

As I was annoyed, I let out a cold reply. But Shian appeared not to mind and grinned as he walked towards me.

「Long time no see〜Are you returning to the village now?Let’s go back together.」

Without waiting for my reply, Shian began to walk. Having missed the opportunity to say no, I stuffed my hands in my pockets and followed a little behind Shian.

「The sunset is pretty〜. Maybe we should go see it on the mountains.」

Shian said so jovially. Almost like he was about to start humming something.

「The mountains……? Nah, don’t. There’s rumours that big spiders appear.」
「Eh? Then isn’t it dangerous for Haru-Kun? He’s staying in a mountian hut right?」
「I told Haruto already. Together with the bastard Chikage. 」
「I see. I’ve not seen Haru-Kun for some time too. Is he well? 」
「Yeah…… And why’re you carrying so much stuff anyway? 」

I looked at the baggage Shian was carrying. In a big sack, grass with a blue smell was stuffed into it.

「Ah, this? Medicinal herbs. I heard that it’s good for the body if you decoct it so I thought of giving some to brother later.」

By brother, Shian meant his blood brother Tenma. He’s now a gatekeeper for the ‘humans’ and apparently is always ill, so Shian always goes to visit him. Hearing me ask about Tenma, Shian’s face glowered and said that he’s looking much better these days. Just recently, both of them had gone to the lake for a change of pace–. Obviously happy, Shian told me about his brother.

「……You guys have a really good relationship huh. 」

I said that in one breath and Shian cocked his head curiously.

「Good relationship…. You mean me and brother?」
「What else. Seeing the two of you, I always think so. It’s completely different on my side though… And even if Haruto and I were together, we hardly ever hold a conversation.]

As I walked, I kicked the small stones on the path. As usual Shian was making that curious face, but I was unable to express my own feelings.
We had no parents, and the only people I could call relatives were Chikage and Haruto. I ddin’t see eye-to-eye with Chikage, but as for Haruto, he was pretty important to me. But unlike Chikage, I was always unable to speak of my feelings honestly. Even in front of a younger brother, I acted brave. I again remembered what Chikage said about me… that I was not viewed as an older brother— Well maybe it’s true. Haruto probably thinks a brother like me is an eyesore. Short-tempered, quick to quarrel, being in a gang….. It was frustrating, but this time I had to admit that Chikage’s words were right. Thinking so, I sighed deeply inwardly.

「Hmmm…… I’m not sure what happens but I think Haru-kun likes you, you know? 」

Shian said so with his finger on his chin. Not expecting such words I let out a loud and gruff “Huh?!”.

「Kei-Kun is strong and cool. If Kei-Kun were my brother I’d boast about him. Haru-kun doesn’t say it, but I think he likes you.]
「…… you……」
「Hm? What?」

 With that I became silent. Shian again cocked his head curiously. I wanted to say ‘you’re a nice fellow’ but it was embarassing and I couldn’t put them to words.

 Kei-Kun is strong and cool….. Keisa thought about the words Shian said to him.
But, is that really true?
If there was something he didn’t like he used his fists. Bad at conversation with people, not even with his younger brother….. Could such a person really be labelled as ‘strong’?

Asking himself such questions in his heart, Keisa continued on the path to the village.


Story 3 – The ring of promise

Long long ago, there was an orphanage in a certain place. There, a girl lived with six brothers. The girl is, yes– you.

 The seven of you have been taken in by the orphanage under a variety of circumstances. You who had no place to go, was extremely happy to be living under a roof. However, it was definitely not a fun place to be in. The priest who was the owner of the orphanage, treated all of you badly. Let’s get out of here one day. Not here, but another world, where we can all live happily——The six brothers and you spoke happily of such things and strove to live each day.
This is a story from back then——.

 I have been violent from young and would lash out on things if there was something I didn’t like. I wondered why I was so and with the heart of a child I arrived at an answer: that I was a ‘coward’.
I had no courage to face the feelings of others, and my own feelings as well. That was why I relied on my strength to cover-up my own weakness and to shut others up.
「You’re just like our father」
There was once when my twin brother Chikage said this to me. Our father raised his fists to our mother whenever something happened. And our mother being the way she was, had another man outside of this marriage and would often not be at home. I inherited my father’s violence, and Chikage, our mother’s promiscuity….. was what Chikage said. My eyes were that of our father’s and Chikage’s odd eye was that of our mother’s…. How ironic.

Chikage felt disgust at having similarities to our parents and so did I.  I didn’t exactly accept that I was of a violent nature. In fact, I hated it… but I was afraid that others would know of my cowardice. In an environment where there were no reliable adults, there was no choice but to put on a strong front. Continuing to live in my excuses, I came to this orphanage with Chikage and Haruto. And by that time, my violent character was already set.

「——So you were here」
I called out to you who was in the garden of the orphanage. Surrounded by sunlight, you were looking up at a big tree and turned around at my voice.
「Kei-chan! You came at the right time!」
「……? What.」
「Please help Haru-Chan to come down!」
When you said that, the leaves of the tree rustled and a black shadow descended from the midst of the branches, landeding on the ground with an extravagant sound.
The identity of the shadow was my brother, who was rubbing his bottom.
「Oi are you alright!?」
We ran to Haru flustered. Thankfully he didn’t seem to be hurt. Before he hit the ground he managed to take a defensive position.
「Why did you climb the tree?」
I asked sighing and Haru scowled, not replying. Seeing this exchange, you pulled on my sleeve.
「Haru-chan was trying to get a fruit for me」
「A fruit?」
「Yes… Because I said I was hungry…」
You hung your head quietly and Haru avoided my gaze not being able to explain. He has a kind side huh– I thought secretly. Haru was an awkward boy and was easily misunderstood. But seeing this scene made me realise that he must be getting along well with you. I attempted to find words to say to Haruto but… I couldn’t think of anything. Because… I was equally awkward.

Haruto and me were similar, but we were only half- brothers. He was the son of the lover my mother had… and because of this, Chikage and I didn’t think well of Haruto at first. But one day, My mother and Haruto’s father left for somewhere and had unknwon whereabouts since. Being left alone, Haruto crouched down in a corner with a gloomy face… and seeing that, chikage and I decided that we would help Haruto.

「Even if we took him in he would only become a prey for our violent father..」
Chikage said that with a pained face. I hardly had the same opinion as Chikage but on this alone, we agreed. At night, using the chance as our father slept, Chikage and I left the house. And then, the three of us left the village. It was a journey for just children, and we had hardly any preparations. Not drinking nor eating for a few days and encountering all sorts of danger, we crossed mountains and rivers and finally…. arrived at an unknown city. Having found the church-orphanage, we were so delighted we formed a circle and hugged each other. We thought that we would finally be saved…..
The wonderful priest would surely save us… God did not forsake us– our young selves believed such a thing and did not doubt it one bit. Surely Tenma, Shian, Airu and you… would have believed the same thing.
But this faith was cruelly shattered. We were not given proper food and made to do hard manual labour in the basement of the church. As such, we could not win against the painful hunger that we bore.

「Forget the fruit. If you eat something weird, you might get a stomachache. …..Here, I’ll give you this so bear it.」
I held out the apple I had to the both of you and your eyes widened in surprise…. Both of you must have been rather hungry and stared at the apple for quite a while.
「But… where did you get it?」
You glanced at me and cocked your head.
「You should not care about that」
「Didn’t you hear me? It’s not something you should care about.」
I said that with a strong tone and you shivered a little. Seeing that, I clicked my tongue in annoyance and averted my gaze. –How could I say that I stole it from the kitchen?
「I’ll get  a knife from the kitchen and split it into two alright ?」
「huh? Then what about Kei-Chan’s portion?」
「I’m fine.」
「That’s not good. Kei-Chan must hungry too right? Let’s all share it.
You looked at me. ……I wonder why. I could return a remark easily for other things but I could never escape from those green eyes of yours. I sighed in replacement of a reply and gave one each to Haruto and you, and threw the last bit into my mouth. It was delicious. When one was hungry… anything became delicious. But… eating this shriveled up apple together with the both of you must be the reason why I thought it delicious. I watched the leaves rustling in the wind and thought in my heart that it would be wonderful if such peaceful times continued forever…
「Oi Haruto! Come here!」
The priest’s angry voice came from the orphanage. Haruto hurriedly swallowed his apple and stood up with the dirt falling off him.
You looked worriedly at Haruto.
「I was the only one who didn’t finish my work yesterday……I will probably be lectured」
Saying so, Haruto turned on his heels. I was about to stop him but noticed that other adults were looking on at us from the window and withdrew my outstretched arm. Seeing Haru’s back get further, I hit my closed fist on the tree trunk.
「Ku…! I will kill that priest one day!!!」
「Ke-Kei-chan….Calm down……You will be beaten if he hears that」
「Like I care! If he beats me, I will beat him back!!」
「You can’t, you’ll get hurt. I’ll hold it in too, so Kei-Chan, you bear it too alright?」
Saying so, you held my fists with two hands. Holding me back with two small hands, you furrowed your brows in worry. Seeing you go that far, I had no choice but to back down. Sighing deeply, I withdrew my fists and released my grip, and you let go of me, smiling in relief.
「Hey Kei-chan. Let’s think of something fun until he returns.」
「what fun thing?」
「Hmm……Ah, I know!」
You exclaimed as you thought of something.
「Let’s play『Oz-hide-and-seek』sometime with everyone?」
Hearing something like that for the first time, I made a suspicious face but you continued speaking.
「Do you know the story of the great magician Oz?」
「Ah, that? The one with the tinman and the scarecrow. And what else… the courageless lion?」
「Un. They went to the emerald city to have their wish granted by Oz. Doesn’t that sound fun? That’s why you must play Oz hide-and-seek with too.」
「Why do I have to do that……」
I said that thinking that it was troublesome. I knew I could have declined you in other ways but it would hurt you. In other words I wanted you to get a clue of how I felt. But at such times you were dull. Looking for something as you looked aroun, you picked up a thin branch and turned to me with a delighted face.
「The magician Oz is boring the normal way, so let’s make this ‘world’」
You started drawing some kind of map on the ground with a stick. “This is the village, this is the castle…….” It’s was a scraggly child’s drawing but your passion showed through. And when it was almost completed, you said this…
「There are no adults in this world」
「There is no one to treat us badly or force us to work. Everyone will live freely, and help each other in times of need…. we will all live in happiness, in smiles… There will be no pain or sadness. This will be such a world…. “The world of Oz”
Saying so, you dropped the stick. Contrary to your smile, your eyes were wavering in sadness as you looked at the map on the ground. Seeing this, I understood why you wanted to play ‘Oz hide-and-seek’.
「Alright. Then let’s make a door to the world of Oz.」
I picked up the stick you had dropped, squatted and began on the ground.
「If we leave it like this, evil people will come in you know? So lets make a door. One that needs many ‘keys’ to open…」
Saying so, I dropped the left. At my feet was a shoddy drawing of a door and keys.
「And the only ones who can open the door will be us!」
At my words, you widened your eyes a little. And you then nodded with a dazzling smile as your green eyes glittered.

——And you were called by the priest a few days later.
It appears that you dropped an urn while cleaning. What’s worse, the priest had suffered an injury by stepping on the pieces. You had apologised furiously but the priest would not forgive you… picking you up by your collar and slapping you.
「っ……What the hell are you doing!!」
I had been passing by and ran towards the priest before I could think of any consequences. Biting the arm of the priest that was holding you, I tore you away from the priest.
「Oi are you alright……?」
I held you up hurriedly as you had fallen to the ground. You raised your face slowly and had tears in your eyes. Something red was smudged on the corner of your mouth and once realising that it was blood, something in me snapped loudly.
「Asshole I’ll kill you……!!」
「No!! Kei-Chan!」
「っShut up!!  Let go…!!」
Pushing you away, I lunged at the priest, Riding on the priest who had fallen backwards, I gathered strength into my fist. Even if I had been rough with things, I had never punched someone before. If I did that, I would become like my father… there was no turning back… Realising this I held back my fist. But  such a thought too had disappeared. Such an action was so natural I shocked myself and when I realised…. the priest’s face had become red and swollen.

A few days after that, I was put into the discipline room without food nor water. When I was finally allowed to leave, I was unsteady on my feet but did not regret one bit what I had done. It was because I had protected you from the priest.
After that I began thinking that violence was justice, and that it was vital to protect the ones dear to me. And I began to raise up violence within me, pretending not to realising that each time I punched someone, my heart was pained. Day after day, I continued using ‘strength’…

It was a sunny day when you called out to me one day.
And that day too, I had been beaten by the priest, because I saw you being treated badly by him. Gripping my fists that had turned numb, I had been walking in the backyard of the church. It was then–
You came running to me from behind and I made a bitter face. Being awkward was bad enough, and right now, I was still irritated from having punched someone. There was no way I could be gentle with you right now.
「……What d’you want. If it’s something stupid I’ll punch you too.」
I said something that I didn’t mean because I thought that this way you would stay away.
But you didn’t. In fact, you stood in front of me and blocked my path.
「Kei-chan, I have something to say」
「……I don’t want to.」
Saying so coldly, I left. But you pulled on my arm and stopped me.
「っ……Let go!」
「Listen to me!」
Caught by your green eyes, I couldn’t move an inch. Just like the time we shared an apple.
「Kei-chan, did you punch the priest again?」
「……I didn’t.」
「Aah? Why do you stay that? You didn’t see a thing.」
「Because you always look pained after you hit someone…」
I was slightly taken aback having been pinpointed. Don’t say that, it doesn’t hurt….. Was what I wanted to say but I couldn’t. Hitting someone and feeling the pain myself… I had already realised such a feeling long ago.。
「I had no other choice… This is the only way I can protect you…」
I said so with a trembling voice and averted my eyes. And I realised…. that I was making excuses again. I once made the excuse that I had to be so since there were no reliable adults around. And I was doing the same now. It was embarassing and frustrating and I rolled my fists into a ball hard.
And at that moment, your thin fingers gently touched those hands.
「I know… You always protect me. Thank you」
「But I don’t want Kei-Chan to get hurt. I want to protect you as much as you want to protect me. I want to protect your heart… That is why I wanted to speak with you today.」
You held a straight gaze at me and that deep green… Was just like the ocean… An ocean that gently held everything.
「Nothing will be resolved with violence. You only hurt yourself… So, please stop doing this. Don’t hit people… Let’s make this pained face of yours the last…」
You grinned. A beautiful and gentle smile unfitting for someone like me. I tried hard to find words… but my heartbeat increased so rapidly I couldn’t say anything. But wanting to respond, I nodded in a large motion. You returned my nod and began searching your pocket.
「I only have this now……」
It was a wire and with it, you made a small ring and put it on the little finger of my right hand.
「It’s a promise. If you’re about to hit someone, look at this ring and remember.」
You looked into my eyes  and up till now, I had been afraid to return your gaze but I was not afraid now. I looked into your green eyes the colour of the ocean.
「Aah, I got it. I will look at this ring and not use violence again.」
「And also… well…」
I stopped in my tracks for a while ——But I had to say this. I had to tell you this. Resolving myself….
「Thank.. you…」
At my words you smiled as if a flower had blossomed. Seeing that, I was so embarrassed I hugged you without thinking.

If we played Oz hide-and-seek I would choose the lion——。
Keisa determined this as he held you tight because he had sworn on the ring. Not to use violence. Not to raise his fists against others. Not by physical strength but by a true strength…. admitting one’s own weakness and one’s mistakes and having the courage to stand up to it… He wanted such strength.
Which is why I will be the lion…. Was what Keisa thought.
But this promise, in the coming “separation”, would be forgotten slowly——But that’s another story.


Oh damn…. maybe because I was listening to an emo song while doing this translation, I teared up reading the first part of this story. (´д⊂)‥ぅぅ Like the part where the brothers escaped and thought they would finally live happily… More is starting to be revealed…! So the reason why they became keys is because of our bimbotic heroine?!

Mama I want a happy story… but mama I love tragic stories…

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  2. I really liked the exchange between Shian and Keisa here (it shows the dynamics between the characters who are not brothers as well that’s why), and then Keisa questioning how “strong” a person quick to violence is.

    They’re all so cute as kids at the orphanage. The story with the three brothers is so sad, but it’s really adorable how the twins warmed up to Haruto as they were pretty much all in the same boat. I was curious about how Haruto was a half-brother to the other two as well so that was an interesting read. This background stuff really gives nice insight to the characters. It’s a shame these stories can’t be more inclusive with the actual CDs.

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