Jyuzaengi Engetsu Sangokuden 2 – Review

The system got better here, without having to complete the Peach Garden to move on in the story, and the fiery home background was really to my liking. The music was the same as the first game, with  few more addition of tracks at different places and more character themes. I didn’t like this OP as much as the first game, as Takagaki Ayahi’s vocals here were horrible. Her high note was really forced and jarring to the ears. I never really liked her singing voice, though her continuing in the music industry proves to me that the seiyuu industry sells whatever they can to push up the reputation of seiyuus….

Take note that while the two Jyuza games have never-dying never-aging characters, the real battles spanned around 24 years. This game did make me quite amused, as out of all Chinese history, to this day the battle at Chi Bi remains one of my favourites.

First, since the Chinese and annoying Japanese readings of the characters are quite different, let me re-introduce them, (with random historical bits I remember thrown in)

Liu Bi Army

Liu Bi – Is read Liu Bei in the Chinese way. He was the first emperor of the three kingdoms and known for his benevolence to the country people.

Kan U – Guan Yu. Was a GUY, and was a criminal who fled from his country rofl and joined Liu Bei’s voluntary army. He is worshipped as a god by some Chinese religions.

Chou Hi – Zhang Fei, eventually married Ka Kou En’s niece. His daughter married Liu Bei’s son and became a queen. (Please imagine this game’s Chou Hi doing that. rofl)

Chou SoSou – Su Shuang, was a merchant impressed by Liu Bei and funded his army. (Otomate changed this guy too much lol)

Chou Sei Hei – Zhang Shi Ping was also a merchant and also supplied Liu Bei with funds for gaining his army.

Kan Tei – Guan Ding was KAN U’s (GUAN YU’S FIRSTBORN SON ROFL)

Chou Un – Zhao Yun is probably correctly portrayed in this game, with his serious and virtuous character. He first wanted to switch to serving Liu Bei at their meeting, but only did so after a decade at their reunion.

Sho Katsu Riou – Zhu Ge Liang is the textbook-favourite genius, and my favourite hero from Three Kingdoms 😀 His advice at Red Cliff after reading the wind led the Alliance to victory against Cao Cao. Rumour was that he married an ugly wife rofl.

Son Ken Army

Shu Yuu – Zhou Yu was rumoured to be handsome. Unlike the game, Zhou Yu had many relatives already serving in imperial courts, and he was a good strategist that almost rivaled Sho Katsu Riou.

Son Ken – Sun Quan was only 18 when he ascended the throne.

Son Shou Kou – Sun Shang Xiang (sister) became Liu Bei’s third wife but did not follow him for long.

Sou Sou Army

Sou Sou – Cao Cao the big bad wolf of China’s history, but with strength in both sword and brains, he’s the most celebrated ruler of history since his plans to unify the countries eventually turned China into what it is today. If I remember correctly, he loved poetry and on one occasion used wordplay to see if his generals could decipher whether the tin of biscuits was for them. rofl.

Ka Kou Ton – Xia Hou Dun is also properly portrayed in this game, and was a rager since his youth, (he killed someone at 13) but kind at heart, with a thirst for upgrading himself and love for the poor around him.

Ka Kou En – Xia Hou Yuan was known for his quick decisions in military arrangement. That’s all I remember lol.

Chou Riou – Zhang Liao was never a very loyal guy. He had 3 masters before Ryou Fu (Lu Bu) and surrended easily to Sou Sou as in this game.

Ka Ku – Jia Xu, I can’t remember this guy lol.

Kaku Ka – Guo Jia was another textbook genius, though less well known than Sho Katsu Riou.



The game starts on the connected premise to the first game by Liu Bi’s route, that he had turned into his adult form and slew many, but never got together with Kan U since he returned to a child. So this game is essentially not a fandisk but a new game that focuses on the battle of Chi Bi. Kan U is still single, which means we get to see once again how the cute Chou Hi wags his tail at her with his ‘Aneki–!’ and how Sou Sou goes wonderfully yandere.

Oh yes. And I was very delighted with how Sho Katsu Riou insulted Kan U, because Otomate pushed her into a muffin tin and baked her, so she has typical otome-game reactions. I.E, Kan U has turned into a ridiculously stupid girl in this game, like the general heroine who only has enough brains to be impregnated and think stubbornly of saving people more than accepting sacrifices and thinking of the greater plan. Throughout Liu Bi’s route I was rolling my eyes and going ‘Oh just shut up, Kan U“, especially when they were trying to form an alliance with the country of Go. She stammers like the 99% populace of stupid heroines whenever someone says something like ‘marriage’ or ‘pretty’. (For God’s sake, you’re a War General, please don’t squeal like a 12-year old who saw a kiss scene) She is absolutely worth being criticised. How did Otomate spoil her in this game? Let’s see.

You have no choice but to play Liu Bi’s route first, since other characters are only unlocked after his route. The prologue happens with the humans attacking the Cat Clan, so they flee Sou Sou’s country and head to Shin Ya, (Xin Ye in Chinese) with Liu Bi regaining his adult form and persuading the smart war tactician of Chinese history, Sho Katsu Riou (Zhu Ge Liang) to become their tactician. Sou Sou pursues them with massive armies since he wants to gain the Cat’s power and after finding out that Kan U was a half-breed, he got even more obsessed.

Liu Bi’s route


Hello, it’s your typical shoujo=baby face, guy=long face drawing that makes him look like a lolicon.

Kan U starts throwing a fit about how they have to bring the human citizens along, pissing (me) off (greatly as well as) Sho Katsu Riou, who glares at her for being so stupid as to suggest they bring an entire town with them while trying to escape from Sou Sou. However, Sho Katsu Riou thwarts Sou Sou’s armies twice, and the third time, Sou Sou was almost killed by Liu Bi who turned evil when Sou Sou tried to take Kan U away. But Kan U hugs him to stop him from clawing at Sou Sou because she doesn’t want him to kill anymore and he tries to kiss her amidst the dead bodies lying all around them. A new character Shu Yuu was travelling with them amongst the humans who lost their home, and reveals that he is also a Cat, but had grown up in solitude and was the first time he saw Cats other than himself after his parents fell ill and died.

After the third battle with Sou Sou who retreated after seeing Liu Bi’s evil form, they go to the country Go to ask for an alliance. On the way to the castle Liu Bi helps a girl who was later revealed to be Shou Kou. They enter the castle and start negotiating, but none in Go are very keen to form an alliance with Liu Bi due to his dangerous reputation. Sho Katsu Riou tries hard to persuade them but Kan U keeps uttering sentences that don’t matter a shiet until I felt I could slap her to shut her gap. Shou Kou, revealed to be the Princess of Go comes a while later to persuade them to form the alliance but here, Kan U stammers and gets thrown off when Shou Kou offers herself to be married to Liu Bi so as to prove that Liu Bi would not betray the alliance.

Some ffffff annoying Kan U sentences from LIU BI’S ROUTE ALONE: 

“Waa… the country of Go is big”

“Liu Bi!” x 10 in a scene.

“Sh-Shu Yuu?”

“N-No way… Sho Katsu Riou, you knew?!”

“N-No way… But Sou Sou will definitely come attack Go! If we don’t fight together we can’t win him!”

“So-Sou Sou… and Go might form an alliance?!”


“The-then, you’re going to trust Sou Sou?”

“Sho- Sho Katsu Riou is amazing”

“Tha-that girl…!”

“N-no way… her marrying Liu Bi…”


“T-They can’t m-marry! They just can’t!”


Thanks Otomate, for destroying my favourite heroine from all your games.

*calms self down* *continues*

Halfway through the story when Sou Sou and the Go-Liu Bi alliance is facing off at sea on standby, Shou Kou starts becoming a bit of a crack, and tells Kan U to die and all that while showing Liu Bi another good-two shoes face. Shou Kou then goes alone to Sou Sou and in front of the alliance army, Liu Bi, Kan U and her brother Son Ken, she stabs herself with Sou Sou’s sword, saying it’s for her brother more than for the country. (bro-con?!) The sis-con Son Ken then goes crazy seeing his sister killed and the army which had been restless now came alive with anger, ready to fight Sou Sou.

One night Liu Bi reveals that he was the one who killed the parents of Chou Hi, Kan Tei and So Sou (the 3 best buds) and his own parents. One night when he was younger he couldn’t contain the power of KinMe (Golden Eye) inside his body and he went on a rampage, killing those who tried to stop him. After that the evil Liu Bi kisses her and tells her to accept his evil side as well.

As the fight starts on the ships, the Cats are left to take Sou Sou and the other generals. (And I was rather drooling over Chou Hi and Chou Un’s new designs in battle mode than paying attention to Liu Bi. lol)


Kan U fights Sou Sou and is about to lose when the ship is attacked by the supposedly dead Shou Kou, who curses Kan U for being in her way and revealing that she has been waiting for her brother for 300 years… and it is NOT Son Ken. Liu Bi and Son Ken runs to the scene where a female ‘monster’ is spotted. Shou Kou is screaming about how she wants to eat organs and keeps calling Liu Bi her brother upon seeing him. Turns out that the Kin Me in Liu Bi is her brother and her real name is Haku Dou. Haku Dou keeps calling out to Kin Me so Liu Bi suffers as he tries to stop Kin Me from coming out of his body. He also reveals to the trio that he was the one who killed their parents by accident and everyone is shocked but have little time to react as Kan U is taken hostage by Haku Dou. They fight and the trio forgive Liu Bi and cheer him on while Kan U and Liu Bi wins Haku Dou for the Good End. Shou Kou stops getting possessed by the demon and returns to her former self, wishing Liu Bi happiness with Kan U. In the epilogue everyone’s making a fuss over who should take Kan U so Liu Bi kisses her in front of everyone.


As for Bad End, Liu Bi loses to Kin Me’s powers and is only able to save Kan U, with Haku Dou killing everyone present, including Chou Hi, So Sou and Kan Tei. He curses himself for being so powerless and holds Kan U’s hand as she sleeps, telling her that everything should be this way, the same as his past self, with the moonless night and her.


In Chou Hi’s route,

Kan U regains a little of her maturity as she has to be a sista to Chou Hi and she realises how Chou Hi has grown up to be a reliable guy and starts getting conscious of his ‘manliness’ (-_-). There were still many ridiculous plot bits so obviously changed into an ‘otome style’ scenario which makes me think how even quinrose could do better.

In this route, Sho Katsu Riou suggest Chou Un and Kan U serve as the bait to draw in Sou Sou’s army, and they move to the castle but find it already conquered by Sou Sou. It is also revealed in this route that Liu Hiou was the one who incited the humans to attack the Cats in the prologue, so he could take the Cats under his custody and make use of the battle prowess. Shocked at this, the Cats seek shelter elsewhere and come to (Kou Riou) Jiang Lu, after Sou Sou’s army killed Liu Hiou.

Chou Hi and Kan U go to warn the village around Jiang Lu to seek refuge in the castle as Sou Sou was pursuing them. The villagers welcome the two Cats with open arms and even made Cat ears to wear to honour the Cat Clan. Apparently Jiang Lu was one of the lands under Liu Kou (Liu Bi’s ancestor who slew Kin Me) so they have always been accepting towards the Cats. The 3 villages accept Chou Hi and Kan U’s advise and start preparations to flee to the castle before Sou Sou comes.

When the battle starts, the defence from the castle is strong with Chou Hi leading the archery combat and Chou Un fighting from the top so Sou Sou’s army bring in ladders but Chou Hi and Kan U jump onto the ladders and run down as they kill the soldiers (rofl whut?) As the first formation from Sou Sou’s army is defeated, they retreat. However Ka Ku brings ten soldiers with him and manages to threaten the villagers. One of the men who has his family held as hostages becomes a spy and asks Kan U to let him into the castle. Kan U being the stupidest war General (Otomate style) is absolutely NOT suspicious of that singular refugee and lead him into the castle. They find out a quick while later that the refugee has burnt the food supplies and Chou Hi gently coaxes him into telling the truth. As this is a nicey otome game, they quickly forgive the guy and tell him not to worry as they will do something about the situation. But Ka Kou Ton incites a night raid with fire arrows which continues into daybreak. Kaku tells them to surrender so they decide to surrender to protect the villagers who are Sou Sou’s hostages. Then there comes a ridiculous episode of Chou Hi getting punched by foot soldiers which obviously wouldn’t happen since Kan U and Chou Hi are highly valued war generals even if they’re enemies.


On the other hand, Liu Bi and So Sou are with the villagers and ask them to prepare them a ship to sail to Jiang Xia and then to Zi Jiang Castle to meet with Sho Katsu Riou, then Go to meet with Son Ken so as to save Kan U and the rest working under Sou Sou. Kan U’s hands get rough while building the ship so Chou Hi apologises and kisses her hands saying that she originally should have been living like a normal girl. At this I was –____– since Kan U is a WAR GENERAL and would have more blisters on her hands from years of sword training than a few rough places due to helping out on the ship for a few days, but it was a little amusing to see how Chou Hi’s sis-con never changes.

The Kou Riou soldiers following Liu Bi army were also beaten by some of the Sou Sou soldiers so the Kou Riou soldiers on Chou Hi and Kan U’s side hatch a plan to feed the Sou Sou soldiers raw food for every meal until they fall sick as they have no resistance to raw food. Ka Ku burns the Sou Sou soldiers who have fallen ill in case it’s a infectious disease, since he didn’t know that the Kou Riou soldiers were the ones who initiated the feeding of raw food. The Kou Riou soldiers and Chou Hi and the rest discuss whether to take back their castle and escape from Sou Sou, but Kan U decide to wait for Sho Katsu Riou and the reinforcement army. On the other side, Sho Katsu Riou meet up with Liu Bi and So Sou and the three go to meet Son Ken together, and they successfuly persuade Son Ken to form an alliance.

That night, Ka Ku catches the soldiers who were speaking of the rebellion and plans to execute them tomorrow. Chou Hi and Kan U speak of their frustrations together and it leads to a confession by the both of them, with Chou Hi calling Kan U by name rather than ‘Aneki’ (older sis) They then have some chu chu time under the stars.


I have no idea why this scene made me embarassed lol. Must be because Chou Hi’s too sweet and his long unrequited love finally became something. Though how Kan U came to like him only after so many years is a mystery.

The next day just as the soldiers were to be executed the Go army comes, and Sho Katsu Riou, Liu Bi and Kan u and the rest reunite, stopping the war and welcomes Ka Ku into their army instead of killing him. The cats move back to Shin Ya where Chou Hi promises to make Kan U happy. (´・ω・`) Oh Chou Hi is such a darling.


In Bad End, they decide to stop Ka Ku from executing the Kou Riou soldiers, and launch an attack next morning, but as there are too many soldiers and Kaku Ka comes with reinforcements, all of them die with Chou Hi apologising to Kan U for not keeping his promise to protect her.



Ok, I played Chou Un this way: **set psp on auto mode** **kills monsters in RPG on computer ** **looks at psp only during selection and CGs** so half the time I was not paying attention to his route. YET I understood his route because it was so predictable and boring. Which is why I took such a long time to play this route. There were multiple bad storylines here… read on and you’ll see what I mean.

Kan u starts getting nightmares n loses her voice because children are killed in front of her when Chou Ryou refuses to let her save them. Wth???? She’s a war general hello??!! As usual, Chou Un tries to be the man who wants to protect everybody, pissing me off greatly since I hate sexist people. His route also has many ‘push-her-down’ scenes, which made my eyes roll back quite deep in since I didn’t like him since the first game, and him getting seme doesn’t do much difference. But I’m cruel… you might like Chou Un, apologies in advance for criticising him too much.Chou Un brings her to her hometown Yuu Shuu so she would calm down and recover from the shock but on the way they encounter a village U Gan getting attacked by soldiers on Kaku Ka’s command. Kan U manages to save the children this time and recovers her voice instantly rofl.
ggNext day she wakes up and Chou Un tells her he has been staring at her sleeping face the whole night and it’s good she didn’t have nightmares. In the midst of their icha time some guy from the village they saved yesterday attacks them demanding to hear about what happened. Sou Sou army comes to attack again so Kan U and Chou Un lead the villagers and fight. While staying with them, they confess to each other and Kan U plays the innocent girl act on him, asking why can’t they sleep together after their kiss (^^;; Chou Un then stops trying to chase her out of the room and hugs her to sleep, telling himself it’s a form of training too.I must say that the script here is bad since Chou Un called her sleeping beauty, which is a fairy tale and extremely out of context in this Chinese war game. Chou Un in real life did disappear for a long time and supposedly went to rescue Liu Bei’s wife and child. In this game while he and Kan U were helping the U Gan people the soldiers who used to work under him now is under Sou Sou and they blame him for throwing the country away and seeing Yuu Shuu get thrown in chaos. Kan U comforts him by hugging him and all that.
hhThe Sou Sou army have been threatened by Kaku Ka to bury their families alive if they don’t capture Kan U and Chou Un. Hearing this, Kan U allows herself to be captured and gets tortured by Kaku Ka like hanging her upside down. Chou Un and the cats rush to rescue her and in good end, they manage to win Kaku Ka and save the other soldiers.
In Bad end, Chou Un allows himself to get slashed by his former soldier to atone for not being with them and causing them to lose their homes and become hostages of Sou Sou.


Sho Katsu Riou

Mendokusai. It’s getting seriously mendokusai having to play the same storyline. (I want to move onto Sou and Kakou’s route NOWWWWWW ( ゚皿゚)キーッ!!Anyway, Kan U regained a little bro-ness in Sho’s route as she protects the brainy Sho who abuses her verbally. I get the feeling they’re trying to balance her out every two characters you play… She’s still dumb here, but not as dumb as in Liu Bi and Chou Un’s route.

Basically, Sho thinks she’s a bother to Liu Bi since she spoils him, but he doesn’t realise that he is equally sweet to Liu Bi, except in a different kind of way. Through his interactions with Kan U he gets touched by her trust in him and since she supports him when he was ill, he opens up to her despite initially hating how she messes up his plans by putting the lives of others and not thinking about making sacrifices.

They made sho katsu riou into a cold unfeeling person and Kan U his foil. After the alliance is formed they have a celebration and Shu Yuu starts hitting on her….. And even Son Ken wants her to be his wife. (They’re seriously trying too hard to make this into a ‘every male wants me’ thing, it’s getting ridiculous.) After Sho explains he meant giving Son Ken her military strength rather than her marriage, Son Ken gets a little disappointed and is about to suggest marriage anyway when Shu Yuu just knocks into him and drag him away.
snap004Later the other warlords are not convinced so Kan U thinks to marry Son Ken to strengthen the alliance. Another plot hole. Kan U is just a war general, what would her marrying Son Ken do? But never mind that, Sho gets angry at her self-justice and gives her a good scolding. They hatch a plan to get more arrows in two days for their attack to prove to the generals on Son Ken’s side that the cats are worth the alliance.. but it is impossible with their resources, so (like the original history) they launch a fake attack on the sou sou army at night, putting strawmen on a boat. Sou Sou army shoot at the boats as they can’t see in the mist and the arrows get stuck on the straw men. Kan U supports Sho as he’s looking pale and they finally retreat after collecting around 100,000 arrows.
snap003Sho falls unconscious again and when he awakes he tells Kan U he was saved by a cat when he was younger, so he wanted to repay the cats one day for saving his life. In good end, it is revealed So’s betrayal was all an act (as if we didn’t guess already -3-) and she surprise kisses him to prove that some things are out of his control and he does the same to tease her.

In bad end she doesn’t trust him after they got caught and went to Sou Sou’s ship, so she tries to kill Sou Sou and she dies.


Shu Yuu

I’m so glad I’m done with his route. Urgh… I want to play Sou Sou and Kakou Ton’s routes NOW (kid that gets bored easily). Shu Yuu is one of those types I don’t like. He’s similar to Chou Un in that they hit on the heroine, but back out suddenly, leaving both the girl and the people around them annoyed. But Shu Yuu is different in that he’s more troublesome than Chou Un since his feelings border on selfishness rather than Chou Un’s protective, sacrificial type of love.


Shu Yuu hits on Kan U too much, and she is always either punching him or running away as a result. He tells her since she is the first female Cat he saw, he’s been interested in her. Anyway in this route, things get slightly different when Sou Sou comes to pursue Kan U himself on two occasions. Of course Shu Yuu desperately tries to fight against his love rival, but sometime later Shu Yuu starts pushing her away saying that he is ‘incomplete’ and has ‘filthy blood’ and things get really awkward between them.

Sho hatches a plan to make Kan U surrender to Sou Sou to make him off-guard so the alliance can burn Sou Sou’s ships. Before Kan U leaves, Shu Yuu and Kan U patch their relationship and have sexy time. Let’s just say Shu Yuu’s beast-like character is very apparent  in the way he aproaches her. Kan U then leaves to Sou Sou’s army to make a false surrender.

At first Sou Sou is skeptical, but he makes Kan U kiss him, and his yandere side soon takes over. Kan U evades Sou Sou’s advances to make her his wife until the night Shu Yuu and the alliance bursts in to save her.

To the end, we never really get Shu Yuu means by being ‘incompete’, but he mentions his parents died of a disease, and so did all his cat clan,which is why he thinks his blood is dirty and may contaminate her through a virus. (Hello, you already contaminated her- *deletes r18 comment*)

To prove that she doesn’t care about whatever sickness she will get, she kisses him in front of Souyandere and both of them jump into the water. The epilogue shows the two of them ichaing in a small hut deep in the mountains with Sho visiting them. Everybody except Sho thinks they’re dead and they promise to visit the Cats after a few years. Well, talk about irresponsible! Poor Son Ken is left to handle the country himself and Chou Hi is wailing over his lost aneki.


In the bad end, Sou Sou stabs Shu Yuu and Shu drags him into the water. And I suppose, both of them die.


Kakou Ton & Sou Sou

*where did all my CGs on my computer go?* *Never mind that, Ton’s route was incredibly disappointing.

Somehow or rather Ton gets kissed by Kan U, and they get together on the battlefield. Right. Thank you. And his route included so many repetitions of what happened in the first game.

Sou Sou’s yandere was wonderful, but a little disappointing, since he initially forced her into a marriage but decided to be all nice and promise not to touch her. And then, he realises the wonderful power of love, that he loved her and not her mixed blood. Right. Thanks again.


Otomate always destroys the game with their fandiscs. Playing CZ now, why do I get the feeling that Otomate’s games of 2011-2012 were much better? (etc, moujuu) It seems as if the heroines are on a decline.

I’m just crossing my fingers over and over than the vita games are going to be good.

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