Code:Realize Cast announcement & Sub-characters!

IT’S HERE. Alright, it’s no surprise the usual seiyuus are voicing Code:Realize, but let’s get on with imagining their voices in character now. Sub characters look pretty interesting…. and their designs are looking good too! Mm…. the main character’s CVs were meh, but the sub-characters deepen the mystery…..



The Great thief of reputation in the world. Extremely cheerful, he’s optimistic and confident, and the only thing supporting that confidence is his Ace-initiative and stealing technique. The one who brought Cardia away, he also heads for London for his own goal.

CV: Maeno Tomoaki


Van Helsing


The strongest and fiercest Vampire Hunter of fame. Having served in the English army before, he has such physical capability and military strategy that he’s called a “Human Weapon” He’s chasing someone to fulfil his destiny.

CV: Suwabe Junichi


Victor Frankenstein 


A researcher originally from the England government. Though, with various talents and information, he’s not proud and has a good character. Rather, he’s always getting thrown around by the people and situations around him. Due to a reason, he has become a wanted criminal.

CV: Kakihara Tetsuya


Impey Barbicane


A man who came to London with Lupin. Bright, casual and sometimes gets too carried away, it’s no doubt that he is a genius of invention, and is looking for something stolen from him.

CV: Morikubo Shotarou


Saint – Germain


A man gentlemanly in words and actions. Having a house in London, he provides a place for the heroine and the rest to stay. Being quite a strange man, he welcomes the heroine and the rest because he says they’re “interesting”.

CV: Hirakawa Daisuke


Nanbashotto????? …(;´Д`)ウウッ… It might be interesting to see Suwabe as Van, since Suwabe has the flirtatious character impression stuck on him. As for Hirawaka as Saint-Germain, DOESN’T SUIT MY IMPRESSION AT ALL. Don’t you guys think so too?!


Sub characters



The youth leading the intelligence group ‘Sunset’. A boy with many mysteries surrounding him, and his age is also unknown. Some people even say that he has an undying body, and for some reason he is crafting a plan to obtain Cardia.

CV: Kaji Yuuki

“Hey older miss…. I’m definitely not going to let you escape…”

(Hello Kaji Yuuki…. It’s you again?! )


Herlock Sholmes (wtf rofl)


A detective who has come to London on the request of Scotland Yard. Excelling in both physical and mental capabilities, he is also calm and collected. Despite being a nemesis of the heroine, he also becomes someone to rely on. By the way, he separates work and private life with a clean cut.

CV: Murakami Kazuya

“Everything that happens is connected… whether it be evil, or good…”


Jimmy A. Arester


A first-ageing man working for Sunset. A mild-mannered and gentleman, he’s next to Finis in power and plans the next movements of Sunset. He appears to have a past with Helsing.

CV: Koyama Rikiya

“Be careful. People die easily…”


Alexandrina Victoria


The Queen of England. One cannot tell by her flashy appearance that she loves her country and is excellent at administration, and is always looking for ways to strengthen and  develop her country. She is an acquaintance of Cardia’s father.

“How envious. If there is no knowledge of things, there also comes no need to be frightened…”

CV: Iida Naomi

(If you played Toki no Kizuna, she was the Princess, and I loved her voice!)




His strange words and actions stand out, and he’s a self-proclaimed world’s no.1 scientist. Being so weird, it’s strange people associate themselves with him, but his knowledge is real. He holds the extreme view that everything can be sacrificed if for the sake of his honourable research.

“Real genius isssssssssss!! Me, the ooooonly one!”

CV: Shinomiya Go

me: (・_・;) looking pretty ugly there, but looking very interesting too.


Right, I’d like to hear what you guys think again! Hopeful? I’m distraught that Saint Germain is voiced by HirakawaD but the game is starting to look really interesting!

9 thoughts on “Code:Realize Cast announcement & Sub-characters!

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  2. Okay… Finis, Alexandrina and Nemo look WEIRD. Especially the Queen!!! She looks like a cross-dressing GUY. WHY??!!

    As for the CV’s… Suwabe as Van Helsing…? Bring it on! But MoriShou as Imper… is well not what I was looking forward to… I wanted Hosoyan…. ;w; Well, MoriShou is probably a good choice, but I’m not too happy as I got kind of tired of his voice… Saint-German and HIrarin…. Not sure if that combi is so good though… LOL Because he’s actually gentlemanly with words right?! So his voice might be soothing? But looking at Saint-German, I expect him to have a really low voice. Not sure, how this will work out. ^^


    • Finis actually kinda looks like Cardia… And you’re absolutely right!!! I also thought the Queen was an Okama when I first saw her hahaha!!

      I think MoriShou played too many chara characters so we’re all sick of him, and to be honest I think Hosoyan’s voice is too low for Impey heh. Saint Germain was just disappointing >< I refuse to accept it!!! *rages*

      And Maeno as Lupin, I totally did not expect that…. but we'll see how he plays it out 😀


      • The artwork was what drew me to Code:Realize and the teaser website. But when I saw the actual title picture I was like: “Hmmm…. I am disappointed”. LOL Not that the artwork is bad, but there is something I just don’t like about it… I don’t even know what, but something is bugging me. ^^

        xDDD It’s just my bias towards Hosoyan. But I kind of imagine a similiar voice to Loki from Kamigami? Idk.

        Hmm… I hope Maeno doesn’t overworks his voice, because he’s appearing everywhere too. LOL I’m definitely not complaining, but even I can get TIRED of my biases. LOL


      • HAha yes Maeno is everywhere. Like EVERYWHERE, even Drama CDs and doujin !@!#^!$!# But I don’t mind his voice…. for now…….

        I’m definitely in for Code, but like you say, “VITA, here we NOT come” haha!


  3. Hmm, you’re right, the cast isn’t too interesting, but I suppose they’re all good at what they do so that’s what matters the most. Kakihara Tetsuya again! He’s on fire! There are some uncommon faces as well, or perhaps they’re uncommon to me because I happen to have not played the games they’re in. I haven’t heard Kaji Yuuki in any otome thing other than Diabolik Lovers and Vampire Sweetie (and that’s been a while), plus Koyama Rikiya, Shinomiya Gou and Murakami Kazuya aren’t common choices. If there’s a queen, you’d think they’d choose somebody like Orikasa Ai but Iida Naomi is fine with me as well!

    BTW, hope I don’t sound rude, but it’s Murakami Kazuya, not Murakawa. It looks like he’s pretty new, so all the best to him.

    I think Hirakawa Daisuke is a total hoot, but yeah, I imagined Saint Germain to have a deeper, maturer voice. Speaking of which, Saint Germain’s hairstyle sorta reminds me of Hakuou from Jo’oubachi. Coincidence? ;P

    Thank you, Code: Realize, for being one of the few otome games to create a less-than-passable-in-looks character that isn’t a rapist or an irrelevant character. I wonder if Nemo’s appearance has something to do with his research? Maybe something to do with that poison? The purple splotch on his clothes and the bandages just scream that to me. Hope I’m wrong!

    Hahaha, Herlock Sholmes is almost as funny as Dr. Galileo Melancholy. Almost. 😀


    • Oh thanks for the correction there! 😀 I’ll correct it when I’m home! Doing translations half awake isn’t the best idea haha.

      I think there’re many good Seiyuus out there! But otoge companies are so stick in the mud it’s sad… The best Otomate has done is in Chronostacia with lots of lesser known Seiyuus, and probably Code too. Murakami also appears in Reine, he might get larger roles in the future, I hope..

      Kaji has been appearing everywhere gosh. Click on tags and you’ll see where he has been….

      Now that you mention it, Saint does look like Hakuou lol. Otomate made my day with “sholmes” rofl I spent a long time laughing over that……


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