Senjou no Enbukyoku (waltz) – Sub characters added

Original characters and story here:


Ran’s classmate. Extremely mild-mannered, he’s a student council type who can gather people to work. Having the blood of a far eastern country, he wields a special weapon called ‘katana’.

“Let’s drink tea, green tea! I’m good at brewing tea!”

CV: Ogata Megumi (female CV! (・∀・) interesting)




Ran’s classmate. Being born as a noble, he has an extreme elitist mentality. Always saying mean and sarcastic things, it’s not going overboard to say that he is made of sarcasm. He hurls bitter and hurting words especially to Nike and Ran.

“Calling out to me, is greeting all you’re going to do?”

CV: Yamashita Daiki




Ran’s classmate and roommate. Extremely cheerful, she cheered and encouraged Ran who came to Nirvana after losing her hometown. From the warring state of Daguroto, she has high combat abilities, so much that if she fought in the male mock battle in school, she’d easily come in within top ten.

“Whether it was at meals or after-school hours, I was always alone…. that’s why I’m glad you came!”

CV: Toyama Nao

(I love aneki-types but her name… omg, her name….. Yuri + Ana….)




He holds an abundant knowledge of sorcery and general information and works as the advisor of Nirvana. Being practised in medicine as well, he normally is found in the school infirmary as the doctor. Always wearing a thin smile, his true intentions can;t be read.

“Humans are truly interesting….. I wonder why they throw themselves into hell of their free will…”

CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki


Waltz still looks kinda sub-par…. if the heroine changed to Yuriana I’d DEFINITELY play it, even if the world was going to end. But her name…. oh her name….. please Otomate, stop trying to be funny…

3 thoughts on “Senjou no Enbukyoku (waltz) – Sub characters added

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  2. Nice to see more appropriately dressed students, though I’m still totally annoyed by the girls wearing skirts in a military school (yes, I’m still hung up about this). Even so, I feel that this will be better than Code: Realize. I suppose this is where we might differ?

    Ogata Megumi! Sweet! She’s Naegi Makoto and Komaeda Nagito in Danganronpa and Super Danganronpa 2, respectively, BTW. :3

    Great to see Okitsu Kazuyuki on the rise; he has a lovely voice. I present “Tousei Kimono Danshi ~Kirito-hen~” as evidence! \(//∇//)\ Okitsu-san suits Mephisto’s image perfectly.

    Yuriana… haha, as you say, not so subtle. If she’s such a pleasant person, why is she always alone? Wouldn’t her high combat skills earn her a level of respect? I wonder if there’d be an interesting reason for this.

    I’ve been seeing Yamashita Daiki’s name a lot more recently (moreso in anime), though I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard him in anything before. Good to see more new names!


    • Right! Okitsu’s playing a main guy in Reine, I’m looking forward to that… But Namikawa in Reine still kinda pisses me off (lol).

      I’ve still not started on Dangan haha! Meh, my backlots will probably be cleared by June, I hope! Since I can’t play vita games.

      I doubt Otomate would branch into girllove like QR but I’m definitely interested in Yuriana since I love aneki types. She seems to be quite similar to Sawa in Amnesia, and I’d probably like her quite a lot.

      For a start, Waltz lost my interest with the tragedic orphan set up and doesn’t seem to have a goal, except for strengthening her use of Maken and finding out why she was chosen. But I’ll still be keeping an eye on Waltz, if simply for the sake of a Seiyuu revolution :p


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