Soubou Sangokushi : Sho Katsu Riou translations

My thoughts about Sho’s track. It’s ecchi. Seriously. Nothing short of R18. I swear. Though it doesn’t make a difference if you don’t understand Japanese… since all you’ll understand are the chu~chu sounds. And my favourite line from hi track is…. “What suits the both of us is not walking under the sunlight together…. But holding breaths in the darkness and entangling ourselves…” It seems so dark and sad.

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The story opens with Sho (Sho Katsu Riou) narrating how the emperor lost his place of power since the whole country was undergoing a period of war, and many Generals aimed to be the next emperor whether they were famous or not. Many of them failed or were assassinated or died from illness. Sho says he admires them since whether they lived a short life or not, they saw dreams and shone brightly. He then says he can’t fight and wonder what he should dream about, and that called ‘the sleeping dragon’, he wonders will he really live sleeping. But one day, a dream appeared in front of him…..

The scene changes to people fighting and he describes the scent of blood and the clash of swords on the town. He sighs as he looks at the fallen soldiers in town and says Liu Bi must be pained to see all these dead people, saying Liu Bi is gentle to people whatever their status. He walks off as a gong sounds and says the battle has ended. He goes to see what has become of his plans. He hears a woman crying and comes beside you, covered in mud and crying beside two corpses. He notices how her side view is beautiful and says she can be polished. As he calls out to you, you whip out a sword and tell him you will kill him if he belongs to the Sou Sou army. He whispers how pitiful you are that your parents have been killed and asks if you want revenge. He asks to see your face properly and tells you to follow him, naming himself as a general of Liu Bi who will teach you how to get revenge.


He brings her to the bath area in the castle and stays there while she bathes, saying that since she is under his charge. “Don’t tell me you are worried that you are going to be raped here? Seriously, your emotions show on your face too much, you should get some training. Who on earth would be aroused by a woman drenched in mud?” “Then, let’s have you take off your clothes. Hurry up, I am already busy, do you think you have the right to use up my time? If you can’t throw off your embarrassment, you are not fit for revenge.” Sho then introduces himself as he bathes you. He tells you that he will introduce you to Liu Bi as his new secretary. Since you are a daughter of a merchant, you have been taught to read and write, which is rare for a girl during that time. Sho then tells you not to talk anymore if it’s painful to remember your parents. He then tells you that with such a body, you’d be better off using it than using a sword.


You clean up his room with him outside but Sho tells you not to touch his room unnecessarily since he can clean his own room. He tells you to make tea if you are free, rather than touch his things. Seeing that your tea making is sub-par, he tells you to observe the others in the castle as to how you make yourself look more erotic and graceful, such as how you serve tea. “Whatever you do, always think of how you make yourself more beautiful, the movement of your hands, the angle of your face… understand?”  “Come to my room at night to learn these things if you have determination to be submissive to me… understood?”

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15 thoughts on “Soubou Sangokushi : Sho Katsu Riou translations

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  2. Ahh man, his story hurts like a b****h. All my emotions are drained, I’m done… Thank you for the translations. I’ve been enjoying your blog for quite sometime now. Thank you again for doing what you do.


  3. Hello there! Thanks for the translation, it’s great! 🙂 However, I wanted to read Sou Sou’s as well but it was password protected. How do I read it?


  4. -crawls into a corner and cries for a bit- Omg it was so sad T__T Thank you so much for translating. I liked that the ending was realistic 😀 Not the sappy fluffy happy end, but a tragic realistic one.
    Man it was so ecchi….my ears are still burning LOL. (Your comments throughout were just too funny)


    • I’m glad the translations helped! Yeah the ending was good, and because Shou Katsu Riou is my favourite war hero (of Chinese history that I studied anyway) I was really sad….

      Sorry about the comments, it was originally meant as a blog post until I took it away so I ddin’t delete the comments :p Midorikawa’s voice was super sexy as Shou!


      • Don’t be sorry for your comments! They added to the reading experience! They were great xD
        Midorikawa is a seiyuu that I still really like :3 He’s like number…5? in my personal fav seiyuu ranking 😛 I remember spazzing so much during Tokimeki Girl’s Side when he was Hazuki Kei ❤

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