Soubou Sangokushi : Translations

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Translating this after so long is kind of medokusai but well… If you need to know more about the original history that this series is founded on, read my review of Jyuzaengi2.


Character 1: Sho Katsu Riou (The unknown genius who foreplans everything)
CV: Midorikawa Hikaru
Rekease date: April 23

“All are war tactics, even you becoming besotted with me…”

He is absolutely devoted to the one he serves and is suspicious of everything at first. To understand your real intentions, he doesn’t hesitate to lie…

Drama track translation:


Character 2: Sou Sou (The cunning hero of the warring states)
CV: Nakai Kazuya
Release date: May 28

“Unreasonable? But of course. Your head is too high. Kneel before me.”

He thinks the world rotates around him, the extreme ore-same type. Doing wrong things and betrayal is normal to him. Taking the things belonging to others is also normal for him. He throws everyone around him off their tracks and has suppressed his feelings as a human.

Drama track translation:


Character 3: Shu Yuu (The distressed, beautiful all-rounder)
CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke
Release Date: June 25

“Fufu… no matter who the enemy is, I will not have mercy.”

Trusted by his superiors and subordinates, he has sworn loyalty towards his master. He has a habit of getting too heated up and turning the quarrel on others occasionally….

**Not doing translation for this.


Character 4: Chou Un (The coldhearted and majestic(fearsome) general)
CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki
Release Date: July 23

“What can a weak woman do? Just leave it to me.”

His hobby is sewing, but he has absolute loyalty to the one he serves, and overflows with manliness (I swear this is from the web.) He has a straightforward personality and can respond to situations in a calm manner. Since he is not good with women, he takes a roundabout approach with the one he has taken an interest in.

**Not doing translation for this.


Sorry for abandoning this but there is too much piracy and illegal download for this series. If you want translations, please email me.

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