Senjou no Waltz – Gallery update

The promo movie of Waltz made me more interested in the game… and today their scenes and gallery were updated. I sense myself playing this game eventually.. (^_^;)



It was when I raised my face up.


Having a black-haired student jump out in front of me, I swerved to the side.

Ran「Ah……!!That person, is strong……!!」
Yuriana「Ah, you mean Abel.」
Ran「Abel?To think of it……I heard that name in the canteen……」
Yuriana「That guy is top in Nirvana now. No one can win him.」
生徒「Uu, wah.. Wah…」

This is also practise… Abel had an obviously composed face, and the student taking the attacks from his sword moved back desperately.

Yuriana「It’s always like this. Even the teachers can’t win him.」
Ran「Cer, certainly…… The speed of him sword is different…」
Yuriana「I fought with him a few times on occasion, it was horrid…」
Abel「……This is the last!」

It was in an instant. The battle ended in less than a minute…



Lustin「Lady with beautiful eyes, look here♪」
Lustin「Here, take this. I chose flowers the same colour as your eyes.」
Lustin「Nice to meet you, I’m Lustin. I’m in the midst of collecting girlfriends, but I’ll not say anymore.」
Lustin「Why don’t you become my woman from now?No, you should.」
Lustin「I was looking forward to it when they said a girl was transferring in… it was good that this girl is cuter than I expected. With violet blue eyes deeper than these blue anemone flowers… Being caught by those eyes, no man will run…」
Lustin「Meeting you here is certainly destiny…」
Yuriana「Stop that now, Lustin!She just came, stop scaring her」
Lustin「That’s not nice… I’m being serious here. Remember my face and name ok? Let’s become close from now onwards.」
Ran「E-Even if you say that……」

The flowers were held close to me and I felt sorry if I rejected them so I took them.

Lustin「Well then, I take my leave here……───See you」

Being kissed on the nails of my hand that was holding the bouquet, I backed away quick.

Lustin「It’s a greeting, just a freeting. See ya」
Ran「What greeting……!!」

Blowing a kiss at me, he ran off lightly.



Pash「Nn, Guaa!?」

The person who Yuriana called out to was holding something with two hands and munching on them happily. He was wearing the Nirvana uniform but in light layers.

Yuriana「Eating samosa again? You really like that huh.」
Pash「No……Well, yeah I like it!!Who cares!」
Ran「Nice to meet you, Pash. Let’s get along」
Pash「Ni, nice to…. meet you…..」
Ran「That’s called samosa? It looks delicious」
Pash「A, ah… it’s delicious」
Yuriana「Hm? Are you blushing?」
Pash「Who da hell!!Anyone would panick if they’re being called out to in the midst of a meal!And you can speak normally to me. Polite language is troublesome. See ya, I remembered something I have to do!」

Yuriana「There he goes. Well I think he was blushing anyway..]



Yuriana「Nike!You are really….!Don’t do it alone! If it’s the roster, get the other guys to do it too!」
Nike「I don’t mind, I like brewing the herbs」
Yuriana「That’s why you’re always being used! Be firm!」
Nike「I like being here too….. By the way, is that girl the rumoured wielder of the maken?」
Ran「……Nice to meet you」
Nike「Nice to meet you. I’m Nike, let’s get along.」
Ran「What herb are you brewing?」
Nike「It’s medicine for easy carrying on the battlefield. It’s an important job for us, the health class.」
Ran「Health class?There’s such a thing, I see. Did you guys choose this job?」
Nike「It’s alright, Yuriana」
Ran「Eh? Sorry, Erm, did I say something……」

I was surprised by their reactions, but I didn’t get what was going on.

Nike「The health class didn’t choose to do this job」
Nike「To put it simply, the class of failures are made to do this」
ラン「A, Ah… Erm… Sorry… I mean.…」

Even if I didn’t know, the guilt spread within me. My only means of saving grace was Nike, who was smiling happily in front of me.

Nike「Don’t mind it. Like I told Yuriana, this is an important job too. And you don’t have to use polite language with me. We’re about the same age.」

Nike「As for being in the health class, it’s my fault for being here even when I can’t wield a weapon properly. I just have to do my best until I retire from school.」
Yuriana「I’ll be cheering for you. And we have to go since I need to bring here around.」
Nike「Yeah,  see you.」


Other CGs without scene scripts.






Tifelet: There’s nothing more I can do in this world!! Ahh… I want to die quickly…”

Mysterious guy: Ah… so free… Maybe I should go to where she is..



Lustin: Well then I’m going to play with the girls, leave the window open~

Pash: Yeah I’ll shut it real tight.

Lustin: There’s no meaning drinking so much milk y’know

Pash: Shut up!! I’ll definitely grow taller than you!


(Abel and Nike are next door)


Nike: Abel, I’m back.

Abel: …… ……Yeah.

(End of conversation.)



Isn’t that the woman with the maken possessing her? She’s still in this school? She should just quit while she still hasn’t entered and lost in the school battles yet



“Konnichiwa! It’s a coincidence to be meeting here. We call this ‘Dango’ in my country. If you want, how about eating one stick?”

(The caption of this picture is:) By the way, Akasa is a boy!

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