Taisho Guuzou Roman: Teikoku Star – Isao translations

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I took an entire week to listen to this, one track a day since I’ve been busy rewatching Magi and playing RPGs on top of full-shifts in my work and playing Jyuzaengi2. Oh, but you didn’t want to hear about me. You wanted to hear about Isao. (・∀・)

Isao’s music tracks are lovely, and his deep hate of women is obvious. Though he thinks he plays around with women, I get the feeling that he’s played around by them… even from the second track. And if you finish listening all the way you’ll understand. Well at least he isn’t a two-face, so I appreciated his evil character more than Seishirou. Also, when he is polite, it’s a real kind of politeness, like he has a real gentleman-liness underneath that raepist mask, unlike Seishirou who acts all princely but is so fake.

His was a happy ending compared to Seishirou’s, which made me kind of ‘Meh, I want a tragedy!!’ (sorry for being me (*´∀`*) And seeing his end made me a little cynical, thinking “You’ll regret this…. love is not all!” So, my favourite line would be when he was still playing around and thinking:  “Like… Love…. all that is just a farce for the sake of indulging in deep pleasure.”

It’s such a sad and twisted thinking but it makes sense. Well then, have fun reading.

Opening Act

Isao introduces in character the meeting of him and the heroine. “The time is Taisho, the stage is Marunouchi, Tokyo, the flowery capital of Japan. A theatre opening here today, a department store opening there tomorrow… Due to the remnant effects of World War 2, the city is overflowing with western culture. The start of the story is of course, the teikoku theatre that all the ladies are talking about….. not, but on top of a hill in a luxurious mansion. There, a girl comes knocking hurriedly…”

“Mm… what? So noisy. If you’re done, leave already. I pleasured you so much already…… Hm? Who are you…?”

She screams because he came out naked and Isao teases her for having such an innocent reaction. He returns inside the room to wear some clothes and comes out again, apologising since he thought the woman he was having some fun with returned to pester him. “Chasing after me all the way to my house…. Hmm… that kimono look isn’t bad either, are you a school girl? You look pretty cute huh. I feel as if I will come to like it…..” “There is no one here since the guests just left, come on in… let’s have a fun and wild time, with a little pain and heat…”

Isao then again in character says how the girl should have backed away fast, seeing his deep black hair, suspicious smile and his leaning close to prevent her escape. But… she could not even avert her eyes. Sucked into his dark eyes like a bottomless pit, she was sucked into a dangerous colour as the curtains opened on their story….

Act 1 “The real character of a Star”

Isao tries to pull her into the room but she swats him away and he grabs her roughly, asking if she wants to be treated forcefully since she came all the way. “You were expecting it too right?  You want to have fun with a dangerous game… Even if you keep quiet, you can’t hide it… haha… those frightened eyes are good… turns me on… I want to see tears fall from those eyes as I treat you forcefully and roughly…. Huh? The first show of the day? Tsk. It’s already this time….”

He then asks whether she is related to the theatre since she reminded him and she introduces herself as the new owner of Teikoku Star. He then says how there are rumours circulating around the noble families that she duped the previous owner and took over the theatre. She denies and he is convinced, saying that a girl who screams on seeing a naked man wouldn’t possibly be able to do such a thing. “Hey…. You know what I’ve been doing just now, right…? You saw it right? The red mark on my neck…” He stops playing around as the clock sounds and he says he can make it for the first show if he calls a car since he has so much money they’ll rot. Everyone ridiculed his family initially since they weren’t always rich but now Isao says he has problems wondering how to use his money. “I’d wanted to continue this with you… but fufu, I can’t leave a hole on stage. The theatre will be overflowing with ladies again today, desperately trying to catch a glimpse of me dancing and singing. I wonder which lady will be my companion tonight… I can’t wait… so much that I’d vomit. Anyway, our fun will have to wait. I’m looking forward to it, owner…”

The heroine seems to be carrying some juice in glasses and Isao whispers in her ears so she drops everything. “I’ve been thinking about you the whole day… even when I was stage. Our eyes met when you were standing by the audience seats. I won’t let you pretend you don’t know… Why do you look away? Look at me…. You shouldn’t move, since if you move even a little… our lips will touch….” She pushes him away again and he tells her he can give her anything, dresses or jewels or pleasure… “Have you ever kissed…? Should I steal your lips now, so deep you can’t breathe…? Fufu…. You don’t have to be scared. You’ll feel so good your reasoning won’t work. Once you taste it, you’ll be addicted… See, let’s try a little with your ear…” She runs away angrily telling him to be serious with his work. Isao gets angry at her attitude and Isao turns dark, saying he has been waiting for someone with backbone like that. “Such backbone…. I’d like to see her melting away as I break her….”

Act 2 “In jest (flirtation)”

A loud sound is heard and Isao says “Well then, have a nice day. I think you already know, but don’t come here ever again.” He spots the heroine and says it’s good to see her so in his practise room so late at night. “That lady that ran away…? Who knows. A loud sound? Where did you start eavesdropping from? From where she was being held by me, moaning?” (omg !@^&@#^@# ( ゚д゚ ))  “I see, you didn’t hear that. It’s nothing. You don’t need to worry. Why are you even here so late at night?” She tells him she is patrolling the theatre and Isao holds her to prove she has no power even if there was a suspicious figure around. He then whispers close to her ears since she says she can’t go back if he hasn’t. “It’s not like you don’t want to, right? Maybe you won’t be able to go home when I hug you like this….” “Huh, lovers? Don’t tell me you thought me and that woman were people deep in pure love? Disgusting. Womens’ fantasies always make me sick.” “Let me tell you something, innocent owner. The relationship between a man and a woman has always been sore like a blister. But if you cut it clean, both can be pleasured without fear of that blister rotting. Shall we have a taste of that now….?” “Haha… I’ll let you escape for today. But you will soon realise that love and all that is just a farce for the sake of indulging in deep pleasure.”

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  2. Thanks so much! I like how Isao became so sweet in the end. I guess this means he became the new owner of the theater?


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