Quinrose – Majoou

This game didn’t interest me very much when I saw the words ‘Demon’ and I didn’t even bother looking through the website. I thought: “Huh. Another demon thingy? Bo–ring”. But after flipping through DGS I thought ‘hell I wanna play this!!’ And so here I am, to introduce this game for RPG lovers like me.

Well it’s not an RPG but when you have a Warrior, a Mage, a Fortune Teller and the Majoou, what else tingles but your RPG senses? Throw in other random bits like a handsome prince offered as a sacrifice to you, your loyal servants who taught you swordfighting and Batou(s) you with sarcasm, what else can you do but rush to your favourite online store and pre-order Majoou?!


In a world where magic exists, a castle where the demon king lives stands alone in a deep dark forest. The heroine is the daughter of this demon king. One day, her father receives an oracle from the dark god and has to leave the castle for a while, leaving his daughter to take over the throne temporarily. However, it is a difficult position since many demons(magic users) kill humans for fun and the humans view the demons as enemies.

Will the heroine, who has feelings towards humans be able to fulfil her role…?



She looks like the cool type of heroine like the one from Satomi, which is one of the main reasons I’m going to play this game. I appreciate the sparky girl in otoges and won’t give her a miss. She is unable to kill the humans who are trying to kill the demons and is wondering what to do as the proxy ruler of the demon race.


CV: Maeno Tomoaki

The brave warrior and is in a party of 4. (ARJE LOOK ALIKE (*´Д`)ハァハァ) He hates the demons and is unforgiving even towards demons who are close to the humans. He is people-loving and generous, and was a childhood friend of Rose, though he doesn’t seem to remember.

“Be prepared. Today will be your last. I’m going to defeat you and bring peace to humans!”


CV: Tachiki Fumihiko

He has an ossan voice and is the fighter of the party. Good in cooking and takes care of others well.  He holds complicated feelings towards Rose who is hiding her identity as a demon. The other childhood friend of Rose.

“Your tomboyish character didn’t change one bit. How good it would be if you weren’t the demon king..”


CV: Yonaga Tsubasa

The magician of the party and is a human who can use magic only from practise. Having a strong thirst for knowledge, he has all sorts of knowledge apart from magic. He hates being treated like a child or underestimated due to his baby face, name and short stature.

“I hate the demons. They have no worth other than being research subjects.”

(His voice is stuck on So Sou from Jyuza for me… It’s hard to erase this image (^_^;))


CV: Kakihara Tetsuya

The merchant fortune-teller of the group. Apart from fortune-telling(prediction), he also has other items like revival potions and is the cheerful guy of the lot. He doesn’t show his real intentions and tends to have lots of skinship with women.

“Wow… No one would have thought the demon king would be a cute girl like you. Interesting.”

(Not Kakki again…. And his deep voice still doesn’t do it for me.)


CV: Midorikawa Hikaru

The human prince from the country of Lisenbald. As beautiful as a princess, he is locked away in the castle as an offering. He has a mild, gentle personality and often speaks things off context.

“I’ve decided to accept my fate. It’s your free will to do whatever you wish to me… Demon king…”


CV: Miki Shinichiro

The demon assassin knight. He has been her bodyguard since she was young and has sworn absolute loyalty to her. He doesn’t care about anything and anyone other than Rose and thus hardly interacts with the other demons.

“No matter my position, I always want to be by your side to protect you.”


CV: Suwabe Junichi

The demon dark priest. (lol) He is able to use the special ‘healing magic’ which only a few can. He does follow the orders of Rose, but thinking that she is a greenhorn, often makes fun of her sarcastically.

“If you think that way you’re going to make me worried, since you will be the demon king one day.”

CV: Orion from Amnesia Igarashi Hiromi

Head of the demon maids. (‘demon maids’ sounds weird but whatever–) Respected by the other maids since she is good in her job, she often makes delicious food for Rose with her magic.

12 thoughts on “Quinrose – Majoou

  1. Wow, the seiyuu cast looks good. Miki Shinichiro? Yes please!(*´▽`*
    But I haven’t really played any QuinRose game before. Always stuck with Otomate here lol XD


  2. QuinRose, huh? Well, The game premise does look interesting, but somehow…. I’m kind of wary of QuinRose, because of the Alice series? IDK. They had really good games like Kaidan Romance, but they kind of killed the game with shitty sequeals. Hahahaha. Not everyone is good at milking QuinRose. Stop trying to imitate Otomate. They at least KNOW how they do it right. Kind of.

    The seiyuu cast is…. Well… Very generic. And why are Maeno an Kakki in this game again??!! I keep seeing those two names way too often!! Even though I LOVE Maeno… STOP. I don’t wanna get tired of your voice, bb!! ;w; But aside those too, the cast is pretty interesting…


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  4. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this game, but it just doesn’t seem too interesting. You can kinda guess where a story like this could go. The “Galileo Melancholy” (in the naming sense) of Majo’ou looks to be Drop Rust. Or Marion Neithart. What a pair of names, haha. I’m not trying to be mean; I genuinely think it’s memorable and amusing.

    Yeah, Maeno-san and Kakihara-san are everywhere! I love Kakihara-san, I’m starting to get sick of hearing him in every drama CD and game ever. Still, I’m happy for him that his career seems to be going well.


    • I’m playing this mainly for the RPG feel 😀 ever since dotkare ended, we haven’t got another RPG like otoge. And some of the character designs are good… For a QR product..

      As usual there are too many characters to clear, but at least 5 of them look interesting!


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