B’s LOG 2014 7号 May’s Issue

I bought this together with my Dengeki issue 7 though this issue was released May 20. And to top it off I read Dengeki first since they had illustrations of more Rejet stuff. So it’s kinda late, but let’s get down to flipping through this issue. (As I spoon matcha ice cream into my mouth) I intend to scan some of the pin-ups and post them up at a later date, so don’t get put off by the reflections (^^ゞ

1) Reine Des Fleurs

It’s a special scoop! This issue’s special feature is on Reine (Which is why I even bought it (^_^;) Since I didn’t do a web-intro on Reine, I might as well do a little here. CGs here are not on the official web yet. Sneak peek!

This is (one-half, one-side of) a two-side two-page pin-up. Leon’s holding a wine glass on the right side of this page, and the back of it is a short story. (Gaah–!! Mendokusai!!)


If you needed to know, he fell in love with Violette’s portrait at first sight and the minute he saw her in person, he hugs her and swears to make her his. Let’s just say he’s oozing man-sexy, babeh. Voiced by Okitsu Kazuyuki.



The only times I’ve heard NamiDai not as some gentle/princely character is in Jyuza and DotKare. In Reine he plays a Haraguro princely knight named Louis. Despite my complains about overused voices, he suits the role.


KENN plays a pretty boy with a free spirit named Orpheus. Definitely one of those that make you want to go ‘Nade, nade, yoshi, yoshi.’ somewhere through the story.


Ghislain, carry me on that weird-looking horse too (*´艸`*) The character designs in this game are all fab, but I gotta say I’m very interested in Ghislain’s makeup. It might not have a reason like KgK’s Sakyou, but it still interests me. He’s voiced by Kondou Takashi.

There’s actually one more knight that is Violette’s childhood friend and her teacher. Well never mind that guy, because he looks like Sannan from Hakuouki rofl.


2) UtaPri All-star fandisc introductions and Suzuki Tatsuhisa interview.


Never had interest in Utapri. I only played their ‘music!’ but UtaPri is deadly popular for a reason greatly unknown to me.


3) Short intro on Dialovers Dark Fate


Some Q&A for the two new characters, the Tsukinami brothers.


And an interview of Kaji and KondouT. And that thing sticking out on the right is a bookmark of Isao from Teikoku Star. (・∀・)


3) A short introduction on Amnesia World.


The only thing interesting about Amnesia World has to be Rika’s sis-con brother, Luka, voiced by.. Hosoyaaaaaaaaaaan. ( ≧Д≦) 、 、 (A big Julian fan here) Don’t you want to see Hosoyan as a sis-con? Oh well, he was one in Brothers conflict but…. How about a princely-fineartist-furcoatwearing sis-con?

Sorry, it had totally nothing to do with the picture. *clears throat*


4) Code-realize scoop

Another two-page, two sided pinup.



Maeno as a チャラ Chara (sorry for the lame pun :p) is something to see. I don’t really like Cardia’s design though, they’re taking it too far with the ‘cute girls must wear mini-skirts-so-lets-fit-that-onto-a-victorian-dress’, making Cardia look like she got the front of her skirt pulled off by some raepist and since she didn’t have enough money, she decided to wear it anyway.

I’m brutal, sorry. (;・∀・)


A nice two-page collage-like announcement of the characters and the seiyuus.


Three new CGs with scenarios have been updated, if you needed to know. I’m too lazy to add them onto my post though (;・∀・)


5) Ok, someone teach me how to read the German. It’s some new highschool based game whereby you find out about this transfer student and you start feeling all sad. Ehto…. by Daisy3? I don’t follow them, so I don’t care (・∀・) The game seems to focus on a mystery and some teacher-student thingy, though I’m not sure because I didn’t read that article.



6) Storm lover 2nd announcement.


I didn’t play Storm lover because the title sounds silly but it seems to be quite popular and already has two fandiscs. I think.


7)  Ayakashi Gohan Pinup!


Not sure if I mentioned it in DGS but Ayakashi Gohan is a game whereby the heroine was raised by an ayakashi and depending on choices, her personality changes and she goes on a Youkai route or human route.


So cute (/ω\)


Mogu mogu CD. Another series to drain your lifeblood/ money from you


8) Yay another Un:Birthday introduction! Perhaps DGS didn’t introduce this since it’s already in B’sLog


IMG_1055 IMG_1056

Yeah, Zen(left) looks too much like Ayato. Like waaaaay too much. I like Shizuru’s bonyari-salaryman design though.


9) Not this again. Thank you.



10) Senjou no Waltz! Sorry for the crappy shot. But my thumb’s beautiful.


Ran looks pretty sassy here, and I hope she’s not a douchebag in the game. The introductions were not much, nothing we didn’t know already…. Waltz seems pretty secretive about everything, or maybe they’re just slow to release information.


11) Quinrose spread


Shinsouban for Clover edition’s coming. *yawns*


If they were going to give me a pin-up, I wish they gave me a mermaid gothic one. But we get a sneak peek of some Mermaid Gothic CGs.


Oh look! It’s rust dropping!


Sorry, I meant Drop Rust! (・∀・)

12) Otomate spread


Whatever Enkeltbillet is, it’s been up on otomate for a long while. And I don’t care.


Reviced. Don’t care too.

13) Now, this is something interesting. “Clover Toshokan no Juunin tachi” (The residents of Clover library)


This is an otome game whereby the girl in the library encounters six books that transform into boys. It’s a pretty new premise and the characters all look so young, I think the story would turn out to something really cute.


14) An interview and picture of NamiDai and the dummy head mic for his role in E:Robotts


*gasps for air** I don’t know why I’m laughing so much.


15) Sayaka Buccaneers


The art is not really my thing since it had a cheap keitai-game feel, but the CD that came with my DGS had a drama track of this. I might play if I like what I hear.


16) If you didn’t know, Goes! is a game voiced by all female seiyuus as shotas in some magic school. But since there’s no heroine I questioned the premise of the game and whether it’d turn out to be something weird. *will not risk money despite the interesting choice of seiyuus*



17) More CDs coming out for the ‘Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru’ Series


It’s not worth the money in my opinion. It’s quite silly. On the other hand………


18) “Zettai ni kudokarete ha ikenai” Series

Seems to be much more interesting and I have Volume #2 coming this week! (If you check my twitter, I was squirming about Hosoyan as a butler.)

This spread is on Volume #3, with Ono Yuuki (Tsuzuramaru, guys girls!!) as a Host Club guy. *laughs*


Ono Yuuki is another talented seiyuu that has also done some very good R18 CDs. (What are you thinking?! I meant his acting, his a.c.t.i.n.g!!!! Like when he acted as a Yandere) Oh.. thinking of it, Tsuzuramaru was a ‘black’ character too… I didn’t know he was Arje until I fiddled with the SBL website.

Oh sorry for rambling. Anyway, it just means, buy this CD if you can (・∀・) Don’t you want to hear it?! Tsuzuramaru Ono Yuuki as a Host?!


****Gross news ahead*****

Stay calm, friends. Stay very calm.



Jyuzanengi is getting an anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh the grief. Ohhhh the grieffffff.

(Click to enlarge)


Chou Un looks like a hentai, Sou Sou looks like a Jii Jii and Chou Ryou looks Sukebe.

_| ̄|○ ヽ(`Д´#)ノ ムキー!! φ(`д´)φ….




And if you thought this was bad………..

19.2) *Tries hard not to spew my dinner*

wtf is this?! I mean, I LOVE uniforms but how are old men in uniforms supposed to be a selling point??!!


[click to enlarge]



It’s gross!!!! what the hell is this?! And don’t tell me you’re going to make bolsters with their full body lengths urgh!! (; ・`д・´)

Sorry, if you have a jii-jii fetish, go ahead…. I’m going to listen to the Mukami brothers singing Eclipse to heal myself.


20) Oh yeah, speaking of Mukami brothers, the extra that came with this issue is a ticket for SS seats at the Otomate party (that I missed the deadline to enter my serial number because I was reading DGS ;_;) and this Dialovers DF cloth:


I dumped it on my PC since I didn’t know how to take a shot of this useless but cute piece of cloth.

And this is what I’m spritzing on for work these days:


To be honest, the top note is quite quirky; not everyone will like it, and the middle and end notes are pretty musky. It’s not a smell that characterises me, but I’d be quite (*´∀`*) if a guy wore this smell. Girls, how about forcing this smell on your man this summer? (・∀・)

Alright, back to B’sLog, but the rest of the pages are introductions of R18 situation CDs so let’s leave that off.

Off to finish my backlogs!


6 thoughts on “B’s LOG 2014 7号 May’s Issue

  1. More magazines! 😀 Thanks for your efforts, Jyuu-san! Here is a long comment, just for you~<3

    Reine des Fleurs actually still sounds interesting, I think it's good they added more as opposed to presenting us with a simple, "Knight x Princess" cliche. I hope Violette will be a good protagonist- it's hard to imagine that a princess of this importance and shouldering this large of a responsibility will be a brainless bimbo. Nice to see more Okitsu Kazuyuki, too. Very much looking forward to this, unless something really deal-breaking reveals itself in future promotional materials.

    More Uta no Prince-sama and Diabolik Lovers? OMG, make it stop. The only way that anybody could make me play any game from these series (excluding the instance of the ones I've already played in order to judge, of course) would be to help me get The Legend of Zelda on the WiiU early! Link is a better hasubando than any of these tools that are supposedly "love interests", anyway! Linky is so dreamy~<3 ❤ ❤

    Yay, Hosoya-san~<3 Yes, I'm totally trying to ignore the existence of another Amnesia game by focusing on Hosoya-san. Yay for Julian, yay for Hosoya-san! All hail his acting chops! Reiner Braun, you go, boy!

    Code: Realize has such gorgeous artwork, though I agree with you about her dress/skirt/whatever thing. Maybe, just maybe, Cardia's clothing is a reference to 1860s Victorian fashion, taken from Wikipedia: "In the 1860s, the skirts became flatter at the front and projected out more behind the woman." Though why "flat at front" would translate into "chop the front section off." Mini-skirts weren't popularised until the 1960s… well, Otomate is only 100 years off, amrite? Okay, who am I kidding? This is just another impractical and historically inaccurate fashion choice purely made to make the protagonist look cuter as most of the readership's standards are so low they wouldn't give a shit. The boots apparently was more of an 1880s thing, though they looked nothing like Cardia's.

    As for Ayakashi Gohan and Walpurgisnacht, nothing seems terribly wrong with them. They just don't come across as "interesting" to me whatsoever. I'm still conflicted with the Shinigami Kareshi series, though it's nice to see Satoi-san get more work. I think I'll check out the reviews for this one, since honeybee doen't seem to be up to scratch lately.

    Ignoring QuinRose's desperate milking, Otomate's Enkeltbillet looks interesting to me. It's written by the same people who wrote Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku. I haven't played that to completion yet, but it's a fairly well-received game in terms of its plot so perhaps Enkeltbillet would be worth checking out. Plus the premise is something I haven't seen in any other otome game.

    Clover no Toshokan looks so cute… and a bit juvenile, to be honest. I'm still not sure about Sayaka Buccaneers. I'll leave this one up to the reviewers. I'm definitely interested in Goes! still. The female seiyuu thing is gimmicky, but I like those "Seven Mysteries" kinda things.

    I'm not an Oyaji-con by any stretch of the imagination, but Seifuku no Oji-sama seems hilarious. The premise is pretty dumb- the protagonist is a 21-year-old girl that faints whenever she's around older men in uniform or something, so she tries to get over this by hanging around older men in uniform. So stupid, so funny.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the long comment, Lacal-San! ❤

      I actually prefer Reine's art over Code:'s… (I just had to get this issue since Reine was on it :3) . I agree Violette seems to be a little better than the common protagonists, but there's always a chance she will be destroyed by Otomate… And according to this issue of B's log, Reine is the most awaited game after UtaPri all star Secret. (why is Utapri even first place I have no idea) And Dialovers DF in 3rd. I hope Violette will be one of those elegant and slightly cynical heroines like Yuriko from Chou no Doku :3

      Trigger Kiss also looks good because the heroine actually punches one of the playable characters and teases the other guys when she finds porn mags in the club room. Therefore along the same lines, I have little expectation for Waltz and Code:'s heroines….

      Oh and I'm glad we don't see the bottom half of characters and sprites in games for the most part… or I'll be raging about Cardia's dress more than paying attention to the story. It's just, waaaaaaay too ridiculous. And the inner fuka fuka lining that became her miniskirt should actually extend all the way to the length of the outer coloured layer, so to correct myself, it seems that she decided to chop the lining off after someone pulled the front piece off.

      Sorry for not understanding your fangirling over legend of zelda, but I trust your taste! Ayakashi Gohan would probably be a filler game as we wait for the big titles on Vita 😀 but the music seems quite lovely… I have half a mind to play it for the cute new premise too. *Nayandeiru*

      I just love the way you glossed over QR! hahaha~ I played the first three routes of Hanayaka, but wasnt convinced that the two oldest sons would really fall in love with the maid, so I'll probably continue ignoring Enkeltbillet, though I'm interested what the title actually means. The animation for hanayaka was good though. Pretty worth watching.

      Eh, I would faint when I'm around older men in uniform too, **out of disgust** (・∀・)


      • No worries! I’m glad you actually still enjoy my long comments, even if I don’t always have positive things to say. 🙂

        I prefer Reine’s artwork over Code as well. Given that I have no art theory knowledge, I have no idea how to technically describe why I like it… I think the “ethereal” beauty of the characters- especially the protagonist- suits the tone of the game. Plus I love purple… Dude, I’m totally with you about the Uta no Prince-sama thing. How is it that people are completely content with buying what is essentially, the same game every year? There is brand loyalty and then there is cultist blind faith. *Insert lame theory about Uta no Prince-sama being part of the Illuminati here.*

        Oh no… funny protagonist in a silly-sounding game… Maybe, just maybe I might change my mind if the reviews are really good.

        Don’t be sorry; it’s better to just ignore my half-jokes about Link being my hazubando.

        The music for Ayakashi and Shinigami Kareshi is beautiful… I absolutely love piano-centric pieces.

        Haha, I wasn’t intending to be funny, but telling off QuinRose for publishing pointless remakes is like telling off a crab for walking sideways. Admittedly, Mermaid Gothic still has my interest. I’m hoping the premise won’t be anything preposterous like Black Code. BTW, “Enkeltbillet” means “one-way ticket” in Danish. Nice to hear a positive comment about an otome-game-to-anime adaptation.

        LMAO, “faint out of disgust”! You’re too funny! xD I wouldn’t go as far as to being “disgusted” by oyaji characters, but I just don’t find them attractive at all.


      • I always enjoy reading your comments! And I’m equally guilty of bashing and dissing… (I’m apologetic but not regretful) (・∀・)

        Uta-Pri’s like… the next Hakuouki or something. I actually admire their passion towards UtaPri. It’s yandere level? (・∀・)

        Ooh thanks for the info on Enkeltbillet! I kinda just clicked randomly on the site and it seems a little like photograph journey or something? Anyway I still don’t find it interesting, I think I’ll just read reviews and get satisfied in a third-person way. *person who gets bored easily and thus admires you for having a husbando* Oh, and I see the keyword is “half-jokes” :p

        I agree Un:birthday’s piano piece is just lovely!! I really can’t wait for their website updates just so I can hear more about the music. Well, I doubt the game would get so much interest if it wasn’t for Satoi’s drawing, and people are actually asking for more on OzMafia!! simply because of the aftermath of Dialovers craze. Well, whaddya know… The dominant ones always somehow stay dominant, it’s so difficult to get a breakthrough. For example, the industry of Sei-

        I did not say Yuu(s) (///Slapped) ^V^

        I don’t know…. I’m fine with the Dante(arcana) and Fujita(chou no doku) type of Jii-Jii, but this series really just grosses me out. Maybe they need a new kind of art style? (lol)


  2. pretty sure if I sprayed that cologne on my husband he’d start sneezing and puking from allergies lololol

    on the other hand, it was very easy to convince him to wear those UtaPri tshirts


    • Haha, oh there’s some pretty funky stuff like coriander and pineapple in it, so I can totally see people getting allergic to it.

      And wow are you serious? I can’t imagine a married guy walking around in an utapri shirt. Please tell me you made him walk around in public with that. (^◇^)


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