Soubou Sangokushi : Sou Sou Translations

My thoughts on Sou Sou: I really like his cruel character despite me feeling bad for the heroine, and his track has many surprises and ups and downs… Which was really fun to listen to at first but a pain to translate since hearing the same thing twice makes it less enjoyable when you have ‘expectations’.

As apologies for slacking off, I went back to translate almost 95% line-by-line for this CD. I would say that Sou Sou’s CD was more interesting than Sho’s, but it’s up to you to judge. Unfortunately I don’t have a favourite line for this… But my favourite scene is from Track Six. Read for yourself to see what I mean.

Also, this CD isn’t as ecchi as Sho Katsu Riou’s, so you can read it fine all the way till the part where I caution you. But if you’re under 18, read at your own risk!

Again, please credit if you use my translations anywhere. If I find my translations being used anywhere without credit I will stop all translation projects.  Have fun being Sou Sou’s slave. (・∀・)


“It is a period of warring states. The yellow scarf bandits have attacked many towns and they have only become more violent under the corrupt ministers of the towns. But many brave men have stood up to fight against these bandits, and an era of virtuous generals has begun. Since defeating them in any town would grant them honour, I have become one of those generals as well. But no matter how many generals see dreams, only me, Sou Sou, will see everything bow down before me. And at that time, I wonder how my wine will taste. Fufu…. I look forward to it.”

Sou Sou is then heard fighting against the bandits and tells them to choose whether to surrender or die by his hand now. He then says he will stop Kakou Ton from rampaging while his soldiers lead the bandits away. “Cheers, praise, gratitude… I bask in these as I walk through the town. But the colour of fear also lies in their eyes. Seeing me covered in blood, these blockheads will not approach me. Hah! With such grand armies and the ability to instil fear in people, it won’t be long before I reach the top. I want to get free from such a boring war soon.” “Huh? A woman? Ah, your family was killed by the thieves? If you have any hatred, tell it to the dead body over there. It will listen to you, I believe. Hmph I see. Since you have nowhere to go you’re looking for a place to work in my army? Even if you’re troubled as to how to get food, to call out to a man covered in blood… You have guts. What would happen if I was just a footsoldier? Led on by the remnant of the heat of battle, I would certainly either kill you, or rape you. And you would be in no position to complain. Are you so desperate? Hmph but well, I like your guts. Show me your face… Normal. Fine I’ll hire you, but only if you stay alive. Come, pray hard that you don’t get slashed by Kakou Ton.”


She goes to his room at night and Sou Sou comments how Kakou Ton was calmly observing the situation when Sou Sou thought her arms would get chopped off. He comments that it’s because the thieves were too easy to defeat. “On the contrary, you people get killed by them so easily… blockheads.” “What are you opening your mouth for? Until I give you permission you are not to speak a word. And… your head is too high. Before me, you must always be on your knees. Fufufu…. Saving someone means that such master-servant ranks will be born. Saving a life and providing food and clothing, no one will stand up against me.” “And? What were you trying to say? Hmph. Hearing your thanks is boring. I didn’t call you here for that. Raise your face, woman.” “You said you were a merchant’s daughter? So you won’t have weird diseases like those prostitutes huh. I told you right… Whether you get killed or raped you can’t complain… Fufufu… Aren’t you glad I’m a top general? You’ll get raped in a bedroom, not on the filthy ground. You should thank me.” “Tsk, shut up! No matter how much you scream no one will save you. If you cause me anymore trouble, your head will roll. ….Have you remembered what position you’re in? If so, then show your gratitude and don’t forget that your head will roll on my whim. ”

“Take off your clothes, don’t make things troublesome for me. Your rib cage shows… what an unpleasant body. You had difficulties living? For a girl your age to be so thin, your parents must have had little talent for business. Being freed from such useless parents, isn’t that great? Why don’t you thank the yellow scarf bandits?”

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Final thoughts:


Come and get sexy me

Sou Sou’s story was interesting with all its turns as I mentioned right at the top of this post, and Nakai-San himself is so cute. I liked how he was honest and didn’t try to cater to the otome fans and market himself by saying things you want to hear… which many seiyuus do. Initially I was kinda ‘Noooo! Sou Sou as a Do-S is so wrong!’ But I ended up really liking him… I mean, we’ve had all kinds of Do.S guys up till now but Sou Sou’s arrogance is extreme. It’s so extreme you start to like it. And though I wasn’t convinced about the ‘papa was killed so I shall rampage’ thing as well, Sou Sou’s entire story binds together really well. We’ve really got to thank Nakai-San for making him alive.

Tototo…….. The third volume’s release date is tomorrow… People who love tachibana shinnosuke (acting as character Shu Yuu) please buy it!

And TeiStar’s Sanji and Oz’s Keisa will release tomorrow too!~ We shall see how Kaji acts as the pretty boy and how Shimono says his R18 lines. (rofl)

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  2. Hi, I’m Belle I’ve been searching for translation for so long. Would it too late to ask for completed version? Thanks anyway really love u ❤


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