Re:BIRTHDAY SONG (shinigami kareshi)

Game Review here:

Hohoho! They revealed the cast and here I am again on my off day, awaiting the later half of the year so I can play all those games….


This series is split into two games. This post is for Re:Birthday song that releases in Winter. The heroine is a shinigami candidate at a school, and all her playable characters are also shinigami candidates, whose age is that of which they died in real life. And I love the design of this heroine. Short hair! I mean, when did we ever get a short-haired heroine?

The heroine Cocoro did not choose a partner and as a result, ends up almost failing. She then has to attend some remedial class and there meets a few boys who have their own circumstances… and she ends up having to pair up with one of them. Will they successfully become shinigamis or…?


She’s naive but energetic and speaks to everyone without fear of rejection. She died on the day of her 17th birthday, and since then has been trying to become a shinigami. She fails at everything she does, but tries her best nevertheless. She knows little about herself since she has confused memories from her time in the living world. 

Cocoro’s playable characters:


Fukuyama Jun as Kairi (Yay! I’ve been missing Fukuyama Jun since Arcana… glad to see him back in an otoge!)

A cheerful leader-type good boy, he forcefully and cheerfully does things when his will doesn’t get through. Extremely my-paced, he binds the rest of the class together with his quick thinking and has good grades. It’s a mystery why someone like him is in shinigami remedial class.


Matsuoka Yoshitsugu keeps getting shota characters for some reason… even though his normal voice is really adult-like.

A quiet youth who has lots of knowledge despite being the youngest. He is calm in all kinds of situation and speaks out whatever he feels without holding back, and angers other sometimes. He is treated like a younger brother by the rest in the remedial class, but is actually the one who has lived in Meifu (underworld) for the longest time.


Kondou Takayuki? Hmm…. I think this is the first time he’s voicing an otoge? I’m looking forward to it.

He has a foul mouth and gets ticked off easily, a short-tempered person who shows gentleness to someone he knows better. He has little interest in the remedial class which he had to attend because he skipped too many classes. But he skips remedial as well and when no one is looking, he often goes off somewhere.


Suwabe Junichi as Nami. Expect loads of hitting on the heroine with your sexy yarukinai oyaji character.

He’s the one in charge of the remedial class, but doesn’t care, and often tells them to hold a class themselves. He has a high position as a shinigami, but has no will to do anything, and is even lazy in front of the students. No one has seen him actually doing his shinigami work. He likes the cigarettes made in the living world, and once he finds a way to escaoe he runs there to get some.


Deta–!! It’s maeno tomoaki AGAIN. As a kuudere. He.Is.Everywhere, and in so many of the new games releasing this year: Code, Waltz, Re:Bsong and Majoou….

He’s just too cool to be true, and is a serious, unsociable kind of person. In the previous year, he did not get along well with his partner, and his partner went missing on the night before the graduation exam, turning Yoru into a rounin (rounin = someone who fails the acceptance exam and has to wait a year) For that reason, he is an unfortunate youth who went into remedial class. Despite looking unkind, he takes care of other well and helps the rest in class often.

(click to enlarge)

chart (1)

Un:Birthday song is the second half of the game, with a different heroine.These are her playable characters and the CVs:


Yes, how many times are we going to see Zen as Ayato? (rofl) And its Tachibana San as a lone wolf but gentle character again. But for some reason I’m really excited to hear him in this game.

More on Un:Birthday here:

Winter is still far off…. But cuddling up on a tatami mat with some macha as I play this game sounds good. So very good.

5 thoughts on “Re:BIRTHDAY SONG (shinigami kareshi)

    Is this gonna be a PC game?
    Now I’m looking forward to it
    and I noticed that this is the 1st time I’ve seen a beautiful short (boyish) haired female character for otoge


  2. I’m more interested in Un:Birthday song though!!! Because sign me up for TRAGIC LOVE STORY… ;w; And I really love Shizuru’s design. I will probably fall in love with KENN and that guy, when that game comes out…

    And I need to point out, that I love the casting for both games! Fukujun? Hinocchi? Tacchi?? WOW. HONEYBEE YOU DID A GOOD JOB, 8D 8D Oh and probably deep voiced Maeno……. YES.

    To be honest… I just really love Satoi-Sensei’s art, so yeah… I’M SOLD.

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