I see…. HUH?!!

As per the instructions….


(I  edited the picture a little to blend the ends together)

Wow, way to go Oz makers! This was a nice idea, but it doesn’t make me any more or less interested in Tenma’s CD.

2 random updates: 

1) Meiji Tokyo Renka’s fandisc (I knew it would come!!!) is named Meiji Tokyo Renka Twilight Kiss and will release on 2015 January 29. Since the characters are all the same, there is hardly a need for introduction.

2) Kamigami no asobi’s fandisc. We finally have information on it. The sequel releases in 2015, but the exact date in unknown. I’m guessing February(?) For the fans, time to start saving up money to buy the game. (lol)


5 thoughts on “I see…. HUH?!!

  1. Speaking of updates, do you have the latest issue of Dengeki Girl’s Style? It has informations about the new game from otomate, Root Rex in it.
    If you could post about it, I would be very grateful! >w<


    • Hello bamboo,

      I didn’t get issue 8 as it has many repetitions from issue 7.. And I’m not a big fan of m#4! I expect info about root Rex to be out in a week or so (^ω^)

      If you don’t want to wait you can run to your bookstore and get issue 8 haha (^∇^)


      • I would love to buy it, but I live in Germany and importing would either take weeks or cost quite a lot.
        Still thanks, I guess if it’s out in a week it doesn’t matter that much! :3


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