An update for this, finally! Good news for those who have been looking forward to this, and while we know nothing of the release date, I’m hoping it will be around Christmas. I’m looking forward to Re: more than Un: but I shall not make any hasty judgements… for now.


“I will sing the song that you will hear last…….”

A normal highschool girl suddenly has two men appear in front of her one day. With strange appearances, they tell her that she has only one month left to live. Introducing themselves as shinigami, they have come to tell her of the limit of her lifespan.

She accepts the fate that has come upon her suddenly, but before she gives her life over to the death gods, she has a wish that she absolutely wants to come true……..

That is, to tell her feelings to the boy she has one-sided feelings for.

How will she live in the last few moments of her life, and what actions will the death gods take….?

A sorrowful love story that the elite death gods spin…….

To be honest this storyline sounds very similar to that of *a certain keitai(mobile phone) otoge company*’s game but let’s not say any further…….


Kanno Hotori

(Her legs are inhumanely long haha)


The heroine of the extra chapter. A quiet and shy highschool girl who has more acquaintances than friends. She has good grades and cooks well, and has all other sorts of family related interests. She has one-sided feelings for Shizuru who goes to the same school.

“I still have things left undone, so please give me some time….”

(this kind of oyome-san heroine is the type that I hate the most. Please wait a moment while I strike this game off my to-play list.)



CV: Hino Satoshi

The conceited Ore-Sama shinigami who likes to tease others. He thinks that there is no shinigami who can surpass him, and while it is true that he has extreme capabilities as a shinigami, he has the weird trait of being clumsy at weird points…. Rikka cleans up any of his mess since they are partners. He often goes to the shinigami training school to tease those who are in the remedial class. (aka those from re:birthday song)

“Hurry up and give me your life…. I’m sending you to the next world. Thank me alright?”

(That ‘hayakku sore wo yokose’ line is totally Ayato… his face is totally Ayato….)



CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke

The poison-tongued elite shinigami who is Zen’s partner. He is mysterious and though usually silent, if he speaks he is usually ruthless with his words. He seldom shows emotions, but often quarrels with zen. Being level-headed in his work, he is precise and thus has good reputation in the shinigami world. He cleans up the aftermath of zen’s trouble-making quietly. He thinks that it would be good to send all the souls to hell since he has a despondent mindset about the current world.

“How about going obediently to the other world? There’s nothing good about living anyway right?”

Hayasaka Shizuru



The good-boy who is in the same class as the heroine. He treats everyone equally and is on good terms with all. He si popular not only in class but throughout his school year, and is the admiration of the heroine.

“What would you do if someone important suddenly disappeared…..?”

(Click to enlarge)


Despite the stupid thing the heroine wants to do in the short span of her remaining life, so many are awaiting this title. I wonder if I will play this, since stupid heroines that make me puke blood can hardly counter 2 interesting characters for this game….. I guess I will have to wait till I have nothing more to play. This series also appears to be getting a CD series.


Oh and Rei’s jacket illustration has been released. With this, all the jacket illusts of the teistar boys are out.

The picture of him twirling the heroine’s hair would be much more beautiful if it was a kiss to her hair though. 「跪け、下僕よ!ムハハハハハハ!」

A review for Snow Black coming soon!

12 thoughts on “Un:BIRTHDAY SONG

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  2. I’d be more happy if they made a CD out of Un… With Shizuru as the main love interest and a voiced heroine. Because Shizuru and Hotori are definetly OTP. I think this game will end really sad, no matter which character the player will choose to fall in love with, so yeah… I can already see my heart breaking apart. LOL

    I hope Honeybee will make this so incredible sad, that I won’t mind the typical weak protagonist Hotori anymore and just bawl out my eyes. wwww

    Liked by 1 person

    • haru dont be like that, im gonna cry though i understand the pain though, either way she gonna die so it gonna be painfully painful. Jyuuguchi ty for writting the brief review, my wallet gonna cry and i know it


    • I get the feeling it will end up silly for shizuru’s route…. But yes, tragedy please!!!….. Was what I was thinking despite seeing what hotori’s main “undone” thing was before she dies…

      Let’s hope we don’t get disappointed!


      • Yeah, I’m actually hoping for a really sad love story!! It bears repeating, but I really hope Honeybee keeps its promise and makes this game as tragic as possible. My mind is set on sad endings, so yeah… I will pray, that they won’t give us a faked and smelly happy ending…

        No matter what… I just can’t picture the heroine with anyone else but Shizuru. LOL I mean, yes, she’s young and can fall in love with someone else immediately (for once a high school setting makes SENSE), but… it feels unreal because the other characters only have 1 month to win their heart and they actually don’t want to fall in love, I believe. Falling in love with your victim should be the #1 mistake for a shinigami. Ohhhh! Maybe rescueing a “sentenced” person forces you to take remedial classes?! But that’s actually to less of a punishment.

        To be honest… I’m kind of expecting that Hotori had those one-sided feelings towards Shizuru since they were younger, because it would make her wish to confess more believable. But then again… Hotori might just want to leave this world without regrets…?

        I’m kind of unhappy with the “too” young main characters though… I think they should have just made all characters older… Because it would feel more realistic? But I guess only Voltage and R-18 companies are going for the older heroines for now. LOL

        OMGGG!!! I just realized with ketai game you meant!!! 10 Days with my Devil!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL I’m so stupid!!! m(__)m It’s EXACTLY the same premise with that “one” thing they had to do. And they only had 10 days to fall in love together. Hahaha……. Honeybee, I’M EXPECTING A LOT FROM YOU. I wish they would list the scenario writer for this game………………………


      • Hehe I’m glad someone managed to figure out which keitai game I meant.

        But well…. I think this game’s cero rating is “for all” which means we will hardly get any interesting love scenes. Honeybee always targets the younger otome group, so I’m guessing this game will probably not be a revolutionary tragedy like bws but something with a tragedic-complete finish or a satisfactory ‘everyone lives in the end’ kind of good end.

        But I have little expectations for this game x_x


      • Yeah… Honeybee is targetting younger audience… I should probably lower my expectations or I’ll get my heart crushed badly. (pun intended) LOLOL


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  4. Honey-Bee doesn’t kidding when they said that this Un:Birthday Song will be sad stories. I must admit that the story mostly good stories, but the stories made me cried time to time, especially in Shizuru’s route. I cried like hell…
    They sad… but good stories


  5. I finished playing, but I had a Bad End and heroin was caught by Sora, but I would like to know which route of Shizuru, someone please help me T—————————T my heart is broken


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