Snow Black – Review

Again, a little reminder, this is a review, not a translation, so there will be only be summaries and my thoughts on the game.

This second QR game I play was a much better experience than Satomi, but I have the same complaint: too many silly endings, one-style-fashion sprite, the presence of a random JiiJii character that disgusts me and QR style ‘every playable character had the same storyline except for the icha parts’. But QR’s heroines are always hilarious and not the goody-two shoes (thank you CERO D?) who live to please others, which made it amusing to play through.


Our heroine Lib is the adopted daughter of the country Tressor’s royal family, making her the first princess of the country. Before 12, she lived with the trash of a father who treated her like a slave. But she had always been in love with a man who treated her gently and he would come on the snowy days to comfort her.

One day she is called to the palace and she finds that the man (her first love) was the country’s advisor named Luvien. She grows up in the palace but one day Luvien stages a rebellion and kills the royal family except Lib, seizing the country.

Turns out, Luvien is actually a narcissist and cross-dresses to be the Evil Queen of this Snow White story. Lib is then confined in the castle for 3 years, but one day escapes with the help of Falco, an assassin who pities her.

Once she escapes she goes into the so-called ‘magic’ forest and meets the Alliance of two countries. These are the supposed “seven dwarfs” as there are 4 characters from the country Platinum, 2 from Appalacion and 1 old man(the gross playable character) from Tressor.

From Platinum are 2 playable characters:

Faren Heit (Gosh his name wwwwwww), the prince of the country whom Lib met at a ball


Initially suspicious as to whether she would be a spy, he gradually falls for her and gives her the kiss of life thing when she eats the poisoned apple. While his story was the closest to the original, there were many stupid moments where I wondered why I had to sit through all the cero D scenes from him.

Lupino, the vice-captain of the knights and the tsundere boy of the lot.


I didn’t pay much attention to his route but it was pretty amusing to see him getting all fawny. And the issue about him rounding up all the knights was But it was too long a route for a second-rate character. As for his CV, I was initially questioning toriumi’s voice as lupino, bu it turned out to be good, unexpectedly….

From platinum are two other characters:

Dune, the other prince who loves hitting on her but had an incredibly crappy route that I cannot recall at all, except that he was doing some secret report thingy.


The usual lolicon CGs we get. And sorry for his fans but sugiyama’s voice is really annoying. Someone tell me why he became popular. His foil is:

Omnia, who is the saving grace of this game. Omnia is the servant (butler) of Dune and the perfect cook, along with being extremely good at using a gun despite being a kind man.


My sexy manservant, babeh. Did I mention how much I like this CV? It was a perfect match, thank you QR, Omnia made this game worth every bit of other lame shit I had to play through. Omnia is the only character whom I finished all his routes. It was difficult to pinpoint why or how they fell in love and omnia’s ‘let’s gather all the orphans’ made me wonder why he had to be a ‘papa’ character but still, he is going to be one of the favourites.

While I am still at Falco’s route due to this game being so damned long, I’m certainly looking forward to Luvien’s route. Seriously, when did we ever get a cross-dresser for a playable character?

I would most certainly like to switch out Otomate scenario writers for the QR ones….


23 thoughts on “Snow Black – Review

  1. [blockquote] Seriously, when did we ever get a cross-dresser for a playable character? [/blockquote]
    Hey now, Otomate already beat Quin Rose to the punch in Death Connection 😛


      • no way, Nicole is totally awesome 😛 I liked him more when he was crossdressing than when he was a dude lol. I highly recommend that game btw, it’s one of those good otomate games from back in the day when they only cared to spit out hiiro no kakera & hakuoki.

        Liked by 1 person

      • oh their FDs being bad is nothing new, its always been like that. but you’ll be happy to know the Re;Vice(D) heroine is great! She’s hilarious and kicks ass I’m enjoying the game a lot because of her =D


      • Yeah, after playing moujuu fandisc and Jyuza2, I’m totally done with fandiscs.. I’ll have to reconsider playing Norn9 LE too 😅

        That’s great!! I think Otomate’s last kickass heroine was… Hmm, when? (^◇^;) I don’t think I’ll be playing ReD though… I’m sick of the demons thingy.

        Says me who wants to play majoou :p


      • Hi Hinano,

        Sorry for being really dumb, but I couldn’t find where to comment on your blog OTL. I was reading your thoughts on Gekka Rouran Romance (and skipped through your gameplay (´ε` ))

        Is it bad and not worth my time? I swear I rolled through some naked CGs on the way to your final thoughts….

        How’s ReviceD by the way!


      • oh yea I close comments on anything older than 90 days to avoid spam 😛 But you can always comment on something recent even if it’s irrelevant!

        Reviced was great so I highly recommend it! Gekka…well many things in that game left a bad taste in my mouth and I’m not into yuri so I skipped 1 route. If weird yandere stalker creeper stuff is your thing though you might enjoy it? Otherwise probably best to stay away.


      • Wow… Yandere and stalkers.. Yuri even?! That is pretty revolutionary for an Otomate game.. Though Rejet seems to be the developer. I think I might get into it *some* day.. ;;^_^;)

        Alright, I guess I have to consider playing ReviceD now that you approve of it!

        Happy gaming and thanks! (^∇^)


      • I think the entire idea was to have a bunch of “abnormal romances” aka “here’s a bunch of stuff that’s a landmine for most people but let curiosity kill the cat” kind of game lol. Let’s just say that when I stopped taking it seriously things like cages & stalking made me burst out laughing…lol


  2. Long time no comment! It looks like you’ve completely beaten me to the punch. I’m looking forward to your opinion on Falco, as I thought he’s the yummiest-looking one. Nice to know that Liv is as cool as I imagined her to be. 🙂 I’m still trudging through Bad Medicine, LOL.


    • Hellooooo!

      Well it was a pretty half-hearted review on the part about the characters. Hmm Falco? So far he’s pretty normal, nothing spectacular haha, but well, each route is so long I’m getting really bored of the game – just hanging in there for the Okama though :p


    • Liv is cool, isn’t she? I really like her design, if I was a girl I would cosplay as her but whatever, I was really excited about this game even though I’ll never really be able to play these games, due to being unable to read Japanese. The only otome game I have is the official english version of Hakuoki, so I try to find as many otome game reviews as I can, cus that’s as close as I’m going to get. I have been trying to find reviews for this game, like forever. The only other review for this game said Reviens was kinda annoying, but no game is perfect and there are always going to be characters that people aren’t going to like and I’m cool with that. I’ll be waiting for Flaco and Chamade’s routes, especially Chamade, I have a thing for older guys, no idea why. Anyway still hoping more otome games get translated soon. Why don’t these companies realize that they could make a lot of money translating their games? Sorry for the long rant.


      • Well the cost and time of translating these games will be put to better use by making more games (^∇^)besides, it’s more fun to play in the original language since the games are voiced.

        Also, it’s a good thing to not translate the games since there will be more piracy, and the software makers lose out on their profits.

        Someone said Luviens is annoying?! That person has no taste! I’m playing through this game for Luvien. If there was no Luvien I wouldn’t play this.

        As got chamade, you wouldn’t hear me say anything nice about him since I don’t like the ojiisan types.


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