Rejet’s new CD series! Happy Sugar Darlin (2014~2015)

So. If you watched the Natsu Matsuri live broadcast yesterday, you would have heard the announcement of the titles.




That’s me right now.

I’ll do some short introductions to encourage everyone to buy those you’re interested in. Let’s start with the one that made me laugh:

Happy Sugar Darlin

If you watched the promotional PV, the writing on the chalkboard shows “is this really Rejet?!” Yes it is. But, seeing that it is Rejet, this is going to be mild. If you want something mature, look for 2 signs: ‘Double CD series’ and ‘anything that has nothing to do with modern life.’ Well at least this is going to be cute. And sweet. Pun maybe intended. (・∀・)

**?!Rejet shop’s tokutens are mobile cleaners for each CD! Will it be the normal male harem versions? Or their cute chibi versions? Or… Or….–?!!!  For those not living in Japan, no worries, Skit tokutens are equally cute mini charms! Animate’s another cd titled ‘Newlyweds-pretend game’. Or if you prefer bromides or can badges, check out tower records and such. And for those who couldn’t care less for teeny extras can buy a copy of the CDs from sites that ship internationally! I personally recommend Amazon, but there are a couple of others such as CD Japan etc. So do buy a copy to support the Seiyuus and all involved in making the CDs!! 皆でとろけちゃおう! (´∀`; )

Story: A new cafe named Happy+Sugar has opened up in your town, and it looks extremely fanciful with a touch of foreign air. You have become a live-in staff at the cafe, and who appears before you but 5 EXTREMELY COOL LOOKING GUYS!! And a… costume-bear?! Adding to that, they are going to the same school (Seiran) as you do, and they are studying to be idols!! Despite thinking that they are much too high-level for you, a swee~~t love story with them starts! Now, melt to your heart’s content!


If you press the button that says “Melt and see?” You are essentially able to strip the character  see a transformation.

Character #1: The princely Usui Enju
CV: Sakurai Takahiro
Release Date: October 29
CD Jacket:

“I’m sorry if I can’t be gentle. But I can’t stop these feelings….” (Wipe your phone with me, babeh ♪(´ε` ))

The face of Happy+Sugar is Usui Enju, who is also the top of the cohort for the entertainment(idol) major. Loved by everyone, he is nicknamed En-Sama and mainly does modelling and ballet dancing. In the cafe, his fans speak of his demeanour as that ‘of a prince’, with his specialty being making tea and pouring it from high heights. Despite so, he is pretty forceful when it comes to things he wants and essentially, no one can reject him. He hates all kinds of sashimi but loves Gateau Chocolate. When was a character that Sakupyon voiced never sexy?’

**Not doing translations

Character #2: The little devil Satomi Tamaki
CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko
Release Date: November 26
CD Jacket:

“You’re cute today too. It’s all for me right? Fufu… I know.”

The problem-child waiter of Happy+Sugar, he is aiming to be an idol for the money, and uses his cuteness as a weapon. He is intent on getting money from customers, and with his art of conversation and cunning, he has many repeat customers. His specialty is selling whole cakes. He is loggerheads with Sora, and will pick a fight with him all the time. He also has a complex about his short height and loves bitter chocolate and hates salty daifuku.

**Not doing translations

Character #3: The sweet angel Kurumiya RanRan
CV: Aoi Shouta
Release Date: November 26
CD Jacket:

“When I think about you, the feelings of ‘like’ overflow, what should I do?”

The waiter that eases your heart. With the cuteness of an angel he is popular without regard to age or gender. His smile is so gentle that it will make one melt. Enju has his eye on him he is the only one who calls him ‘En-Chan”. He doesn’t seem to have much experience in love and so has not wanted someone all to himself yet. His specialty is bringing out sweets on impromptu.

**Not doing translations


Character #4: The host Ebihara Sora
CV: Kaji Yuuki
Release Date: January 28
CD Jacket:

“Though I look like this, I’m extremely one-track minded you know?”

His specialty is making drinks with a shaker (Bartender-san?!) and he is the other waiter that makes the reputation of Happy+Sugar. His popularity is such that he has a fanclub in school and he is a bright, cheerful person who is able to get along with anyone. Despite thinking that he belonged to everyone, he changed slowly after meeting you…


CD Summary:


Character #5: The 2Dimensional Fujiie Masato
CV: Suwabe Junichi
Release Date: February 25
CD Jacket:

“Hey don’t make such a face. You make me not want to let you go. Is that alright…?”

Being half a French, his long silver hair makes him extremely popular with a 2D look, and he is the top waiter of Happy+Sugar with the special skill of decorating with chocolate words. He seems to be aiming to become an actor in the future, and with quick thinking and an ability to complete his job perfectly, he is a natural leader. While he is normal at usual times, his back personality gets to work when he becomes extremely irritated.

**Not doing translations


Character #6: The italian mascot bear Satou
CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Release Date: March 25
CD Jacket:

“If you want to fluff(pet) me, be prepared to give me lots of that, you know, that.”

His special skill is eating everything you don’t want to and he has a sulking, wild character. While he is extremely fluffy to touch, he is dangerous… because he will ask for something in return. He is strangely attached to the heroine and even knows her personal data… What is inside is actually–!! Her brother!! (It’s a secret, alright!)

CD Summary:

Satou…. Sugar…. Sugar-chan… SuzukiTatsu… 


It must be some kind of coincidence that I am slurping on a hazelnut magnum ice cream as I type this.
Mmmm…… Delicious….

Their great nakedness has made me want to buy all the CDs.


I’ve pre-ordered Masato and Satou from Skit and will be trooping down to Rejet shop to get my mobile-cleaner versions of Sora!

How about you? Who will you eat?

♪(´ε` )

9 thoughts on “Rejet’s new CD series! Happy Sugar Darlin (2014~2015)

    • Hello! This is a drama CD in Japanese.

      If you’re from Asia I suggest either you buy from the shops to get the tokutens (Skit, tower records, animate japan, stellaworth etc) then use a forwarding service to your country. You can also use amazon, they ship CD internationally. But you should buy more than 1 because the more you buy the cheaper their global shipping gets!

      If you’re from USA and other English regions, try animate USA, Cd Japan or yesAsia etc. if not, then amazon too.

      Hope that helps! (^∇^)


  1. OMG!!! Suwabe Jun’ichi and Sakurai Takahiro!!! Love this! Thanks a lot for the great info!
    BTW I started my new wordpress blog some days ago. I was wondering if it was alright for me to link u as a friend?


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