Rejet’s new CD series! Ookami Kun’chi (2014~2015)

Hmm-?! Ikebukuro and a mysterious mansion! Kuroyuki’s art! Wolves!

Do we sense something mildly yabai?!

Before I type anything else, the tokutens are also mini charms for this series! I suspect it will be the wolf versions…

Don’t you want it? ゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。

The CDs are available on a variety of websites that do international shipping, so do buy one of the character you’re interested in to support the Seiyuu and all those involved in making the CDs!


“We gather together for survival because we know the painfulness of living. That is why, holding the pride of having allies, we move forward no matter how much liabilities we have.”

Having been wishing to stay in the city, you arrive at Ikebukuro to a boarding house, which is a mansion where 6 brothers live. Bad rumours have been circulating about this mansion.. that they have a large debt to pay, or that they are doing some ‘filthy’ work. But for you who have come to the countryside, you only see their kindness. That is, until night– You see their true forms on a night when the beautiful moon glows…

With no regards for their identities as high school students, they take on jobs like hosts, dating girls that they call ‘Little red riding hood’. As they walk on the streets their night,  their eyes glow as if hunting for prey….. For you who have entered this den of wolves, what will become of your (ab)normal everyday life?


Character #1: Ookami Ash
CV: Hirakawa Daisuke
Release Date: October 29
CD Jacket:

“Kukuku….. Once I bite, I don’t stop y’know?”

Being the oldest, he has a mature face but is quick to ask for a fight, and is the strong ‘leader type’ who keeps the brothers in check. But since he takes rash actions, he is often rebuked by the rest of the brothers. While he tries to lead the rest, he is clumsy and often fails. A Do.S ore-sama who is surprisingly loyal to the one he likes but does not hold back. Being knowledgeable as to how to treat girls, he is good at making them enjoy and he wants to return the debt quickly to live freely with his brothers. Forcing himself to stop the fights between his brothers and the trouble in the streets, he actually hates violence and wants to be freed from the chains on him. He is the older twin of Naiki.


Character #2: Ookami Naiki(Nike)
CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa
Release Date: November 26
CD Jacket:

“You can’t…. Any other guy than me will be boring for you..”

The second son who is the younger twin of Ash, and has a personality that allows him to get along with anyone. Being good with words and also having a princely demeanour, he is extremely popular with the girls, but has an air of having a darker side. He does not hesistate to see girls as tools, and while he is repeatedly telling himself that inside of him, he does not show it outwardly. A fashionable person, he is working as a model. He has awareness that he does not react much to things, and while he thought that the heroine, having come from the countryside would be an easy prey……

CD translations:


Character #3: Ookami Hiito(Heat)
CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko
Release Date: December 24
CD Jacket:

“Ju–st as I wanted. If you want to be broken, come at me!”

The problem child and one of the triplets. He thinks that he is the strongest and unbeatable, and tends to take out it out on the things around him. He trusts Ash who is the oldest son (wolf instincts to obey the Alpha) and thinks that the Ookami house is the strongest. Despite being standoffish with girls he is somehow pretty good at handling them.  Being the type to do whatever he wants, the ones who like him get thrown around by his actions. He runs into trouble pretty often and fights with Sonata on a daily basis.


Character #4: Ookami Sonata
Release Date: Jan 28
CD Jacket:

“You’re extremely cute today. My heart leaped upon seeing you.”

One of the triplets. With a sweet mask and slender body, he is almost like an idol, but in reality has a calculating character. Being observant with people he is able to respond quickly, but always says that they are ‘idiots’. He is gentle to girls and doesn’t forcefully touch them but he thinks of them as tools. He sees Hiito as a rival and fights with him all the time.


Character #5: Ookami Koiki
CV: Kimura Ryohei
Release Date: Feb 25
CD Jacket:

“It has no meaning right? Love, or hate…”

One of the triplets and the brain of the lot, he thinks that what they are doing is stupid and thus does not hide his ill feelings towards them. However, since he thinks it’s essential to return the debt, he does his service completely. Since he does not show his inner feelings about his lack of enthusiasm, he has many fans. He is always reading, loves classic literature and animals, especially dogs. He doesn’t allow people into his heart easily, but actually has a heart for his family. The peacemaker of Sonata and Hiito.


Character #6: Ookami Rukia
CV: Kaji Yuuki
Release Date: Mar 25
CD Jacket:

“Love me~? If you have something like that, alright?”

The youngest child and has the trait of being a tsuntsun. Despite being the youngest he acts like he’s the most adult. Despite having the face of a doll and  high-class air, he is ravenous for love and wants his requests listened to. And for that, he would do anything… He hurts others just like a child without holding back, and is the type who gets sad when he is unable to get the thing he wants most despite having everything else. The fact that he hurts people on a whim is frightening.


Also! For this series, each character will have 1 or more of the other brother appearing in his CD! ❤

I’ve ordered Naiki and Hiito! What about you? who are you waiting to devour you?

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  1. omygosh where do you buy Rejet CDs? I’ve searched on CDJapan and there’s only Marginal#4 ones >< I would really appreciate it ;-;


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