Rejet’s New CD Series: Sacrifice ~goodbye my virgin~ (2014~2015)

Whoa that was a helluva long title. (^_^;)  レジェさんの純粋愛の物語ですか。。。そうですか。そうですか?

Hello, it’s me again. I planned to do one title everyday but I think someone else has done the introductions for Criminale so you will not hear from me again till 14/15 August. What’s going on?

You’ll see. (・∀・)

So………. Not a very well-boding title for a fairytale-like story. But ‘Sacrifice’ appears to be some kind of group/place(?) rather than the verb of being a hero. And it’s going to be kind of sad: I hope my gut feel.

So the introductions state that it is a pure first love (Fairytale) story with the collaboration of RejetX YutakuII(Eguchi Takuya & Ono Yuuki) X Avex. The art looks like a children’s picture book! I remember seeing this artist somewhere before but I can’t remember at the moment m(__)m


‘To my beloved princess,

Do you still remember ‘the eternal promise’ we made beneath that big tree? Now that you’ve become a little older, I wish to tell it to you again, that I’ve always, always loved you. So, just like the old times, won’t you call me your ‘destined Prince’ again? If so, we shall share ‘our first and final kiss’ under that big tree…”

You have just become a 2nd year high school student and one day, a quaint-looking invitation in the form of a letter comes. In it, are 6 love letters from your childhood friends. If you step out of your house at a specific day at midnight, a pumpkin carriage arrives, with a strange cat-earl who says “I have come to pick you up, milady. Let’s start this story.”

Now, let us lift the curtains on an extremely pure first love (fairytale)…..



1) Serikawa Noel (CV: Eguchi Takuya)
Release date: Oct 29

“We made a promise, didn’t we? That I would have your first time…”

Noel is the older twin of the princes and the leader of SACRIFICE, a third year student. Even though he’s cool if he keep quiet, he has a pretty strong quirk about his personality: forceful. Since he’s the type who can’t be honest, he is usually cold toward the one he likes at first and an awkward boy. He has deep bonds with Yuki his brother. Since treasuring the promise he made in his childhood, he did not once have a girlfriend.

CD translation: Not doing.


2) Serikawa Yuki (CV: Ono Yuuki)
Release date: Nov 26

“As to what kind of woman you have become, I will see for myself…”

The only player of SACRIFICE, and is the free character despite being the other prince. Since thinking he is the best, he is a haraguro who loves pushing people to a corner with his words. Sly and calculating, he is actually someone loyal and wants to be loved. He has kept the promise of his ‘fated love’ in his heart since young.

CD translation:


3) Yagami aran (CV: Namikawa Daisuke)
Release date: Dec 24

“Y’re completely my thing. Understood? Rather, get it already.”

The super problem child of SACRIFICE, who uses bears and tigers and lions, a wild and delinquent boy. No one really graps his actions and whereabouts but he is a clean-freak and is often seen soaking in the public baths. Since he believes that ‘love’ was something he only encountered when he was young, he keeps the opposite sex away. While he seems to like being alone, he also has the face of being a lonely person.

CD Review:


4) Yushina Keito (CV: Hatano Wataru)
Release Date: Jan 28

“Be beside me… I don’t want to let you go ever again, even if only a little.”

The only one with common sense in SACRIFICE. Having a beautiful outlook, he entrances both animals and people. Having a gentle and generous personality, he has become a sort of dumping ground for people who look for him for comfort. But, despite treating all equally, he is in actual fact extremely obsessed with the person he likes and has a cruel character.

CD translations: Not doing


5) Nadeno Yujin (Shimono Hiro)(Why is he everywhere?!)
February 25

“I will cast an irremovable magic on you. This way, we can be together forever right?”

The youngest member and loves having others pay attention to him. Since he loves black magic, he always seems to be doing some kind of suspicious practice in his free time. Being easily embarassed and not good with words, he sometimes tend to make others worry about him while trying to pull away. He will hug the person he likes whenever there is a chance and get them to spoil him.

CD translation: Not doing


6) Calmera (Hosoya Yoshimasa)
March 25

“I want to protect you forever, from this ugly world……”

The navigator of SACRIFICE and is always wearing a cat mask. Despite being such a strange existence, he is loved and accepted by many. For some reason, he has lots of knowledge about the heroine and would always take actions beforehand to aid her. You thought he was a gentleman other than him being stubbornly refusing to remove his mask, but….”

CD Review:

ほそやん+猫 といえば=あの忘れられない最高のレジェゲーム、ですね。


Hmm, pretty mysterious work if you ask me. What exactly is the connection between school and fairytale? What, is SACRIFICE? It remains to be seen….(We’ve got 3 school-based stories this time, ookami, happysugar and sacrifice, but this seems the most strangely connected) Since the most out-of-the-world-looking one is Calmera voiced by hosoyan, I went ahead to order it by Skit. And of course, haraguro Yuki voiced by Yuuki and Bad boy NamiDai were must-buys as well. (❛ ◡ ❛)❤

Like Ookami, other characters make a little appearance in each others’ CDs with a little drama part. For Noel and Yuki, all the other brothers appear, and the twins appear in the other 4 volumes.

How will this play out? Buy the CD of your favourite character to find out! And share them with me.

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