Ayakashi Gohan Trial version review (and a little new otomate title ramble)

Full review here: https://jyuuguchi.wordpress.com/2014/09/11/ayakashi-gohan-pc-review/

While I was twiddling my thumbs waiting for this game to arrive, I decided to spoil my money and play the trial version.

I love it so far… the heroine, especially the Ayakashi route is the real deal. Look at her salivating over Tsuzuri, the ayakashi kid:

(click to enlarge)


The prologue wasn’t that long, as you go onto each route by choosing to make friends with Gin and make him cry with happiness (literally) or decide to be the twerp that every annoying toddler is. And the conversation was not boring. (I know a boring game when I see one…)

And this month’s B’slog!! Ayakashi Gohan is on the cover!~~ Of course, it goes to my collections.


It’s a must buy… since a drama CD for CodeRea and Waltz comes with it. I have 4 days left to decide if I want to order the Waltz limited edition that comes with lots of goodies…. The limited editions are always so enticing even though you know that once you finish playing a game, there is 99.999999% chance that you will never play it again. And the Trigger Kiss limited edition comes with a towel or something…. much too enticing.


Since I’m too distracted to do introductions for RRexx and Hyakka, I’ll just blabber on a little for those interested.

Have you guys explored Root Rex’ site yet? It’s the new Otomate game about a legendary band. The heroine is kinda… well…. different form the usual heroines despite her looking extremely cute. I hold some expectations for her. So this legendary band has not shown their face even once, not even holding lives, but they’re extremely popular. One day, the heroine finds a demo tape of theirs and gets involved with them.

And, if you know Karneval, this game’s art is drawn by the same manga artist Mikanagi sensei, and I’m trying very hard not to buy the game for her art ;^; This game looks juvenile… and I tend to stay away form anything that has the tinge of realism in it. But it was a surprise for them to engage Mikanagi sensei! It feels as if the entire Karneval cast is here.



What, you don’t know Karneval?! You’re missing out on life!!! (inserts ‘The Scream’ face)

There are two yellow-haired guys, but sadly, neither of them are voiced by Miyano Mamoru… So nothing in it for Yogi fans like me.


And while Kamiya Hiroshi is voicing this game, his character Asagiri Jin looks nothing like Gareki, so nothing in it for the Gareki fans too.

Sorry if you don’t know what I’m talking about. It just means, time to watch/read Karneval! (・∀・)

Irino Miyuu is probably the only rare name in this game, and I’m glad that he’s back after his role as Apollon in KamiGami. This game releases in winter 2014!


Next, Hyakka!

The heroine has different coloured eyes, and if you follow my twitter >>>>> I was getting hyped about that. This means our heroine will have some secret past that might turn out to be dumb, Otomate style.

If you played HanaMani, don’t expect them to be the same…. The characters and setting are all very different. Though, we still have the rest of 2014 to see how the game is going to turn out. It releases somewhere in 2015.

The story goes that Izumo grew up in the red-light district and is a fledging entertainer, but aims to become an Oiran (something like a high-class courtesan) The current characters are two ayakashi(CV Sakurai takahiro) (CV Kondou Takashi), a supplier (Ono Yuuki), childhood friends/policemen (CV Hosoyan) (CV Okamoto Nobuhiko) and another Shinzou (CV: Ishikawa Kaito)

I hope not all 7 are playable characters…. The fear of multiple routes like QR’s games makes me cast this game with a questioning eye.

And this game has Ayakashi. Again.

That’s all from me, I can’t ait to get my AyaGohan game! wwwwwwwww


11 thoughts on “Ayakashi Gohan Trial version review (and a little new otomate title ramble)

  1. I don’t know something about the bugs of Seishun Hajimemashita and the awful system of Colorful Step have scarred my views of honeybee and now I’m afraid to touch their games….I hope to see your review on Ayakashi Gohan as right now I’m kinda afraid to go near it :/


    • I didn’t play any of those 2 you mentioned since I dislike any school/reality based game so this is my first honeybee game!

      I finished the trial and the game system is really easy!! Though the trial didn’t let us get to moving onto character routes, I expect it to be pretty straightforward.

      I remember cursing the days I played Arcana and WOF.. Oh the horror.

      I’m in the midst of reading your ReviceD review now hahaha


  2. Yup, but I checked yesterday and animate didn’t change the date for their limited edition set which was what I was referring to.

    But anyway I decided to go for the Stella set so I guess it doesn’t matter |( ̄3 ̄)|


  3. I was really hyped about Hyakka, when I saw a post about it on Tumblr. And the seiyuu seem promising. Fufu. BUT THEN…. I saw it’s from Otomate and my hype was crushed within seconds. Lol I wonder if a good developer team is working on it… ;;;;;


    • Haha from what I read (can’t remember where), hyakka’ scenario writers are the ones who wrote daisy2’s ‘otome no heihou’ which I didn’t play, but heard it was pretty good.

      I think hyakka will be alright, since otomate games are usually fine if they’re not fandiscs heh. But we really have to wait for the CG teasers to know (^◇^;)

      And Waltz heroine is going to be a total bimbo but I’m going to play it anyway (*`へ´*)


      • Is that so? But either way… I don’t have a Vita yet. Lol And I’m not planning to buy one in near future… ;;;;

        Well… Have fun with Waltz!


      • Haha…. I don’t have enough money to get a Vita yet. ヽ(;▽;)ノAnd my interest for the new coming games is pretty low. I’m interested in Yoiyo Mori no Hime, but that game is fortunately for PSP.

        Maybe I can clear my backlog while I wait for a Vita game I really want. xD


  4. I hope Root Rexx has enough mystery to get me hooked on.
    The chibi designs are just too adorable.

    Heroine with heterochromia? I’m in. I usually enjoy Otomate games, so Hyakka seems pretty interesting.
    Is this Ishikawa Kaito’s first otoge role? 😮


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