Rejet Shop trip

So what day was it yesterday? 27 August.  AKA FIFTH VOLUME RELEASES OF REJET CDs.

So my grandmother evicted me from her house after seeing all my Otaku stuff and I had to move out.

Just kidding. But it’s bound to happen. I decided to move out nearer the city (which means better internet, I guess?) I was unpacking stuff in my apartment until I went HECK IM GOING TO MY BABIES. And so, I took a trip down to Parco. You know, like going down to see a place before you decide to live there.

Before you read the rest, note that transportation in Japan is expensive, so really, you shouldn’t complain about shipping fees, since form where I lived to Osaka’s Rejet Shop, (only 30-40mins away) it cost me 1800yen (you can do your calculations). And I live in Japan, hello? 

For a start, I always use the goods that I buy, and occasionally destroy them in the process.


Look at Akito heh.

I popped by Kino at the station but didn’t find anything interesting since it was not a B’slog or DGS day. Just that there were mangas and mangas and a whole section for Fujoshi.



And next to Parco was Tower Records, but sadly they didn’t have much stock left for their Rejet CDs.



And in Parco near Rejet shop was a Dialovers capsule machine. I didn’t turn it.



And tons of UtaPri goods. Coasters, shirts, whatever.



And finally!!!!


It’s actually a small makeshift shop located in a shopping mall and the CDs releases for 27 were all put on the stand outside. The PVs for their 6 new series were going non-stop and made me wish it was end October already. And they had tons of Dialover goods. Tons. Even nail stickers.




This is margi#4 and there were other goods, but everything pales in comparison to the new Cds that’re coming out.


Next door was anime goods. See Titans.



Good for you if you can read Japanese. I laughed when I saw this and someone looking at the Rejet CDs gave me a knowing smile. 


I took a sniff out of every bottle there, and I think Reiji smells the nicest, but I withheld from buying it since I still have 6 other bottles of Norn9 and titan perfumes to finish.


And next door was Otomate!!



There was only one Loki handkerchief left. So you know what I did?


I buy it and wipe my face with it every morning. (・∀・)

And Jyuza collar pins! Another thing to buy the next time I’m there.



That’s all for now, will post pictures again when I go there to get the October CDs. For some reason, the Rejet shop tokutens are pretty good in the coming season, more so than the Skit ones, so I’ll be trooping there soon enough.

This’s a short post because I’m doing Tenma’s final SS and Airu’s 2nd SS. Tune in!


11 thoughts on “Rejet Shop trip

  1. Oh god, you have a Ron strap? Are you willing to sell it? Of course, I’d give you more than full price + shipping!
    Please drop me a mail.


  2. Masamune is pretty cute, too!
    If you get him or get some other doubles, I could buy those too(except Sakuya)!
    So you could try a few times more often ★ω★


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