New Otomate Title – Hyakka Yakou

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Finally we have a little more information about this game, the still scenes were released today, together with sample voices. It’s been around 2.5 months since the official website was opened, I thought I’d do some introductions, since no one seems to have done it yet.


The stage is the Hanamachi (Japanese direct translation: flower district, English equivalent: red-light district. Crude way to express it: Prostitution quarters), the actors are humans and ayakashi. This a story of elopement, with the freedom of the one you love on the line…….

This is the village where the world of ayakashi and the world of humans mix, “Takamagahara” (Heavens) where the glorious Hanamachi stretches on in the eternal night. The beautiful lanterns that glow brightly, the bewitching kimonos and the yearnings exchanged that melt into the night sky…. all is but a fabricated dream…

And in this town, is a girl destined to live in, and die in. From the small quarters she works in, she glances out and sees a world that is much too glittery(glamourous) and out of her reach. If she reaches out her hands to this world she so yearns for, what will be waiting for her?

Loving and being loved, reaching out to touch the hands of the one she loves for the first time, the wheels of fate start to turn. Cutting her chains and overcoming her bondages…..

Now, go to the night of hundred flowers.

*(Hyakka=hundred flowers. Yakou=Night luminescence)



1. Izumo

Izumo has been working as an Oiran candidate in Takamagahara since she was old enough to understand things. She longs for the world outside Takamagahara, and to fulfil that dream, she aims to work her way to an Oiran from her current position as Furisode Shinzou.

*(I learnt this from my history lessons long ago btw, it may differ from this game’s setting) Furisode shinzou are fledglings that are able to assist with entertaining customers, but they are not allowed to take customers. They are not allowed to have toku-iri (what men really go to red-light districts for) even if they take customers. (I think it depends on the reputation of the Yuukaku). Yuukaku= play+quarters the name for the brothel in those days. Furisode are the second highest in level, after the Oiran and Geishas. Only after they are approved and have had their mizuage (bid for their virginity) are they complete Oirans. Below the furisodes are the Kamuros, bantous(older Oirans who retire) and other little roles by either those who cannot become Oiran or those who are still too young.

2. Hakuren (Sakurai Takahiro)

The white snake Ayakashi who suddenly appeared before Izumo. A seductive man with a noble feel about him, he always puts on an easygoing air and shows his affection, but his real intentions are unclear.

“I told you I would bring you out of here, right? There is no lie in those words.”

3. Rikugou Ryuji (Ono Yuuki)
A sundry-store boy, he carries goods to Takamagahara often, and is well-loved by everyone for his serious and honest character. For the sake of a certain dream, he aims to have his own shop one day.

(I can see his dream being to marry Izumo)

“It’s weird to say this now after forcefully taking you out, I have no power or money on my own, but will you come with me….?”

4.Yukinari (Hosoya Yoshimasa)

He works in Tamamagahara’s vigilant force, Amahara secret squad, Tsukuyomi team.(dealing with Ayakashi) He has a long history of being an onmyouji, and is level-headed for most of the time. He is like a brother to Izumo, and they are childhood friends.

Why is his outfit so revealing?! 

“I’ve told you. It’s my responsibility(duty) to protect you.”

5. Tokikage (Okamoto Nobuhiko)

Works in the same force as Yukinari, but Tenshou team.(dealing with humans) Has excellent skills physically and with the sword, and is an initiative and cheerful boy. He is also the childhood friend of Izumo and is like a good rival with Yukinari.

“I’m happy to hear you say that, but I want to bring you to a wider world… to give you a new (belonging) place.”
6. Shinonome (Kondou Takashi)

A mysterious fox ayakashi who comes to Takamagahara often, but no one knows why. He always has his head in the clouds, and speaks in a manner that shocks people.

“I’ll watch you as you get pampered by the men and become a Tengu”

wtf does that mean. 

7. Mizuki (Ishikawa Kaito)

Despite his young looks, he is capable and collected, the one who takes care of Izumo’s needs and a Anba Tengu (I think it’s a Tengu you can ride on.) OTL

Does what Shinonome said have any something to do with this guy? Oh, I don’t get it at all. And why is the furisode shinzou’s underling a guy?!

The scenario writers are the ones who wrote Daisy3’s ‘Otome no Heihou’ which I heard had a good reputation. But I do not really like the art… all the playable characters have the same air, same expression: flirtatious, haraguro.

The two other female characters look like men, to be honest. The only things that interest me are: 1) The !@#!$% gorgeous teaser movie  2) Izumo’s Kuruwa, she’s the first heroine to have this, and oh, and her eyes. 3) OnoYuu and Hosoyan 4) The BGM.

And of course, I’m a big fan of wafuu games and movies (I know this sounds weird but especially games with Oirans and geishas) and since Hyakka is written by two reputed scenario writers, it’s worth a play for me.



Hakuren「Did you come all the way here just to see me?」 A voice whispers at my ears at the same time I am embraced from the back.


Izumo「Who are you」

Hakuren「That’s cold, forgetting me so soon」I couldn’t see his face, not being able to turn back.

Izumo「I’m going to yell for someone..」

Hakuren「Won’t you be the one in trouble if we’re discovered? 」


I clammed up. For a shinzou to come from the back of the teahouse, it was certainly bad for my image. Besides, if the roushu (owner of the yuukaku she’s working at) were to hear of this, I would be pressed for an explanation.

Hakuren「If we were seen here, they might think we’re having a tryst.」

Hakuren「……That would be best for me though」Laughing a low voice, he turns my face towards him.

Izumo「You….! You helped me before….!」


???  「Thank you very much. I hope to have your continuous patronage」

It seems like the man from the sundry store is here again. The noisy voices of the other courtesans can be heard.

???  「…………!」

Suddenly, the young man from the sundry store turns around and stops. I saw him from the corner of my eye. Despite thinking it was strange, I passed by without stopping.

???  「He.. Hey……!」

Izumo   「……Yes」

Rikugou Ryuji「Erm, well, I am Rokugou Ryuji, the one recently allowed to pass the gates. Please favourite and patronise (my store).
Izumo   「Yes, Regards.」

Cocking my head slightly, I continued walking but was called out again.

Ryuji「If, if you don’t mind, I would like to pick out a hairpin for you……」

Izumo   「What……?」

Ryuji「A rare and exquisite hairpin came in today, It would definitely suit your hair–」


Damn. I like Ryuji already (๑′ᴗ’๑)

I’m hopeful for this game, and I’ll forgive Izumo for wearing strange clothing if they show me really good stuff for the limited editions. (・へ・)

3 thoughts on “New Otomate Title – Hyakka Yakou

  1. I’ve long been sick of wafuu (to clarify, it’s not a bad idea but it’s been done too often). I’m sick of ayakashi, too. Also, I’ve noticed that there’s been a slow increase in otome media set in brothels… I have no idea who incited this trend, but I can see myself getting sick of it very soon. The only game with this setting that appeals to me is Yoshiwara Higanbana, which will (hopefully) be released this winter. Such a shame, since Ono Yuuki, Sakurai Takahiro and Hosoya Yoshimasa will be in this game. All-star cast wasted on a derivative idea.


    • I don’t have a problem with wafuu since it’s my favourite setting… My problem is that they always modernize it in some way, like they did with Hyakka. The heroine’s costume is SO RIDICULOUS.

      I think the trend either started with ‘otoko yuukaku’ or they saw Hanamani’s success and everyone started to pirate that. Lol. But yeah, I can see where you’re coming from… I wish they’d come up with better ideas.. Someone ride on the TinyXmachinegun story please!! I think Kaleido-eve is closest to that, but I don’t want to get started on how absolutely idiotic the heroine is going to be.

      Wow an R18 brothel story… It must get pretty close to the original historic setting.. (=゚ω゚)

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