Oz to Himitsu no Ai – Airu translations & final thoughts

When we heard of a “Oz to Himitsu no Ai True Key” I’m sure we were all pretty much (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  It doesn’t end with Airu the Great magician? Hell no. That’s Rejet for you. “The last door” opens on October 22, the same date as Wasurenagusa3’s sale date.

I expected myself to like Airu’s CD the most, and I guess I do. His extreme sis-con can appear a little yandere at times, but the lack of ecchi in his CD actually makes it better. I just felt like an idiot when I sat there blankly listening to the rest of the brothers doing stuff to the heroine. They just seem so hungry for XXX. I get that they’ve never seen a woman in their lifetime (women in this world of OZ are hated and shunned) but the fact they know how to touch the heroine and laugh hysterically when she reacts voids the whole no-woman setting. They must have read lots of porn mags. (;・∀・)

The heroine is extremely pitiable. She has to be the most pitiable of all the Otome game heroines ever. Let me explain: If you read Airu’s final SS, (https://jyuuguchi.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/oz-to-himitsu-no-ai-ss-translations-airu/) you would know why. But if you didn’t here’s a summary:

The heroine and Airu are blood siblings, who lost their parents due to a disease, and were thus taken in by the orphanage. They were the first ones there. The ‘death of parents’ trope is normal for every damn otoge heroine, but this heroine gets raped, poor thing. And not just once. Airu goes crazy when he finds out on the first time but he is unable to do anything because he’s just a kid, and he fears making things worse if he takes action. He thus holds guilt for it his entire life and is the “sin” that he keeps talking about. That’s not all. Everytime the heroine “exchanges love” (sexy time) with her man, he turns into a key. So, to get the 5 keys to reach Airu’s world, she would be a whore. I’m sorry.

To change the subject, (;・∀・) when they create the world of Oz during their play, the adults get suspicious that the kids are trying to escape so they send each of them off to 7 different homes. Airu’s final SS has a beautiful ending, because while the other 5 stories end in “their ending”, Airu’s ends in “their meeting” so I’d recommend you read it. It made me hopeful… As for how Airu became a key…. we wouldn’t expect them to cross the sibling line, so continue reading —>

Track 1:

The usual “when you realise it, you’re standing before a door with 6 keyholes” thing and you realise you now have 5 keys. She finds herself in a castle all of a sudden, and meets Airu, who coldly asks how she infiltrated the castle since the doors are locked tightly. When she speaks about the keys he is surprised, but brings her to the top floor. He tells her to jump down herself and starts threatening her but since she obviously wouldn’t jump (who will?!) He takes her up and throws her down….

Track 2:

But. She survives by returning to the top floor where Airu is for some reason and he tells her he had tried to jump as well, but every time, he returns to the same spot. The castle has a strong magic even he cannot do anything about and despite others gossiping about him as a Hikki, he actually can’t get out. He then tells her he now has to kill her directly since she survived and he hates intruders. He chokes her but pulls back as he sees her blue eyes and she faints. Airu then has a flashback about his sister crying about a wound on her forehead and with him trying to cheer her up by pretending to do magic on her.

Track 3:

When she awakes it’s night so she walks down the corridors of the castle and chances upon Airu having a nightmare. Chasing her away, he then tells her that he will tell her about the keys if she lights all the lamps in the castle, and gives her a lantern with a blue flame. (There’s something about lanterns that goes Harry Potter for me…)  He mumbles how she gets surprised about his magic and that he should not think of his sister, but he does get concerned.

Track 4:

He sees her still lighting the stupid lamps in the castle and brings her into another room, trying to look at her left ear. She refuses to be touched by Airu so he gets mad and he starts complaining about how she must be mentally ill to want to be forced to do things (like what the other brothers do to her). But he doesn’t do anything to her and says that she makes him feel disgusted by making him remember unwanted things (ie, his sister getting raped) He then monologues again about how he must not get his hopes up over a stupid thing like that.

Track 5:

Airu monologues to himself how he cannot and must not forget his “sin”. The heroine then sneaks outside his room and hears him reciting the verses of a song. “The key that was held tightly, in the hand which opened suddenly,  the wind dances, and I who move forward shivering in worry and hope…” He cannot remember the rest of the song so the heroine pops into the room to tell him she had finish lighting the lamps. But he tells her that he had cast a magic such that when one candle is lit, another will extinguish. He doesn’t care that she is given a repetitive task and tells her in any world, the weak obey the strong. She tells him she knows the song but he says it’s impossible since only his family knows it.

Airu then reads the lyrics again and she tells him the parts he can’t remember. He is shocked so he looks behind her left ear and see the birthmark which is the mark his sister has. The heroine also has the scar on her forehead which Airu had a flashback about, and she is in this world of Oz. Piecing everything together, Airu the sis-con hugs her in happiness and cries. He says he doesn’t care whether it’s a dream or an illusion, as long as he can see his sister again.

Track 6

She tries to get the sis-con off her, but he tells her they’re sibling and she drops the lantern. He then overreacts about whether she got a burn and says so gently “I’m so sorry about shouting at you” that it freaks me out despite me liking yanderes. She pushes him away and he starts grabbing her to check if she has a wound. Airu then realises that he shouldn’t touch her so casually since she has no memories, and he is now an adult man (whom she instinctively hates) and cleans up the place with magic.

He takes her to a place and tells her to use it as her room. They then sit and have a chat about their past. He sees the similarities of her expressions as he talks and tells her that the song she knows is the best proof that they are siblings because his mother only taught it to him, and he only taught it to the heroine. He said that their parents were idiot-loving parents, and said her birthmark were like angels’ wings. He tries to hug her again but realises again that she’s uncomfortable and he tells her he’ll be careful. He tells her to rest and that he will approach her like a sister from now.

When he returns to his room there’s that chocolate violin music and Airu going “Ah…. it’s like a dream, being able to see her again….” which made me ffffffff as I see(hear) him going completely sis-con. He’s just so happy I can’t help feeling smiley. Airu decides to protect her no matter what.

After finding out about her being his sister, Airu’s attitude towards her turns 180 degrees. (to the point of being gross)

Track 7:

Airu enters her room and they have a little chat, with Airu remembering things of the past and saying he wants to make some food for her. They end up making apple pie together and he says he’s glad he can finally make it for her since when their parents died, he had promised to make all the food for her, but they ended up in the orphanage, so he never had the chance.

Track 8:

He gives her a pair of silver shoes, and says he never got a chance to buy her what she wanted since they were poor in the orphanage. Since it’s her first pair of heels, he helps her walk in it but she falls. He suggests that they sleep together like they did when younger and he lures her by telling her he will cast a spell on her to make her see only good dreams.

But Airu himself has a dream about him getting revenge, and it’s obviously(if you read the final SS) the orphanage that he’s burning. “I will burn that man down… then I can finally meet you….” He wakes up and the heroine is startled too, so he tells her he see that dream every night after she comes. As he is wondering why he still sees this dream despite them reunited, he tells her he doesn’t care what world they are in, as long as they can be together, and that they should live ‘forever and ever’ in this world together. She refuses because she wants to obtain the last key and Airu hearing this,  goes out of the room to cool himself off, after mumbling that it’s too late to try to repent for his ‘sin’.

Track 9:

The heroine goes after Airu and he tells her he wants her to be happy and she should stay the way she is, having forgotten everything, but the heroine insists, so Airu triggers her memory by using words to help her remember about the keys. She then remembers how she obtained the keys and starts crying, so he tells her to stay in this castle, and talks about how the decisions of Haru and the others were not wrong in doing this for her. When she wakes, he is talking to her about the feelings they had when they turned into the keys, but a fire breaks out. He is unable to freeze all the flamedue to its intensity. At first skeptical since Airu knows they can’t escape the castle, he finally gets persuaded by the heroine to run as he mumbles about committing the same mistake twice.

Track 10:

They run off somewhere but Airu decides to become a key because he knows that once she touches the key she will be transported to the door with  keyholes. And after lots of talking about how he didn’t hug her when they parted at the orphanage, and how he wanted to spend more time with her, Airu casts a real spell on her like he did when they were younger and he becomes a key.

Track 11:

Airu monologues about how he had wanted to save his sister, like killing them with the dinner knife but his reasoning always wins his anger. He says meeting her again and living in the castle was a miracle and his happiness since he could now do all that he couldn’t ten years ago. Airu then tells her to move forward beyond the door no matter what waits behind that door… And he wishes for her to be happy no matter what world she is in, as a way of atonement for killing her. 

Cast Comment

He said this is his longest recording using DHM, and it picks up lots of noise but was fun to do. He said the part where Airu suddenly becomes gentle to the heroine left an impression on him. He says he has a younger sister and they have a good relationship which is similar to Airu, but it is a normal sibling and family love, and he’s going to call his sister later (rofl). The next question is which character he is interested in and he says he wonders what sexy voice there was and he’s going to buy it. The next question is if he was a magician like Airu what would he do? He says he wants to gather magic in his hands and throw it out. (A mixture of different weird voices as he throws out the magic) Next, does he have any nightmare like Airu? He said his house sells tofu, so he dreamt of being chased by a demon holding tofu before (wth wwwwww lol) Six, if he made dessert like Airu did for his sister what would he made, he said when he was younger, he couldn’t make meringue because beating it was difficult, and next time he’ll buy an electric mixer and make something for everyone. Last, one word to Airu which he played. He says thanks, for meeting him (lol) and to the audience, thanks for listening to the CD and his comments.



I totally get what he means. Airu suddenly becoming so dere dere was quite gross at certain points. If my brother was like that I’d kick him. Seriously. If you watched Miyano Mamoru in any events before, he’s hilarious. Maybe because he’s been in the industry for so long, he really knows how to spice things up at the events and takes care of the newbies.

Wait. I’m not advertising him rofl wwwwwww. I’m advertising the next CD, the “true key” which I’ve gotten interested in. This series was kinda “so-so”. It wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t fantastic either, if we compare it to TeiStar and Soubou. While the story itself was interesting, the lack of time frame in each track loses me. Sometimes, it feels as if the romance between the heroine and say, Keisa for example, happened in 3 days and he’s like “yeah babeh, you got hurt for me, love you, want you” which made me really amused and annoyed at the same time.

——————————— CD SS ————————

*Please credit if you use this on your website* 

If you have a copy of any Oz CD, you’ll know it comes with a short story not released on the official website. For Airu’s, it shows his life in the 10 years they parted, and what he meant by he killed his sister. He was initially a servant in a mansion after each of them got sent to different houses, but because Airu was so smart, he slowly worked his way up to being the lord’s secretary and the daughter’s tutor. He took a strange liking to fire ever since he saw an insect burning itself in the lantern in his room, and since then, every night he would burn the love letters the girls in the neighbourhood gave to him, or the pages of his diary in the lantern, thinking that fire would erase everything. One night during the Madame’s birthday party, he sneaks out to escape the crowd and under the stairs, sees a middle-aged guest and the noble’s daughter, his student, having sex. She has blue eyes like his sister, so Airu, suddenly remembering everything that happened to his sister, rushes away and vomits. He then has continuous nightmares like the noble’s daughter seducing him and one day decides to finally put an end to everything.

One week before Christmas, Airu leaves his employer’s home and arrives at the orphanage to burn it. He strikes a match and the whole place quickly catches fire, but he then hears people talking about how the priest is not around for the day and has gone elsewhere. Someone else is in the room though, and he hears that it’s a girl around 16, with silver hair, and blue eyes…. He tries to rush in but the others hold him back and he screams as the place burns down. In the end, only a book is left, totally unscorched. It’s the picture book of OZ belonging to the heroine, with her drawings still intact and as Airu picks it up, he is sucked into the world of OZ.


Despite everything, we still don’t really know why the heroine ended up staying in the orphanage with the priest. I can only think that the priest lied about sending her away and continued raping her. (For 10 years, my gawd) Therefore, I’m going to buy the last CD just to know the story.

According to the website, in the real world, the brothers awake and as they realise the 10 years have passed, they each head to the orphanage to meet on Christmas day, but the heroine alone is not there. As they find out the truth, they open the picture book of Oz to meet you again….


All the brothers will appear in the CD. While we know so far that the heroine drew the map and the keys and probably Airu was the one who burned down the orphanage, did she really die? What the heck made them into keys and why is she such a whore are stuff I’m interested in.

Release date for the last CD: October 22
It’s the same day as the release date for the first CD in the Wasurenagusa 3 series!~

And yes, here comes the second advertisement: Wasurenagusa 3
If you listened to Series 1&2, THEY WERE GREAT. It was so extremely tragedic for some of the characters, and I recommend Saito Hajime,(Takahashi Naozumi) and Yamazaki Susumu(Morikawa Toshiyuki). And that brat Okita Souji if you like Suzuki Tatsuhisa as a creep, and Hijikata Toshizo if you want some Hosoyan sexy. There’re really cheap second hand CDs for the first two series now on Amazon. You will never regret supporting this series.

This is Wasurenagusa 3’s fan-made video. *whistles and looks away*

Don’t ask no more (ヽ´ω`)

7 thoughts on “Oz to Himitsu no Ai – Airu translations & final thoughts

  1. I cant wait to listen the true CD because I’m sooo confused after this D: Thanks for the review!! 🙂
    PS: I also cant wait to get my copy and listen the first volume from the 3rd serie of wasurenagusa. (Saitooo <3)

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  3. Nice play of words on the keys and doors there 😉

    You’re right about the whole “living in a world without women but still knowing what to do” thing. Like…how do they know??? If they never see any women?

    Once I realized Airu was the heroine’s blood-related brother, I was curious how that CD would play out. I didn’t realize that the sexy time was triggering the key changing…I feel so naive but I thought it was the “strong emotions” that they were mentioning from Keisa’s CD, about how strong emotions become keys or something. So I thought it was just the love part, because a lot of them changed over after they confessed (or were in the middle of confessing).

    Your opinion about the series is pretty spot-on to how I felt. I was waiting for it, but not anticipating it (like how I anticipate Wasurenagusa. Waiting for each CD is absolute torture in that series). It was interesting but not engaging/captivating. Like I said in an earlier comment, the reason I stuck it out was the mystery behind the whole thing, as more would get revealed in each CD and I just wanted to know how it enddsssss.

    (Another LOL to your comment on the progression of Keisa’s CD)

    I haven’t read any of the CD SS yet either…why am I so lazy? Hahaha. Hopefully reading your translations of all the short stories will get me off my lazy butt and get on reading those. So much insight gets added from the SS.

    Poor Airu…I definitely feel for the heroine, but that guilt he’s carrying…he was only a child too. OMG, the thought that the priest kept her at the orphanage. HOW HORRIBLE. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE.

    I’m also more interested in all this key stuff. If I could have recorded my reaction when I listened to the first one and Haruto became a key…I talked about it (semi-ranted?) to friends who didn’t know what the heck I was talking about for a while after that too. I was wondering how this was going to work, because then I was like…so wait…this means she needs to get together and sleep with all the guys to get the keys for this door? WHAT?

    HIYOKUROKU!! *flails around like a crazy* I’M SO HAPPY REJET CONTINUED THAT SERIES. And also really sad that Kondou and Hijikata aren’t in it…I wonder how Itou and Sannan are going to turn out…I don’t know how I’m going to handle the wait. I did it for Kekkonroku (Mokuhiroku was all out by the time I got into the series), but I don’t even know how. It was so hard.

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    • You really read all of my posts on Oz! Thanks so much (*´∀`*)

      It’s true that ‘strong feelings’ was what was needed to turn them into keys, but the fact that it all eventually becomes sexy time somewhat put me off…. If they had gone on the purer storyline like they did with Airu’s I’m sure this series would have been so much better.

      The ranking of ecchi for the spring~summer goes this way: LipOn ->TeiStar ->Oz->Soubou

      And Soubou was so explicit I had to made sure my cousin or granny never ever chanced upon those CDs on my desk OTL.

      To be honest, Last Door doesn’t explain the keys either, but Keisa was the one who suggested that they create a door to the world of OZ so the adults can’t get in. What Last Door does explain is why their Oz world became distorted and the time frame of their being sucked into Oz world. (I won’t say any further so, no spoilers, enjoy Last Door!) I really want Skit to produce a set of OZ key necklaces :p

      I would have gladly traded Okita Souji for Hijikata anyday (lol), but the new Itou is an intriguing character. He is always portrayed as a baddie in Japanese popular media, so I’m interested in how Rejet will portray him. He was assasinated by the Shinsengumi so I get the feeling it’d be kind of sad as well…. Unfortunately, Itou is played by Hirakawa Daisuke (;・∀・) but I’ve ordered his CD nevertheless since I never regret spending on the Wasurena series.

      Sannan is -the guy- who never gets much attention, and Midorikawa is voicing him so I’m sure it’ll be great too. My bias is huge because Wasurena IS JUST GREAT (;・∀・) It’s somewhat Ecchi as well (especially Saitou oh gawd) but since the theme of war and unknowing future lurks behind it, I can always forgive the characters for forgoing their code of honour and the Shinsengumi code of conduct despite knowing it was punishable by death.

      Sorry for blabbering, I just got too excited at having another Wasurena lover around :p

      Thanks again for reading my blog! (・ω<)


      • You’re welcome! Thanks again for posting the translations of the SS.

        I think I agree about the “purer” storyline. They all had rather cute dynamics…and I get why it was done, but they’re really quite horrible to her in the first half of each CD. Sometimes it would get to the point like…I don’t like this character, why are they like this, how is this going to get better, etc. It always did, but sometimes I wish it didn’t have to be so off-putting in the beginning…

        Really? That’s good to know. I listened to some of the first three, but I didn’t try Soubou (yet) because of the setting. I love history, but Chinese history is my weakest of the East Asian histories and I was worried about them using a lot of historical terms that I might not get…that’s hilarious about how explicit they were though xD

        Thanks for the non-spoilerly info. I shall look forward to it 🙂

        I would love the Oz keys as necklaces. Or a keychain. Something like that’s a really good idea though.

        Rejet seems to do a good job of portraying the Shinsengumi characters, so I’m really curious about Itou and Sannan too. I adore Midorikawa and I suppose Hirakawa Daisuke will be making that CD quite…uh…explicit, hahaha. I can see why Itou is usually depicted as bad, though…because the Shinsengumi is often heroic and stuff so since there was the split, it’s easy for Itou to be categorized as bad since he divides the Shinsengumi.

        I lso never regret Wasurenagusa purchases. I preordered the whole series from SKIT for Hiyokuroku already. They had the Official drama CD tokuten before from there so I was going to try and get it this time, but now they seemed to have moved those CDs over to Tower Records T_T. So no tokuten CDs for me until I get my hands on them through auctions…goodbye, money. I should start saving for those in advance. They’re always really pricey QQ

        And no worries about the Wasurenagusa “bias.” I am so there with you. It’s the whole reason why I got into drama CDs period. SAITOU. SAITOU IS MY SUPER BIAS. I LOVE TAKAHASHI NAOZUMI’S LOW VOICE. I think one of the appeals of the series is the idea that they become so enthralled with the heroine that they have this cute but “forbidden” relationship. And then there’s the beautiful soundtrack, and the history, and the tragedy and sadness and it’s so wonderful. I listened to each CD about three times by now. I’m sure I can beat your record for blabbering anyway, so it’s all good ^^

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