B’s Log 12号 2014 October

Otomate has been really slow on their updates recently, so here is a Jyuu-Tan update (・ω<)

B’sLog October 2014!

This issue commemorates their anniversary (20th, was it?) so there was an animate limited edition and I bought that.


Shu cushion has now taken priority over my Magi (Hakuryuu) plushie. 


It comes with this postcard if you buy from Animate and some other stores, and I think WonderGoo’s postcard is that of Tsuda Kenjiro.

2) This issue had some pretty interesting lineups, though you can be sure they’re just pretty much teasers at the moment. There was a huge spread on the upcoming dialover Vita games, but I only fixated on Subaru’s next character song CD illustration:


3) Mero, the illustrator of the Happy Sugar series has also illustrated the ‘Iyashi’ series by two characters from the Harukanaru game, with the white haired guy voiced by Terashima Takuma and the hooded guy by Miyata Kouki.


4) This is a mobile game, but the poster was sexy and while I usually refrain from cutting up my mags, this guy just had to go to my wall.

IMG_1829 IMG_1830

This is not the only poster I have on the wall, and coupled with the Shu cushion, I wonder how my friends are going to react when I let them in over the weekend… (;・∀・)

5) I’ve had enough of Utapri, but Kamiu’s glasses-tux-pouringtea picture was pretty hard to resist.


6) Whatever Meikyu Grim is, there’s a new game coming out about mermaid princess and it doesn’t look half as interesting as Quinrose’s.


7) Reine lives up to our expectations….


By having a release date that’s going to be much later than we expect. Well, at least that means they’re working hard on the game.


It’s Violette’s SS this week, and she speaks of her worries about becoming a good Reine and how she should react to her Knights, who all have pretty strange personalities. Then, some teaser picture of another gorgeous lady whom I suspect is the first Reine.


And they’re like “Buy the next B’slog to find out!” Yeah, thanks.

8) The Honeybee spread


Dynamic chord doesn’t look interesting at all, so let’s skip to Re:/Un:Birthday.



Seems like Yoru has a past with the heroine, and I think this game has a fabulous cast. I wish the heroine was voiced like Ayakashi Gohan, but nevertheless, I think it’ll be a great game.  There were also short interviews for Suwabe Junichi and Kondou Takayuki who play Nami and Shun, and they’re advertising the CD versions of this series, along with some comments about their characters.

More about Shinigami Kareshi series here: https://jyuuguchi.wordpress.com/2014/06/27/rebirthday-song-shinigami-kareshi/

9) Hosoyana and Konishi in ‘Iyashi’ CDs by Black Butterfly


Office men, sexy voices. Oh yes. December 12 (Hosoyan) / Jan 16 (Konishi), 1620 each, one of the cheaper CDs around…

10) The Otomate spread

Code:Realise is currently the #2 most anticipated game, winning ReineDesFleus at #4 and SenjouWaltz at #5. I agree the art is fabulous, especially with this large CG of Saint trying to choke Cardia. But after so much information about this game, I feel doubtful about how it will play out. The mystery about Cardia’s life isn’t a big deal to me at all, and I’d wait for reviews before I decide if it is worth the money.

IMG_1847 IMG_1848

More about Code:Realise here: https://jyuuguchi.wordpress.com/2014/04/25/coderealize-the-princess-of-creation-official-site-open/

KLAP! (Kind Love And Punish)


This is a pretty unique heroine, as she’s 23 years old, and her playable characters are her students. I’m expecting much from this game, with its beautiful BGs and character designs. The characters are mostly Japanese ayakashi, with one Western vampire. I hope the CVs will match well.


I doll you has a pretty ridiculous setting of the heroine pretending to be her twin brother and doing this idol group. I’d call it a filler game.

Psychedelica  is another game worth looking at, since it has a voiced heroine. I’m pretty sure this is Otomate’s first voiced heroine apart from Norn9. Don’t be expecting much though, for she is another door-mat with the ‘I can’t say no and have little brains to figure out my situation’ type.

IMG_1860 IMG_1862

Apart from the 4 playable characters of this escape game, the other two characters wearing masks seem to be interfering with their mission to find the pieces of a kaleidoscope.

It’s a Wilheim focus for this issue’s Waltz!



I’d say Nakamura Yuichi is perfect for Wilheim, and while I know Ran is going to be the major factor I roll my eyes a thousand times, I just love the art and music in this game. The story looks pretty deep too. There’s one month more to its release date and I can hardly wait (๑′ᴗ’๑)

You can read more about Senjou no Waltz here https://jyuuguchi.wordpress.com/2014/04/25/senjou-no-enbukyoku-waltz-official-site-open/

Looks like Last Era is cutting in for 2014, but with Var Commons on the list as well, I hope Last Era makes it within 2014.


I have mixed feelings about Last Era. While I loved the original game, Otomates fandiscs are….. there’s a good chance I’ll end up hating the characters. And since they start on the premise as lovers, there’s not going to be much happening.

11) ?????????

My apologies, I can never figure out how to pronounce this. You know, katakana is never accurate when it comes to pronounciations.


It’s a lovely cover, don’t you think? Her eyes sparkle even more on the actual magazine. They claim it’s an all-age game, but the CG looks pretty racy to me, I wonder if that’s alright.


It’s a PC game by 3Daisy (2015 release) with 4 playable characters: 2 are twin werewolves (Ono Yuuki, Ono Kensho -> I’m pretty sure they did this on purpose), vampire (Kakihara Tetsuya AGAIN oh gawd) and the heroine’s brother (Hirakawa Daisuke)


This is Ono Kensho’s character. Its a pretty cute design. I’d say it’s quite dark for an all-age game, it might be interesting to fiddle with if it comes out before other big titles.

12) Otoko Yuuyaku from mobile to Vita


Here comes the full game and a Cd series for the reverse prostitution.

6 characters, and the 2 I’m interested in would be Kagura (Okiayu Ryotarou) and his apprentice Kagerou (Nojima Kenji)


Morikubo Shotarou, Toriumi Kousuke:


Kuroda Takaya, Kakihara Tetsuya


I’d be honest and say that Kakki is driving me nuts and up the wall because he is in every damn game I’m interested in. Here:

–Senjou no Waltz, Mermaid Gothic, Root Rexx, Psychedelica, Otoko Yuuyaku, CodeRea.

Thank goodness Rejet doesn’t use him much. If he is in ReBirthday and KLAP I’d boycott him forever.

13) New Quinrose game

Theme of Genji monogatari. It’d be interesting to see their take on it. Genji is a very well loved story, and I’m sure this game is gonna boom.



-Skips other Quinrose spread-

-Skips teasers for Goes!

14) Taisho Alice(pc)

It was a teeny column, but Taisho Alice is a game based off a mixture of fairytales. The heroines from these fairytales are boys, inclucing cinderella, red riding hood, snow white and Alice in wonderland, and as with Lewis Carroll’s ‘into the looking glass’, the heroine steps past the mirror to see things differently from the Alice in wonderland adventure.

BUT you don’t get to play all characters in one game. The first game has Red riding hood and Cinderella, and has no official release date yet. Strange, but interesting.

15) Randoms


R18 game with men of a Noble birth. Hmm….

Pretty good designs for a mobile game.


It’s Tsuda Kenjiro trying to be sexy, but sorry, the only ones who can pull off a lazily-dressed jacket-sleeveless look are Gareki and Matsuoka Rin. 3d men, do not attempt.


Nojima Kenji is releasing an album, and he has a good voice. I first liked his singing in Seventh Heaven.


He is one of those rare seiyuus where I can fix his voice to his face.


That’s all from me folks, it’s Oz to Himitsu’s last CD release date today, and Shinsengumi Hiyokuroku’s first CD release today.

It’s only 8.30pm, but time to snuggle into the futon with headphones on.

15 thoughts on “B’s Log 12号 2014 October

  1. Hi there,
    thanks a lot for the great post! I really enjoyed reading it. I’ve been so damn busy with university lately that I couldn’t check wordpress. but coming after so long and seeing your post, really made me happy.
    thanks again!


  2. Heya, Jyuu!

    Thanks for uploading~<3

    I'm so disappointed that Reine de Fleurs has been delayed. I guess it's just as you said- hopefully it's a sign that it's been properly worked on. Man, Violette is so beautiful… She's even prettier than Tiana from Akazukin! I could stare at her pretty purpleness forever~ That other lady is a show-stopper, too! :O

    I'm still a bit curious about Zettai Meikyuu Himitsu no Oyayubi-hime, especially since it's based on Hans Christian Andersen's tales. One of the heroes is the Little Match Girl (gender-swapped, of course), and though the story is short, it's quite tragic and could make for an intense route. Whatever the case, it's too early to judge since nothing about it has been really revealed as far as I'm aware. I'm very much interested in Mermaid Gothic. Still smiling over "Galileo Melancholy". I'm totally mature, trust me! xD

    I know what you mean by Dynamic Chord. It's probably a pretty average series at its best and I have no interest in it whatsoever, also. Still don't know what to think about Shinigami Kareshi, so I'll wait for reviews. Gorgeous art by Satoi, as always!

    You know how I feel about Code: Realize… I won't be touching that unless something could miraculously change my mind about it. Can't believe it beat out Reine de Fleurs and even Senjou no Waltz. Wow, that's the neatest strangulation I've ever seen! Why are strangulations in otome games so neat? It's hard to take the brutality of it seriously when it looks completely non-threatening. So far, I'm with you about KLAP! It's not as crap as I think it'd be, but I still don't have high hopes. I'm waiting and seeing. I DOLL U doesn't even deserve my insulting it. Hope it makes enough money to fund for games that don't require you to lobotomise half of your brain to enjoy, LOL.

    I'm looking forward to learning more about Kokuchou no Psychedelica, as I love "trapped" settings. I'm still going to wait and see before dismissing the protagonist. I think I'd still try the game anyway. Still don't care about Senjou no Waltz, though I recommend the girls to tie their hair and change into pants if they don't want to get beheaded within the first hour of the story. As for Walpurigis no Uta, they seem to be stuck in developmental hell. The game sounds okay, but even then, hopefully it works out for them. PC rating rules seem to be pretty lax as long as there's no porn involved. I think Hana Awase doesn't have an actual CERO rating, and that got, interesting… so I hear.

    I love Kakihara Tetsuya, but I do agree that he's in freakin' everything now. You skipped Goes! That actually sounds interesting, though… ='( Taishou Alice looks so blood generic. Alice in Wonderland? Check. Amnesia? Check. Lazy gender-swapped version of famous characters barely anything like their namesake? Check.

    Orfleurs is A'sRing's next project. Can't believe Onedari Sharemate made enough cash given the reviews. They're just going to rope you in with an interesting idea and disappoint you with shit, fan-fiction grade writing. After all, Orfleurs will be worked on by the same staff as Brothers, I hear.

    Sorry for the long post! ;D

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Lacal! As always, thanks for your interesting comments (^^♪

      I just remembered you have a thing for purple (your blog name) so I see why you’re so taken with Violette. But yes, Usuba Kagero has outdone himself on Reine Des Fleurs character designs. I absolutely love them.

      I’ll probably not be touching CodeRea as well, when the site opened I was excited but overtime, I just went like “huh. Ok.” Not sure about Psychedelica though, it has potential, but Otomate games are never what they seem to be. It’s like eating a pie and finding a coin or a worm. (sorry for the bad example there, I just happen to be really hungry now :p) Oh, and I love that comment about I Doll You. I’m sad that Hosoyan has to be in such a crappy game.

      Yeah I didn’t play Hana Awase, but I’m aware that it had some “upper class” scenarios :p
      And I think Yuriana actually ties her hair for battle, but her ponytail is still all the way to her butt. I wonder how long she takes to wash it. (lol)

      Orfleurs looks crap indeed, but it reminds me of how they say the nobles have too much money to spend and thus become more twisted than the commoners… afterall, torture devices and deathmatches are their thing. I doubt it’d be so gory though, sorry (;・∀・)

      I love gender benders, so I was kinda caught by Taisho Alice, but I changed my mind after seeing that they release the characters 2 by 2. It gets annoying, and I’d lose interest in the game really quickly… I skipped Goes! because they were just teasers, even worse than Reine des Fleurs… D: And Kakki, oh, I do not want to see his name for a thousand years,


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