Rejet/Animate Shop trip

It is weird when you chance into people at Rejet buying Wasurenagusa / Teistar / some other not so innocent series and both are trying not to meet each other’s eyes.

*rule of thumb* do not peek into fellow otome gamer/ cd lover’s shopping basket.


Today’s the long awaited, 29 of October!!!

Here’s another post about my trip to get the CDs we love.

I first stopped at Animate to peek at the lineup.


They look so complete like this…. Smiles….


There were lots of Otome game goods in this store, or so I thought, but they were mostly Rejet and Otomate items. I was looking for Ayakashi Gohan stuff but, nah…..


Lookie at the column!

I grabbed 2 Kuroshitsuji rubber strap gacha, amother norn 9 (kakeru) face towel and some manga, then headed off to:


Same old ugly store :p except that this time, we have little messages together with the new releases.


My friends grabbed Criminale, HSD and Ookami and etc while I grabbed only Tsukiyasha, since I’m sick of the other seiyuus, but never Kondou Takashi. I thought of buying Sacrifice, but from the teasers we have up till now, it didn’t get me interested in Noel…

To be honest, the first volumes of the new Rejet series don’t seem that interesting, so I’d have to wait till the other volumes before I get an idea of what they’re like.

This is the gacha outside of Animega but I walked past it -cool-


To grab my Jyuzaengi pins before going home.

And this is a poster of Tsukiyasha that you can grab at any Rejet store. I just love Teita’s art!


Looking back now, maybe I should’ve gotten the CD from Skit instead, since the Wafuu bookmark isn’t as pretty as the Teikoku Star ones.

Speaking of Teikoku Star, I finally received my Charm Set in my postbox…. They’re way too cute to use, and way to cute to not use them…. I am in a real dilemma.



This is the bunch of stuff I bought from Animate. I couldn’t resist that Amnesia bookmark, and I don’t know why I did a Gacha for Utapri chops. I got Ai which is one of the popular ones, but I wanted Ranmaru or Camiu ( ;゚Д゚) And that Jyuza pins I wanted previously. I think I’ll wear Sou Sou to the school festival tomorrow……..

One should not waltz into Animate and come out with a bunch of rubbish. OTL

A closer look at the Tsukiyasha CD….


The case is actually paper material. Pretty interesting and something different from all the plastic CD cases. The 2 CDs are made to look like a moon, and there’s a little round card of Kirinosuke together with a full illustration of the Cd jacket.

A closer look at the CDs….


Sorry about the reflections, no matter North South East or West I couldn’t block out the light, so…

Get a copy to fully enjoy it.  (;・∀・)

On the first floor of the building where Rejet Shop lies, halloween stuff are going big.


Happy Halloween fellow Otomes!

And review/translation for Tsukiyasha coming soon!

6 thoughts on “Rejet/Animate Shop trip

  1. Heheh, I didn’t know Japan did Halloween decorations for stores. Most of the time I just see Halloween fanarts from my favorite fanartists or circles on Pixiv orz.

    I totally miss all the interesting gachapon machines too ;;


    • Halloween is a big thing in Japan in recent years. It wasn’t so big a deal when I was in Elementary school, but it got really big over the years. Most universities (including mine) hold some kind of event for it ( ´・ω・`)


      • Wow, that’s neat. Way back when I visited the only holiday I saw were the Christmas displays at the mall orz

        Most of the Halloween celebrations are targeted towards the younger audience but I do know some places host costume parties & etc.

        Liked by 1 person

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