Tsukiyasha – Kirinosuke translations

Review first!

Overall impression: On the fence (・ε・)

As I expected, Tsukiyasha reproduced itself as light fan-service from Diabolik Lovers, with mention of the heroine’s blood being unique, and the full moon turning the Yasha crazy, and of course, the blood sucking. While I wouldn’t exactly say Tsukiyasha models after Dialovers since there were themes like acceptance of Kirinosuke’s existance as a Yasha and his actual pain when killing humans, the depth of the story was shallow, like Oz to Himitsu no Ai vol 1~5, where the heroine is a bumbling Otomate idiot who never hates her kidnapper-cum-attacker and rather, thinks of ways and means to be friends with him. The “playing up the heroine’s innocence” was a surprise, and Kiri’s back story wasn’t all too interesting despite Kondou Takashi’s great acting as always.

And gawd, did I laugh when he went “wash the bedsheets since there’s blood all over it when I sucked” (Were they trying to reproduce a morning-after-Shoya scene? ROFL) And “Remember to wash it everytime after I suck your blood” got me cracking up badly in my room. This practical bit never came up in dialovers at all, if I remember correctly, and there were many other comical bits. I was also laughing when that famous Nocturne (I think) piano piece started playing as Kiri and the heroine were icha-ing in his room. The singing of ‘Accepted Blood’ near the end was also slightly distracting and left me clueless about how the rock music fit with the Meiji theme of this series.

I’d always thought that Kirinosuke would be more of a ‘cool’ ninja rather than a mischievous one, but I guess if Rejet is going for a cute chuunibyou Ninja with a sad past, Kiri would play off as the adult that never grows up.

And. I am unhappy with the half-assed “thanks to your blood” ending.


“Invitation to a certain lodge”

“Just how long is that woman going to be lost? Turning around in circles… Tsk. Why the hell do I have to do this? Well whatever, she must be tired by now. I guess it’s time…..” Kirinosuke then jumps down and appears before the heroine to speak to her, pretending to be a medicine seller and that he is going the same way. They make small talk and the heroine reveals that she has come from a different prefecture of the country since her parents died of a contagious disease. “It’s true that the contagious diseases of these days are troublesome…. so much so that medicine sellers like us can do nothing about. But it’s good that you’re fine.” He mutters that it would be bad if she died as well, and whips out a bottle of liquid he claims will ease her fatigue. She dumbly drinks it and falls. Kirinosuke then throws her luggage away and carries her, while complaining of how heavy she is as he climbs the mountain. “Hmm? Why don’t you close your eyes obediently? I’m bringing you along of course. To where 6 people assemble… at ReimeiKan…..”


“Meaning of existence”

“I see you’re awake. Hah, you afraid of me? I can see you trembling all the way from here. You’re putting on a really stupid face, descendant of Himiko.” Kirinosuke then grumbles about how ignorant she is about her bloodline, which belonged to Himiko, the Queen of the large mountainous country long ago. Only one woman with her bloodline is born every generation and Kirinosuke says the Yasha need her blood. “Hmph, yes Yasha. You must have heard rumours right? But it seems that you have no idea what we are.” “I will teach you then. This, is Yasha…..” He sucks her blood and says that it was more delicious than he thought it would be. “Haha… you’re a virgin right? If not, your blood wouldn’t be so sweet….” “That’s right. Yasha are monsters who suck the blood of humans to survive. From now onwards you will stay here and become the prey of the 6 yasha living in this lodge.” “But you’re not used to having your blood being sucked, so I will make you used to it.” There’s that clothes ripping thing (that happens way too often to Yui from DiaLovers) and Kirinosuke continuessucking her blood from different places. “Your blood…. Is the worth of a hundred and more humans…. As expected of Himiko’s descendant. You understand what I mean, right? If you escape, that amount of humans will have to be sacrificed in your stead….” “You have to be our prey. There’s no longer any escape route for you……”

She somehow pushes him away and Kirinosuke threatens her about killing other humans and says that he hates weak humans like her who can’t live on her own, which is why she went looking for her distant relatives in the first place. “Ugly woman, don’t touch me casually……”


“Sanctions of the past”

“Oi! ….Hmph. Sobbing so loudly. Stop crying! Your blood will become gross.” (rofl) “Nothing will change even if you cry. Why don’t you stop crying and accept your situation? Nevermind. We’re going to descend the mountains now and go to town to secure medicinal herbs food supplies for you. Get ready quickly. While I am changing, you wait at the entrance.” “I’ll tell you now. It’s no use trying to run when you’re out of my sight. Running with your women feet is useless since you’ll be caught easily by me. It’s better to stay smart for your own good.”



As usual, email me (jyuuguchi@gmail.com)  if you want to read the rest of the translations.

As I mentioned, I’m on the fence for Kirinosuke’s story, but I’m waiting for the rest of the volumes before I stamp a decision on this series. I hope like Teikoku Star, it gets better with each CD release, and that my readers will get a copy of the CDs! They’re really pretty! (Which is why I’m buying the whole series) If you read my B’sLog post, you would have seen this, but if not, here is the CD jacket.


I had so much fun removing and inserting the CDs over and over again. Skit’s tokuten is a mini metal charm which is really cute and I actually regretted going for the Rejet Shop bookmark ( ´・ω・`)

Next volume is the Ainu youth played by Shimono Hiro, and I’m looking forward to it since the white wolf with him seems to be a real potential for gags. Since I passed by Tower Records today and ended up buying Sacrifice as well, I’ll end right here. (・ω<)


5 thoughts on “Tsukiyasha – Kirinosuke translations

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  2. “wash the bedsheets since there’s blood all over it when I sucked”

    Uh, I’ve never listened/read any Dialovers Drama CDs but the mental image I’m having from this sentence is not wonderful orz.

    The CD packaging and art look nice though 🙂

    The little metal charms of charas are fun to collect if I see them on sale online.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha I get what you mean. Yup I think Tsukiyasha’s packaging is the most fun to have, though Criminale and Sacrifice look really pretty too!

      I doubt people will sell the metal charms, since most fangirls are serious collectors (;・∀・) and even if they do, it’d probably be the worth of one CD….


  3. So Tsukiyasha wasn’t just a Japanese dialovers. I’m glad. I seriously thought that Rejet was going over the entire sadistic vampire idea, this time the only change is that they’re in the meiji era lol. Guess I was wrong. It seems to have more content of their meeting and heroine and guy interacting unlike the dialovers MB ones which are like “hehehe im drinking your blood” which goes for for 70% of the tracks. How long was this drama cd though? Also I was wondering if you’ve heard anything about the other rejet drama cds?


    • Hey Shuu, thanks for your comment!

      On the website, they did mention that the characters always feel guilt for their existence, and the fear when they kill humans, so it does takes a different turn from dialovers. I suppose the other members, especially Shirou and Gento will be more of a gentleman, which would make it a bigger contrast with dialovers, whom, you’re right, is all ‘buahahaha gimme more blood’ (lol)

      Tsukiyasha, Criminale and Wasurenagusa3 are double CDs, which makes them about 2 hours, (+/-) each.

      Heard anything as in, listened to them? I exchanged CDs with my Rejet fan friends, so Ive heard Criminale, Ookami, HSD and Sacrifice. Well, Criminale has a pretty strong plot and the fact that they’re chained to each other while on the run made it fun to listen to, but I found similarities to Mafia Blood, so I’m waiting for the other CDs in the series before I say anything else.

      As for Ookami and Sacrifice, honestly, the only thing I enjoyed was the drama parts of the CDs where the other characters appear. Sacrifice has a unique world setting like Oz, so it may get better down the series. I enjoyed Ookami for the fact that Ash is just a big idiot despite trying to be cool which made it funny sometimes. Not the LOL funny, but ‘ahah’ kinda funny. HSD was horrible for me since I don’t like Sakurai and the story starts with them as lovers, which was just icha the whole time.

      That’s about it from me, I’ll be reviewing Naiki(ookami) and Yuki(sacrifice) with Reiga(tsukiyasha) soon hopefully, if I don’t get too busy so maybe you could drop in then to hear more (´・ω・`)


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