The Otogemer’s switch to Vita

To buy or not to buy: that is (was) the question.

Otoges on the PSP were sometimes a horror when the only button you pressed was O, O, O, O, O, O, O, until you went mad reading boring storylines and did OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Well, for Dialovers, you could press the v button as well, and for other games you could press the > button too, but it didn’t make much of a difference in the monotonous cow-chewing-grass kind of gameplay.

After seeing that Otomate was porting their new titles, pure leeches (people who’ve never bought a single game) and half-leeches (buy some, copy some) lamented the fact that they now have to buy a console AND the games.  So who plays Otome games? High school students and university students, mostly. Do we want to spend so much on our 2D men? Not really. Besides, the customs in certain countries slap on ridiculous prices for overseas goods due to corruption and other issues, so it’s understandable why we’d all rather have free stuff on the internet. 

But it’s inevitable that the companies want their money moving, since they never really cared about their customer base outside of Japan. So while I understand why we wouldn’t want to buy a Vita, here’s a short filler post to help you decide, even if just a little, because once you get into Otome Games, you can never get out again.

Jumping late on the wagon here, I finally got myself a Vita as I await Senjou no Waltz, my first game on the Vita. Being a half-leech, I wondered if the move was worth it, since I now also buy all the games I want to play. But so many new titles from different companies seem interesting, and as a serial gamer, I had no choice but to plan my expenses and save for a new console. I got this for 21600yen (216 usd?) by preorder, and honestly, I think it’s a good buy. (The price has jumped now, though. It always does after release date.)

Despite what they always make the product out to be, it may not be as pretty on hand, so here’s some pictures for you:

IMG_2029 IMG_2030

As you can see it’s a tad bigger than the PSP, and a tad heavier, which means I have to be more careful when I hold it with one hand, lying on my back with drool and potato chips dribbling from my mouth. And boy, was I shocked when I went through the tutorial called ‘Welcome Park’ and saw that there was a rear touch pad.


Which is here. Vita also reacts to shaking and left and right motions. This means that our Otoge developers have alot to program for the games, which is probably why they’re delaying game after game.

For the past two days, having fiddled with some free games, I would say that the screen is excellent. While it was not always obvious, the PSP has tiny little squares on the screen that I would notice when I play stuff like Project Diva or when I am scrutinizing my 2D man and stripping him naked with my eyes, but the Vita is smooth. Really smooth. For otogemers who love stopping at CGs, the Vita would be lovely. Besides, the mini games for the new titles would also look smooth with the Vita screen.

About the sound, I’m not that sure since the games I fiddled with rarely had any voicing except for the sexy lady’s voice on the welcome screen, but a friend said that the sound is noticeably clearer. Yeah ok, your 2D men are going to be ever more real. The rounded edges also look a little easier on the eyes, and since the Vita is a little larger, it fits nicely into my hands.

One worry I have is that the Vita is really like a computer, so if the touch screen crashes or hangs, it would be hell. And since the Vita’s system looks so complex, restoring it would be a huge pain in the neck. I wouldn’t put music or videos on my Vita just in case, though I may be just over-cautious, since I doubt Sony made their new console out to be such a wimp. Also, the Vita is much more reliant on the internet, including copying data from PC to the Vita, which is a minus point for me because I have always loved the ‘stick it in, copy and pull out’, and was extremely disappointed by the extinction of CREATIVE Mp3s. If you’re an otogemer who likes bringing your console around, it might prove a small challenge if wifi is not always available. But the constant internet requirement for copying files also allows backup and less chances for hacking of VITA games like the PSP ISOs were dirt-hacked. And after some researching, it seems a certain patch called openCMA will allow you to transfer your pictures and music offline. You didn’t hear that from me.

My only other problem is that it being touch screen means I would have to do alot more cleaning of the console: I am a major clean freak when it comes to handheld devices. I played my PSP holding each side with a piece of spectacle-cleaning cloth (;・∀・) But of course, that’s a personal problem. The whole point of the Vita is its touch screen, and the mini games for our new Otoges will probably be great and more time-consuming, which only means more value for money when you buy the games.

If you intend to continue being an otogemer for the next few years, and would have more cash when you move to the working society, I’d say why not? Join the move to Vita! You can be sure that the games are just gonna flood in-not just Otoges, but other kinds of games utilising the Vita. The console I got was white and pink, I’d say it’s a pretty sweet 相棒 for otogers.

And hey, I’d love to see digital technology evolve into holograms in the near future. Imagine playing games in the air.

14 thoughts on “The Otogemer’s switch to Vita

  1. Touch screen is fairly responsive and so far it works well. The images do look sharper and clearer too at least from the games I’ve played vs the PSP. In the USA they haven’t released a ton of Vita games which rely on it though so most of the time I just use the control pad for movement.

    The new edition looks cute =3c We’re still stuck w/the classic colors and a few limited ed bundles here. Vita memory cards are a pain though but I do like having all the games accessible when I feel bored.


    • Hey Rae!
      I see you’re a senpai in the Vita world (´・ω・`)

      Thanks for the feedback about the screen, that’s a good thing to know for otogemers. How’s the sound then? Otoges rely lots on the sound system so I’m hoping that it’s clear even without headphones on.

      Yeah, when I saw the notification that I can’t use the internet memory if I use my memory card it was a true pain connecting everything… OTL


      • Heheh, I only got it 1-2 months ago orz.

        To me the sound is alright for a portable and it’s not tinny or muddled (?) as in some of the mobile devices. I think it’s alright w/o headphones but it’s affected by how noisy the outside environment a bit as sometimes 30% sounds really low during midday vs late at night. There is a accurate sliding scale/bar vs a volume wheel which is nice too.

        The real downside is how I can’t turn the brightness lower when I’m playing at evening it’s similar to staring at daytime sun and the circle icons for the games lol.


      • Ah I see, the sound is consistent with its size then.

        I haven’t tried with the brightness but that seems a problem haha. Well I’m going crazy over the need for wifi to transfer media though (´・_・`)


  2. Waaa… I’m thinking of buy a Vita but in Spain we dont have so much games for it, and the japanese games I would love to boy and play are, of course, in japanese, and my japanese is not so good yet, so I must play them with reviews or guides… aaahh, I dont know what to do!! D:


  3. wait what internet requirement?
    I just use that file transfer thingy and copy all my CGs/screenshots right to my desktop via USB o.o
    It gives me an option to use wifi if I want to but I always just choose USB to make it faster.

    and in regards to the screen, lol I carry a Miku cleaning cloth in my Vita pouch XD That thing gets finger printy so fast:S


  4. Welcome to the Vita crew!

    I bought one quite a while ago (back when there weren’t any cool designs like the one you bought. I guess I’ll just buy some skins or something), but I still haven’t gotten around to playing an otome game on it. There are a few I’m interested in, such as Binary Star and Reine des Fleurs. Finally, we’re starting to see more announcements of *actual new games*, not Hakuouki and its various spin-offs’ 820802nd port or Diabolik Lovers’ 38280th fan disc.

    Anyway… Before I start going off on a tangent disapproving of how some of these disgruntled otome gamers with a worrying sense of entitlement are acting… Let’s just say I’m getting sick of the bitching and moaning that’s been going on because the companies these otome gamers were so “loyal” to are abandoning the PSP in favour of developing and producing games on a console that is (for now) safe from piracy! Unbelievable, right?


    • Thanks LaCal!

      I second you with unconcealed laughter. No more piracy for them, since even Rejet seem to be looking at switching. Have to see how well KgK does on vita.

      Binary Star has mixed reviews, not sure how I feel about that one. I have my eye on KLAP and Root Rexx,but mostly my eyes are on games by other companies, though their release dates seem uncertain. Lol@Hakuouki and dialovers. I know just how you feel. Information on Reine and Klap are sidelined for these fandiscs. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

      Cheerios to the vita generation, I’m loving the touch screen and the peeling-off-pages. I would love a Shingeki no Kyojin action game on Vita :p


      • I’m not going to pretend that I’ve never ever pirated in my life before, but at least when I have I don’t have a massive sense of entitlement and propensity to make a bunch of excuses. It’s *amazing* what some people come up with and never own up to just wanting to enjoy a luxury hobby for as low a cost as possible. Speaking of which, when has gaming- or any luxury hobby for that matter- ever been cheap to enjoy?

        I really hope Rejet does make the switch- this could mean more games like Black Wolves Saga and less shit like Alice=Alice and the millionth Diabolik Lovers (though the latter has a lot to do with Otomate as well).

        You’re totally right; I at least want to see a tentative release date for Reine. Then again, making me wait this long only builds expectations so that means it can easily disappoint me. BTW, I think a Shingeki game would lend itself better to consoles. It would definitely be a lot of fun!

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  6. Just got myself a Vita!!! Really hoping my Japanese will improve. I have been studying the Genki series for quite some time now, but sadly kanji still flies over my head. Hopefully I can still enjoy the games even if I can barely understand them 😀


    • Hello!
      That’s great! Welcome to the Vita community haha. If you’re alright with listening you should be fine 🙂 and sometimes it may help you learn more words when you can actually see text and listen at the same time.
      Good luck with Kanji and Japanese!


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