Sacrifice ~ Goodbye my Virgin – Serikawa Yuki translations

Omatase~ Somehow this word reminds me of Pash who acted like an Onee in the Senjou no Waltz drama CD from the limited edition. Think i might post a short clip about that sometime soon. (Ishikawa Kaito’s a gem, really) Took me sometime to get started on typing out Rejet’s November CDs: I got lazy because I was replaying some old psp games. I’m gonna leave Code:Realize for New Years… since once I meet my family in Tokyo from this weekend to Christmas, everyone’s leaving the country or going to different prefectures after that, leaving me lonely with my 2D men. Sorry for that long ramble. People just get sad when it’s cold, and there’s nothing in the fridge except that can of alcohol that’s gonna make me even more hungry. I want hot, juicy, salty grilled chicken, like NAU


Them sparklies on the CD!! 

Like I mentioned in some previous post, the packaging and design for Sacrifice’s CD is gorgeous, coupled with the fact that there’s a different comic panel for every character. Tsukiyasha’s packaging is unique, but it’s common for all the CDs except for the character cover art. So, yes Yuki. From the start, they mentioned Sacrifice was going to be a pure love story, so I put it on the level of Lip On, but the first CD by Eguchi Takuya is simply put: boring, and far less interesting than Lip On. But this one by Yuki is more ‘Rejet’. What I mean is that when we think Rejet we think wonderful storylines, ecchi awesome heroines (except for Yui from Dialovers) and beautiful BGMs. Noel’s CD was flat, but Yuki’s CD very much covers the disappointment from there, one, with Ono Yuuki’s great acting (And extremely amusing freetalk) and two, Yuki’s interesting character. And there was a piece of music in Noel’s CD that was reproduced from Teikoku Star, so I was utterly disappointed, but again, in Yuki’s CD, new pieces of lovely music covers it. I was so fascinated I listened to this CD 4 times (4 hours, dedicated to Yuki!!!) The more I think about grilled chicken the more I ramble, so here goes.

1 – “Do you remember me?”

(Yuki in narration) ‘Midnight, a strange pumpkin carriage stops in front of your house. An Earl wearing a cat mask alights and respectfully bows his head. “My name is Calmera, I have come to receive you, Princess. Come, let the story begin…” Saying so, he holds out a letter, the love letter that Yuki had given to you in childhood. “I am surprised at myself, that I would be in such great shock that you were moving away… So I was conflicted about telling you my true feelings, since we would not meet again, and it would not make a difference anyway, as to whether I told you or not. But… I stopped thinking about ‘anyway’s, and decided to tell you… that I like you. I have said so many terrible things to you but I will try not to do such childish things anymore. I’ll become more of an adult, and when I am an adult, you and me…….”

Yuki (sigh)
Noel “Oi Yuki, help with the preparations for the welcome party!”
Yuki “I’ll prefer not to, doing things together like that, I’m not a child. In the  first place why is Noel taking the lead…”
Yujin “Isn’t that because Non-kun is the king?”
Yuki “King huh.”
Noel “Oi you just made fun of me right.”
Yuki “Did not”
Keito “Seriously, both of you quarrel easily. Get along!”
Noel/Yuki “It’s not a quarrel!”
Yujin “Wow they harmonised!!”
Aran “Good or bad, still twins huh”
Keito “Well Yuki, don’t say that. Come on Yuki, this is your cracker”
Yuki “Ok ok, I just have to do it right. Hm? The sound of a carriage? Does that mean her arrival?”
Keito “Hmm, that might be. Let us finish the preparations!”
Noel “Alright, in a row!”

*scrambles* *Door opens*
Noel “Now!!”
*crackers pop*
Calmera “Everyone, the princess’ arrival is… Uwah?!! What are you guys doing?!”
Aran “Why the hell is it you, Calmera!!”
Yuki “Is Mr.Cat alone?”
Yujin “Why is it the Earl? Where’s that girl?”
Calmera “Erm… sorry, what is the situation here?”
Keito “We were waiting for her to come. With crackers in hand… It ended in a failure though”
Calmera “Ah… Sorry for the bad timing.”
Yuki “And? Where did she go, Mr.Cat?”
Calmera “Ah, she went to her room to place her luggages. She should be here any moment.”
Noel “Alright, since things turned out this way, no more crackers! I’ll be the first one to welcome her! Close to her ears!”

(quarreling in the background)
Calmera “Yuki, you’re not going to participate?”
Yuki “In what”
Calmera “In that ‘who’s going to sit beside her’ competition over there”
Yuki “Ah. You mean whether I’m going to join them. Yeah, not really.”
Calmera “You don’t seem excited?”
Yuki “That’s not it. It’s just not my character to be noisy like them.”
Calmera “Oh really”
Yuki “It’s not that I’m not welcoming her arrival, it just doesn’t suit me to do it in front of everyone. But if just two of us…”

(door opens, Yuki narrating) “!! The moment the door opened, the only one reflected in my view was her. She had not changed after so long, and I felt my heart beating nosily within me.”

Calmera “You come. It was good that you managed to come without being lost.”
Yujin “Ahh-!”
Noel “Finally! We have been waitin’!”
Keito “It’s been a while. Come, the space beside me is all yours.”
Aran “Ass, don’t try to get ahead of everyone!”
Yuki “Guys, if you come at her all at once she’s going to get confused.”
Noel “? Yuki… -?!!”
Yuki “People who don’t understand a woman’s heart should stand back.”
(complains – lol)

(gawd, how much did I type in the last 5 minutes of playback. OTL)

“It’s been a while. I have something to say, will you come? It’s noisy here, let’s escape.” “The wind feels good…. no one is here, so we won’t be disturbed, but not as if anyone can eavesdrop in such a place.” “You must be surprised. IT’s really been a long time. Do you remember me?” “Right. Serikawa Yuki. I’m glad that you remember.” “Yeah, it’s beautiful scenery. I wanted to show you the beauty of Sacrifice.” “You used to come over to our mansion to play, and we would always go to the rooftop like this and watch the scenery together. Fufu.” “Haha sorry, I just remembered…. Remember? You couldn’t move when we climbed all the way up to the rooftop and I had to pull you by the hand.” “Eh? Yeah. Noel too. You guys fought over snacks and I had to stop it.”

“Nothing like that? Well, who cares about the past.” “We meet again like this….” “Hey, show me your face. You’ve become cute huh. Why are you so stiff? Don’t tell me you thought I would kiss you? Haha, really cute….. As usual, even in 10 years, inside and out.” “Clumsy and zero sexiness, I was hopeful that you would become better with time but it seems that time is not the factor here.” “Hm? Yeah I am different from just now but I have always been like this.” “? Is that….? The love letter I gave you long ago huh, you still had it. What did I write? Well if I’ve forgotten it just means it’s full of worthless contents.” “I lost to a friend in a game and was made to write the love letter for a punishment for fun. Keeping it like this, you must be stupid.” “Don’t tell me, it’s because you like me?” “Why do you keep silent? It will be a problem if you’re serious.” “How many years do you think have passed? Stop this bad joke.” Hey, lend me that letter. Haha getting desperate, how lame. You want me to return it? It’s so important to you….? Really….. a bad joke.” (rip) “Something like this is worthless for keepsakes.” “Ah, the pieces flew off in the wind. Okay with this, it’s an end.” “Making such a sad face, was it that big of a shock? But it’s a clear cut now… liking me since that time, you’re the only one reminiscing about the past. Don’t think that things will always be the same.” “We’re no longer children.” “Right, shall we return? Our talk ends here.”

Calmera “Ah Yuki! You’ve finally returned.”
Yujin “Where did you go? Everyone was looking for you two.”
Keito “Hey, where is she, weren’t you together?”
Yuki “Yeah…. she seemed a little ill so I walked her to her room.”
Calmera “I see. It was a long journey, she may be exhausted.”
Yujin “That’s a disappointment… I thought we could talk.”
Keito “It can’t be helped, Yujin. It’s not good to force her if she’s feeling ill.”
Aran “Ah- it’s boring if that woman’s not around.”
Yuki “…..”
Noel “Oi Yuki”
Yuki “What, Noel?”
Noel “You okay?”
Yuki “Yeah, things are fine. Mr.Cat said so, right? She’s just tired from her long journey. I’m thirsty, I” get a drink from there.”
Noel “What’s with him……”

“Ahh…. I’m really annoyed. Just hearing Noel’s name from her mouth made me so irritated. As I thought, I still…..” “… No way… Just how many years has it been. I want to make it a past already. But when she’s beside me, I get conscious and annoyed with myself. Her hurt face as I walked away from her is seared into my brain…. But, this is fine. She should just think I’m a hateful person and go back to her world.” “If she’s not around, my heart will not be moved anymore…..”


As usual, email me (jyuuguchi@gmail) for translations. You know my policy.

Reiga from Tsukiyasha was much better than Kirinosuke as well, but I’ll have to find time for that translation… And maybe one for Itou from Wasurena3.

Now to go to the convenience store in the dead of the night to grab something similar to grilled chicken….

5 thoughts on “Sacrifice ~ Goodbye my Virgin – Serikawa Yuki translations

  1. I actually wasn’t sure how I felt about the first Sacrifice CD because it felt like it never quite got there…I think it’s really interesting that the beginning always has each of the guys interacting until a certain point. Yuki did sound pretty interesting in Noel’s CD and since you seemed to like it I’m encouraged.

    Sparkles on the CD. They really know how to get my attention, hahahaha.


    • Well I think Noel kind of set the scene for the ‘pure love’ part (Like with Criminale, HSD, Soubou, TeiStar), the first character is always the ‘Prince’.

      But Noel isn’t interesting, which was the problem. But yes!! Yuki is fascinating. Coupled by the fact that the one who voices him is incredibly talented. Ono Yuuki is now officially my favourite with Hosoyan.

      Yeah, really pretty CD! Buy a copy :3


      • That’s a good way to put it. I mean, the first CD does kind of help a lot of people determine whether they want to continue a series or not.

        Also, that’s probably what it was! When I heard the first CD, I thought the concept was kind of okay and stuff, but I don’t know how I felt about Noel and his interactions with “you.” I liked Ono’s Yuuki. That was actually the voice I liked the most when I heard them all interacting in the beginning.

        Yeah, the CD looks nice. I’m too poor to buy anything for a while (my budgeting this year was atrocious) and I gotta save for my trips next year, but I shall add it to the “possibly buy in Japan” list 😀


  2. Thanks for the translations/summary. I love the packaging and design of otoge err I mean the photos since they don’t really sell them here orz.

    Although, I did see a Hana Awase game package at the NYC Kinokuniya if that counts? Also, they import a variety of artbooks which is always fun to browse despite not understanding anything :> I like the pretty pictures.


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