Tsukiyasha – Reiga translations

Reiga. (*´艸`*) His personality and story is much more lovable than Kirinosuke, being the tsundere he is. He initially dislikes the heroine because of his identity as an Ainu and also because of his past with a human, so he feeds only on animal blood (boar, mostly). But he accidentally goes into a frenzy and sucks the heroine’s blood until she faints in an early part of the story and that’s where their friendship begins. He never bullies the heroine on purpose like Kirinosuke does, and shows interest in her as a woman unlike Kirinosuke.


I think I like Reiga’s chara charm the most, since little Kamui and him is nothing less than cute. Won’t be taking pictures of the CD jacket, since the inside is the same as Kirinosuke’s, and we don’t even get a back cover illustration… Nevertheless, this series seems to have its own personality and is a series worth supporting if you like Wafuu games and stories.

Track 1 “The sudden noisy visit”

“It’s *you? Himiko’s descendant? I know because the smell has been overwhelming since you entered the mountain. I heard from Gento that you’re different from the other Wajin (Japanese). Turn here and let me see your face. Hmph, normal and boring. It seems like the only special thing is your blood. Kamui, let’s go.” (Kamui growls) “…? What, you’re more afraid of a beast than a Yasha? Hah, how stupid can Wajin be.” “Huh? What do you want? This is Reimeikan. Tsk, annoying, don’t ask so many questions all at once. Reimeikan is the mansion in the mountain you entered. Himiko is……. You were brought here by Kirinosuke weren’t you? Didn’t you hear anything from him? Hmm. If you want to know, ask someone that is not me. I have no obligation to answer your questions. Besides, I hate Wajin like you. I’ll let you go for now but don’t talk to me next time. If you see me, don’t come close.”

*note: Reiga calls her Temee which is a rude way to say ‘you’ and is usually used by young males as a mild offensive word. The best match in English I can think of is ‘You Ass’

Track 2 “The one who inherited”

“The air is cold. Seems like the snowstorm will come again in the afternoon. Kamui, we’re going to finish the hunt early.” “Hmm? What do you mean window? Huh?” “……What is that fella doing by the window…. She fell huh. The door isn’t even locked, just what is she trying to do with that frail body. Don’t tell me….. escape?” “Tsk. How troublesome. I don’t want to get involved. Kamui, let’s pretend we saw nothing and hunt some boar. Huh, why is it better to stop her? Ahh…. Right, it’ll end up being our charge to look of her anyway.” “Tsk why did she try something like that when I’m around.”

“Oi where do you think you’re going?! If you escape hundreds of others will die. Is it alright to save your own life and sacrifice others? You haven’t heard anything huh. I’ll tell you so be quiet.” “We’re Yasha, whom you Wajin hate. There’re 6 of us in Reimeikan. Do you understand your situation now? (sigh) You don’t even know what Yasha is. Ainu people all know, though. Yasha are neither people nor beasts that live on living blood of humans, and the best delicacy is female blood. In other words, you guys are our food, especially you, Himiko’s descendant.” “If you stay in Reimeikan, your blood is worth more than hundreds of people and they will be saved. You have a different smell from the other humans… a scent stronger than flowers, and would be delicious…. but I will not drink your blood. No way I’ll drink Wajin blood.” “You don’t even know what is Wajin? It’s anyone that is not Ainu. I’m one of the proud Ainu, who occupied the area you idiots call Hokkaido before you guys came and took our land, seeing us as people to exploit… Annoying.” “Now you know what circumstance you’re in, so return to Reimeikan.” “You won’t die just from falling. The hell must I support you?! Didn’t you hear what I said?!  I hate Wajin!! Don’t come near me! The smell of your blood is too strong…. it’s poison to me.” “Just be glad that it’s not a full moon today, hateful Wajin……”


The usual, email me for the rest.

Suddenly I have so many CD backlogs, with Tsukiyasha Misao and Sacrifice’s Aran… And you can see what I am listening to now at the moment (scroll way up) while replaying Koezaru PSP and starting on Code:Realize. I’m going to take my time to finish up all these goodies then relisten to Teikoku Star series.

Happy Holidays!

4 thoughts on “Tsukiyasha – Reiga translations

  1. I still haven’t quite figured out if I want to invest in this series…I think it’s cool that they made Reiga Ainu. I took a whole class about the Ainu a few years ago so that piques my interest. Much like how wafuu series usually do because I studied a lot of Japanese history.

    I didn’t realize you were replaying the PSP version of Koezaru. Are you replaying the port or when you say “replay” you mean you played the PC version and are playing the port the first time? Just wondering. I’m playing the port right now too. I just finished Esuta the other day so I think I just have Jigi left. My backlog of games is so depressing. I feel like I shouldn’t let myself buy any more until I remotely catch up but it’s impossible T_T

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