Otoko Yuukaku no Tsuyane~ CD Review

You thought that my next post would be about Code:Realize.

Wrong!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!



Sorry. (・∀・)

The truth is I’m really tired of Code:Realize because it’s so draggy and felt like abandoning the game a few times. So I’ve been listening to Nojima Kenji as Kagerou talk me to sleep with lap pillow with his young sexy voice. I bought this CD in Tokyo as a ‘trial’ since I preordered the game after I saw its release date (Reverse Harem in the flower district, but of course!!!!) The game started as a keitai game, but it’s made its way to Vita with sexy voices like Kuroda Takaya, Okiayu Ryotarou and Nojima Kenji.


Kagerou (CV: Nojima Kenji) is Kagura’s (CV: Okiayu Ryotarou) Shinzou, which makes him unable to take customers yet, (cherry boy rofl) so the heroine often chooses Kagura’s (A top Oiran in Kikuya) company just to see Kagerou, and this CD happens when Kagura decides to leave the lovebirds alone one night. Kagerou then spends a night with her, lap pillow and reading a few lines of Sherlock Holmes’ adventures in English (it was bad Japanese English rofl but cute) and whispering cutesy stuff till she falls asleep. The CD ends sadly, in that he says that the very day he sleeps with her is the day he will betray her, since it means he now has to take on other customers. They are also unable to meet outside of Kikuya (the heroine has to pay lots of money just to see him and she’s overworked) since if they are found out, he would be taken out of his position or thrown out from Kikuya itself, a common problem for courtesans and Geishas in those days.

There is also the ED song for Kagerou’s route in the VITA game and damn, the song has such pretty and suggestive lyrics. The one for Takao (Morikubo Shotarou) was rather lol though, as it was some kind of rap-song. But this series is really Iyashi Kei, and I’ve bought 3 other CDs from this series because its so good.

I’m really looking forward to the game which releases in Feb 19, but unfortunately, I won’t be playing it on the spot since Otomate’s Hyakka Yakou releases a week before that (12) and I’ll be playing that and probably Re:Birthday song before I even touch Otoko Yuukaku. These two games about Yoshiwara will probably have some themes of sadness about love between a courtesan caged to their ‘job’ and a customer which is the kind of Romeo Juliet tragedy I love the most.

So the 4 CDs I have for Otoko Yuukaku is going to be replayed over and over again till I start on the game itself. I really suggest you buy your favourite seiyuu from this series and let him sweettalk you to sleep 😉 Afterall Rejet is not the only company with good writers, and I’m looking at ‘Shitsuji no Princess-Sama’ from D3p as well. (R18 please, Otomes.)

Now to finish that Code:Realize in-between work before school starts (((( ´,,_ゝ`))))


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4 thoughts on “Otoko Yuukaku no Tsuyane~ CD Review

  1. I actually have the mobile game on my tablet. IIRC Kagerou is probably my favorite character.

    I’ll look forward to your review if you do post one for the vita game since I’m a fan of the artist/char designs :>


  2. Oh wow I completely forgot about this game…. LOL hello I am a failure. I only just bought a Vita though so I’ve been sort of out of the loop on Vita games since the last time I laid eyes on a B’s log. Regardless I’m pretty excited for the 2015 releases! Re:BIRTHDAY SONG is the only game so far that I’ve preordered but I have a few others that I’m probably going to get for the Vita ;D gotta fill that Vita game library amirite hahaha 😛 and your side poll though omigosh “Turn R18” LOL I’ve been R18 for a while now hahaha -shot-

    Anyways I’m looking forward to the review of the game~ I haven’t played the mobile version and I’ll probably wait for a review from you before considering buying the vita game :3

    Hope you had a lovely New Year’s! <3<3<3

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had a good New Years, thank you! (Except for immediately busting my Christmas money on games OTL)

      I’ve preordered ReBirSo as well! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) I’m hoping it’s as good as Ayakashi Gohan since I gave up Norn9 Last Era to buy it OTL

      I’ll definitely be doing a review for this! Though when that’s gonna happen is unseen (^_^;)

      I’ve been R18 for a while too 😉 so I’m glad that Otoko Yuukaku’s men are slightly on the older side and good for me :p

      Have a great year! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ahaha omg I feel those money feels as well hahaha my Christmas money went by so fast T_T Christmas money: supporting my otoge habits…

        Yeah I heard Ayakashi Gohan was good but I never bought it. I’ve been thinking about it, but I might wait until after ReBirSo to do so, just in case rbs ends up being horrible I can have otoge therapy with Ayakashi Gohan? I guess? LOL ^q^;;

        Ahaha at least you’re still reviewing, I’m just sitting here on my bum playing free dojin otome games to fill my time xDDD

        Yeah I think I might try out Otoko Yuukaku as well hehe~ I’ve been on a drama cd binge all like year since they’re easier, cheaper, and more portable at the moment 😛


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