Sacrifice – Yagami Aran CD Review

Here’s my review, (finally) and I’m not translating this one. Aran sounded like a real bad-boy in Noel and Yuki’s CD, but he was actually really cute, not in the blushy-tsundere sense but how he tries his best to have fun with the heroine and hiding his sadness at having to leave her, or making up strange excuses to stop her from touching him.


Again, them sparklies on the CD! (*´∀`*)

So far, having listened to all 4 of the CDs, (including Keito’s), I think I am glad I supported this series. While the CD illustrations are certainly good, what I like more is actually how it tells the meeting (or parting) of two childhood lovers in a sad way and what each character wants for the heroine. 

There is a lot of focus on the characters’ emotions, and their daily interactions are always cast by depending on their childhood memories, which makes for that bittersweet feeling because I’m sure everyone’s had a childhood. Unlike Ookami which didn’t make use of their setting of ‘red riding hood and the wolf’ well, Sacrifice, also some kind of fairytale-like story, explores their world well.

While Aran is always “she’s mine”, “I’ll get her” and acting tough in the other character’s CD, he might actually be the one who thinks of her feelings the most, except for Calmera whom we know nothing about.


In Aran’s story, he tells the heroine to go back once the Big Tree has turned a gold colour four times (meaning a month), but in the meantime he takes her around Sacrifice and does a couple of fun things with her. Knowing that he can’t touch her (vice versa) and not wanting her to find out, he tells her that he gets itchy if she touches him (lol) The day of their parting soon comes and the heroine insists to stay in Sacrifice, which leads Aran to finally reveal his true feelings about wanting her to stay despite her eventual “death” in the real world.

The music of Sacrifice is also pretty unique, not sure if I mentioned it in Yuki’s post. I’m not exactly sure what instrument it is, but it has a desert music feel, probably given by some string-instrument in a plucking technique. Well nevermind. It gives the world of Sacrifice a really unique atmosphere, and while I wondered how school, carriages, colour-changing trees, Earls and childhood friends all come together, it is perhaps this very mash of things that make Sacrifice such an interesting world.

I’m sure most people will really like Aran! It’s been a while since the Cd release date so I’m sure you can find a cheap second hand copy for yourself to read the comic panel in the CD jacket.

7 thoughts on “Sacrifice – Yagami Aran CD Review

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  2. Heya, pal! Nice review.

    Wow, that CD looks so pretty~ I just love colourful things that shine!

    Anyway, I’m finding it interested that Rejet is starting to incorporate a bit more “tame” plotlines, for a lack of a better word. Maybe because Lip on My Prince was well-received? I generally dislike childhood friend love interests so that’s what kept me away from Sacrifice. Even so, I respect it for being slightly different from recent drama CD series. Looking forward to Rejet’s next big thing, whenever the hell that’s gonna be. -__-


    • Hellooooo! Honestly I didn’t like Lip On, and I don’t like this season’s Ookami (which goes to the juvenile section as well) but Sacrifice was fabs, however that happened ( `ω´)

      Me too!!!!! I’m just kinda GIMME ANOTHER GOOD GAME カモン!


      • I’ve actually been considering trying out Lip On, since it seems really light-hearted and fun. LOL, I knew to stay the hell away from Ookami-kun because, the really boring, lazy and cliched premise, as well as the bloody annoying werewolf thing. If it’s not vampires, it’s those fucking wolves. Thanks, Twilight! -__-

        ホント! I wonder if Rejet will convert one of their drama CD series into a game, or will actually go back to being creative again and make something “from scratch”. They’re in the position where their rabid fangirls will throw money at them no matter what, so what would motivate them to try harder?


      • Rabid!! Probably after all that HIV infected sucking by the Dialover boys. Your sense of humour is tops!! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

        I actually don’t mind Teikoku Star or Soubou becoming a game, but most likely with things as it seems, we might get a Lip On game since it’s the easiest to write scenarios for. But I think their new projects might be good. They have to compete with Otomate who is picking up, and I’ve seen more people pick up games first, since CDs are definitely more pricey in the 1 hour 2000yen VS 20 hour 5000 yen kind of way….

        what’re you on at the moment though? Anything good you’ve been playing recently?


      • Speaking of “rabid”, they may have also contracted rabies from the Tsukinami brothers. The Tsukinami brothers seem clean, but don’t be fooled! Since they created vampires, they may have passed on their rabies to their creations, therefore, turning many DL fans that come into contact with vampires into rabid fools. Wow, I can be a light novel author, LMAO.

        I’ve read around that people are predicting Lip On will get an adaptation. Light-hearted high school settings like that tend to do okay as short games, since it presumably won’t involve complicated themes that can’t be adequately addressed in just a few hours…

        I haven’t really had the time to sit down and play anything, but when I do, I’ll try out Kokuchou no Psychedelica or Photograph Journey. I’ve been meaning to get on with the latter for a while now.

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