Rejet’s new projects! 2015 Spring~Summer

YAY! THE AWAITED DAY! Wow, we have lots this time round. Nevermind that I missed out on the most important part of the Live Event because I was listening to prof talk about how society has changed, and annoyed people with my tweets :p, here’s what I feel about the new projects!

1- Disappointed that we only have one game and it’s a school theme. (That doesn’t mean to say I’m completely uninterested though) Mostly just disappointed that most of them are school-themed because that’s not up my alley.

2- VERY disappointed that Rejet is continuing to milk Margi#4 and Dialovers. Hmph.

3- Interested that we have many new seiyuus!

4- Going mad with excitement that we have a new Teikoku Star series, and Yoshino Hiroyuki is joining in on Lip On!

>>> Sorry for those who like Maeno Tomoaki but I’m glad he’s not anywhere because I’m really sick of seeing him everywhere. Oh, and Kakki too…. Kondo Takashi, Kaji and Midorikawa is as usual everywhere but I’ll avoid them as best as possible. I love supporting newer seiyuus, and here we have Rejet being brave. Good job!

>>>>I watched some of the live singing and some were pretty horrible, because the singers were dancing and singing high notes at the same time. Lasah’s live was disappointing because it sounded nothing like her, but then again, I reckoned she doesn’t have very strong vocals but mellow ones like I do, so moving around and singing at the same time must have been pretty exhausting. Her duet partner though, Yumi, was great! Their song goes to the only game.


Let’s get the ones we (I) don’t care about out of the way first so we don’t have to look at them anymore.


Meh #1- Diabolik mosquitoes new CD release named Bloody Bouquet.

Meh #2- Marginal #4’s junior now, 3 of them. *yawns*


Meh#3- Elements gardenXRejet to produce an animation called Dance with Devils.


Whatever the sweet potatoes this is going to be, No.

Otsukare. Now let’s go to the real thing.


The new projects seem to be going for a Sawayaka breezy feel because we all know, we need our 2D men to get us through summer, and the ones that most fit this theme would be:

1- Moshi, Kono sekai ni Kami-Sama ga iru to suru naraba (PSVITA)


I know. It’s helluva long name. (Translated: If God existed in this world). No doubt, this will release in summer because of the ocean and the water-colour art. The heroine is a high school girl who receives a letter one day from herself dated 7 years ago. She and her harem get caught in a series of events and discover that the current world is slightly strange…….

They say it’s a pure love story, and I’m pretty ambivalent about this game at the moment (It seems to be slightly chomping on Clock Zero) even though I know most Rejet games don’t disappoint. Another brillant song by MIKOTO too! We will have to see updates for this game. But well, PSVITA it is. Looks like those still on PSP have to take a jump to this side! (・∀・)


2- Love☆Don!!☆Quixote: CD


The song is catchy and we have the heroine who enrols into high school named St. Don Quixote, and the student council are a bunch of ikemens who Kabe-Don you (it’s the situation where your back is against a wall and he prevents you from escaping). Slightly titilating Cd for sure, and I see Yonaga Tsubasa’s name! Woots!

As for what I think about it’s contents, fanservice, no doubt, but Yonaga’s copy might be worth a second-hand. :p

More here:


3- Chou Micchaku! Yuu Gen Romantica: CD


What else do we do apart from Summer festivals and eating gari-gari kun in summer? We tell GHOST STORIES (kaidanbanashi) to cool down. Here is another original idea by Rejet, and the school 限定 setting lends a child-like innocence to those courage-testing walks we were forced or peer-pressured to go on. I had always been an uncute child though. I always ended up laughing at the props or monsters.

Nevermind me. The seven wonders of your school, who are all some kind of youkai/ayakashi/obake like Orochi, the ghost in the toilet, cat and dog gods and a Tengu…. they possess you! I’m sure it’s going to be comedic and pretty fun!

Another catchy wafuu song here with a slight 60s stage feel. Tops!!!

More here:


4- Zenryoku shounen-tachi no O-uta & Toriai: CD


Some heroine is resigned to her boring school life and sees boys living their youth out. This is probably some club+band thingy though I can’t really tell from the PV. It seems to be something resembling a Honeybee creation so I’m iffy about this even though I want to support the numerous new seiyuus. We shall see.


———– ‘darker’ themes ————- 

5- Lacrimosa – The seven sins (love): CD


This one is the one I’m most interested in so far. The Kingdom of Tudor has been called ‘Paradise on Earth’ and (you) the princess is living happily without want, but one day a strange bird leads you into a forbidden tower…. and seven beautiful knights are locked there. Their seals come undone all of a sudden, and what happens on the day of tears? (Lacrimosa)

Rejet promises to deliver a ‘Merry bad ending’ to you. Knights. Check. Interesting storyline. Check. Tragedy. Check. Art is not too bad. Check. Kishio Dai, Nojima Kenji, Nakai Kazuya, CHECK!!! And Kaida Yuki?! Female seiyuu for the sin of Lasciviousness and it’s going to be complicated but CHECK!!! And yes, I’m in!

They used Lacrimosa (in the subtitles), part of Dies Illa requiem, and I have always loved this prayer ever since I watched D.Grayman. Sorry for being off-topic but it’s a beautiful requiem!

More here:


—– Remakes + ——-

6- Taishou Guuzou Roman, Teikoku Star Cinematograph


YESSSSSSSSSSS ヽ(*´∀`)ノ キャッホーイ!! I’m glad I bought the whole of the first series. Well, call it a fandisc if you want. We have 6 of them now (the latest one being voiced by Toriumi Kousuke and I feel he’s going to be a phantom of the opera of sorts) After the earthquake, this is about their memories in the capital that is slowly rebuilt. The boys have new clothes and softer expressions, so they’re probably not going to be too mean this time round! :p

I already know I’m going to preorder Isao and Fuji like NOW.

More here: Coming soon!


7- Motto! Lip On


Yay more Tomoe and Norio!~~~~

The boys have grown up a little, as with Teikoku Star and it’s a situation of living together.

I don’t particularly care for Shimono Hiro but Yoshino Hiroyuki is joining in as a Onii-san type Prince! (*´ω`*) Lip on wasn’t fantastic and I only bought 1 CD from the previous series but I’m interested in the grey-haired guy. He’s going to be…… sexy.


I was kind of hoping for a Soubou Sangoku release as well but oh well…..

The only one with a double-CD is Lacrimosa, even TeiStar’s ‘fandisc’ will be a single disc. Check out Animate online and Tower Records for Tokuten CDs though!

Seems like it’s going to be a fun year, though it means more Baito to earn those bucks to buy my 2d men. Don’t judge me. (・∀・)

41 thoughts on “Rejet’s new projects! 2015 Spring~Summer

  1. Teikoku Star was unexpected. I’m so happy with this “fandisc” because this story was so beautiful and great. Rejet, I love you. (´;∀;`)


  2. I’m glad I’m not the only person who likes the FeMC to have a CV too :>

    Same I like it when new VAs are invited to do work on projects as it gets a bit tiring to always hear the same folks.

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  4. oh no I love Kakki & Maeno!! XD lol

    anyway I think if anything MOshiKami is more like Natsuzora no Monologue with the whole summer theme/time travel thing going on in there.


    • I didn’t play Natsuzora so I’m not sure but do you think this looks promising? (´・_・`)

      Haha I was ok with Maeno till he started being everywhere with the same kind of character personality. Kakki… Even worse.. (^^;;


  5. Ah, the new Rejet line up! Yeah, there do seem to be a lot of school-settings stuff in here. Interesting. You would think they would try to not have so many at the same time.

    Yuu Gen Romantica sounds pretty fun and I agree that I’m probably most interested in Lacrimosa as well in terms of new series. Teikoku Star is one of those series I was a little iffy about getting. I loved the art and I love historical stuff, especially ones where I know the time period or setting rather well, but I’m poor so I never invested in it (yet) because it wasn’t a priority…LIP ON was cute from the ones I listened to so I will probably get at least some…what’s the likeliness of me snagging some drama CDs from Bookoff? Hahahaha.


    • OMG YOU HAVE TO GET AT LEAST ONE TEIKOKU STAR. :p That, and Soubou Sangokushi was fantastic.

      Hmm I’m starting to see less drama CDs in book off here (not sure about your side) but probably because Rejet CDs have high resale value. And TeiStar’s Skit tokutens were really nice.

      I’m getting really poor too, though drinking 100 yen coffee rather than starbucks is helping lots :p


      • Hahaha. Do you have any recs on which one(s) to get? Soubou Sangokushi looked interesting to me, but I was a little worried about the setting because it was historical Chinese history stuffs (Chinese history was my weakest in terms of East Asian studies. I was always stronger with Japan and Korea for selfish purposes hahaha) and I was worried it would have some vocab stuffs I might not understand.

        That would make sense. Everyone’s probably pouncing on them as soon as they see them. I only know two Book Off locations where I am and they rarely have things in Japanese. Most of the stuff sold there are English games and CDs. They do have a J-Pop section, but otherwise, yeah…I’ve never seen a drama CD in either, which I expect because I don’t think drama CDs are very big here. I would’ve never heard of them if I didn’t get into otome games. I was actually surprised to see that they had a lone Amnesia World game the last time I went.

        What were the tokutens? GOD I LOVE TOKUTENS, MAYBE I SHOULDN’T ASK. You should see me when I go on a rampage searching for the Wasurenagusa tokuten drama CDs. I’m not looking forward to that when the Hiyokuroku ones come out.

        I have to be choosier about the things I buy now. I went a little crazy for the first year when I got into this hobby, but I need to cool down. I have so many games that haven’t even been opened yet, and I keep investing in more series so…yeah. Some series I’ll take the plunge for but I think for a lot of them, I might have to wait for other people to comment about them before I decide whether to get them or not.


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  6. Moshi-Kami has incredibly pretty artwork! I was watching the PV and stared at it so closely my mom thought I had gone mad. LOLOLOL I’m so glad, I bought a Vita. xDD I hope this game will be released in summer, so I can save some money. xD

    And yes for new seiyuu, I do love Maenu, but I was a bit fed up with all those roles from him. I LOVE HIM, but you know how it works… Too much of one person is never good. orz

    Also Lacrimosa is totally up my alley. Did I hear Merry Bad Ending? FUCK YEAH. I’M IN.


    • Oh yeah you’re an absolute Maeno fan if I remember correctly ( *`ω´) J don’t know man, out of 10 new games, he and kakki are in at least 8. It annoys me really bad….

      I’m feeling so suspicious about moshikami at the moment I can’t really appreciate it yet. :p The whole thing about rebirth and time travel doesn’t sound fun at all…


  7. I’d have to say for Lip On, you are right when it was a bit eh. I only really liked 2 CDs outta the entire set even though I insta-bought the entire thing when I was in Japan lol. Norio and Haru were freaking adorable >w<
    I think I'll prob save my money for only Norio and Haru this time round 😛 (but maybe I'll give in and get the rest..the completetionist in me is strong…)


    • I’m not a completionist and I only buy an entire series if I really like the artist and setting. (LIKE TEISTAR muhahaha)

      Aren’t you interested in Yoshino’s character? He looks freaking sexy to me :p I’ll probably get him and Tomoe…..


      • There’s something about leaving a gap in the numbers that just urks me…And sometimes if I like one person I want to know how the other people would be…
        Yoshino’s character looks so sexy 😛 but the only time I’ve been exposed to his voice is Heisuke from Hakuouki and he wasn’t really my type (I’m drawn to the angry manly voices i.e. Nakai Kazuya xD)….

        So I’m unsure now……maybe I’ll let my wallet decide 😛


      • I understand your sentiments! What I do is buy what I want and see if my other Rejet fan friend buys anything I don’t have and we exchange them. The problem is if this is done online it leads to massive illegal file sharing which is really bad, but can’t be stopped… ( ゚д゚)(^_^;)

        Yoshino has a nice range of voices, but I’m not sure which he’ll take for Lip On… Because he usually takes on either ‘pure’ roles like Heisuke as you mentioned and Heishi in Norn9 or sexy slightly mean ones. I really liked him as Debito in Arcana Famiglia. The other sexy role I can think of is Auger the ass in BWS.(if you haven’t tried it, they just started reselling the game! It’s SOOO good and remains my favourite Rejet game ever)

        I like Nakai Kazuya’s voice too! My friend was a huge Zoro fan but I didn’t take an interest in him until Bakumatsu Chou :3

        Ps, I got your email this time round, will send it to you when I get to my PC 😉


  8. Damn, you totally beat me to the writing of informational posts about Snow Virgin Road, lol. Glad I didn’t start writing about the projects you had already posted in depth, or else it would have been quite redundant. I think I’ll just stick to one big opinion post for everything and informational posts on the projects you won’t be covering (if any). Together, we can inform all! xD

    It’s a shame that many of Rejet’s latest stuff is worthless. No idea what these “REJET IS SOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN OTOMATE” people are crying about. :/ This was true maybe 2~3 years ago. Honestly, their upcoming game is like an Otomate plot to me. I guess it’ll be all in the execution, so I’ll hold off on the “REJET BETRAYED ME” comments.

    Anyway, my usual complaining aside, Motto Lip on My Prince has motivated me to push Lip on My Prince further up my “priority” list. I saw many people request LipOn to become a game. I know how you feel about high school/school-centric settings, but I think the bright, colourful, happy premise is something I should learn to incorporate more instead of my never-ending list of “darker” games.

    Lacrimosa has a chance at being good despite the vague premise. Chou Micchoku has an Otomate premise- using cliches without even trying to be original. LoveDon has one of the lamest gimmicks I’ve seen in a while. Zenryoku Shounen has a commendable casting choice (even if a bit gimmicky) but the premise has a distinct, cloying stench of sugary crapness I’ll call “K-On!” and while Teikoku Star is far from rubbish, it’s not really my thing.

    It’s such an amazing surprise to hear the talented Donna Burke, though. Nice change from all that J-Pop/J-Rock bore that make up 90% of visual novel and drama CD PVs and OPs. Last time I remember hearing from her is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles!


    • Hey friend! I just got too excited after seeing a new TeiStar project and it took me till next evening to calm down :p which was why I startedon post after post.

      I still want to read your thoughts on the new projects though! I translated the websites but didn’t give much food for thought on those so I’ll be waiting to see your thoughts! The ones I’ve done are all the ones I’m going to do! Maybe Teistar Cinematograph but just pasting in the CD jackets.

      My ‘problem’ with Lip On is that it is cheesy. I wouldn’t mind a high-school setting that had a bit of depth but Lip On was probably popular because it’s fan service type, and brings back the joushikousei in the listeners. But I’m interested in the new character by Yoshino and I really liked Tomoe so I have no problems with ignoring the rest of the series and still being OK with it. ( *`ω´)

      I thought the same thing about Rejet’s new game! I know they probably want to get into the whole ‘let’s have a pure love story in summer’ thing, and throw something at the rabid fangirls but it doesn’t sound very interesting at the moment and could almost pass off for a Keitai game idea. The only good thing is the song I guess…. I hope they come up with something good in autumn though, or I’ll really start being disappointed…. Seems like only Yuugen and Lacrimosa will be good this time round and even so, Yuugen will probably be shallow and just fun.

      I have no information on Donna Burke, but it was a great song, I’ll admit. I liked Yuugen’s OP the most, though. I love the slightly 60s stage feel wafuu tune :p

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      • Aww… I’m so happy for you that TeiStar got a “fandisc”. I hope the new series will be as good as the first one, just for you~<3

        Cool, I've written about half now, so the other half should be done by Saturday. I'm fully back in college full time now so I have to plan my posts fairly well, haha.

        Very valid point about Lip On. If it's fanservice and nothing else, I may get bored but if there is even a bit of cheesy cuteness then perhaps I may like it. Plus I'm very fickle too, so some days I like some things more than others. Between the two new characters, I prefer Saotome (Shimono), but if his character as I think it's cheesy, fun and suits LipOn's setting well, though if it's executed unwell, it will be very annoying. Yoshino has da voice going for Tsubaki (I think that's his character's name), but the whole "childhood friend" thing ruined it for me. (Plus I got jealous of Tsubaki's beauty but don't tell anybody!)

        I think it's clever how they made the setting of each LipOn CD independent of one another- bad business tactic in terms of encouraging serial purchases but great for versatility and making people feel comfortable with jumping in on "the fun" at any moment. Not that it mattered in the end anyway, since pretty much all of my friends who listened to and liked LipOn bought/listened to all CDs anyhow.

        LMAO, keitai game! Very true. I think the light-novel-esque title sense may hint at the (lack of) effort put into the story, if I were to really be more negative and judgemental than usual. So far, none of the guys are interesting whatsoever and the art- while by no means bad- is fairly generic and plain-looking compared to the more distinctive styles of Black Wolves Saga, Tiny x Machingun and Ken ga Kimi. All three fit the setting well while being memorable. Even so, even in "real life"; in my own thoughts, while I'm an atheist, I've often thought about a world in which God actually exists. Nice song as well.

        I totally forgot to mention that I really like Micchoku's theme song, too! It was great!


      • Thank you!! You’re so sweet (*´ω`*)

        How many more years do you have before you graduate? I’ve also just started school this week, on the week that Hyakka releases, what a bummer.

        Hmm, now that you mention it, the characters don’t know it other. Totally didn’t realise that! I think Lip On does well with the whole pure love thing, which is so different from all of Rejet’s Battou/Do S/ just wired wrongly in some way guys and maybe that’s why it was really popular. And what have we got- Rejet decides it’s time for them to continue making school stuff because of that ): I’d think Sacrifice’s world is more beautiful than Lip On for a pure love story, but then again, Lip On is purely modern and cute so we can’t really compare them, haha. In any case, I really hope you like the copies that you listen to!

        Tsubaki is probably the Sagihara Sakyou of Lip On, but I want to hear the voice samples before I decide to buy it since if his voice doesn’t match his beauty I’m going to be majorly disappointed. Sorry, can’t help you to keep the secret – everybody’s reading your comment!!!! x)

        Absolutely with you there! I love Kuroyuki’s art and can I say it has totally nothing to do with why I like Teikoku Star? :p The guy with the eye patch interests me, but it’s really only because I like his character design…


      • You’re making me blush! (〃・ω・〃)

        It depends on how qualified I want to be. For my current undergrad course, I’ll be done by July. For next and final undergrad course, it’ll be a year. For my advanced diploma, I’ll be studying for 1~2 years. So all up, I have roughly three years to go. There’s quite a few “levels” and certificates involved with becoming a veterinary nurse.

        They may or may not know each other… I’m not sure how canon the “non-main CD series” content is. In Snow Virgin Road, Tomoe tells the audience it’s a parallel universe/alternate reality of some kind. He says just have fun and don’t take is seriously; don’t think about the logistics too hard. They may know of each other, but this may be due to drama CDs tending to focus on one character rather than many.

        I’m concerned that Motto LipOn will hit off and become a Diabolik Lovers Versus-type CD line. I don’t like most love triangles in otome media because the interest is more in inflating the tiny egos of otome fangirls rather than exploring a creative angle.

        Yeah, Sacrifice’s setting is very beautiful, albeit fitting in a more “different” kind of pure lovestory than LipOn. Sacrifice seems a lot more serious than LipOn. It’s a “serious” love versus a “fluffy” love, if you can even call the latter “love”. Not that it matters; I’m usually never convinced/find it believable a guy really loves the protagonist. I’m absolutely fine with school settings if they’re not completely idiotic so as to making me unable suspend disbelief.

        Haha, of course it’s okay that art is a part of why you like it! The cover and profile artwork is supplementary, yet often important to the drama CD experience, I think.

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      • Wow that’s alot of studying! がんばって!~~~ I know you’ve told me before, but being a vet nurse is so cool (●´ω`●) I’ve never had the patience with science…..

        I didn’t hear Norio or Tomoe mention any others in their CD and they were from different schools so I thought they didn’t know each other but it’s true that taking Lip On too seriously becomes something dumb on the listerners’ part (´・ω・`) It’s definitely going to be cute and awkward in Lip On with the whole staying together though.

        Wow I really hope they don’t make it into a versus thing…. I think chances are if they milk it it’s going to turn into a game. But really, if money is going to be used, it should totally go to Soubou Sangokushi. I know a continuation is difficult but I’m still sad it didn’t get a sequel…

        The problem with school settings is that the boys are all hormonally charged and Do.S, not awkward like they should be… Japanese boys, especially. Love Don is going to turn out bad but I like Yuugen for the toilet boy (・∀・)

        Haha true that, but this is worse: you gonna listen to Criminale and just *facepalm* yourself when the characters tell the heroine they love her, at the end of 48 hours. I enjoyed the acting throughout the escape but aren’t they taking it a little too far with the tsuribashi effect?


      • Arigats! xD I don’t know about how it’s like in other countries, but in Australia, studying to become a vet nurse has more emphasis on practical exams than with theory. I’m better with theory so this should be a bad thing to me but I guess I’m being challenged, which will prevent boredom.

        Yeah, I always think that if a series absolutely MUST be milked, make it into a game as they tend to add more to the usually shallow characters of drama CDs. I’m still trying to figure out why they didn’t make LipOn a game… perhaps it will become a filler game this year a la ALICE=ALICE and Bad Medicine?

        Very true. What is it high school boys in otome game? I get the appeal is that they’re nothing like real high school guys but why bother with a high school age setting, then? I’ll tell you why: lazy writing. Yeah, I have to admit that the “Toilet no Hanako-san” dude version is pretty funny. Maybe they should bring in Teke-teke, Aka Manto and Kuchisake-onna! xD

        Never listened to Criminale as it doesn’t sound interesting whatsoever to me. I haven’t come across a single otome game/drama CD that has “believably” conveyed what being involved with a guy in the mafia could be like. Yeah yeah, it’s fiction and everything, but turning gangsters into MOOOE archetypes is the best and last thing you could do to completely make that character non-threatening.

        You rarely get to see or hear the “bad” things these supposedly hardcore guys do, which is acceptable if she’s getting involved with a mafioso more in the “administration” side of things, but with an assassin (there’s always an assassin, ’cause that’s so “COOL AND DANGEROUS BAD BOY”)? LOL, please.

        It’s just a word that’s tacked onto otome media as a sad selling point. I liked Ozmafia, but none of the love interests came across to me as a “gangster/mafioso”. I’ve never ever heard praise of Arcana Famiglia for even having a passing resemblance to the goings of an Italian mafia.

        Oh, but I keep on forgetting- girls don’t like blood and violence unless the guy is in love with you first. No girl would be interested in a believably constructured tale about gangsters, because being a crim is ewww unless he’s tsun or yandere!


      • Wow practicals! Does that mean you get to spend lots of time with fuwa fuwa nikukyu-s? *goes crazy* I love cats!

        Hmmm, I’m guessing that they wanted Rejet fans to focus on MoshiKami or maybe because they were spending too much money on random stuff like DanCeWDevils and didn’t have budget for a Lip On game (;・∀・) But then again, after reading your game review on Alice=alice, maybe they realised CD-turned games weren’t popular enough and decided they should stick to making original CDs. With Diabolik Mosquitoes being the exception, of course……

        Haha, perhaps bringing the fantasy of Seme high school boys is the whole selling point here, but unfortunately those who actually buy CDs are uni students and working ladies with moolah….. Gosh Kuchisake onna!! Those 3 are freaky and wouldn’t be cute at all. Like seriously. XD

        Mafia guys who are actually good guys in some way hold a charm for me, but these always turn out to be police spies in the end, and Otome media doesn’t catch on to that. Admittedly, there is some leeway for Criminale since the heroine is the daughter of their boss, and if they do something to her it’s always just fanservice type. But what Criminale did is they make them into police-brainy type men instead of criminals. And worse, usually the heroine ends up telling them something they didn’t know. Heck, who is the mafia here? I’ve only listened to Tempesta and Chiave and it’s very action packed and fun, but the forced love endings really don’t reflect Rejet’s style, which was a disappointment. I get the feelings Rejet just wanted to catch onto Mafia Blood………….

        I played Arcana and they mentioned they were a police organisation, except that they named themselves a family because of the whole Tarot card thingy that bound them together. Lol @ your comments about the yan and tsuns. I guess it’s a society conditioned thing…. Once someone sets a trend, the fans are afraid to break it because they’ll be seen as sticking out haters. I mean, the live event where the artists were singing the OP songs was SERIOUSLY bad but the comments were all “SO cute! So good!” and I just gave up on hoping that fangirls will stop being so MAJORLY STUPID.



      • Yeah, I do get to handle specially trained birds, cats and dogs. Sometimes lizards and turtles! But most of the time, we’re practicing clinical procedures on them so it involved very little cuddling. Most animals don’t like cuddles, unfortunately!

        Speaking of reviews and bad otome company decisions, I wonder if otome companies read English reviews as well? Seems to me that they don’t like foreigners so they wouldn’t bother.

        Very true. Moe-fying such creepy youkai wouldn’t be a great idea… unless they’re liek, supa hott!!11!1!

        I wonder if the recent spike in pure love and fluffy moe is an indication of trends changing? Or will my dream come true in which companies become more individualistic and everyone will produce a different flavour? LOLNOPE, maybe fluff will be everywhere in a year or so.

        I didn’t realise Mafia’s Blood did so well. I always thought it looked more serious than the other “moegangster” crap out there. Sounds like Arcana’s writers were just making horrible excuses to “justify” using the mafia name on what is actually not really a mafia thing at all. Even if I were to become el presidente of a moe-specialising company, the least I would do after that loss of creative dignity is be honest in my advertising! xD

        Hmm… sticking out is a problem in Japan, regardless of “how far they’ve come”. It is creepy how many fans just make the same, eerily similarly-worded comments on Nico Nico. Also, I think you’re correct about the stupidity aspect… Rather, their love for their BIAS SEIYUUUUU clouds their judgement to the point of being worrying. I mean, what do you expect? J-Pop and its minor variants are riddled to the brim with cute/hot young talent that are 90% plastic surgery-created record executive robots that get their “unique musical talents enhanced” by special effects and editing and even THEN I still don’t think most sound exceptionally good. Non-singers being forced to sing don’t go so great, what a damn surprise. Just because they’re magnificent voice actors with magnificent voices, it doesn’t mean they can sing!

        Not that the record industries preying on dumb fangirls care, though. The fangirls are the same type of people who support shitty rappers-turned-into-“sensitive, romantic”-R’n’B stars, pretentious dickwads on acoustic guitar or piano writing the same, recycled, “deep” lyrics about lost love and two-minute career American Idol alumni reaching the top of the charts without any discernible composition or lyrical talent… If you’re hot, trending on TV or Twitter or stick to popular genres and lyrical themes, people will support you. I listen to pretty much anything but I won’t hesitate to call out on what’s shit- even if it’s something I like.

        I’d have a hard time in Japan if I were as outspoken there as I am online and in Australia.


      • Lizards! D:

        Hmm I don’t think they hate foreigners, but perhaps they underestimate their foreign fan base, since Hakuouki had an English version released, but that’s about it. Besides, they probably know that foreign tastes are different and reading English reviews wouldn’t matter a hoot to them since the money is still in Japan. Which is why everytime there’s an Anket by Rejet or DGS I give my two cents, to make sure that at least someone is giving an opinion – and I’m glad to see new seiyuus in Rejet’s new projects (albeit the stories they threw them into are unfortunate).

        Haha Comfort is probably not too interested in Otome games, since seriously, getting PM so long after Arcana’s many fandiscs says something about them. But I guess the Tarot thingy came up well for them and getting a kawaii heroine was all the dumb fangirls ever needed.

        Wow, if Rejet starts becoming fluffy, where will our hopes go? Maybe we would have to start an Otoge company, named LaCal&Jyuu Ikemens. (ROFL)

        I think most Asian countries have a not sticking out culture, but Japan is exceptional… I don’t know how many times I offended people when I first came back, since I grew up overseas. I got so scared I transferred to the English department haha. (;・∀・) Thank goodness I did so or I’ll be suffering from repression. Japan and their ‘cuteness goes first’ sometimes annoy me to no hell (like AKB48 shiet) but there’re some pretty solid singers like Fujita Maiko and Yoshioka Aika. And I can’t remember if it was 4 or 5 years ago that I stopped listening to English pop. :3

        I based my judgement of the Live due to the fact that the LoveDon singer was jumping up and down while singing so she couldn’t hit the final high notes, but still, trying to be ‘nice’ and just going ‘KAWAIII! UMAI!! KAWAII!!! is just dumb, really. Surely cheating your realy feelings even on the internet isn’t a good idea.

        Most of the talent industry is based on well, talent, and apart from the seiyuu industry, I think Japan’s artists are usually quite ‘real’ in their singing. But I can never tell if the seiyuus are really able to sing, or not. It’s quite unbelievable that so many of them (or rather all the ones we’ve been seeing) can keep the right tunes unless they have long periods of training. But you’re right that fangirls sometimes need someone to point out that their Emperor aint wearing any clothes.

        (Did I just try to be really smarty-pants there :p)

        It’s sad becoming a real artist though, so many restrictions and when you hit a certain point, you start forgetting what you really liked singing or composing and start doing things for your fans……


      • Lizards are very cute! They’re also very smooth, except for the rough-scaled breeds. Sharks are pretty much the only creature I fear from the bottom of my heart, but their current abuse still makes me sad. 😦

        Yeah, saying “they hate foreigners” was a very bad way to put this, so I’d like to take that back! It’s more like- as you said- they underestimate how much we’d like to contribute, in addition to bad experiences like Rapelay. Yeah, I’m pretty vocal on the polls and surveys, but I’m sure my opinions are getting drowned amidst the mindless praise.

        I’m okay with pretty much anything- hardcore, fluff, school, wafuu, yaoi, yuri, WHATEVER- as long as it’s executed well. Whatever direction Rejet chooses to go… I’ll support them ONLY IF they make good stuff. I see what you mean, though- Otomate’s attempts at seriousness is usually laughable and R18+ thinks they’re mature, but really, it’s puerile.

        Yes, we should make our own brand! xD We’d have to suffer low wages for the first few games due to out different ideas compared to the current market, but if we manage to establish a reliable customer base, we could afford to make better games and slowly earn a comfortable living. Easier said than done, though. If a bigger company is backing us, we may have no choice but to include certain inane crap.

        Haha, I loved it! The problem is that the fangirls would love their emperor EVEN MORE if he weren’t wearing anything. The Internet makes you think that the only creepy otaku out there are male… but you’d be wrong. Tachibana Shinnosuke had to plead his fans to not stalk him… which is a bad idea considering they’d want the attention, but the poor guy…

        Exactly. Only very few artists insist on pushing their own style, and it’s usually after a period of being oppressed by contracts and executive pressure. I remember Hamasaki Ayumi saying just one day, she put her foot down and refused to be treated as a “product”. She’s now one of the most, if not, THE most successful female solo singer-songwriter and has set many trends. Ironically, she also set a standard that many others- and their execs- are aspiring too, further continuing the pressure. I don’t know so much about these days, but in her prime I’m sure a lot of copycats tried to emerge.

        I think it’s important to think about how happy you’d really be to make your favourite artistic endeavour a job. I know that if I were to become a writer, I’d hate to write a Diabolik Lovers rip-off or a book as vacuous as Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey, just because “fans would demand it”. Fans demand stupid shit, and I don’t feel like whoring myself out. You can see based on numerous famous people that fame and money come with a huge price and doesn’t appear to be as worth it as it may appear.


      • I know you mean the bigger lizards like komodos etc, but I can’t help thinking of the house lizards, and I get instinctively ‘ewwww’ (-ω-)/

        I think they instinctively know people get tired of the same seiyuus day in & out so they would invite ‘newer’ seiyuus, but thinking about it again, those ‘newer’ ones invited in have already been voicing lots of animes and stuff, and Rejet’s utilising the whole ‘like 1 character? like him in rejet too’ premise…..

        I mean, Esuta’s seiyuu from Koezaru Akai’s PSP port is SO GOOD. He conveys emotions really well, he wouldn’t lose to KENN, but I don’t see him coming into a Rejet product in 10 years. Maybe for one, the ‘balance’ of the characters will be bad or something shiet like that.

        Sorry for the rage, I’m just angsty that I see the same seiyuus every 6 months. ( ;∀;)

        I think we should market it as a ‘foreign company who writes Japanese games’ thing, with lots of focus on the foreign bit. (especially artists and BGM makers) Japanese girls will jump at anything to do with that crap: see how famous Code:realize became despite its ridiculous truth about Cardia. Oh! and definitely aim at the older audience with money to spend :p

        (btw are we getting a little too excited here? :p)

        Wow I never knew that Tachibana was stalked. How creepy is that! He’s only a seiyuu for goodness’ sake…. His voice is so unique that even if he uses the most obscure names in an R18, people would identify him right away, so I guess those fangirls are helplessly sick.

        Hmm I wasn’t an Ayumi fan, I don’t actually think she can sing after seeing her live shows, but you’re right, she’s like the pioneer of female idols. Though, female idols now are all going to AKB shiet and Fujita Maiko and Yoshioka Aika only sell as ‘artistic singers’. Sad….

        As far as I know, popular writers hinge on both originality and inspiration by previous works, but there’s too much rewriting in the world nowadays so everything becomes bland… But I guess with VNs, the story can be saved partially by good art and the general atmosphere of the game, which is probably why Otomate and Honeybee are still surviving (-ω-)

        Btw are you going to play Re:BirSo?


      • No, I meant smaller reptiles like geckos and those house lizards you described. At least at the facility I study at, we don’t have Komodo Dragons. I don’t think study facilities would house Komodo Dragons as they’re far too big/heavy and they’re a vulnerable species.

        I think they’re aware that a handful of otome fans are sick of the same 20-odd seiyuu coming out all the time, like you mentioned. I guess when they say “new”, they mean “barely seen/new to the otome scene”. Whatever the case, I do appreciate a bit of variety. The companies don’t want to take risks by not including fan favourites. They’re too acutely aware that seiyuu really make this industry’s world revolve.

        Yeah, I agree Esta/Esuta’s seiyuu was good. I haven’t played the PSP version so I don’t know his full range, but I do remember thinking his seiyuu even in the PC version portrayed the character well. I can guarantee he’d be more popular if he appeared in more otome media.

        Don’t be sorry about your rage; I agree with you! I’m tired of seeing the same people over and over again. Eroge has their common stars as well, but it has a lot more variety. This is probably because there are way more eroge than otome games. Still… if eroge can do it often enough, so can otome game. Oh wait, they can’t let go of their lifelines to fall back on if they can’t be assed writing a good story. For otome games, you have seiyuu, for eroge, you have sex scenes that supposedly make up for these “shortcomings”.

        Haha, not a bad idea. We’re pretty much dead without seiyuu, so we’d need quite a bit of money to start out. Good art tricks nearly any otome fan into giving more attention to a game than it deserves, so we’d need money to hire a high-profile artist. I think Code:Realize got a lot of attention because of the art, seiyuu and its “steampunk” influences. No other otome game had a London influence at the time, so it was seen as “unique” in spit of it being the same sorta thing with a different setting. Oh yeah, “basing” your guys on existing literary characters really does help. Gimmicks are important to many of these gamers! xS Haha, I’m getting more cynical as I go.

        Yeah, we sure are letting this otome brand joke thing go for a while, aren’t we?

        Yes… It’s so true that the writing industry is pretty much rehashing past popular ideas. It’s like fashion. Perhaps we’ve reached a point where every idea has been done, so conceptual originality is kind of futile. Perhaps they should just focus on being able to write something passably, LOL. Not according to blinded fangirl/fanboy standards, but objective critique to help them improve. I see the same writers every now and then and it’s almost amazing how much they DON’T improve. Like Hiyo and the writers behind Brothers, Butlers, Onedari, Orfleurs… The quality of writing with Brothers and Orfleurs is practically no different. They’re clearly not getting creatively beneficial feedback! If they ever to an enquete, I’ll be sure to be VERY clear that their writing is suffering, because I’m “mean” like that!

        The problem, I think, is that many writers don’t understand what it means to write a story for a VN. It’s not a script, it’s not a light novel, it’s not a “pure” novel/novella… It’s a static audio-visual medium in which the visuals, sound effects and of course, the narrative, should be utilised in concert with one another to create an immersive experience… Shouldn’t be as verbose as a novel, shouldn’t be overly reliant on the voiced aspects. It’s not an easy medium to write for so no wonder many writers, who often come from manga and light novel backgrounds, struggle to make a creative idea reach its highest potential. Some ideas that could work in other mediums may fail spectacularly in VNs, and vice-versa.

        I haven’t decided on Re:BirSong, yet. I’ve downloaded the trial, so let’s see how we go. I’m not expecting a lot. I’ve still got to actually play the Taishou x Alice trial, too!


      • Oh I didn’t know house lizards are being ‘worked on’ at your facility ( ゚д゚) I don’t do well with reptiles and bugs.. maybe because I was stung by hornets before, so anything non-fluffy becomes an abject for me haha.

        Bah.. I can’t remember how many times I’ve seen 四ッ谷 in the Twitter updates on new games and CDs. But I totally agree with you that people play eroges for the ero, and its always the same Seiyuus both male and female who tickle their imaginations. Maybe also because most Seiyuu don’t want to be always voicing ero stuff, so it falls back down to those who don’t mind being a common face in what I call the ‘ero industry’ :p to do the job.

        But Seiyuus who voice ero stuff for Otome CD and games are important probably because of society’s view all over the world that it is more shameless for women to be thinking about sex or having voyeuristic tendencies while playing R18s, so the Otome eroges are just way more profitable, however crappy the storylines may be…

        I think Eikoku Mysteria was way better than Code:realize even though both are set in London. Probably because the final story wasn’t as childish as Code’s, and tell me to have an eye closed because the characters are all fictional so anything can happen, but NO. I can’t believe they passed the check for scenario writing. Sigh. Still, with Kakki, Suwabe and Maeno, fans probably thought there would be nothing better than this.

        That’s very true! The same goes for situation CDs, though there’s more focus on the acting than visuals. I’ve often thought that I wouldn’t be feeling so sad in a certain game if not for the clever use of music and acting that accompanied it. (Lustin’s CV in Senjou was hellish bad but his character came in 2nd in popularity: what’s the logic? Ans: stupid fangirls) Or most writers are unable to see things from the heroine’s pov, or tend to infantilise them into pre-teen or are pressured into writing shiet. Either way it’s always critical gamers like me and you who lose out D:

        I didn’t play Brothers, but I’m glad to hear I didn’t waste my time. Orfleurs sounded bad already but I’m wondering how Sachi no Tenbin is if you played it!

        I wouldn’t have played Code if I didn’t hear reviews that it was an “awesome game with wonderfully well-written mysteries” but Hell No. Never trust Japanese game reviewers, especially those who play Hakuouki and Dialovers (:p)

        I don’t know, maybe 20 years later when I’ve grown out of playing otoges then I might consider being on the producing side this time :3

        Wow you’re brave! I’m not going anywhere near Taisho Alice… Tell me how it goes!


  9. Oh that’s a pretty nice system with your friend 🙂 unfortunately I’m the only one in my group of friends that’s really into drama CDs and keeps up to date 😦
    Thanks for the advice on Yoshino 😀 I’ll have to check out those other roles!
    Too bad I live outside Japan 😦 giant shipping charges till the next time I go back T__T

    Lol it’s an open joke about how much I like Nakai Kazuya with my friends.
    I once made my FB page an accidental shrine to him…LOL Everything was just a Nakai Kazuya character….

    Liked by 1 person

    • If nothing, do play Norn9! It has a nice storyline and cute characters. Wow that big of a Nakai Kazuya fan? He’d be really happy since he thinks of himself as a jiijii with beer on a saturday night watching baseball haha.


      • Hahaha yea, when it got to that part of the free talk for Sou Sou I was like nooo you have fans!!!
        Also your comments throughout your translation were gold. I laughed every time one popped up during the meanness is Sou Sou lol.
        I’ll probably play norn9 after I get through Hanayakanari (so much Kanji (>.<)) but it's so pretty and the characters and stories are well thought out. 🙂
        I have too many things sitting on my shelf waiting to be played/listened to.. oh the woes of attending school.

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Yay a new game announcement! I’m a little disappointed that it’s only one, but I feel like it’s been so long since the last time they announced a game that isn’t Diabolik Lovers. I’m really digging the art and the song they used in the PV so hopefully MoshiKami won’t disappoint!


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