Rejet’s new CD! Lacrimosa ~ The Seven Sins (Love)

This is by far the one I’m most interested in at the moment. It seems to be the most promising one for now, and Rejet definitely does better with darker stories.


“Anyone who commits any of the seven sins will fall into hell.” This is a legendary tale of the country of Tudor Kingdom, that has strict laws sets in place. The country promises eternal prosperity and is called ‘Heaven on Earth’, being surrounded by lush greenery. (or Utopia) You are the Princess of this country and is living without want but one day, is led by a strange bird into a forbidden tower which you have been told never to enter. There, you meet the ‘Seven Wing knights’, seven beautiful knights who once played a large part in the thousand-year war. For you, who have accidentally undone their seals, you are now exposed to seven seductions that you have never experienced before….. What will happen on the day of Lacrimosa? (the day of tears)

I think there’s a play on the Seven Wing, since the character for wing reads as ‘Yoku’ which can also mean ‘desire’. Seven sins, seven desires… Sound about right I guess.



Character #1 Ira “The sin of Wrath”
CV: Toriumi Kousuke
Release Date: April 29

“I shall blame you till you become tattered. That’s what you want right?”

The general who pulled the strings in the thousand year war. His lion-like hair is his special feature and turned hundreds of people into dust with his axe. He is labelled the heaven-sent child of the god of war. He quickly turns to violence in situations but also has a child-like side of him.



Character #2 Invidia “The sin of Envy”
CV: Kishio Daisuke
Release Date: May 27

“But it can’t be helped. I love you so much that I want to kill you.”

He loves fruits but hates traitors and was the tactician in the war. His intelligence was said to be more than the strength of a thousand soldiers. Being too intelligent, he holds an unapproachable air and not many want to associate themselves with him. He also has a cruel side that makes him do anything to get what he wants



Character #3 Superbia “The sin of Arrogance”
CV: Midorikawa Hikaru
Release Date: June 24

“You are going to be my wife. That is your fate.”

One of the knights in the war, he had immeasurable charisma and is the master of the sword. Coming from a poor noble family has spurned his appetite for ambitions. He is brothers with Nold and was sealed despite being the center of the Knights because the King feared his powers.



Character #4 Acedia “The sin of Slothfulness”
CV: Nojima Kenji
Release Date: July 29

“Disappear from my sight. I will not be merciful if you get in my way.”

One of the Knights, he is a master of archery and killed many important figures in the war. He appears to be always uninterested in things and is often seen sluggish. He came to know classified information about the army and was charged with a crime he didn’t commit and sealed.



Character #5 Avaritia “The sin of Greed”
CV: Nakai Kazuya
Release Date: August 26

*laughing* Give me everything. Your body, your money and also….. your soul.”

One of the Knights who achieved much in the war and has the natural talent of theft. (lol is that a talent) At one glance he is just a beautiful man but he is extremely cruel with his words, and likes ramen but hates noisy people. Having known too much, he was captured and sealed.



Character #6 Gula “The sin of Gluttony”
CV: Kaji Yuuki
Release Date: September 30

“I’ll eat even the bones. Don’t you think it’s a waste otherwise?”

A general who was born in a Noble family, he provided rations to the country and was the link to survival. He has a bright smile and a gentle demeanour but a hidden madness lies deep. In reality, he oppressed the countrymen and colluded with the King then to fill his pockets. Being charged with that crime, he was sealed.



Character #7 Luxuria “The sin of Lust”
CV: Kaida Yuki
Release Date: October 28

“Sure, I’ll be happy to discipline you. In various things.”

One of the Knights born from a Noble family who has a history of being the executioner of sinners, which was also his role in the war. He killed many criminals under the orders of the King. A witch who wears male clothes, it is unknown as to his real gender. He was made use of by the sadistic King to fulfil his desires. Afraid of being found out, the King imprisoned and sealed Chloe.


Knights. Check.
Interesting storyline. Check.
Suspected tragedy. Check.
Art is not too bad. Check.
Kishio Dai, Nojima Kenji, Nakai Kazuya, CHECK!!!
And Kaida Yuki?! Female seiyuu for the sin of Lust and it’s going to be complicated but CHECK!!!
And yes, I’m in!

I’m definitely getting Nold, Menas and Chloe! The good tokutens are with Tower Records this time round guys! Who are you interested in? 😉

28 thoughts on “Rejet’s new CD! Lacrimosa ~ The Seven Sins (Love)

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  2. KISHIO DAISUKEEEEEEEEEE COME TO ME BBY ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) I’m so excited for this. Out of all the things rejet announced this and Yuugen Romantica are the ones I’m most excited for www I will definitely be buying Kishio Dai’s cd huehuehue

    As for the others, I’ll probably wait before deciding whether or not I wanna buy them www


  3. Oh, man. This does sound interesting. Money or harem? What shall I choose…damn it, I have a trip to save for. I might have to wait on this one. I’ve been noticing more Tower Records tokutens but I never ordered from them before. Do they have an online site or do you have to buy from them in store?


    • I think the tokutens are exclusive for the online store this time round if I remember right. But the good thing is you get free delivery around Japan if you buy 1500yen and above, unlike animate which charges you even if you gave them a painful 20,000yen ( *`ω´)


      • Yeah, I’ve checked around the Animate store and I’m like…I like your tokutens sometimes, but no.

        Oh. I like shipping discounts/free shipping. If I end up investing in this series, many boxes will be sent to my friend, hahaha. I try not to send too much to her even though she says it’s fine because I don’t want to be a bother, so I end up having to use other means…or deciding to postpone buying things.

        I’m going on a trip to Japan soon (little less than a month) and I’m trying to figure out what I need to buy while I’m there. It’s a hard decision T_T


      • Maybe you can use a forwarding service, they aren’t that expensive, I’ve had stuff sent to me quite a few times when I was still living overseas and when I compare to the prices for Japan post that my uncle sent for me, I thought heck, forwarding service is faster than him and less trouble for him too…..

        Well just waltz into Animate and you’ll be buying lots of junk like I did :p the 8 storey animate was fantabulous!


      • I will totally be waltzing into Animate…or maybe not waltzing. Walking quietly and trying to be an inconspicuous as possible. Last time I went I wasn’t really into drama CDs so my haul was some Wasurenagusa, and that was slightly embarrassing to buy…but now it’s worse because I’m like…fully on the drama CD wagon. It really shouldn’t feel as awkward as it does, but it feels really, really awkward. Hahaha.

        The way it worked with my friend was actually she just held onto my stuff until I visited Japan. Last time there was about 4 months between when I bought and when I actually got the items, but this time the stuff she’s going to hold for me is coming after my trip…so I might have to have her send it to me and I pay her back for it or if she has space, the next time she comes to the States she’ll have to lug it over for me. I feel so terrible about that >_<


      • I totally know what you mean! I was on the hunt for a Reiji perfume because I’m a perfume collector too (lol all the lifeblood sucking hobbies) So I went into every animega and Otoge shop going like “you guys have Dialover perfumes” and I think I looked so sad each time that the cashiers would offer to call up other outlets for me. OTL And it’s awkward seeing people in Rejet shop buying stuff because we all know whatever is in their basket isn’t too innocent and vice versa :p

        Is shipping really expensive for you? Cos it’s a great money-saver in your way but I would die of curiosity for a long time when I don’t listen to the CDs ASAP OTL


      • Hahahaha. Oh my god, that image of you hunting for the Reiji perfume is hilarious. Did you end up finding it?

        I’ve only been to the Animate shop in Ikebukuro so far in terms of getting games and CDs. Since I wasn’t into drama CDs last time I didn’t look up the Rejet store location or anything like that but I can imagine that will feel about the same shopping inside hahaha. I’m a little worried that all my merch is going to look like I’m bringing them back to sell or something. If I get questioned at Customs it’s gonna be like…nope, this all for me. No seriously. It’s all for me.

        Shipping is usually on the higher side because well…I live on an island. Everything’s expensive here because it has to be shipped from all over. Sometimes shipping from Japan is okay, especially if it’s a forwarding service, but it’s just more when I get into my lazy modes. I mean, so far, I haven’t had too many issues, but it always puts me on the edge when I’m waiting for something to come in because I’m like…what if it gets lost or broken or something. Or sent back…like my one stupid box was.

        Overall, the things I send to my friend are ones that I don’t need RIGHT NOW. Some I do get a little crazy waiting for (like my Hiyokuroku CDs…I preordered them all on SKiT because I thought they were gonna have the official tokuten drama CD like the last two series but they aren’t because it’s being moved over to Tower Records Dx) but overall it’s stuff I can wait for. I was going to order a few more things before my trip but I’m so poor that I decided not to trouble my friend with them…so hopefully I can get them later after I’ve saved more money. Hah. Also, it’s not like I don’t already have a lot of games I could play in the mean time…my drama CD collection is still small but my game collection is rather large now.


      • No, it was completely sold out, but they’re going to resell it in Spring, yay!

        Rejet stores are actually pretty ugly :3 And unless you want the Rejet Shop tokutens, there’s not much point in going there because there’s a lot less variety than Skit anyway.

        Wow your customs seem quite strict, and that funny comment XD Maybe they won’t suspect if it’s only 1 piece per type… I hope.

        Yeah it’s actually more worth the money to get games… It’s like 2100yen for 1 hour VS 10000yen for 30 hours of fun. I’m trying to not buy so many CDs too, totally broke. D:


      • That’s unfortunate, but at least they’re reselling! I love when they resell.Speaking of reselling, I’d been meaning to get a copy of Black Wolves Saga since they put that back up but I didn’t get it right away and now I’m wondering if I missed it and it sold out…again. *sigh*

        Are they? Haha. That’s funny. There’s less variety than Skit? Interesting. Is the selection just the CDs then? Do they not have much of other merch like artbooks, etc?

        I don’t know if they’re really that strict, actually. My mom just said there’s a possibility if you get randomly chosen to have your bag searched more thoroughly, it’s good to mix things up because if you have too much of an item it might give the impression that you’re planning on selling stuff.

        Yeah…at first I thought drama CDs seemed really cheap but then I thought about it and yeah…games are more worth the money overall. Plus if you wanna invest in whole series then it gets even worse…Not buying CDs is hard though because they’re nice things to listen to in between when I’m too lazy or tired to play a game.


      • Ooh bws is still selling! I LOVE IT. I’ve been meaning to replay that but new games keep coming out… And you know what happens next ( *`ω´)

        I don’t know… The store just looks really ugly, the Osaka one anyway. The Tokyo one might be way nicer though, it never hurts to check it out! XD

        I hope you get your lover boys safely home! 😉

        And I totally agree about CDs needing need ‘energy’. I keep falling asleep listening to CDs nowadays …..


      • Sorry this is so late! I got sick (again) so I spent the weekend…well, being sick. I’m happy to hear BWS is still selling! Must get my hands on one soon. It’s definitely hard to replay games when you have so many new ones you want to play…

        I shall let you know if the Tokyo one looks better than the Osaka one sounds.

        I hope I do too! Last time they were fine but I’m planning on buying myself more than last time so…hehehehe.

        I fall asleep sometimes but in general I’ve been holding up pretty well. Considering that lying down in bed is pretty much the most comfortable you can get.


      • I’m better now, thanks 🙂

        Been a little bit busy though so I’ve been really inactive on here.

        I finally started playing Binary Star. I don’t think I’m planning on doing a full comp review, but I’m considering doing a tiny one because I really like it so far (I finished two routes). Then again my trip is really soon so it won’t be as fresh by the time I finish everything, so maybe not, hahaha. Have you decided yet if you wanna invest in it?


      • I’m glad! Do take care!

        Hmm I don’t think I will play Binary Star, since I’ve been playing too many games consecutively for a while and I wanna take a break ( *`ω´)

        Good that you like it though! (:


      • Thanks! You take care too! Being sick isn’t pleasant…especially since I don’t have real-life bishies to take care of me 😉

        Yeah, take a break. A lot of consecutive games can be rough. I unfortunately tend to break in between games rather than after them…makes it a little harder, haha.


  4. Is it just me or is Kaji-kun always getting those mad shota tropes? LOL And HOLY CUCUMBERS. EATING BONES?!!!?? That send shivers down my spines. I AIN’T GOING THERE. I AIN’T.
    And yeah for Kaida Yuki! I think this might have been a really nice game, if Rejet wanted to. But well……………. The artwork is okay, I don’t like the character design though. LOL But hey, I don’t have to look at them like in games, so yeah, the voice should do it. xDD


    • Yeah Kaji always gets Shota roles like rukia from Ookami Kunchi even though his normal tone is sexy too (KAKERUUUUUU) and poor shimono hiro too. They’re totally off my radar because of this.

      I’d rather Rejet invest in a Soubou or TeiStar game but yeah you’re right! It does have potential!


  5. Hmm–will you be offering TL for any of them o-o?

    I’m currently interested in Nico, Xerx, Nold, and Chloe. Also, a huge fan of Knight themes orz.


    • It’s my policy of sending translations to only those who own a copy so I’m not sure….. Because recently not many people buy the CDs and I don’t want to spend time doing them if not many people have the CDs.

      But I’ll definitely do reviews for the first 2 CDs to help people decide if they wanna buy this series


  6. Nakai Kazuya <33
    I hope we don't end up with another Do-S like Sou Sou lol. Even when I only understood like 5% of Sou Sou's CD he was so mean 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。
    (BTW thanks for translating the first two tracks on your blog!!)
    This sounds so interesting! So much better than all the fluffy boring school stuff that's out there.
    I love the design of your blog btw, it's so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Tea, thanks for reading 😉

      Despite me thinking Sou Sou was a total arse, I loved him so like you, I’m glad Nakai is back again. But chances are that he’s going to be mean here too….

      I actually translated the whole CD for vol.1&2 but people were illegally downloading CDs and pasting my translations around so I felt that only people who buy the CDs should be a privileged lot, and hid the translations. Sorry for that though D:

      LoveDon and Yuugen would be pretty cute too, but I’m not expecting much for LoveDon. Yuugen would be slightly comedic I guess, and The first and last CDs look awesome!! (≧∇≦)


      • Yeaa based off that summary he seems like he’s going to be mean again 😡
        I actually emailed you a while ago with proof that I bought the Soubou Sangokushi CDs to read the rest haha. I guess my email was lost in the vast amounts you get ><

        LoveDon doesn't look so appealing to me (I NEED THE ANGST OF SOUBOU LOL) Yuugen does seem to have an interesting premise though 😛


      • Oops so sorry about that! Could you email me again? Yeah I’m getting a ton of emails recently (;・∀・)

        LoveDon is some fanservice, but I like Yonaga Tsubasa so I’ll see if I have surplus to buy a 2nd-hand copy hehe.


  7. Amazing!
    Though I still don’t understand why Nico and Xerx have to switch place in the volumes’ release while the remaining characters are in their right order that corresponds their Seven Deadly Sins.


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